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True Miracles for L.J.M. Chapter 1: Hello, my name is Larry J. Milligan.

I gave this book this name because every word in this book is true. God woke me up on the morning of October 24, 2012, and told me to write a book of my life to help other people believe in him. I got up, got dressed and started to write. I was born on September 24, 1951, in Poteau, Oklahoma. My dad was a sawmiller so I grew up poor. We moved to California, trying to find a way to survive the depression, but my three year old sister Kathie and our cousin WInston did not like California, so they started hiking back to Oklahoma. Some friends found them and took them home. My dad decided that the three year olds were smarter than he was and moved back to Oklahoma. I was raised up in the Nazarene church and my dad preached at Talihina, Oklahoma for a couple of years. He was the oldest of thirteen kids so he had to drop out of school in the third grade to work. He was told he could not preach anymore because was not smart enough to pass the preachers test. We then moved back to Heavener. My dad stopping preaching started a series of events that caused me to lose faith in God. We had a lying preacher that claimed he rode all the way across the United Stated preaching. However, we found out that his son would drive him to the edge of town so he could unload his horse and ride through the town preaching. I believed that the bible was all true. Philippians 4:13 says I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. I was young so I believed this was true and that God would help me do anything that I wanted. I had always watched the birds and I wanted to soar through the air feeling the freedom and seeing the world like the birds see it. Every day I would watch the birds and start waving my arms and jumping. I even jumped off the roof, but I was never able to fly. This started me doubting that the bible was true. I got a job on the KCS Railroad as a signal maintainer when I got out of school; therefore, I was away from home most of the time. My parents divorced when I was twenty-four years of age and that really turned me against God. In addition to this, I had hurt my back and was off work and unable to pay my bills. I believe that if you are late on a payment you are stealing from the one that trusted you to pay them back on time. My girlfriends dad told me that we could not get married because she was too young. These three things bothered me a lot so I went to Enid, Oklahoma to visit a friend and try to settle my nerves. This did not work. I lost lots of money betting on games. My truck broke down and we had to tear it apart to rebuild the engine. That night I had a nervous breakdown and lost full control of my thoughts. My friends mom realised what was going on and called my parents to come get me. I ran

off and remember being up in a tree with the police watching me. I hid in a store doorway and remember holding on to a two inch tree. I got so tense that I snapped that tree like it was a stick. The ambulance driver strapped me to a bed and started back to Ft. Smith, Arkansas to the hospital. I was told that I broke the straps and sat up asking the driver where we were going. This scared him to death so he went back and tied me down again. The hospital put me in a padded room and gave me shock treatment that erased a lot of my memory. The first thing that I remember was waking up in this room with bars on a small window in the door. The only thing in the room was a mattress. Soon after, I was put in a regular room. I remember that I could not say what I meant so I tried writing my thoughts down. My mind raced so fast that I would write two words and skip a word, thinking that I had already written the third word. There was a young man in the hospital that looked like, and thought he was, Donnie Osmond. I was always trying to play the PacMan game there and got nowhere, until a young worker showed me how to back off, relax and look at the whole screen. It was easy then. Life is much easier when you learn to look at the big picture and use your brain as God intended. Each day I would ask the doctor if I could take a walk outside and he would say that I can if I remember to ask him the next day, but I always forgot. One day a nurse took it on her own to take me out to the park. When I got outside in the fresh air my head cleared up and for the first time I started thinking clearly again. I believe that there are a lot of people in mental wards that could be healed if given proper attention and given lower doses of certain medicines. It took me about two months to get back on my job and start living a normal life again. My mom told me that while I was in the hospital I would often preach a good message and then later I would be cursing and causing trouble. God and the devil were apparently battling in me for my soul. Im glad that God won. I had a dream that my life was half over at the age of twenty-four years old. I believed this with all my heart. Since I believed that I would live until I was forty-eight years old, I chose not to go to church or follow God. However, when I was forty-five years old, my neighbor, Clinton, invited me to go on a ski trip with his church. This got me started back to church. I believed that my life was about over so I repented and started living for God again. Although I still had lots of doubt because of my past. I was not sure if there was a God or if people were just taught this, and the rules of God, to help them live a better life and get along with other people better. Chapter 2: My thoughts and beliefs began to change. A new pastor came to the First Baptist church and started preaching the truth of Gods Word. Remember I was raised as a Nazarene so our beliefs often clashed. This difference of opinion kept me reading

and digging deeper in the bible and I started spending more time in prayer asking God to show me the truth. To my amazement, the miracles started in my life. You must first ask, what is a miracle? To me, a miracle is anytime God answers a prayer or something happens that seems impossible or no one can explain how this even was done. When I would have a question, I would bow my head, close my eyes, and ask God to show me the truth. I would then hold the bible in my hands open end up, let the bible fall open and read where my eyes first focused. Most of the time my answer was there plain to see. Before you try this and get discouraged, keep in mind that I was already prepared by God and the way that I was raised. You must first have faith that God will answer your prayer. Matthew 17:20 says If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed (a small amount of faith) nothing shall be impossible unto (for) you. Please do not stop reading this book just because I say something that you do not believe. Step over it, no two people think exactly alike and my main purpose is to show you that there is a God and that He does answer prayers. Some people have faith that there is a God and believe that He will answer their prayer, yet their prayers are not answered. The problem is that they have not taken the first step. John 9:31 says God heareth not sinners. In Matthew 9:13, Jesus says that He came to call sinners to repent. This means to tell God that you are sorry for your sins. John 8:11 says Go and sin no more. By the way, I was having trouble finding this in the bible and I asked God to show me and turned right to the verse. Thank you God. Many will stop reading here because my beliefs are different from their own. Please just skip onto chapter 3. Back to John 9:31, the only prayer God will hear from a sinner is the repentance prayer to be saved. So you see, for God to hear and answer your prayers, you have to have faith that there is a God and faith that He will answer your prayer. Matthew 1:21 says that you must be saved from (not in) your sins. Lot of people want grace to cover their sins so that they wont have to change the way they live. Sorry, but you cant get to heaven that way. Anyway, I am not suppose to be showing you the road to heaven, so back to how to get your prayers answered. Matthew 5:20 says that you must be righteous to go to heaven. James 5:16 says that the prayer of a righteous man availeth much. This is very important. You see, Gods Holy Spirit wil not dwell in an unclean vessel (referring to our bodies). In Matthew 27:46, you see that God even left Jesus alone on the cross when he took on the sins of all mankind. Since God left His Son, do you really think He will stay by you if you return to your life of sin? Chapter 3 Sorry if I offended you with my preaching. I just wanted you to know why God answers my prayers. You see, at this point in my life, God started talking to me in many ways. Answering my questions with the bible. I could ask Him a question and turn on the radio and get an answer in a song that was very clear to me. Very often my prayers

were being answered, and with each answered prayer, my faith became stronger. [1] One of the first events that happened was when I decided to burn a brush pile on a very hot day. I poured gas on the brush and backed up about thirty feet, not knowing that the heat had caused the fumes to spread that far. When I lit the fire, I was consumed in flames. I felt like I was on fire so I quickly took off my clothes and jumped into the pond. The water felt like fire also, so I jumped in the truck and went to the neighbors in my underwear. The neighbor called my mom to come get me and then she rubbed butter all over my burns. This was the wrong thing to do; she should have used ice water. I had second degree burns on all exposed skin. I was in extreme pain for several weeks and I truly believe that burns are one of the worst pains there is. 2 Peter 2:4-6 tells how the devil, his angels, and all the wicked of Noahs day were cast into hell, a fiery furnace, where they will burn forever. I now know how painful fire is so I sure dont want to be lost and join them there. [2] I was walking along the creek on my land one day when a voice inside my head said stop. I froze in place with one foot in the air. I looked down and that foot was headed towards a large coiled up sleeping water moccasin. If God had not stopped me, I would no doubt have been bitten and may not have made it home. [3] In October, 1996, my brother-in-law, Eddy, and I went elk hunting at Southfork, Colorado. We took Clintons small camper so that we could stay up in the woods. When I got up the first morning, it was still dark. Eddy wanted to sleep longer. I opened the door and it was snowing very hard but I could see two deer about twenty feet from our camper. I had a buck tag so I got dressed and went out to see if a buck was with them. By then there was about eight inches of snow and the blizzard was so bad that I could not see more than ten or fifteen feet ahead of me. The deer could not see me so they did not run off. I walked with them up the mountain but could not find a buck. It took us about three hours to get to the top of the mountain in the storm. I was standing on a rock bluff with the deer passing over the top in a ravine below me. I said, thank you God for allowing me to be here. I thought this would probably be a pretty site if I could see. I then bowed my head, closed my eyes, and asked God to let me see what He had made. To my surprise, when I opened my eyes the wind of the blizzard changed direction. I could see between the snowflakes. On a ridge below me was the herd of deer that I had been following. The sun was clearing through the sparkling snowflakes. Down in the valley, there was a half frozen river winding along and a small town many miles past the river. It was a very pretty site so I never even thought about shooting the bucks that I could now see in the herd. Then the wind changed back and I could no longer see. I started walking or trying to find an elk hiding in the rock bluffs. The snow was about a foot deep. When the excitement played out, I realized that I was very tired. I did not want to lay down in the snow so I bowed my head and asked God to help me find a place to rest. I walked on for about fifty feet and there was a large tree with a snow covered limb. Below this limb was a dry spot of

ground about three foot wide by six foot long. I layed down on this dry ground and took a nap. When I woke up, the blizzard was still very bad with snow over knee deep. I started walking and realized that I was lost. It was getting late in the afternoon and I had no idea which way to go back to camp. I knew it would get very cold at night and that I would freeze to death. I once again bowed my head, closed my eyes and asked God to lead me back to camp. When I looked up, the wind once again changed directions and I could see a small road down in the valley. In front of me was a ravine that ran most of the way to the road. Then the wind changed back and I could not see through the snow. I knew the ravine was in front of me, so I made a straight path to it. I could not walk in the ravine because the snow was over head high. I know this because I slid under the snow in the ditch. I fought my way down the mountain and through the brush along the ravine. It took me over an hour to get to the road. When I got there, no one had traveled the road and the snow was about three foot deep. I was still several miles from the main road. It was already getting dark and colder so I sat down by a tree and thought its over, I will freeze to death before I can get to the main road. As I sat by a tree, depressed, I heard a noise and looked up. A jeep was coming down the side of the mountain, not on a road, and it was heading straight towards me. The man picked me up and said that he would take me back to my camp which he said was on the other side of the mountain. As he started up the road to my camp, we stalled out in the deep snow just before we got to the top of a ridge. I got out and thanked him and was going to walk the rest of the way to my camp, but as I got out of the jeep, Eddy drove up on the top of the ridge in my truck. He was worried and had been looking for me. As I lay there in the bed that night, I realized that I had just walked all day with God. Wow! [4] On Thursday of this same hunting trip, we hunted on the south side of town till about noon. Not seeing any animals, we decided to go north of town. Many miles later, we got out of the truck to hunt and I realized that I had left my gun leaning on the truck when we drove off. I decided to hunt with Eddys pistol and trust God to help me find my gun later. We went back just before dark to where I had dropped my gun but it was gone. This was my favorite gun that I had had for a long time. I got angry at first then I turned to God and asked Him to help me find my gun. I called the town marshall when I got to town and a man had found my gun right after I lost it and was honest enough to turn it in. This was either a test to see if I could handle the loss of something close to me or the devil was tempting me to sin. Once again, I thanked God for His answered prayer. [5] Once while working on the rail, I was having to wait on the rain to stop for several hours. My time was about up and I would have to let trains go by. I asked God to stop the rain so that I could do my welding without waiting on trains to pass. The rain immediately stopped, I did my work and thanked God. Then the rain started again as I loaded my truck to leave.

[6] Once I dug for several hours in the rocks looking for broke wire to repair my signal trouble. I was about to have to get off the rail and wait a long time to get back to location to finish my work. I had been working a long time so I was getting very tired. I bowed my head and asked God to help me. I then hit the shovel on the left wall of the hole and to my surprise the wire popped out. I said thank you God and realized that I was still surprised when He answers my prayers. My faith was still weak. [7] In 1997, my step-brother, Mike, got very sick and we thought he might die. I prayed for God to give him more time to find the road to heaven and he was healed. [8] Also in 1997, my Aunt Mary was very sick and in the hospital. The doctor said that he had no idea what was wrong with her but that she had less than two weeks to live. I prayed for God to help her and that day her husband David took her to another hospital where the doctor found the problem. She was at home in a short time and well. It is so good to have a God that cares. [9] Once at Hodgen, where we lived, our five week old pup went hunting with its mom and got lost in the woods. I hunted for it for two days and gave up. On Wednesday, I felt that I should ask the church to pray for her safe return but I was too embarrassed. So I prayed for her myself. The next day the pup was waiting for Kendal when he got off the school bus. I thanked God for answering my prayer. Matthew 16:23 says Whatever you ask God, in Jesus name, He will give you. [10] On April 27, 1998, I started feeling a little low and alone. I bowed my head and asked God if I was still His child. I then turned on the radio and a song called We are Connected at the Heart was on. It went, its never too late, never too far, nothing on earth can tear us apart, cause we are connected at the heart. This brought tears to my eyes to think that I am that close to God. [11] In October 2001, I was working on the railroad at Gans, Oklahoma. I got to thinking that I have had two restaurants, mini storage, pawn shop and rent houses, but still I cant get my income at a place that I can quit the railroad. I stopped, bowed my head and asked God to help me find a way to retire so that I would have more time to sing and help other people. When I looked up, I saw a church sign that said Gods retirement plan is out of this world. I then stopped looking for ways to retire and turned it over to God. [12] On November 13, 2001, I had my seventh truck wreck during the thirty years that I had been working for the railroad. I was worried about the troubles in our country since the 9-11 planes had hit the buildings in New York. I was driving over the road crossing in my rail truck when a lady, that I did not see until it was too late, hit the side of my truck and caused me to flip onto the side. I did not get hurt bad. My sister, Brenda, stopped to help me. I called the railroad and told them what happened and then put my personal things into my sisters car. I was pulled out of service and told that I would be fired because I was accident prone. I had had two nervous breakdowns in the past and my memory was getting very bad. I had a one track mind so it was very

hard for me to drive while trying to solve problems in my mind. I got a lawyer and went to mental doctors who soon proved that I was no longer able to work my job. I was able to retire with full pay at the age of fifty on mental disability. You see, God answered my prayer and got me off the railroad. [13] I was driving along one day and I was feeling like God was not very close to me anymore. I asked God how I could feel His presence again. I turned on the radio and heard a song that said to follow your heart back home. Some days we just get to living our lives and need to stop and look in our soul to find what Gods will is for our lives. Chapter 4 Now I am retired from the railroad and living a different lifestyle. I love to snow ski so I go as often as I can. This is good because I get to ride up ski lifts many times with strangers and I tell them about the miracles God does in my lfie. These trips also give me time alone with God. I often have great talks with Him while I drive. [14] When I go skiing, I ski on Sundays also. Some people may think it is wrong to be out of church for several Sundays during my ski trips. The first Sunday of one of my trips the Holy Spirit led me to take my guitar to the motel lobby and sing gospel songs. The lady at the desk was pretending to read. I felt that she had not been to church in awhile. I saw tears run down her cheeks as God spoke to her while I sang Sorry I never knew you. The next Sunday, I was in the deer woods with my brother-in-law and his son who didnt go to church. I sat at the campfire and sang country songs to get their attention. Then I sang a gospel song to get them to thinking about God and His son Jesus. This was more Gods will then for me than to go to church. Witnessing to others does far more good than you listening to a preacher. The next two Sundays I was in Colorado snow skiing. People will say that I need to go to church on Sunday instead of skiing. People in church get to hear about God, but the people I talk to on ski lifts often never think about God. When I tell them about the miracles that God has done for me, I often see their eyes open wide. God can use a Christian wherever they are, any day of the week. [15] On December 7, 2010, during my drive through Kansas, on way back from ski trip, I saw the most beautiful sunrise. I thanked God and asked Him to show me His face in the clouds or a sign that He still cared for me. I saw nothing so I soon let this thought slide out of my mind. I listened to several good sermons as I drove along. The last one was about false prophets. Then I turned the dial to a famous preacher that was preaching false doctrines. As I listened, I got somewhat angry because his message did not match up with the bible. Then I looked up at the sky and the clouds had formed a giant vulture, long neck, large wings, slanted eye, with large open mouth sweeping down at the road in front of me. It scared me because it looked like I would soon be

eaten by this bird. I quickly turned off the evil preacher and stopped my truck and the bird rolled back into a normal cloud. This was God answering my prayer. He did not show me His face, but he made it clear that He was still watching me and that I need to watch out for the evil lies in this world. I wish I had had a camera so that I could have taken a picture of that sight. [16] On September 11, 2010, I stepped outside to go mow my church lawn. It was starting to rain. I walked back in and told my wife that I was going to mow. She said that I couldnt mow in the rain. I turned and said God will help me. As I started back outside I asked God to hold off on the rain so that I could do this deed. Before I could get to my lawn mower, the rain had stopped and the sky began to clear up. God quickly answered my prayer. I remind you once again, James 5:16 The Prayer of a righteous man availeth much. I am not yet at the point of always being sinless and perfect, but I do believe that you can live a sinless life. Many say that it is impossible, but Philippians 4:13 says I can do all things (not just some) through Christ which strengtheneth me and Matthew 17:20 says if you have faith as of a grain of mustard seed (just a small amount of faith) you can move a mountain and nothing is impossible for you. These two verses take the words cant and impossible out of the Christians dictionary. I believe when you repent and are saved (John 3:25) that you are forgiven for all your sins of the past. At this point, you are a Christian which means you are Christlife. You are now perfect in Gods eyes as long as you never sin again. But if you sin, Revelations 2:4-5, this is what it means to leave your first love (turn away from Gods will). You will lose your salvation unless you repent and do your first works over. Sorry if I hurt your feelings because my beliefs may be different than yours. I am just trying to show you what you must do if you want God to answer your prayers. Chapter 5 You know, even though God has answered so many prayers in my life, I found my faith was still weak at times. It seemed that I pushed the past back into my mind and pretended that it was coincidental, but then a miracle happened that made a true believer out of me. [17] My son and I went to the Lake Tahoe to ski. The night we arrived we got four foot of new soft snow. We did not know the mountain and there were no groomed runs. I was having trouble skiing the heavy snow, so as I went down the first run, I lost my son. I figured Id meet him at the bottom so I started on down. To my surprise there was a tree laying down out of site. When I hit the tree, I flew up in the air and came down head first in the snow. My skis were still on so I was hanging upside down in very soft snow. I quickly realized there was no oxygen down there so I could not breath. I started digging, trying to get to the top of the snow but it was so soft I could not climb up. The snow was too wet and packed for me to reach up to take my skis off.

I tried time and time again and since I could not breath, I was gettting light headed. I realized that I was about to pass out. Just before I passed out, I remember giving up and I said well God, I guess this is where I die. I then lay still to die. As soon as I completely gave up and stopped trying, I popped up to the top of the snow. I started gasping for air and as I was getting up my son skied up to me and I said I couldnt breath down there. I asked why he did not help me and h e said he was having trouble of his own and just got there. As I got up on my skis and started on down the mountain, a young girl behind me said that she was sitting above me watching and praying that I would be ok. I was still shaky and having trouble skiing so I never saw the girl. I called over my shoulder and said thank you. You see while I was buried alive I was too scared to think to pray. God saved my life because of this girls prayer of faith. As I said before, this close call to death made me a true believer of God because I know there was no way I could have gotten out on my own so God pulled me out. I hope that I am not boring you with these stories. I only hope that one of them will get you to draw closer to God. [18] On April 4, 2001, I left my pocket knife, that my dad had made me, on a copy machine at the depot. As I drove back, I asked God to let me find it. My dad had made it with a saw blade and deer horn. I figured someone probably would have taken it but the operator handed the knife to me as I walked in the door. I thanked him for being honest and then thanked my loving God. [19] This may seem small, but on April 19, 2001, I tried for thirty minutes to reach the dispatcher. I asked God to have him talk to me so that I could do my work and go home to rest. He then answered in less than a minute. Please dont push these little blessings off to the side and just say I got lucky. [20] I was driving through Oklahoma CIty one night. It was snowing but the road looked clear so I was going about sixty miles per hour. As I started around a semi, I let off the gas a little and when I did I went into a skid on what truckers call black ice. I started fishtailing back and forth. Then I saw that I was sideways almost under the truck, very close to the trailer tires. I knew that if I hit the truck, at this speed, I would probably flip my truck and could die. I said, Dear God, please help me. I then got enough traction to turn towards the ditch where I spun around a couple of times and came to a stop. My close call caused everyone on the road to slow down to a crawl. When I calmed my nerves down, I put the truck in four wheel drive, thanked God, and started on down the icy road. [21] In March, 2008, I picked up a hitchhiker and took him to a bar. I knew that I needed to witness to him but I couldnt find the right words. That night I had to kneel by my bed and repent for this sin of omission. [22] This next miracle is even hard for me to believe but it is true. I woke up at

1:00 am on the morning of March 4, 2008, and decided to go home instead of skiing that day. As I was driving down interstate 70 in Kansas, I hit the bumps on the side of the road at 5:50 am. This woke me up and I saw mile marker 69. I quickly recalled the last mile marker I had seen was 43. This stretch of highway is straight but still I believe that God drove my truck while I slept for 26 miles. I know this is dangerous, so since then I try to pay more attention to my alertness as I drive. Theres no doubt that God had saved my life again. [23] I was driving through Kansas, singing along with the religious station, and the song would fade out and a devil style song would come on. Then the good song would come back on. This went back and forth. It was like Jesus and the devil were fighting to win me over to their side. THis is the same way as in life; if you feel that you are starting to follow the devils desires for your life, tell him to get behind you. Change your direction or he will pull you back into the wide road of sin that will take you to hell. Stop, ask yourself, W.W.J.D. (What Would Jesus Do). [24] On July 16, 2008, I brush hogged at Panama. When I got through, I realized that I had lost my billfold. I walked over all the land that I had mowed, all the time praying that God would help me find it. I gave up and decided to walk back to the tractor to go home. I thought, Dear God, why did you not answer my prayer. I looked back at the tractor before driving off and saw my billfold hanging on the brake rod. I said Thank You God. The problem was, that even though I was looking and asking God to help me, I kept thinking that I would never find my billfold in that grass. I had no faith that God would help. Dont pray over and over again for the same thing. Ask in faith once and then get up believing that your request will be granted. Remember you must be walking the straight and narrow road towards Heaven. Matthew 7:14 Do not expect God to answer your call for help if you are not doing His will. 1 John 2:17 must do the will of God to be saved. Do you think it is Gods will for you to continue to sin? Romans 6:1-2 Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? God Forbid. 1 John 3:8 He that committeth sin is of the devil. I will explain better later. Chapter 6 Once again, I hope that I did not lose you because I believe different than you. I dont believe that any two people believe exactly alike. God made us with such a complicated brain that it is very hard to see what the other person is really saying. What do they mean? [25] On May 25, 2008, Sunday at 2:30 pm, we got a call from Jennifer that her eleven year old daughter, Katy, was lost on the back side of Cavanal Hill which is just a few feet short of being called a mountain. She had went riding with her eleven year old boyfriend. She said her phone was about to go dead and they had a 4-wheeler wreck. She was bleeding very bad and they were lost on the back side of the mountain. I loaded my 4-wheeler and started towards the mountain. The game ranger told me to go

to the top of the mountain and start looking. I knew there were hundreds of trails and many miles of land to cover. I did not know how bad she was hurt and I knew that it would be getting dark soon. As I drove along, I asked God to help me locate these two kids before it was too late. As I was driving up the mountain, I remembered a 4-wheeler trail that was about halfway up the mountain. As I approached the trail, a voice said stop and look here. I started unloading my 4-wheeler and Jennifer and the game ranger stopped and asked me what I was doing. He said that I needed to go to the top to start looking. I did not want to take time to convince him that God had told me to look here, so I just told him that I would check out these trails and then come on up to the top. I knew that finding the kids was almost impossible. So once again, I asked God to guide me and I started down the hill. I came to several ys and turn offs, but I kept going the way God was leading me. I hadnt seen them and I decided to stop and rest. When I shut my 4 -wheeler off, I heard Katy screaming, were here!, down below me. I drove on down the trail and turned on the next trail to the right and drove right up to them. The young man had wrapped his shirt around her hand to stop the bleeding. He did not have any idea how to get back home and I didn't know any of the trails. I had Katy get on behind me and told the boy to follow us back to my truck. Katy called her mom and told her that I had found her. We put her friends 4-wheeler in another truck so that he could be taken home. Then I went to the top of the mountain to find the boy who had walked off the back side of the mountain looking for Katy. I truly believe that I would not have found her and her friend before dark if God had not led me to her. [26] On August 7, 2009, I was going to do my weed eating at the church. I guess I had flooded my weed eater, because I could not get it to start. I was very hot and tired but wanted to finish the churchyard before I went home. I was getting very frustrated so I stopped and bowed my head to pray. Please forgive me and let your angel help me start my weed eater in the name of Your Son Jesus, Amen. I looked up to heaven and smiled and with the next pull of the rope the machine started. I finished my work, all the while thanking God. [27] On December 25, 2010, I looked at the weather channel and there was no snow shown for us. It was cloudy, so I asked God to send us some snow. This was a much smaller request than moving a mountain. At 11:00 am, my niece came in and asked if we knew it was snowing. I said, no, and opened the curtains. I smiled and thanked God for answering my prayer for a white Christmas. Then I said, one of these days, I will learn that God answers my prayers. Look for the answers. [28] I went skiing in Colorado for seven days and my wife had to use her moms car while I was gone. Our van was making a strange noise. On December 7, 2011, I could not figure out what was wrong with our van, so once again I gave up and asked God to repair our van. I drove down the road, about a mile, and the noise stopped. The

van has ran great ever since; God repaired it. The noise never returned . Isnt God a great friend? [29] My friends, as we go through this life, there will be many things that we dont understand about the way God does things. We had a middle aged man that started coming to our church because he had heard about the miracles that God had been doing for me. He had been told that he was dying of cancer and wanted me to pray for his healing. When the time was right, our church family joined with me in this request but he kept getting worse. When he was in the hospital, he had blood clots in his leg causing lots of pain. The doctors could not give him blood thinners, so I prayed that God would ease his pain so he could rest. God chose to take away the blood clots. Well then you might ask why God didnt just heal him if I had that kind of faith., but by then God had revealed to me, through the bible, that He could only heal the man if he believed that God would make him whole. I wanted so much for God to heal him so that he could be a witness to us all, yet he died. You see, God very seldom answers our prayers to give us faith. He answers prayers because we do believe and He loves to help people who love Him in return. [30] I was driving the day that man had died and was feeling low because it seemed like God had not spoke to me in several weeks. I remembered that Butch told me God sometimes talks to people through the radio. I asked God to show me that He still cared for me. I said, God, please talk to me again. I then turned on the radio to hear the end of a truck drivers song about the devil. Then a song came on that touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. The song said: take my hand and be free once more. Leave the world outside your door. Come with me and lets be friends, holding on until the end. I know our love will always be, hold to me and youll be free. With our love, time will never end. Just take my hand and be free again. It felt so good to know that God had not left me. I had just got too wrapped up in the things of this world. My childlike faith had grown weak. 1 John 2:17 says I must do the will of God to live forever, which means to be saved from hell. I turned back to Gods work. [31] In February, 2012, I got a little depressed because the weather channel showed that we would only get a light snow two days that week. As I was skiing Monday with my friend, Steve, from Denver. I remembered Matthew 17:20 If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you can move a mountain. As Steve was getting into the car to go home, he said I hope you get some snow; I smiled and said I will. God will send me some snow. That night the tv was still showing just a slim chance of snow for our area. I asked God to bring me some snow and when I got up, on Tuesday, it was snowing. We had a blizzard every day that week. God sent me several feet of new snow and I had a great time that week. Thank you God. [32] This may seem small, but Kendall was not able to get a job. I took him to Burger King and as he walked in, I prayed for Gods help. He was hired immediately

(March 3, 2012). [33] January 2012: the ski lift at Vail had stopped working. Steve and I sat there for about ten minutes talking with another man. I closed my eyes and asked God to repair the lift so that we could enjoy the rest of the day. When I opened my eyes, we started moving. I told my friend how God had just answered my prayer and then I thanked God for His blessings. [34] March 2012 ski trip: We had very little snow so I asked God for help and it snowed Monday and Tuesday that week. At 4:30 am on Thursday, I could not sleep so I got up and went for a drive. I love to watch the deer and elk play so I asked God to let me see some animals that morning. I drove to the top of a mountain and saw lots of pretty sites including a great sunrise. As I drove down, I got almost to the bottom and saw a man holding back a beautiful large dog that was wanting to chase me. On a little further, a rabbit ran out playing in the snow. I then realized that this was Gods answer to my prayer. I had not prayed for God to show me deer and elk, only animals. This is the same when praying for others. There are lots of sick people in the world, but you do not know why they are sick. It would be foolish to pray that they are all healed or to pray that everyone will be saved. This would not be Gods plan. He gave us all a free will and we must make right choices. [35] April 3, 2012: I mowed our church yard. I got a few drops of rain when I arrrived so I asked God to hold back the rain till I got through. As I mowed, I could see it was raining hard one mile north of me, but it did not start raining at the church until I was loading my weedeater. [36] April 2, 2012: my 4-wheeler would not start. I had left it sitting too long and the carburetor was gummed up. I gave up and decided to take it to the shop. Then I sat still and asked God to help. It then started, backfired, then ran good. God will make your life better if you ask. So often, you have not, because you ask not (James 4:2). Chapter 7 You might ask me why? Since God answers my prayer, why dont I pray for people to be healed and saved. I want you to know that I do, but you see, it only takes my faith for God to repair machines, change the weather, or make things better in my own life. For other people to be saved, they must also have faith in God and reach out to Him. You see, God loves everyone and He made us in His image. You like to be surrounded by people who love you and God is the same way. For you to be saved, you must love God enough to do His will.; 1 John 2:17 (this is only one step). Matthew 18:4 says you must be humble. Acts 2:38 says you must repent and be baptized. You must also believe in Christ; John 3:16. Matthew 5:20 says you must be righteous. John 3:3 says you must be born again. Matthew 22:37-39 says you must love God and your neighbor. This is about getting saved and on the straight and narrow road to heaven. To

be healed from sickness, I believe, is far more complicated. It is like a doctor that starts treating symptoms but doesnt stop and ask why you are sick or what is causing the illness. You may be sick because you have sinned. Romans 6:23 say for the wages of sin is death. Think about this. We all know that unless you are killed in an accident, you will die from illness. We all must die a physical death because all mankind has been given an equal part of blame for the first sin of Adam and Eve. You can look at this word death as being this physical death, but I believe that this verse it is speaking of your eternal life in hell which to me is far worse than your life just coming to a complete end. Please dont think that I am saying that if you are sick a lot you are a terrible sinner. It could be the reason, but it could also be to keep you or someone close to you humble and closer to God. Think about this though, are you sure you are doing all you can to turn away from all sin in your life. Have you convinced yourself that the bible speaks the truth. Philippians 4:13 says that you can do all things. It does not say some things. If the God you serve is not able to defeat the devil in your life that keeps you sinning, then you need a bigger God. Instead of using excuses such as I am human and living in the flesh so I cannot stop sinning, tell the truth. You simply dont want to stop sinning. There are small sins that you do in your life that you feel bring you enjoyment and you do not want to turn away from them. In Matthew 9:13, we read that Jesus came to call sinners to repent. Repent means to say you are sorry and to turn away and stop doing the wrongs that displease God. 1 John 3:8 says that he who commits sin is of the devil. Think about this; it is not Gods will that you sin. Therefore, who do you think your master is? Who are you following? [37] On a lighter subject, on June 3, 2012, I knelt by my chair and asked God to walk closer to my side so that I could feel His presence. I walked outside and a deer was standing by my house. For me, this was a sign from God that all was well. He knows how much I adore His animals and it had been a long time since deer had been near my house. I said, thank you God. Before you close this book and say I give up; I cant stop sinning, let me explain something to you. John 3:3 says that you must be born again. This means your spirit and your mind must begin to think in a new way. When you get saved, you become a new babe in Christ. Like a baby, you have to learn to crawl before you walk. I do not believe that when you get saved, God snaps His fingers and you lose all your desire to sin. The devil does not like to lose a soul so he will fight hard to win you back. When you are first saved, you will stumble and fall from time to time and may feel that you have sinned. If you feel this way, then stop and ask God to forgive you and help you not to do this wrong again. I do not believe that you can accidently sin. 1 John 3:4 says sin is a transgression of Gods law. I believe that when you are saved you enter the straight and narrow road towards heaven. When you slip (do something

wrong), that is not the time it becomes sin. If so, then you would no longer be saved. 1 John 3:9 says if you are born of God you cannot sin. I see the road to hell as a wide path on the left. There is, to me, a fence between the two roads. When you do something wrong, you are sitting on this fence and the Holy Spirit tells you that what you have done is wrong. You are then given a choice; repent and return to the road to heaven, or return to the wide road towards hell. Ephesians 4:26 tells us to be angry and sin not. You see my friend, making a mistake and doing wrong is not the sin. It only becomes a sin if you refuse to obey the Holy Spirit that tells you to repent. As you grow from a babe into a man, you will find that you are making fewer mistakes. And yes, I believe that we can get to the point where we are seen as perfect in the eyes of God. Man will never see us as perfect because they dont forget our past. [39] Understand the things I speak of above are not premeditated. Hebrews 10:26 says that if we sin willfully (knowing ahead of time that it is wrong) there is no sacrifice. This means that you intentionally go against Gods will and you are no longer saved. Revelations 2:5 says that you must do your first works over. Repent and once again ask Jesus to be your Savior. This blows the once saved always saved thought out of the water. There are many other verses that prove that this is one of the devils best lies. It sends many souls to hell every day. An example of what happens when men change the Word of God. At our church, our pastor preached that it is wrong to have sex outside of marriage. Then his unwed daughter got pregnant. Since he also preached the idea of once saved always saved, this put him over a fence. He told his daughter she was still saved and okay with God, instead of showing her that she had sinned and turned away from Gods will for her life. According to Revelations 2:5, she should have been told to repent and do her first works over. She had backslid and was no longer saved. He then made a bigger mistake. He told the story behind the pulpet and told how his daughter was still saved. This sent a message to the other girls that it is okay to have sex outside of marriage. If the preacher said that his daughter was still saved, then it must mean that what she did was not wrong. Since the parents had taught their girls not to have sex until they were married, the girls were not taught to use birth control. Two of the popular girls at church, one of them a deacon's daughter, got pregnant that year because the pastor had failed to teach the true Word of God and the leaders of the church condoned it without protest. This is very sad. Now three girls had lost their salvation and got a bad start to marriage. They were not being told that they were once again lost and needed to renew their faith in God. No doubt many other people rode that lie and believed they were saved and could sin all they wanted to. These girls did not do the unforgivable sin; they just believed a lie. They can once again repent and accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord. Sadly, false doctrines may keep them from ever learning the truth. Matthew 6:24 says that no man can serve two masters. You will either serve God in love or serve the

devil in sin. The choice is yours. Now can you see why I use the King James original bible. The devil is pleased and behind the writers of all newer versions of the bible. They are different and cause confusion resulting in people not believing that any bible is the true Word of God. All newer versions are changed to fit the writers belief. They will lead you on the wrong path. If you prove to me that the King James bible is untrue, then I will have nothing to base my faith on. Chapter 8 I told you of the miracles that God has done in my life not to brag or prove that I was closer to God than you, but to prove to you there is a God and that He still answers pray today. There are many people that go to church all their life and still wonder if there is a God. This is because they never choose to follow Christs example and ask God to help them defeat the devil in their life so that they can turn away from all sin. Im sorry if it offends you when I say that you must stop sinning to go to Heaven, but Ezekiel 3:17-18 tells me that I must warn the wicked to turn from their wicked ways or I cannot go to Heaven. Many people like to take John 3:16 to heart and think that all they have to do is believe in Christ and be saved. Matthew 7:21 says that many shall believe and yet never enter Heaven, James 2:17 states that faith without works is dead. You know the devil and his angels believed in God but were thrown our of Heaven because they did not want to follow Gods rules. You see my friends, if all you had to do to get to Heaven was believe, then Jesus could have died for us at an early age. Jesus lived thirty-three years on earth teaching us how to live for God. Please read the first four books of the New Testament and live life like Jesus tells you to. [40] There is another very serious problem in this world today. Man keeps writing new versions of the bible. Each time, man will change a few words because he doesnt want to believe the truth. You need to use the oldest version you can find. I use the original King James version because it is the oldest english version that I know of. The bible says it is the true word of God, but since different versions contradict each other, the devil jumps with joy each time a new one is written. This confusion helps the devil convince people that the bible is untrue. 1 Corinthians 14:33 says that God is not the author of confusion. The devil does this. [41] One proof that newer versions have changed what was meant can be found in John 3:16. The King James version reads: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. The word begotten means direct descendent of God. However, the NIV (New International Version) took out the word begotten because the writer does not believe that Jesus is Gods son. He wanted to try to prove that Jesus is God. The

reason that He wanted to show that Jesus is God is because he can now say: Jesus could live without sinning because he was God. I cannot keep from sinning because I am only human. This is just an excuse from the devil. It would take a whole book to explain the Trinity to you, so I will just give you a few simple facts. 1 John 4:15 says that you must confess Jesus is the son of God for God to dwell in you. John 4:24 says that God is a spirit. A spirit has no body. John 1:18 says that no man hath seen God. Think about this; many people saw Jesus. Romans 10:9 says that you must believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. Think about this; God cannot die. Matthew 27:46 says that God left Jesus on the cross alone when He took on the sins of this world because God has no desire to be near sin. Mark 16:19 says that Jesus sat on the right hand of God. 1 John 2:1 calls Jesus our advocate. This means that he is our lawyer or go between. Jesus is pleading with God to let us into Heaven. In Mark 14:36 Jesus prayed. If he was God, there would be no one to pray to. This would make this verse a lie. How much more of the bible do you think is untrue? One last thought on this subject, Exodus 20:3 says thou shalt have no other gods before me. If Jesus is your God, you are breaking the first commandment of God; Jesus is the Son of God. [42] Then people wonder about Baptism. There are two kinds: water and of the spirit. John 3:5 says you must be born of both. Some people say this means that you were born in your mothers water bag, but this sounds silly to me. Naturally, if you never existed you could not be saved. You do not have to be baptized with water to be saved. Luke 23:42 tells you that the man on the cross who repented went to heaven and he was not baptised with water. Many are saved on their deathbed and are not baptized. You see my friends, you are not baptized to become saved; you are baptized with water, Acts 22:16, to wash away your sins. In Matthew 3:15, Jesus was baptized because as a form of righteousness. Romans 6:3-6 tells us that when we are under the water, we see ourselves as dead with Christ. When we rise up, we are reborn. We have been washed clean from all the sin of our past. Since you are now a pure and holy clean vessel, Gods Holy Spirit can come into your life. God will not enter an unclean vessel. He will not join up with sin. You see, you are not baptized to save you, but to keep you saved and turn you into someone God can dwell in and work through. 1 Corinthians 3:16 says that you become the temple of God. After you become clean, then you can have the second baptism of the Holy Spirit. Most people that say they were saved never get to this point so they never meet God and truly see their prayers answered. By the way, these answered prayers do give me more faith. It keeps getting stronger as I draw closer to God. [43] Being perfect is not impossible as many preach. No one is perfect is just an excuse people use because they have sin in their life that they dont want to give up. I repeat, Philippians 4:13 says that you can do all things with Christ. The devil causes you to sin and God can defeat the devil if you let Him. To be perfect does not mean that

we have never sinned. Romans 3:23 says that all have (past tense) sinned, and John 1:8-10 says that if we say we have no sin, we lie. Both these and many other verses are to show that we all have need of salvation. They do not prove that we will continue to sin after we are saved. You can never be perfect in the eyes of man because people never forget our past sins and often see our mistakes as sin. They dont see or understand our relationship with God and how far we have grown since we were saved. Im so glad that Jesus is my judge and not mankind. When you get saved you are forgiven for all sins of your past. Since there is no longer sin in your life, you are now perfect in the eyes of God. As long as you continue to do Gods will you will remain perfect. It is not the will of God for you to sin again. 1 John 3:8 says that you are a servant of the devil if you return to a life of sin. Matthew 22:37-39 says that you must love God and all people that you come in contact with to be saved. It hurts God if you sin and you will not continue to hurt someone you love. I cant stress this enough; you are born a babe and must grow. It takes time to grow to perfection. Sin will be less and less frequent in your life, at least what man sees as sin, as you grow in Gods grace. Dont give up. Matthew 10:22 says that you must endure to the end to be saved. James 4:7 tells us to resist the devil and he will flee from you. [44] I mentioned Grace. Many see this as if it gives them a license to continue to sin. They say they are a sinner saved by grace, but they are very wrong and will spend eternity in hell if they dont change their way of thinking. We are saved by the grace of God because he showed mankind grace and mercy when He gave his son to be our savior. His grace also covers a baby as they will go to heaven if they die before they reach the age of accountability. By the way, this is more proof that the once saved always saved is a lie. We are all saved as a baby so if we cant backslide this would mean that we all go to heaven. No, you must make a choice when you reach the age of knowledge or accountability. You are also covered by Gods grace when you make a mistake. You cannot accidentally lose your salvation. God looks at sin the same way our courts look at murder. Hebrews 10:26 says that if you willfully choose to sin, knowing it is wrong, you are choosing to follow the devil. In which case, you are once again lost. Revelations 2:5: you must do your first works over. Repent and be resaved or continue down the wide road towards hell. However, if you accidently do wrong, you are covered by grace until the Holy Spirit tells you this was wrong. You are then sitting on the fence between the roads to heaven and hell. You must choose to ask God to forgive you to return to the straight and narrow road towards heaven. When saved, you become a Christian. This means you become Christlike; you gain the mind of Christ. There is no such thing as a sinning Christian (1 John 3:8). [45] Holy Spirit: I wanted to leave this out of the book but God said its confusion causes splits, so we will do our best to help you understand. Many believe that you are

filled with the Holy Spirit when you become saved and that you are always filled with Gods Spirit. This is not true. If you were, you would be like a robot always working for God, no time for yourself or others. Gods spirit comes to you when He sees that you need his help. Jesus sometimes spoke as a man and sometimes God spoke through him. Matthew 3:16 says that the Holy Spirit came to Jesus when He was baptized. If Jesus was one-hundred percent God, the devil could not have tempted Him. If Jesus was not always filled with the Holy Spirit then why do you think you would be. You dont need the Holy Spirit in you to be saved, but you do need Him to guide you to do Gods will. [46] Some people think that you are only filled with the spirit if you are speaking in tongues. This is wrong. 1 Corinthians 12:4 shows that there are many diversities of gifts. This is just one of the gifts that few people are given. Read chapter 12 and you will see that none of us are given all of the different gifts. Sometimes, speaking in tongues means that you are speaking a different language, and yes, some speak in an unknown tongue to God as in 1 Corinthians 14:2. However, verse 6 of chapter 14 states that it will not profit you unless you understand what is said. Then verse 13 adds that if it is done in public, you or someone should interpret so that it will not cause confusion. Dont fake it. You must be very close to God to do either task. This means that you have no unforgiven sin in your life; you are doing the perfect will of God. The main thing is to never tell someone they are not saved unless they speak in tongues. This is only one of Gods gifts. If this were not true, then we must all be preachers, healers and miracle workers to be saved. All Christians are part of one body and do different works for God. We must all work together. Remember also that 1 Corinthians 14:33 says that God is not the author of confusion. Dont do something that causes fellow Christians to stumble and fall. One last thought on this subject. I was dating a young girl and decided to go to church with her. During the altar call, she jumped up, ran to the front, yelling and waving her arms. She fell in the floor making weird sounds for a long time. After church I asked her why she did that. She said because my dad thinks I am in the spirit when I do this. Her dad had taught her that you have to speak in tongues to be saved. That was my last date with that girl. I did not want to hang around someone who would deceive people that way in church. If you have to think about it or work yourself up to it, it did not come from God.

Chapter 9 Closing Thoughts [47] 1 Thessalonians 5:17: pray without ceasing. This is not a commandment from God. This is one of the many helpful suggestions in the bible to make it easier to serve God. If we went around with our eyes closed praying all the time we would run

into a tree. What this really means is that you need to live your life while walking close enough to God that you can hear the Holy Spirit talking to you. When I was young, my mother taught me a song that I try to live by, Whisper a Prayer. Whisper a prayer in the morning. Whisper a prayer at noon. Whisper a prayer in the evening, to keep your heart in tune. Make a habit of praying at least three times a day. This three minutes of prayer will give you peace, knowing you are on the road to heaven. This is a very small price to pay for eternal life with God instead of hell fire with the devil and his angels. The ten commandments, listed in Exodus 20, were given to mankind by God as a guide to show us how to live for Him. In Matthew 22:37-39, Jesus said you must love God and your neighbor (which means all that you come in contact with) to be saved. Jesus did not do away with the ten commandments. True love will cover all Gods will. John 14:21 There are lots of false prophets in our world today and I hope and pray that you do not see me as one of them. My desire is that you will humble yourself before God, repent of your sins and accept Gods Son, Jesus, as your savior so that I have the pleasure of meeting you in Heaven someday. It makes me sad to put an end to this book because I have gotten a lot of joy reliving my life with God. We often forget the good things God has done for us and sometimes even blame God when things go wrong. It is not His fault; we simply chose the wrong path or are seeing the results of someone elses fate. Just try to look at Gods big picture and ask Him to help you past your troubles. Be patie nt even though I know how hard that is. God be with you as I bid you farewell for now. Give someone a smile or a helping hand. The best way to get over your sadness is to change gears in your mind. Find a way to bring a little joy to someone elses life. When you are thinking of others, God will take care of you. Written with love from Gods messenger, Larry J. Milligan

Order of Thoughts 1 Burnt in Fire 2 Saved from Snake 3 Walked day with God 4 Lost and found gun 5 Rain stopped for work 6 God found lost wire 7 God healed Mike 8 God healed Mary 9 Lost pup found 10 We are connected at heart 11 Retirement sign 12 Wreck of retirement 13 Follow your heart 14 Witness out of church 15 Vulture in clouds 16 God stopped rain to mow 17 God saved my life in snow 18 Lost pocket knife 19 Dispatcher talked to me 20 Close icy road wreck 21 My sin of omission 22 God drove 26 miles 23 Radio song battle 24 Lost billfold 25 Katy lost on mountain 26 Flooded weed-eater 27 Snow for Christmas 28 God repaired van 29 Young man died 30 Take my hand 31 God sent me a blizzard 32 Kendal got job 33 Repaired Ski Lift 34 God showed me animals 35 Rain for church mowing 36 God fixed 4-wheeler 37 Deer of faith 38 Babe in Christ 39 Once saved always saved 40 Rewriting bible 41 Jesus is Son of God 42 Baptism 43 Being perfect 44 Grace 45 Holy Spirit 46 Speaking in tongues 47 Closing thoughts