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Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge 2013 Individual Finals Second Year Category A Name: School: Score:

Part I. Write your answer on the space before each item. Each correct answer earns 2 points. 1. A line intersects the x-axis at (2, 0) and the y -axis at (0, 3). Give the equation of the line in the form ax + by + c = 0, where a, b, c are pairwise relatively prime integers and a > 0. 2. Find the smallest integer such that 8 less than thrice the integer is greater than 200. 3. Express the repeating decimal 0.035353535 . . . as a common fraction. 7x 6 4. If x is a nonzero real number and y is its reciprocal, what is in terms of x? x+1 y+1 4(k 2) 3 reduce to ? 3k + 1 4 6. Find the average of the numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, . . . , 98. 5. For what value of k does the fraction 7. Three numbers form an arithmetic sequence having a common dierence of 5. If 2 is added to the rst number, 3 to the second, and 7 to the third, the resulting numbers form a geometric sequence. Find the largest of the original numbers. 8. A boat can travel 80 km downstream in 2 hours, but takes 4 hours to travel the same distance upstream. Find the rate of the water current. 9. If ax + 15y = 25 and 8x + by = 20 represent the same line, nd a + b. 10. For the rst 4 hours, a car traveled at an average speed of 65 kph. How many hours more did the car travel at an average speed of 70 kph if the average speed for the entire trip was 68 kph? y 2 2y 15 12 4y 2 . y2 9 y 6y + 9 x+5 x1 12. Subtract: 2 2 . x + 7x + 10 x + 5x + 6 13. A car left a town at an average speed of 60 kph. Thirty minutes later, a bus left the town in the same direction as the car, and overtook the car after 1.5 hours. How far from the town did the bus overtake the car? 11. Divide: 14. In an arithmetic sequence, the rst term is 8, the last term is 96, and the sum of all terms is 1196. What is the common dierence? 15. At most how many points of intersection do a parabola and a circle have? Part II. Write a complete and neat solution to each problem. Each correct solution earns 3 points. 1. How many ordered pairs (a, b) of positive integers satisfy the equation 3a + 5b 37? 2. Find the number of positive integers less than 1000 that are divisible by neither 6 nor 7. 3. Marvin can nish a piece of work in 2 days less than Vincent. If both can nish the work in 2 2 5 days, how long will it take Marvin to nish the work alone? 4. What is the area of the rectangle whose length is 4 cm more than twice the width and whose diagonal is 2 cm longer than the length? 5. Find an expression of q in terms of p if one root of the equation x2 + px + q = 0 is 3 more than twice the other. Part III. Write a complete and neat solution to each problem. Each correct solution earns 5 points. 1. A piece of wire is 44 cm long. It is cut into two pieces, and each piece is bent to form a square. The total area of the two squares is 65 cm2 . How long are the sides of each square? 2. The area of a rectangle remains unchanged when it is made 2 cm longer and 1 cm narrower, or when it is made 2 cm shorter and 4 cm wider. What is the area of the rectangle? 3. Company A and Company B submitted separate proposals for the construction of a bridge, with A oering the lower price for the winning bid. Had A and B reduced their bid prices by 5% and 10%, respectively, A still would have won the bid but the dierence in their bids would have been reduced by Php 3, 000. If the sum of their bids is Php 90, 000, what are the bids of A and B ?