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NIL BYaTIHD HIVWLYV3H DOC CHILDRE and HOWARD MARTIN | DISCOVER HOW YOU CAN Immediately lower stress hormones Bad Raise anti-aging DHEA hormone levels.” Improve your heart rate for maximum longevi Maintain emotional clarity in the midst of chaos | ~ Achieve peak mental and intuitive performance with DONNA BEECH eee eee ead The HeartMath Solution Howard Martin, ‘with Donna Beech HarperOne ‘ning Reese ‘ho i ih tain 9 by Hpi Ps lt Frc ato Hue Lean Qu Ming egret cs i aman wn oe Sn pi ering hg sek bye ef ah SE EE IACI ars our Te nf Ha ey Pe Bi ‘Sn ed i Utd Sa esp hk my dr ‘Seeshedin ctl wlan ies Fremont Huei os, ‘Weer sdSens Novo Tos Way bs mb rn ei nn en nl ‘ee in Bes papi No te eprom pecan apne” maf pes Rn ‘igo Cnt ae rd in he Hd ny pepe ee tespel intone or lk 1 ad a Hak Det rior NT — a ‘Thnk dese fitting lo fol wh waning ler ot abut ging th nd wt te het ado thor wh ee Ing tte for patil emotonl genet lost tie inte’ changing wo Important Note for the Reader “The merlin is heskxnendd to rsd an oven the new ach ‘elated othe rol ofthe hatin weling. This resuch eee ee ‘ed fr reader wing re farther ings and ay Every efit een made rote the mat scat, dependsl sd eae ination. ‘Anystgeton techies abt el hang eee rie ld in hs book shoul be underthen sl ithe pitnce of esd scan heap orhetcare atte The Kew gestions an tele ‘igus in ibook old net be ted in place ed eel herpes and recommend, Contents. Focenrdby Stephan Rech, MD. Aednonegment x Iatedocton Part: Heart intelligence 1 ‘Chapter One Bond the Bein—Thelneligent Heat 3 (Chapter Two The Unt Parmenip 24 Part 2: Accessing Heartinteligence 47 Chapter Three The Resoflashesence 19 ‘Chapter Four Franzen 6 ChapterFive Ener icncy 87 Chaptersie the Heats Cae The Ree Tetthe Hest 102 arta: Advanced Heart Intelligence 123, ChapterseverUndestling he Nite efEmains 135 Chapter ight CareVenar Over 188 Chapter Nine Crr-TusttoEmaanl Mei 181 CChapterTen Hewertocxss 211 + Part 4: Social Heart intelligence 225 ‘Chapter Eleven Fai, Chide, andthe Heat 22 Chapter Twelve Sec pact 24 Chapter Thirteen ‘The 2hkCestuy Hea 255 Chay 25 Referees 77 Lesming Mere About he HentMah Fagen 25 a Foreword is that one come sca a oton dat goes well bpd he agin robe, jettatsben te ea forme withthe een wakof Heath, Inner ewe heater th eatin any re ces we fell nou "hea! rw feels" cones’ we give heats poectereurwois wets compliment orci Wo he au Gouge = “reas af ou “hae we core fa the est hen we with compar Sion Yt what neha el ann hes reset Cea thewrd drs xan lle he ea Ut sted rng ea ting an ran that pp cach and ny con up the an ed min within ool our ele tughot th by ‘Wieser creations edie spa af he het lites of Pyle fncsn that meds! 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Tiras lage metered os mesial mel hate be de ‘uma focusing solely on he pci pyc mation of cae, hs losing shot whale penn, x | Foreword “The pine ang coeered helices thsi sol ten the deelapment of eld sch pycommat nd beso ‘ede ad mve ee, sen pyconeucimmuncog Toe hit ‘pine paces ne ned hat have een ered “ole” oom trey” inte’ pact dat sek inet ad aes tell ‘peta eb nnd an pe Heath bone Beaty sn it sin ty an pray iene ach ppoach ‘A can Tv bore ciated bythe redatsp etc ne nd wath Mt sin de ctf hat we never ae enough ine lng tht rel inthe ena and ry at unde al our re ad ad tose dene nd dren, Reon ine the yc dine Sion, ve bgun tae tat heath adele balance of hn, whl ‘Goce else drt na ime were hae and ion ne pat fey ie eset tht we del ech tel establish ad ‘elt tcl hs a prorat hea The wok at Doe Chie nd Hoverd Matin prot ee The HeartMath Soon howe ‘ot way change pater and yes wathin Be psa oly, ering ea tough sndentanngthe eats roe han stp pp and sng ho then heme regaled by oe “Tistok shows in ep, hw th eat ia he oe far by and athe cone law think an fr The eatin deed for ing thatthe Tar is bah psec nth on ad lee recog the et the centa yh frente oly dss ow w se the co Tse poes fle eager gh ad emotions Like pebble at ‘ete sipleof wes when doped it stl pond solve ae ote cb ingin the eat rate sth ha sesh sd well bang agent the body. nfm modin hielo undead, bens ae fen tos sel fete nds mater, eatin he psi ten ita of ngs teinercnneton beeen thes ‘When Ifa came arom Heath ar stuck he usual combin infec exch alent wo Ts iar wth tes ating thal estan thinking gd gh can ae pon elt, Is deposed, o eh, bu tee ses oud be coieed i tee Hee tah meee sowing gia’ ngs n pte hear fate ote shen, Hear pees anspor! point a cone {ce aly shoving the inact ecg oe compasin, nd atte on ie plop cond Thi wor ley erent at wing Foreword | x theese HetNtcan py oe eh ep ‘Setentc na wei wo gtr sd clin gece ie le Wnt say wel eek tou the tin cy Mh hon at ie etn ofthe heat wkd ene sd cps ho he cctonay ne lstng en tnt dw Heath {dechnqe tw som one net lng nie ena ovg ae tees dete ton a ea dat Salen “The Heth San dri cy at ee ite gon sores sini aber td reef sip mee chan bee edly re pach be gat The oer et ‘Mah att ned inci ech sd dng nd nth ‘inom ln gener temigi “hea thenbcsal octefehatwclaor ink ‘Sean Recihaen MD. uhoraf Tie Siig on present of he Oma tite ‘Acknowledgments ‘The eet he Hearth Slatin has ben pit sn experienc fom in

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The ape yen ee n The Heth Slatin sow ou how Iles dietcomecbon with he inte lige ure afta Ae {ple dle hi slr, ges them th owe fey ned fo age {htmind detonate reer pay rst pte changes oe, The HeartMath Slaton pret ve et oftaration: cons ls and tecniqas, and biomed, pce, bd sca ence roca, “Te combaton ofthe lets reves x carpehensve stn for wh legate pene pen In today’ world many people pth ith in science ad echo, ‘ining alable none pation, and ert om he rset fd enhancer ing hat cience proves the ine eae at Inet | ‘uth in cence canbe listing thang mor ened fo flilinest slike mani, ‘One of the xing spect fie the cup ofthe new cet i that proplestesening the publi ofa merge beeen cence snp yal ‘een thisbol ow yea of experince, race and each el tht the teeth door otic unn, “Thought sites teach, in conncton withthe ech ofthe, vee ee ble to bd compeling cv that he eat des hve a tl ce that infers or pret Our research chalga een ‘ate and hone poeple mtaphonclhet™ an the ya Tea interac Wee nd ht hy indeed dons aero wae A Impesie ab mich oat weve dered howe ete mich ne © lea, Bee salable sti inamets at nen al the et the ear theta pee etcomplte. Necrosis ander oti ac jt bepning to map the pay aunt the mela tft te het ona with ei, Moving bojond hat we ben able o poe though eee, they is that the het ks wo ihe inline tog on inte Bra ‘here pit nd humans merge Thi ive domain senting ac Inger han the percept ably of the aman ace he et en ae ‘gp Bat wean dea tht eee eps undo what ge “nd pblwpher ive aed uta doferage sen od law te wndom of Tent Necan loam rt lfm ine bu we dsthae to wait fercece to pre eventing bere we an sce the wisdom and nel fou ets Many peopl inte sens th such ace eben ct hy Tang ft the at don Ln how achive tA relat ha Seyvebeen wating ‘The HeartMath Satin ofr ep yep mathodog fr prop ode sep the tite intelgene of thr wm eat I ot the only pe Baling the mid and emai nd contacting the ea ntti, bt oe ante hat ers Heath bing sce glee by many ‘housndrof pepe ho ysl we he lead tegen ilo lecee hei arenes ‘Wh stress een inthe we pope ae lekingfor nya nd mote ment and email alaeein thine people wae up tone pou es hey Become mata obtener mentally ad em i : ~ set | naucon ean ei rten er Th ee smherenttpereteatncn pee ne vata nine testa ih betiecrantsGete eerie ma ieee eal pee bei escent Salto presets ao do ely dat On bebo Doan seo Heart Intelligence ed Martin ‘he Heath Solution i compeehensve stm that pro: ‘es infomaton, oan teciqusto acces your heat Integer. Par | sdesgned gv you the foundation ceded 1 take the Sint tp ofthe Heath Slaton: a nowesing your eaten ‘Wiss secon wl debe heat inteligec, ean ow itor ae lias why 50a Seni sear wl be presented hat reves an ineligenc eng thin the Rear apd hows ow the het communes ith the bran ate es ofthe Hoty. This research hat | shown tat when heat intience ergs can lover | toed pressure, prove eras sytem an hormonal a Imre for the mind rons, and byt pero at ‘her bet the er and ala must ein amon with ane — — 2 | Thee Solation nate eaing aig thse wo inert but spaate sues in sees aaterimpartant pat of hissecton > Undestand het ommuniation beeen heen te Iran and terest he body > Ding the diterene between he ead and te heat ] | Beyond the Brain— The Intelligent Heart lena S45 Aa. on Tokay moming Fly 6, 1915, We were t Heat Mb enter n Boole Cree, Calor, Dx, Doaoa Wii te ‘mete er fo NC's Td sho, hd elle the revs eon ty thatthe desided ans egment on our nk the et ing, Th ete ping tocallit"Lve nd Heal” De Will arte with an xenon of the tite of HeartMath bt he elec eney peed by the heat The k' goon ol Bjant Gumbel aed he ieee bout aaza-Puse echniqoe,nhich wes the poner fhe heat a manage the ind nd emotions "WE hive elfen cond og thm your nner” De. Wil ad “bute miht want prsomeeyourprpleon th pone incase ‘hit timet prepare, we gly ange frou ito coe ine) ‘ohana any ela was lucy weil Asoo the phone mb op. peared onthe een, the vicar tp. Fr the est of tht dad no he night thn dy lang the ext dy, ne Sled el shat cotinuy. Eich inthe show adn ne tie rns, aoe aval came We aed to those of ppl om lr the cxf anny mus petsn bigger to lenden cnc, meine, anes ees ‘ional Blea oer, gten cals om runt ela ‘om ores seguet nmol evn Sowa fase on hone ‘meron th sree re ht eons Why a lve enon of Test somgeec| The people ho called ure nicely hatte ear payed anim. tut ale nh over eli “Thnew al along they i nd om they werecage to fndout noe They anted to know how hele hgh end Felco be edo spon trea mental emote phy ily Otes—peope wha seine the het wth overeat thy eal dot righ stoke ie. ‘This inmate pm ber one ou long tng bbl ht op ered tpl the eto ork in thle: Wo ewig the ‘petty sett ving pine lingo lated a eh, they dhe bet encorge se lings inthe es, ‘Mat people woud ates felling and pete han afi and ered Bute the wd around wr veer ob pining ot of antal Det ur bet tosis ao ritin or ero ear ‘when we confotd eer day—ometimes every hour—wth ei st ‘Weve all en oat one time anette low or her. And seundeea pestis npc Balt pele that cl loin ‘or et—and ling perl, nlcig cumin ch eae id han fave Wher done bp People ato allowing tha hats but nba ‘hows sow oJ What ees following he ea ely es? Ard ow do ‘weloreouneles? Aide fm lone Being nice eniment why shoud weve ‘ther people? Wel show you a pce, tema approsh io awering {hoe goetions fr out ed ile the enormous Benes oul reap ching ‘Ore the pst ety yeas, setts hive discovered ew ifrnation tout the heat that acer reir more complexthan weve ag ined. Wesow have etic eden the bert sede ert andi tie signal hlp gover our Ine ated of snl pumping Hod, # rec a gay tes inthe bay tht hy ea feta ia at ‘ony wth oe apather And though the heat i oman commusaton ‘rhe bi, we nr oat makes any fm dex. Became of is new eden, we bee elk our enti atitae tmard along out beans” At the Inatte of HeartMath (Hh, sles he Sour the bt ieapble of ging ws memes dlp oe than anyone eve npeted. Thou hs bok, wel se the each the prover new evidence ofthe port fhe igen Aad wl show ow tat nelgence can fave a mentunble inact on oa decison making, eyondthe intelligent eat | 5 cat ath bles pods or ie’ ig Series nd ene uy frie Tstine became te eat Aas, we ed tae be cea ht tof ented pam an pe pe “ret whe ded woe eben scares spe ttl he you to nrstn hu heat lige om ls ‘nines nd mee st lice wl nn le ‘npetepranton aerospace “he buccal wale ee ron in ths ok porte npn Hest Satin, ye ss pn apy on pin mr es lnc espe “Th hen ny or tne ligand pow ade Seine tat te mor bene el ef mn Sop ‘Steal one As ne ene outlines dle ed sihdaming cag The wo presi oe ng esa tenn fom nk yen apt he ol Sah ati Tae net resin bl cpr anchange Nor ne ig sec Tht ef rim, ‘ethers os al Mayne ‘eta vereon scry ano ry Lae ens ht cng ch aan aie NA Ab Bins al yea go “Teint ple ee wy cn ‘heathen ae ig wee uence ea Doe Srna ode within ef hn itso operat i cero pond al ‘ma et pepentoy pins cong eee anf et no nea ath as Bat That nt ey sb eth eure ne od Wiehe mentee an cleft il bane sie ‘er cing pe ne ct cn err ef Cto ‘tsandMagelen pet thew eh Cree ht sc eed ‘ate dope spp hatha Thon Cle ee cpr hoya he eth sade ena ite se nt oa eae wtb tele Sn,