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Spring 2014

Connection In the last few months I have been able to spend some time with ladies that were involved in Aim Right programs before my time here. Words cannot describe what that has done to my perspective on the work that we are doing. I am sure they had no idea what spending time with them meant to me. They shared a bit about their livesnothing that seemed too remarkable at the time. I heard about their husbands, how many children they have, a memory with a past intern, about their jobs, and what they are planning for the future. It didn't seem too important at the time, but later as I was thinking back, I realized how incredible their stories are for having come from this neighborhood. I really don't know the details of their backgrounds or what they have been through, but I try to go back in time and imagine them at one of our programs. important to them. Years later, they are still spending time with the same people that influenced them when they were younger. Without knowing it, these ladies gave me inspiration for the work that is going on here at Aim Right. Motivation Sometimes it is difficult to put time and effort into relationships and not see any changes in attitudes or behavior. I have realized, though, that it is not about what I can do, but what Christ has done.
Kari enjoys spending time with her tutoring student.

Expression Someone once said, "Love is the most

powerful force in the universe, and sacrifice is its greatest expression."

What better way to show the love that comes from God than to follow the example of Christ? It seems the kind of sacrifices we are asked to make are rarely showy and loud about what they have done. Rather, they are made up of small thingsthings that are simple, yet they cost us. The price could be any number of things: time, money, a smile, sleep, material possessions, or patience instead of frustration. It means being okay with pouring ourselves out every day. We may not get to see the fruit that comes from our efforts, but we can be faithful in hope and expect with confidence that God will bless our willingness. Redemption The truth is God wants to redeem. He made that clear when He sent Jesus to die for us. My prayer is that in five or ten years, an intern will meet some of the kids we work with now and see them thriving in a relationship with Jesus and living a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully it will inspire them like it has me to take advantage of every opportunity to shine Jesus in a dark place.
Kari is from Millersburg, Ohio, and has served as an intern since August 2013.

By Kari Miller His sacrifice has given me a reason for hope in my own life. That is what should motivate me to put forth my very best each day for every person that God brings my way. Who are we to sift through the people He brings us and decide which ones deserve our sincere love and best efforts? The girl that I write off as a lost cause or too difficult to relate to may just be the one He wants to use in ways I could never dream up myself. When I clearly see the sacrifice Jesus made for me and take time to reflect on what it means, it should motivate me to be willing to do whatever it takes for someone to see His love. Any sacrifice I make is nothing in comparison to the burden He carried on Good Friday.

Kari connects with teens at a Monday evening Bible study.

Maybe it was Teen Night or Bible Study. Maybe it was as young as Kids Club or Tutoring, but somewhere, at some point, they were plugged in. They were connected. Someone took the time to invite them to church. Most likely the interns and staff that were here during that time didn't make elaborate efforts, but they were here, available and willing. The relationships that came out of that were obviously


To all who made our 2014 auction a success! Proceeds totaled over $17,000.

That's not fair!" I hear it every week generally from the same child at Wednesday evening Kids Church. And you know what? He is often so right! No matter what it is that he may feel wronged about at the moment (maybe someone having more markers than him or perhaps his friend getting more candy as a reward, he sees it and calls it out louder than necessary, "Teacher, that's not fair!" I try to explain to my students how grace works, but it is usually only the times when life isn't fair that they truly experience how grace works! A particularly unruly child was not paying attention to my instructions one evening, causing others to be unable to hear as well; just when it seemed I would get nowhere with him, he suddenly wanted to participate. Not only was he told again how to complete the craft by himself, but he also received the coveted craft that I, the teacher, had completed earlier. My class's fair radar went off.
By Jewel Miller

To the First Baptist Church youth from Mustang, OK, who served during Spring Break by cleaning the local elementary school and organizing water games for children.

"Teacher, that's not fair!" several kids exclaimed. You know what? It wasn't. But it gave at least one child a chance to experience how God treats us. He doesn't give up on us when were unruly. He shows us unconditional love and grace time and time again. The class might not have learned too much that day, but I sure hope that undeserving child remembers how he was shown love and grace that day. Thank God that life isn't fair. Imagine an Easter season in a fair worldthere wouldn't be one!
AJ & Jewel Miller (with 1-year-old Max) coordinate outreach in the Sunnyslope area of Phoenix. Here is how you can pray for them and the Sunnyslope area:
Physical & Spiritual Strength: Kids ministry is exhausting! Direction & Vision: for many changes in the future of the ministry in Sunnyslope Volunteers: as many as possible as soon as possible

To the youth from Westcliffe, CO, who blessed us with several days of service. A few of their projects included giving out cold water at bus stops, organizing afterschool activities, and presenting a skit at two different Kids Clubs.

Thanks, MDS!

Be a part of a camp memory.

Easily accessible hot water? Brand-new sink and counter? No more peeling wood? Cabinets that close? Thank you to Mennonite Disaster Service for helping with our recent kitchen remodel!

Sponsor a teen to attend a week of camp this summer.

Sponsorship of one teen is $200.

Aim Rights Teen Camp will be held at the Circle K Ranch in Delores, Colorado, July 7-12, 2014.

PLEASE JOIN US FOR AIM RIGHTS ANNUAL Are you a youth group looking for a way to serve? Aim Right has a variety of opportunities available for youth or young adult groups, year-round. Please contact our office at (602) 462-1987 for more info. or e-mail What your time in Phoenix might look like:
Hands-on childrens and youth ministry Work projectspainting, cleaning, landscaping Off-site servicesoup kitchens, schools, etc Community outreach Whatever you did for one of the least of these.
you did for Me. - Matt. 25:40

Spaghetti Dinner
Saturday, M ay 3, 2014 5:00 - 6:30 PM
Sunnyslope M ennonite Church 9835 N. 7th Street, Phoenix Cost: Donation
Proceeds benefit Teen Camp.

Help needy families at The Mobile Pantry

distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables to families in need in partnership with St. Marys Food Bank
To volunteer, call (602) 462-1987 or e-mail

Thursday, May 8 Thursday, June 12

Volunteers are needed from 7:30 - 10:30 a.m.

Needed: your jumps!

NEEDED: Ministry Interns

Male and female interns are needed beginning in the fall of 2014. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and willing to make a one-year commitment to serve. You may apply online at For more info, contact: Caleb Reed, Intern Director 614.582.2873

Aim Right is participating in Dare Me for Charity, a televised contest featuring various charities from across the U.S. You can support our team by signing up to jump on Saturday, June 21, at the Wesley Bolin Plaza in Phoenix, or start another team for Aim Right in a city near you. Ages 10 years old and up may sign up to jump. Visit Aim Rights Facebook page for the link to our DM4C team page to sign up and find more info. Interns have given the Rec Center a facelift, including a bright mural wall and a groovy-looking Snack Bar.

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Mission Statement: Established in 1991, Aim Right Ministries provides after-school recreational activities, educational tutoring, and moral and spiritual training for at-risk youth and children living in central Phoenix. Working in cooperation with local churches, we desire these youth to be evangelized and discipled for Christ.

We grow in spiritual maturity when we invest in the growth of others. In Larry Kreiders Authentic Spiritual Mentoring: Nurturing Younger Believers Toward Spiritual Maturity, youll learn from Jesus example how to disciple others. Aim Rights interns are currently reading this book.

Aim Right youth recently completed the Not a Fan DVD Bible study by Kyle Idleman. Not a Fan is a call to be completely committed followers of Jesus. has resources for both teens and adults.

An atheist professor challenges a Christian college student to prove the existence of God. Can he do it? Several Aim Right teens have viewed this movie and have been encouraged to stand up for their faith. Gods Not Dead is playing in select theaters across the U.S.