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Status as on 19 Apr 2014 Registration Number Name Of Complainant Date of Receipt Received by Officer name Officer Designation Contact

Address : MOEAF/E/2014/00169 : OIPA Indian People for Animals : 15 Apr 2014 : Ministry of Environment and Forests : Shri Anil Sant : Joint Secretary : Room No.417, 4th Floor Paryavaran Bhavan, CGO Complex New Delhi110003 Contact Number : 24360634 Raman Reti or Raman Van in old Gokul, Vrindavan needs recognition and registration with the Central Zoo Authority of India, under section 38-H of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972. As per information's gathered through internet, one link along with attached image of scheduled one wild animals black buck along with two elephants in the custody of said Kashni Ashram, a few kms. off and approximately 45 minutes away from Mathura, sources said that the first thing that catches their eyes was a deer sanctuary. People flock around to catch a glimpse of the innocent and friendly creatures and the best thing is that these deers are quite willing to oblige, where as both elephants used to pray aarti, as per you tube video's. See more at: OIPA - Indian People for Animals in the opinion that said mini zoo of said : Ashram is not a recognized under section 38-H, elephants might not be micro chipped, Naresh Kadyan spoken with the Member Secretary of the Central Zoo Authority of India for clarification, hence the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau WCCB and CZA along with AWBI may kindly be alerted to looked in to, if said ashram have proper space and facilities for the animals, then recognition may kindly be granted, if anything against the laws of the land then strict action may kindly be taken against all offenders but it would be in the interest of wildlife that these wild animals might be domestic now, by their shape and size looking like wild without character and eating habits. It would be pertinent to mention here that these animals might be happy and healthy in the custody of said Ashram instead of any recognized zoo or rescue centers. Abhishek Kadyan and Miss Sukanya Kadyan, both Honorary Animal Welfare Officer, AWBI (Ministry of Environment and Forest) also endorsed Naresh Kadyan opinion.

Grievance Description

Today on April 18, 2014 Naresh Kadyan, Representative of OIPA in India visited Kashni Ashram based at Raman Reti, Varindavan, Mathura and found as many as 400 black buck, scheduled one wild animal, protected under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, where as Central Zoo Authority of India - CZA never recognized the said zoo under section 38-H of the said Act, which violated the section 39 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 read with the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 section 3 and 11 because common visitors offered un natural foods in unlimited quantity, which can harm the animals, hence United Nation affiliated OIPA in India demands immediate legal action against all offender after rescue all abused animals, besides it one elephant died and another female elephant chained, which is also violation of said legislation's. Office Manager of the Kashni Ashram was alerted about the legislations concerned but they were not willing to obey the law of the land, hence all trustee of the Ashram including Manager along with the local Wildlife officials are responsible for breaking the law and criminal conspiracy against wild animals. All 400 scheduled one wild animals are kept under boundary wall, with in the premises of the Kashni Ashram since long with the consent of the Wildlife officials willingly, hence Central Zoo Authority of India, Wildlife Crime Control Bureau along with Animal Welfare Board of India and Animal Welfare Division, all are requested to take immediate legal action to rescue all 400 black bucks along with female elephant, please direct SP, Mathura and Chief Wildlife Warden of UP, to lodge FIR against all offenders

for the violation of the section 39, 63 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 read with the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 section 11 and IPC 120-B. It would be pertinent to mention here that these wild animals are not declared under law. Video: