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Grade 3 - Week 11

Subjects covered:
Composition: Writing Lesson 17: You Can Write a Story Writing Lesson 18: You Can Write a Story Writing Lesson 19: You Can Write a Story Writing Lesson 20: You Can Write a Story Writing Lesson 21: You Can Write a Story Penmanship: Cursive Writing Lesson 1 - Cursive A Cursive Writing Lesson 2 - Cursive A Again Cursive Writing Lesson 3 - Cursive T Cursive Writing Lesson 4 - Cursive T Again Cursive Writing Lesson 5 - Cursive A and T Spelling: (words with /oa/) List 9 - Spelling Lesson 1 List 9 - Spelling Lesson 2 List 9 - Spelling Lesson 3 List 9 - Spelling Lesson 4 List 9 - Spelling Lesson 5 Grammar: Grammar Lesson 50: Adjectives + 50b: Recognizing Sentences Grammar Lesson 51: Diagramming Adjectives + 51b: Verb Tenses Memory Grammar Lesson 52: The and A + 52b: Keeping It the Same Grammar Lesson 53: A or An + 53b: Calico + 53c: Get, Put, Take Grammar Lesson 54: Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs Review + 54b: Diagramming Two Nouns Reading: Reading Lesson 44: The Happy Hollisters - A Trip With Tinker Reading Lesson 45: The Happy Hollisters - The Chase Reading Lesson 46: The Happy Hollisters - A Telltale Barn Reading Lesson 47: The Happy Hollisters - The Treasure

Health / Science: Science Unit 4: Biomes - Lesson 6: Rain Forest Science Unit 4: Biomes - Lesson 7: Desert Science Unit 4: Biomes - Lesson 8: Botanical Gardens Science Unit 4: Biomes - Lesson 9: Prairie Math: Math Lesson 48: Multiplication 7: Zeroes and Ones + Math Lesson 48b: Mixed Operations + Math Lesson 48c: Maze Math Lesson 49: Multiplication 8: Twos + Math Lesson 49b: Fibonacci + Math Lesson 49c: Fraction Circles Math Lesson 50: Multiplication 9: Twos + Math Lesson 50b: Mixed Operations + Math Lesson 50c: Reading Fractions Math Lesson 51: Multiplication 10: Counting by 2s + Math Lesson 51b: Garage Sale + Math Lesson 51c: Writing Fractions + Math Lesson 51d: Speed Grid Math Lesson 52: Multiplication 11: Target Circles + Math Lesson 52b: Writing Numbers + Math Lesson 52c: Mixed Operations Travel: Travel Egypt: Lesson 1 Welcome to Egypt Travel Egypt: Lesson 2 Use Your Horn! Travel Egypt: Lesson 3 Four Flags Travel Egypt: Lesson 4 At the Marketplace Travel Egypt: Lesson 5 Little Green Bee Eater Social Studies: Social Studies Lesson 27 - Knowing Your Family: Ancestors Social Studies Lesson 28 - Knowing... : Ancestors Are Important Social Studies Lesson 29 - Knowi... : Grandfather's Time Machine Social Studies Lesson 30 - Knowing... : Searching For Ancestors Social Studies Lesson 31 - Knowing Your... : Songs From the Loom

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Grammar Lesson 50 Adjectives*

1. A brown cow mooed. 2. The little girl cried. 3. A hungry wolf howled. 4. The raven is black. 5. This soup is nasty! 6. I dont like loud music. 7. I got splashed with cold water. 8. The mean kid yelled at me.

Fill in each blank with your own adjective. 9. The _______________ bird sang a pretty song. 10. My _______________ brother banged on his drums. 11. My shirt is _______________ .
* Words, such as A and the, are also adjectives, but we will discuss that in another lesson. For now, we are simply discussing easy-to-find adjectives words that children can easily see as describing words.

Grammar Lesson 50b: Recognizing Sentences Rewrite each set of sentences to fix the mistakes.
[mistakes: 3 words need to be capitalized, 1 word is misspelled, and 2 sentences need periods]

(1) evertt and skye wnet swimming at the lake they always went swimming when it was a hot day ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

[mistakes: 3 words need to be capitalized, 1 word needs to be made possessive, and 2 sentences need periods]

(2) i went to my friend ellisons house we ate pizza and watched a movie

______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
[mistakes: 3 words need to be capitalized, 1 word needs to be made possessive, 1 word is misspelled, and 2 sentences need periods]

(3) we played a fun mummy gaem at callies party we each got a partner and then we had a contest to see who could wrap their partner in toilet paper the fastest ________________________________________ _________________________________________

________________________________________________ _________________________________________________
[mistakes: 6 words need to be capitalized, 2 sentences need periods and 1 sentences needs a question mark]

(4) do you ever get scared at night sometimes i have nightmares last night i dreamed i was trying to run away but my legs wouldn't work right

______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Grammar Lesson 51 Diagramming Adjectives Because adjectives describe nouns, you put an adjective under a noun when you diagram. That tells you that that particular adjectives describes that particular noun. Sad Wendy cried.

Can you diagram these sentences? The quick boy ran.

The bird is blue.

* Again, we are going to leave words, such as a and the, for another lesson. For the moment, just pretend those words are not there.

The smallest puppy growled.

The happy Hollisters played.

A little girl was laughing.

A gray rhino snorts.

Grammar Lesson 51b: Verb Tenses Memory

Instructions for memory game - Tell your student: "Let's play a quick game of memory. Look at these cards." [Lay the cards face up so your student can see the word on each card.] "Each card has a verb written on it. All the words are different. You are going to match verb tenses. A future tense word needs to match another future tense verb. A present tense verb needs to match another present tense verb. A past tense verb needs to match another past tense verb. Can you make some matches now?" [Let your student match verb tenses to make sure he/she understands the concept of the game.] When you are certain your student understands, mix the cards up and turn them face down. Then play memory with your student.













will ask

will rain

will open

will read

will clean

will watch

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Grammar Lesson 52 The and A

Here are three zebras. I see a zebra. Do you know which zebra Im looking at? ----- You dont, do you? Thats because the word a can mean any one or any thing in a group. Down below there is a group of sandwiches. Id like to eat a sandwich. Wouldnt you? ----- Can you tell which sandwich I would like to eat? ----- No you cant, can you?

tuna fish

cream cheese and cucumber

peanut butter and banana

croquet Madame

Thats because a doesnt really tell you anything. But the word the does. The tells exactly which one you are talking about. When I tell you I am looking at the blue zebra, you know that I am only looking at one specific zebra. When I say that I want to eat the cucumber and cream cheese sandwich, you know I mean a certain specific sandwich. Which sandwich would you like to eat? -----

A and the are adjectives. A and the describe nouns.

Now that you know that a and the are adjectives, you will be able to add them into your diagram. Lets try that now.

The brown bear growled.

The silly girls laughed.

A funny clown somersaulted.

A gray seagull was flying.

Grammar Lesson 52b: Keeping It the Same

When you write a group of sentences together (we call that a paragraph), you want to keep the verb tenses the same. That means all the verbs need to be past tense, or all the verbs need to be present tense, or all the verbs need to be future tense. Look at the verbs in the paragraph below. Make the writing clear by changing any verb that is in the wrong tense. Rewrite the sentences to make a new paragraph. 1. Barry is a water delivery man. 2. He will deliver bottled water to people's houses. 3. People can buy bottled water at the grocery store, but some people preferred to have it delivered instead. 4. They will like great big bottles that can be set on an olla. 5. Barry sets the water bottle on the olla for his customers. 6. Then he took the old bottle away. __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

Name: ___________________________________

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Grammar Lesson 53 A or An?

Sometimes, instead of writing a, we write an. How can you know whether to write a or an? Well, most of the time, if a word begins with a consonant we will write a next to it. If a word begins with a vowel we write an next to it. Basically, a wants a consonant next to it. If the word next to it begins with a consonant, then a will stay by itself. But if the word next to it begins with a vowel oh, a doesnt like that, so it takes an n to itself so it can be next to a consonant. Try it for yourself. Decide whether each word needs an a or an an next to it. _____ bell _____ octopus _____ elephant _____ zebra _____ train _____ building _____ oval _____ sandwich _____ igloo _____ noodle _____ avenue _____ tree

* Picture taken from:

Grammar Lesson 53b: Calico

Rewrite each set of sentences to fix the mistakes.

[mistakes: 4 words need to be capitalized, 1 word is misspelled, and 3 sentences need periods]

(1) we visited an old mining town called calico calico is a ghost town that means it is a town that no one lives in anyomre ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

[mistakes: 3 words need to be capitalized, 2 sentences need periods and 1 sentence needs a question mark]

(2) meghan and her brother had a vacation at the beach they played in the water and searched for seashells every day have you ever been to the beach ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

Grammar Lesson 53c: Get, Put, Take*

Replacing Get, Put, and Take

Try not to use verbs such as get, put, and take too often. Replace these words with strong verbs that make your ideas clear. (dull verbs) - I get a shopping cart. Then I take some fruit. The cashier puts it in a bag. (strong verbs) - I grab a shopping cart. Then I weigh some fruit. The cashier packs it in a bag.

Write a verb from the list to replace each underlined verb. steal shoves throws

1. _______________ Paul puts his peas under his plate. 2. _______________ The baby gets his carrots on the floor. 3. _______________ The two cats take some of the beef from the plate.

Complete the sentences by adding strong verbs of your own. Then add a closing sentence. 4. My brother and I want to _______________ a special meal. 5. This morning, we _______________ for some fresh vegetables. 6. I _______________ the green beans and broccoli on the scale. 7. We always _______________ apples and peaches for dessert. 8. On the way home, I _______________ on the

sidewalk. 9. Fruit _______________ out of the bag. 10. __________________ ______________________________________________________________

*Lesson found online at: - grade 3, unit 3

Name: ___________________________________

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Grammar Lesson 54 Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs Review

What is a Dinosaur ?

* MadLibs taken from / "What is a Dinosaur ? " by Howard Price and Roger Stern - "Pirates and Sea Monsters" by unknown

Grammar Lesson 54b: Diagramming Two Nouns

Diagram the sentences:

(1) Drake and Vanie played.

(2) Millie and Adam drove.

(3) Toby and Aiden hid.

(4) Girls and boys danced.

(5) The wolves and puppies howled.

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Cursive Writing Lesson 1 - Cursive A

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Cursive Writing Lesson 2 - Cursive A Again

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Cursive Writing Lesson 3 - Cursive T

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Cursive Writing Lesson 4 - Cursive T Again

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Cursive Writing Lesson 5 - Cursive A and T

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Multiplication 48 - Zeroes and Ones

0 x0

1 x6

1 x2

0 x 10

1 x1

1 x 10

1 x4

0 x1

0 x4

1 x9

0 x7

0 x2

9 x1

0 x 12

0 x8

0 x 11

0 x5

1 x0

0 x3

1 x5

1 x 11

8 x0

1 x7

1 x3

0 x6

11 x 1

1 x8

0 x9

6 x1

12 x 1

Math Lesson 48b: Mixed Operations Solve each problem by working from left to right. BUT, if you see multiplication in the problem, do that part FIRST and then work the rest of the problem from left to right. Here's how:

15 + 3 - 1 x 6 = ____

19 - 0 x 9 + 20 = ____

5 x 1 + 10 - 7 = ____

9 + 5 - 7 x 1 = ____

Math Lesson 48c: Maze

Follow the pattern to complete the maze.

Subtract. Remember to borrow from your neighbor. Sometimes, you might have to borrow twice. (If you need help with that, ask your teacher.)

25 -1 6

71 -32

188 9

233 - 45

617 - 29

311 - 72

90 - 7

213 - 44

Name: ___________________________________ Multiplication 49 - Twos

Date: ______________

Multiplying by 2s means that you are doubling numbers. For example, 2 x 3 really means 3 + 3 (or two 3s), and 2 x 8 really means 8 + 8 (or two 8s). Because you're just doubling numbers, multiplying by 2s is easy.

0 +0 1 +1 2 +2 3 +3 4 +4 5 +5 6 +6

2 x0 2 x1 2 x2 2 x3 2 x4 2 x5 2 x6

7 +7 8 +8 9 +9 10 + 10 11 + 11 12 + 12

2 x7 2 x8 2 x9 2 x 10 2 x 11 2 x 12

Math Lesson 49b: Fibonacci Let's look at an interesting math pattern called the Fibonacci Sequence. It starts out like this: 1+1=2 Easy, right? Now you take the last two numbers, 1 and 2, and add them together. 1+2=3 Then you take the last two numbers, 2 and 3, and add them together. 2+3=5 Your pattern starts to look like this: 1+1=2 1+2=3 2+3=5 3+5=8 You could keep going and going forever and ever with this pattern.

You try it. Make a Fibonacci Sequence for me. See how far you can go.

Math Lesson 49c: Fraction Circles

Draw a line to match each: fourths





Name: ___________________________________ Multiplication 50 - Twos

Date: ______________

2 x1

6 x2

11 x2

3 x2

4 x2

2 x 11

2 x0

2 x 12

2 x5

9 x2

5 x2

2 x2

2 x8

0 x2

2 x 10

2 x4

12 x 2

2 x3

7 x2

8 x2

1 x2

2 x9

2 x6

2 x7

10 x 2

Math Lesson 50b: Mixed Operations

Remember that when you are working problems with mixed operations, that you multiply first and then work the rest of the problem from left to right.

82 - 42 + 5 x 2 = ____

75 + 5 x 0 + 4 = ____

19 + 1 x 1 - 5 = ____

0 x 127 + 3 - 2 = ____

16 - 4 + 2 x 7 = ____

32 - 25 + 2 x 3 = ____

Math Lesson 50c: Reading Fractions

Here is a circle divided into 4 pieces. Only one of the pieces is colored. 1 out of 4 pieces is colored. We would write that as .

This circle has 2 parts colored. 2 out of 4 pieces are colored. We write this as .

Now the circle has 3 out of 4 parts colored. This circle has


Look at the shapes. Circle the correct fraction.

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Multiplication 51 - Counting by 2s

(1) Starting with zero, skip count by 2s. Count out loud. Circle each number that you said when you counted out loud.

Now, solve each multiplication problem and tell me if you see a pattern.


2 x0


2 x1


2 x2


2 x3


2 x4


2 x5


2 x6


2 x7

(10) 2 x8


2 x9

(12) 2 x 10

(13) 2 x 11

(14) 2 x 12

Math Lesson 51b: Garage Sale

1 - bag of toys - $2.00 2 - rolling toy - $1.00 3 - donut pyramid - 50 4 - star blocks - $2.00 5 - toy piano - $2.00 6 - rattles - 50 each (1) You are visiting a garage sale. How much money do you have to spend? _______ (2) If you buy the toy piano, how much money will you have left? _________ (3) How much would two rattles cost? __________ (4) Could you buy the rolling toy and two rattles? __________ (5) How much would it cost to buy the rolling toy, two rattles, and the _________ donut pyramid? Do you have enough money? _________

Math Lesson 51c: Writing Fractions

Math Lesson 51d: Speed Grid

Play Speed Grid online:

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Multiplication 52 - Target Circles*

Multiply the inner numbers together to get the outer numbers.

*Target Circles worksheet taken from:

Math Lesson 52b: Writing Numbers

Write each number with words. Remember commas and dashes.

35 ___________________________________________________________

75 ___________________________________________________________

123 ___________________________________________________________

567 __________________________________________________________

1,722 _________________________________________________________

10,002 ________________________________________________________

82 ___________________________________________________________

Math Lesson 52c: Mixed Operations

Remember that when you are working problems with mixed operations, that you multiply first and then work the rest of the problem from left to right.

25 - 2 x 10 + 2 = ____

6 + 3 + 9 x 2 = ____

0 x 612 + 9 + 9 = ____

1 x 12 - 12 + 0 = ____

10 + 2 x 3 - 8 = ____

6 + 9 - 5 x 1 = ____

Math Lesson 52d: Coloring Fractions

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Reading Lesson 44 - The Happy Hollisters A Trip With Tinker White Nose arched her back and was ready to meet the attack. But the big dog paid no attention to her. He sprang directly toward the kittens. Go away! Stop! Pete cried. Just then there was a blur of yellow fur which seemed to fly over the ground toward them. Its Zip, Holly exclaimed. Zip has come to rescue our kittens! Before the black dog could harm the kittens, Zip was upon him. Over and over they rolled in the grass, growling and snarling. Stop, Zip! Stop fighting! Pam cried, as she and Pete gathered up White Noses babies in their arms. We have them. The fight did not last long. Zip was too much for the black dog, who put his tail between his legs and streaked off. Zip trotted up to the children and licked their hands. Joey Brill in the meantime had disappeared. I still think he was the one who put the cats on the raft, Pam declared. The children had come to Sunfish Cove by walking along the pebbly shore. Now, as they returned home, they decided to go back by way of the road. It was a little longer, but easier walking than over the rough stones. Several people stopped the Hollisters to admire the kittens. One nice woman named Mrs. Elkin asked them if they would show the cats to her daughter Joan. Pam said they would be glad to and followed her along the walk which led to her house. A little girl about Sues age was playing in a sandbox. Seeing the kittens, she ran up to look at them. Arent they cute! May I keep one? Joan asked. Pam explained that the kittens belonged to them, but if White Nose had any more babies the little girl surely could have one.

Mrs. Elkin went into the house and soon returned with a plateful of sugar cookies. The Hollister children each took one and thanked her politely. Joan invited them to look at her other toys in the back yard. As they walked around the corner of the house, Pete saw a sprinkler whirling about on the lawn. It was just like a gadget his father had made for the children a combination lawn sprinkler and kiddie spray. It had been in the small van. Where did you get this? Pete asked Mrs. Elkin excitedly. Isnt it nice? she asked. Joan has so much fun with it. We can sprinkle the lawn and sprinkle her too. The woman told Pete that she had purchased the sprinkler several days before from a man who brought it to her door. I dont like to say this, Pete told her, but I think this really belongs to us. Really? Mrs. Elkin asked. I dont see how it could be. Pete told her of the theft and how they were trying to find the strange man with the little red hat. His name might be Bo Stenkle.

The man who sold me this sprinkler didnt have a red hat, the woman said, and he didnt give his name. Pete looked disappointed. But he asked how the man had brought the sprinkler. It was too heavy to be carried far. He brought it in a boat, Mrs. Elkin said. I saw him rowing across the lake. He stopped right in front of our place and carried the sprinkler up to the house. This suddenly gave Pete an idea. The man had come by boat. Did he live nearby? Pete said he would tell his father about the sprinkler. He could look at it and see if it was his. Thats fair enough, Mrs. Elkin said, and I hope you find the man with the red hat. When the children arrived home, they found their father already eating his lunch. They told him about the new clue they had found. Good work, he praised them. So the intruders name may be Bo Stenkle, he said. Ill see if I can find out anything about him. Immediately after he and Pete finished eating, they drove the station wagon to the Elkin home. The woman and her husband were very cordial. Mr. Hollister examined the sprinkler and identified it as his, saying he had made it himself. This teaches me a lesson about buying from strangers, Mrs. Elkin said. I paid the man a good price for it. Well have to stand the loss, her husband said. Mr. Hollister said they might keep it. Since their little girl liked it, he believed he would make more of the sprinklers to sell at The Trading Post. Im very grateful to you, Mrs. Elkin said. She smiled. store very soon to buy some hardware and toys. Ill stop at your

On the way home, Pete said he had an idea. Would his father allow Tinker to accompany him and Pam to Blackberry Island? If the thief had rowed across the lake, it was possible he was staying on the island.

Remember the picture of our house Pam found there? he reminded his father. And the warm embers in the fire? Thats right. At first his father did not want to give permission, thinking it might be a dangerous adventure, but when Pete assured him that they would be very careful, Mr. Hollister gave his consent. He drove immediately to The Trading Post. It had been a quiet day, so he could spare Tinker. The old man grinned broadly at the prospect of catching the intruder and went to the Hollister home with Pete to pick up Pam. She was thrilled about the adventure, since she liked playing detective as well as her brother. I hope we catch the thief today, Pam said as they went to bail some water from the bottom of their rowboat. Pam offered to do this while Pete and Tinker walked to the garage to get the outboard motor. Wed better fill the tank, Pete said, as he helped to lift the motor from a special rack he had built for it.

The boy poured gasoline and oil into a gallon jug and mixed thoroughly. He carried the fuel back to the boat, then went back to help Tinker carry the motor. By the time they had fastened it in place, Pam had the bottom of the boat thoroughly dry. Pete unscrewed the gas cap and poured in the fuel. I think were all set now, he said, wiping his hands on a cloth. Mrs. Hollister, who had been watching them from the house, walked onto the dock as Pete, Pam and Tinker prepared to shove off. Good luck this time, she said. Be careful not to separate in your search. That prowler might be a very bad man. Yes, Mother, the children said, and Tinker assured her he would take care of them. When the three had taken their places in the boat, Mrs. Hollister shoved it away from the dock. Pete started the motor and away they putt-putted across the lake. When they were about halfway to the island, Pete looked back toward his own dock. He could faintly see his mother waving a white handkerchief. Suddenly he spied something else. Another motorboat seemed to be following them. Pete turned his course to the left. The other boat did likewise. Then the boy steered to the right. The boat still kept after them. I wonder if that fellow in the boat is trying to play games, Pete remarked. Who is he? his sister said. Can you make him out, Tinker? Pete asked. Tinker looked hard but he said all he could see was a man bending over in the boat. I think hes doing that so we cant see his face, Pete said, becoming suspicious.

The boy wondered what to do. He had read airplane stories which told about one plane being pursued by another. It was smart to turn the tables and chase the pursuer. Thats just what well do, Pete told himself. Warning Tinker and Pam to hold on tight, he swerved the boat about and headed for the man who was following him. The other fellow was quick, too. He changed his course and headed toward the northern tip of Blackberry Island. I cant catch him, Pete said, as he fell behind. We have too much weight in this boat. By the time the Hollister boat neared the shore, the other craft was out of sight around a bend in the shoreline. Pete was careful to avoid any rocks at this time. He carefully steered the boat to the shore. They all hopped out. I dont know where to begin searching this island, Tinker said. Its a big one and has lots of trees and bushes.

I think we had better search the shoreline first, Pete said. But lets stay close together. Before they started, however, Pete had Tinker help him pull the boat far up on the beach. Then the three of them started walking along the shore. After a few minutes Pete cried out: I see footprints. Tinker and Pam ran to his side. There was a circle of prints evidently made by a man. Where do they lead to? Tinker asked. Over there, Pete answered. The children followed the footprints. They ended at an old log lying back from the shore. Pam walked around the log and suddenly gave a little cry. My doll! My French doll! she exclaimed.

The excited girl reached down and picked up the pretty doll with its satin and lace dress, one of her collection of foreign dolls. She had left it in her desk, which had been placed in the little van. How did it get here, Pete? she said, then looked around nervously. Unless Bo Stenkle is here! I think he must live on this island, Pete answered. Come on, lets find him. That may not be so easy to do, said Tinker. There are many good hiding places here. Can you see any more footprints? Pam asked. Tinker and Pete bent down. The boy could see nothing, but after the old man looked intently around at the ground a few seconds he said: Yes, I can see that somebody walked from here into the bushes. The three pushed their way into the dense shrubbery. Soon the footprints disappeared entirely. The fellow couldnt have vanished into thin air, Tinker remarked, puzzled. Pam bent down to examine the ground around her. Pete and Tinker continued their search, walking farther and farther from the girl. Do you see anything, Tinker? Pete called. Nothing at all. How about you, Pam? There was no answer. Pete looked about for her. She was not in sight. Pam! Pam! Where are you? In a moment came the reply. Here I am in these bushes. Come over and see what I found. Pete followed Pams shout and found her bent close to the ground.

Heres a real deep footprint, she said, pointing, and it matches the others. There were no more nearby. The fellow must have jumped, the boy reasoned. Youre right, said Tinker, who had hurried up to join them. landed on that log. Maybe he

Up ahead was part of an old tree trunk lying on the edge of a gully, which was filled with trickling water. They examined the log carefully and found a scuff mark. He probably jumped into this stream, Pam said, and walked along it. Now well never find his foot-prints. Hes clever, whoever he is, Tinker said, scratching his head. He and the children were about to return to the shore, when a bright colored object attracted Pams attention. Something red was snagged on a blackberry bush. They hurried up to see what it was. The little round hat weve been looking for! Pam exclaimed.

Answer the questions.

1. Who went with Pete and Pam to keep them safe? ___________________

2. Draw a picture of some of the clues the children found.

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Reading Lesson 45 - The Happy Hollisters The Chase

Pete and Pam looked closely at the hat. It was just like the one Farmer Hill had shown them. And it looked exactly the same as the one worn by the prowler whose picture Pete had taken. Hes here on the island, all right, Pete declared. Tinker, will you help us search some more? Tinker said he would do his best. He suggested they take the hat with them for evidence, so Pete stuffed it in his pocket. Then the three of them set off again. If Bo Stenkles living here, he must have a shack or something, Pam remarked. It probably wouldnt be near the beach where he could be seen, Pete reasoned. Lets walk toward the center of the island.

The three trudged through the thick underbrush. The grass was high and the tangle of blackberry vines made progress difficult. After a while they came upon a thicket of birch trees. Whats that in there? Pete asked, pointing among the trees. house? Pam and Tinker looked hard at the spot. Yes, there is something in there, Pam said. Looks like a shack. Approaching the place as quietly as they could, the three saw a small hut concealed by the trees. This is a good hideout, Pete said. Ill bet it belongs to the thief. Picking their way up to it cautiously, they saw that it had but one room. A tiny porch, half tumbled down, was at the front of the hut. Pete stepped careful onto the porch and peered through a broken window. Nobodys in here, he said. Pam opened the door, and the three went inside. An old table and a rickety chair stood in the middle of the room. On the floor alongside the table lay an envelope, which Pete picked up. Excitedly he showed the envelope to the others. Written on the front was a name and address: A little

Bo Stenkle General Delivery Stony Point

Were on his trail! the boy exclaimed, joyfully, putting the envelope in his pocket. This is Bo Stenkles hideout! Hardly had he said this when there was a rustling sound at the back of the shack. Pete dashed through a little door at the rear just in time to see somebody racing off through the bushes. There he is! After him! the boy cried. Pete raced as fast as he could, pushing bushes and low hanging branches aside. Pam and Tinker brought up the rear. It seemed as if they were gaining on the fugitive, when suddenly Pete tripped over a black-berry vine, and fell flat on his face.

The fall knocked the wind out of him. He lay still for a moment until Pam and Tinker helped him to his feet. Now the man was far ahead of them. By the time the searchers picked up the trail again, they heard the sputter of a motorboat. Hes gone! Pam cried in dismay. Not quite! Pete shouted, racing onto the shore before the others. The boat was about ten feet out, and Pete made a dash for it, splashing into the water. He threw himself toward the boat and grabbed onto the side as it sped into the deeper water. Hey! Get off of there! shouted the man in a rasping voice. Pete continued to climb in, staring hard at him. He had a small head with black hair that stuck up straight. His eyes were close set, his nose and his mouth cruel looking. Bo Stenkle! Let go! he shouted again and reached toward Pete.

Not until you give yourself up, the boy replied bravely, pulling himself over the side of the boat. Bo Stenkle snarled and like lightening shoved a bony hand at the boy. It caught Pete on the chest and sent him reeling backward into the water. He disappeared. When Pam saw this, she screamed. Dont worry, Tinker said. Petes a good swimmer, isnt he? But the boy did not come up immediately, and the boat churned away. Oh dear! Pam said nervously, maybe that man knocked Pete out! Then suddenly she saw his head pop to the surface, and with strong strokes he swam to shore. Oh, I thought you were drowning, Pam cried as her brother waded dripping wet onto the shore. I swam underwater so Bo wouldnt see me, Pete explained. Then it was Bo Stenkle? Pam exclaimed. Sure, was. Well get him yet! The children decided that the best thing to do was return to Shoreham and tell the police about Bo. They hopped into their boat, and Pete gave it all the speed he could. It finally went so fast the prow lifted out of the water. Ill land at the police dock, Pete said and in a little while he drew alongside it and stopped. I guess Id better get back to the store, Tinker said. You two can handle this alone. He grinned. Youre real good detectives. He went off, and the Hollisters walked into headquarters. Newberry was on duty. Hello, children, what can I do for you? he said, smiling. Pete and Pam told their story quickly. The island was the hiding place of the toy thief. They thought his name was Bo Stenkle. Officer Cal

Heres our proof, said Pete, proudly handing over the note and the little red hat. This is amazing, Officer Cal said, and wrote everything down. Id like to find that thief. Cal said he was new in the department and would like to solve a big mystery. Maybe this was his chance. Besides, he said, we cant have a character like Bo Stenkle running loose around Shoreham. Ill see if we have any record on him. Cal opened a filing cabinet and looked through a lot of papers. Finally he exclaimed: Yes, heres his name and picture. Thats the man! the Hollisters cried. He was in trouble at Stony Point last year, Cal said. He stole a farmers horse and was caught. But he was let off with a light sentence as it was his first offense. The young policeman closed the filing cabinet and picked up a telephone. As he dialed a number, he said to the children: Im calling our State Police Motorboat Patrol at the lake front to keep close watch on Blackberry Island. I cant go myself because I must stay at headquarters this afternoon. Cal told the Lake Patrol officer who answered the phone about the Hollisters mystery. He said two men would go to the island and would report back at once if they found the thief. Wed better go home now, Pam said, so she and Pete left. When it grew dark that evening, the Hollisters looked toward Blackberry Island. Every once in a while, they could see lights flashing back and forth. Its the police, Pete said. Would they succeed in nabbing Bo Stenkle?

When morning came everyone eagerly awaited news from Cal Newberry. The telephone rang, and Pete quickly answered it. This is Officer Cal, the voice said. I have just received a radio report from our motor launch police. What did they say? Pete asked excitedly. They didnt find anybody, Cal told him. Theyre on their way back now. Perhaps you would like to speak to them when they land at the police pier. Oh, yes, we would, Pete said eagerly, and hung up. Mr. Hollister had not yet left for The Trading Post, and Pete asked if his father would drive him to the police pier. Pam and Ricky wanted to go too. Mr. Hollister said he would take them. Sue, Holly and I are going shopping in town, Mrs. Hollister said. Suppose you take all of us with you. Fine. They tied Zip near the garage and gave him his breakfast. Then they drove off. It was not long before they reached the pier. Pete, Pam and Ricky got out and waved good-by. The launch was just coming in. Presently the two policemen tied the boat and hopped ashore. The children introduced themselves. Oh, youre the Happy Hollister detectives, one of them said. sorry to say we didnt locate Bo Stenkle. Well, Im

But well get him sooner or later, remarked the other officer. He wont escape us for long. Ricky was intrigued by the police launch. When the men noticed this, they smiled at the children and asked if they would like to look over the boat. I want to look under it, too, Ricky exclaimed. Does the propeller work with a rubber band like the toy boats Daddy sells?

When the policemen looked surprised, Pete said, Hes only joking. The officers helped them climb down into the boat. What a big steering wheel it had, Ricky thought. And a motor that could make the boat go faster than any other on the lake, they were told. Heres our radio, said one of the men. Would you like to talk to Officer Cal at headquarters? he asked Ricky. The boy thought this would be fun and picked it up. Officer Cal said he was very glad to hear from Ricky, and then laughed when the boy said he would like to be a motorboat policeman some day. When the three children finished looking over all the gadgets on the police launch, they thanked the officers and started for home. When they arrived, they were amazed to see the back door standing wide open. Mother must be back, said Pete. But no one was around.

Im sure she closed this when we left, Pam said, worried. somebodys in the house!


The children hurried from room to room, keeping together. They looked in closets and under beds, but found nobody. I guess we were wrong, Pete said as they returned to the living room. Suddenly Pam noticed that everything in the room was covered with a fine dust. Where did this come from, I wonder? she said. Maybe the chimney, Pete suggested. He looked into it, half expecting to see someone hiding up the flue. But he was wrong. I know, said Ricky. It came from the cellar. Lets look. He unlocked the door, and the three of them hurried downstairs. What a mess the cellar was! Bricks were strewn all about, and the air was filled with mortar dust. Pete began to cough. Look! Look! he exclaimed to the others. The bottom of the chimney! It has been torn apart!

Answer the questions.

1. How did Pete get away from Bo Stenkle? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________


2. What happened in the cellar? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________


Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Reading Lesson 46 - The Happy Hollisters A Telltale Barn Broken bricks and cement were scattered over the floor of the Hollister cellar. Among them lay a crowbar. Somebody had entered the house when the family was away and had ripped the chimney apart! Bo Stenkle was here! Pete exclaimed. While we were looking for him, he was right in our own house. He got the treasure, too, Ill bet, Pam said. Lets chase him and get it back, Ricky suggested. trail. Well put Zip on his

They hurried into the back yard and untied Zip. How they wished they had left him inside the house! Zip! Pete said, unleashing the collie, get on Bos trail, boy! Pick up his trail! First he led Zip into the cellar and let him sniff about. The dog seemed to know what was wanted of him. Picking up a scent, he bounded outside, keeping his nose close to the ground. Pete, Pam and Ricky followed Zip as he went across the lawn toward the street. The dog halted on the corner at the bus stop. Looking at Pete, he barked as if to say this was where the trail ended. Bo Stenkle must have escaped on a bus, Pam said. Now whatll we do? Just then another bus came into sight. It stopped at the corner, as the driver thought the Hollisters wanted a ride. Pete asked him when the last bus had stopped there. The man said about fifteen minutes before. Where does it go? Pete said. Over to Stony Point, replied the bus driver. After the children had told him about Bo Stenkle, the man said, If the other bus driver picked the fellow up, hell tell you.

With that he drove the bus off. The children would have to wait half an hour. How slowly the time seemed to pass! The three children sat on the curb. Finally a bus came into sight from the opposite direction. When they stopped it, the driver said, yes, a man answering their description and carrying a box in his hands had boarded the bus at that corner more than an hour before. "Where did you let him off? Pete asked excitedly. On the other side of the lake, the man replied. Near Stony Point. When the driver described the place, the children knew immediately that it was near the spot where the little van had been robbed. They quickly thanked the man, then ran to their house to telephone Officer Cal. He became excited when Pete told him about the new clue. Ill be right over in the police car, he said, and they went outside to wait for him. It was not long before they saw Cals prowl car. The automobile skidded to a halt in the driveway, and the policemen jumped out. Were seeing a lot of each other, arent we? he laughed. again, where did you say Bo Stenkle got off the bus? Now tell me

After Pete described the place, Officer Newberry said, Ill go there right away. Suppose you come with me. Eagerly the three Hollisters climbed into the police car. The officer backed out of the drive and was soon humming along the shore road which led around the lake. It did not take long to reach the other side of the lake and find the side road. Heres the place, Pete said, pointing. This is right where the little van was robbed. Officer Cal stopped the car. He switched on his two-way radio and spoke to a sergeant at the police station, telling where he was and what he was doing. Then a voice came over the loud-speaker. If you need any help, Cal, get in touch with us and well send another man out there

Right, sergeant. The children and the policeman hopped out of the prowl car. They quickly searched the roadside for footprints. Finally Pete spied a mans heel mark in the dust. That was all Officer Cal needed. Being skillful at following footprints, he soon picked up others. The trail led through the thick bushes into the woods by the roadside. The officer said Bo Stenkle evidently had run pell mell. No doubt he was afraid someone might follow him. Finally the tracks led to an open field some distance from the lake front. I see a barn over there. Ricky pointed. Do you suppose Bo is in there? Youre a good detective, Cal said. That would be a likely place for a thief to hide. Carefully the officer and the three children made their way through the tall grass toward the old barn. Upon reaching it, they found that the doors were locked, but a piece of board near the bottom of one had broken off. Let me wiggle in and look around, Pete said. Not until I know its safe, Cal replied. He peered through the opening and flashed his light around.

There doesnt seem to be anybody in there. Go ahead. But shout a warning if you see anybody inside. Ill break the door down if necessary. Pete lay down flat and wiggled his head and shoulders through the hole. Then he pulled the rest of his body through. It was dark and gloomy inside. When the boys eyes became accustomed to the dim light, he saw something that made him gasp. In one corner of the barn stood the rest of the stolen toys! Pete ran to the big double doors and lifted off the wooden bar that locked them. As the others rushed inside, he cried: Our toys! Our lost toys! Theyre in there! How wonderful! Pam cried, rushing over to open her desk with the collection of foreign dolls in it. Pete picked up roller skates, a sled and a toboggan, happy to find them undamaged. Ricky was only interested in finding his fathers missing suitcase. Meanwhile Officer Cal was searching the barn with the slim hope

that Bo Stenkle might be hiding in it. Presently he climbed the ladder to the haymow and poked among the bales stored there. Shortly afterward Pete looked up to see several barn swallows swoop through a hole in the roof. As he watched them, the boy suddenly saw a man climbing out of the hayloft window. Hey, theres Bo Stenkle! Pete shouted. And hes getting away! he added as the thief dropped to the grass. At this point the ground was on a higher level than the front of the barn. Pete, Pam and Ricky raced outside just as the man scrambled to his feet. Ricky grabbed his legs, while Pam and Pete each clung to an arm.

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Reading Lesson 47 - The Happy Hollisters The Treasure

Let me go! Let me go! the man shouted. He flung his arms about and kicked his feet, but the children hung on. Youre not going to get away from us, Bo Stenkle! Pete cried out. At this the man looked startled. How did these children know his name? By this time Officer Cal came running from the barn and collared the thief. Thats enough out of you, he said. Bo Stenkle, youre under arrest. The man offered no resistance to the policeman, knowing it was hopeless. Cal thanked the children for capturing him. You did better than the entire Shoreham Police Department, he praised them. Then, turning to Bo Stenkle, he added, As for you, I have a few questions.

Bo was trembling. He did not want to go to jail. would confess everything.

He told Officer Cal he

Before he could say any more, they heard shouts from across the field. Its Mother, Pam exclaimed. And Holly and Sue. With them was another policeman. Mrs. Hollister was happy to see that her three children were safe. She threw her arms around Pam and then hugged the two boys. Im so proud of you! she exclaimed upon seeing that Bo Stenkle had been captured. Theyre real heroes, Cal agreed. I hope you werent frightened by their absence, Mrs. Hollister. I was worried, she replied. When I arrived home, Mrs. Hunter told me she had seen you all leave suddenly in a police car. I couldnt understand what happened, so I phoned headquarters. I called Dad, too. He ought to be here soon. Just as she said this, Mr. Hollister came hurrying toward them. Quickly the children told him the story of the capture of Bo Stenkle. Hes going to make a confession, Officer Cal said. Lets hear it, Stenkle. The prisoner hung his head in shame. He said he had been living on Blackberry Island. While on his way to Stony Point one day, he spied the small van by the side of the road with no one in it. Since he needed the money, Bo had robbed the van. He had sold some of the toys and the sprinkler, but the rest of the things were in the barn. A suitcase, too? Mr. Hollister asked. Yes. Show me. Bo led them into the barn. He had hidden the suitcase in a corner of a horse stall. Mr. Hollister quickly opened it. Everything was still inside! Thank goodness, he said.

Meanwhile, Holly and Sue had found their toys. piano, and Sue was hugging three dolls at once.

Holly began to play her

Daddy, Pete said, walking up to his father, theres something we ought to ask Bo. What about the treasure in our house? At first Bo would not answer. Come on, speak up, Officer Cal urged. You had better come clean. Youre in enough trouble now.

All right, the prisoner said finally. Ill tell you everything I know. The thief related how he had heard the story of the treasure hidden in the Hollisters home. He had searched the place before the family moved in, but had found nothing. Then the day before the Hollisters arrived, he had discovered that certain bricks in the cellar at the bottom of the chimney looked newer than the others. But before he could pry the bricks loose, the big van had come. Bo Stenkle had fled toward Stony Point. It was then that he had seen the little van and robbed it while the movers were off taking a swim. Hearing

them say the Hollisters would not arrive until later, Bo had gone back looking for the treasure, but again he had not found it. But why were you in our attic when we moved in? Pete asked. Bo said it was because of Zip. The dog had been such a good watchdog running around outside the house that the man could not escape. When someone had started down to the cellar, Bo had scooted up the secret stairway about which he knew. When Pete and Pam came up to the attic, Bo had hurried back to the cellar and escaped out the window. By this time Zip was in the house. But you kept entering our house, trying to test out the bricks in the fireplace, didnt you? Mr. Hollister asked him. Bo admitted that he had, but something had frightened him off every time. Then when the children had found the clues on Blackberry Island, Bo realized he must act quickly. I decided to tear apart those bricks the first time I saw that nobody was home. Did you find the treasure when you got the bricks loose? Pam asked. The man shook his head, but there was a suspicious glint in his eye. Are you sure you didnt find it? the policeman asked sternly. Pete was watching the man carefully, and noticed that when Bo shook his head again he cast a quick glance toward the hayloft. I dont think hes telling the truth, Officer Cal, Pete said. I have a hunch he did find the treasure and hid it somewhere in this barn. Im going to search for it. When Bo heard this, he tussled in an effort to get away from Officer Cal, but the policeman held him tightly. "I think Petes hunch is going to come true, Cal said.

Pete hurried inside and up a rickety old stairway to the loft. He decided to look first among the bales of hay near the window where the man had jumped out. It was hard work moving the bales and the dusty hay made him sneeze as he searched. Pete found an old lamp and a broken piece of harness. Golly, he thought. If Bo hid the treasure, he certainly found a secret spot for it. But the boy continued to search, reaching his hands way under each heavy bale of hay. Finally his hands touched something hard. It was a box, which Pete quickly uncovered and carried downstairs. Bos eyes popped wide open when he saw it. I think this is the treasure, Pete said excitedly, handing the box to his father. With everybody looking on, Mr. Hollister opened it. Inside were bundles of five, ten and twenty-dollar bills.

Thats a fortune! Officer Cal said in amazement. No wonder Bo denied finding it. He wanted to come back some time and get it for himself. And now its all ours, Ricky piped up. Im afraid not, son, his father said. This doesnt belong to us. It is the property of the former owner who hid it. The nice old man who doesnt walk in his sleep after all? said Holly, and the others laughed. We shall return the money to him, Mrs. Hollister said. surprise for him, Im sure. It will be a nice

Officer Cal smiled. I think I can see why people call you the Happy Hollisters. You make other people happy, as well as being happy yourselves. And another thing, Cal said, you children have solved my first big mystery for me. Thank you. Maybe Ill get a promotion. He said good-by and led Bo Stenkle back across the field where the police cars were parked. The Hollisters followed and climbed into their station wagon.

As they drove home, the children began to sing. Everybody was gay and excited. This had been their first big adventure in Shoreham. They had solved the mystery of their new home.

Little Sue, who had looked on wide-eyed when the treasure had been found, now spoke up. It was such fun today, she said. Cant we do the same thing tomorrow? Swell, Ricky replied. Ill help you find another adventure!

Name: ___________________________________ Science Unit 4: Biomes Lesson 6: Rain Forest

Date: ______________

Read "A Walk in the Rain Forest" and learn about the rain forest biome.

Name: ___________________________________ Science Unit 4: Biomes Lesson 7: Desert

Date: ______________

Read "A Walk in the Desert" and learn about the desert biome.

Name: ___________________________________ Science Unit 4: Biomes Lesson 8: Botanical Gardens

Date: ______________

Play the botanic garden activity*. You may find it online here:

*Activity created by for use with their curriculum. To play this game you will need the free Swiff Player. Download it from here:

The Botanical Garden activity instructions:

OPENING SCREEN 1. Click begin.

INSTRUCTION SCREEN 2. Read the instructions, then click the biome icon on the bottom right hand corner.

BIOME SCREEN 3. Choose a biome. Click on that biome. (Make sure you have your headphones or speakers on.
Biome main screen

INSIDE THE BIOME 4. Inside each biome you will find 4 . Click on each one and complete the activity that opens up.
Rainforest Biome

THE ACTIVITY 5. You will examine 4 plants found in each biome. Locate the leaf, root, stem, and flower of each plant. 6. When you have completed each activity, click on the to return to the biome you were in.

COMPLETED ACTIVITIES 7. As you complete each activity, a appears. When all 4 activities are completed in the biome, click on the biome icon to return to the main screen.
Woodlands Biome

COMPLETED ACTIVITIES IN ALL BIOMES 8. After you have completed ALL of the activities in ALL of the biomes, your notebook will automatically open up. NOTE: You may look at your notebook at any point in the game by clicking on the notebook icon.

NOTEBOOK 9. Look at all the leaves, stems, roots, flowers, and fruit that you identified from each biome.

Name: ___________________________________ Science Unit 4: Biomes Lesson 9: Prairie

Date: ______________

Read "A Walk in the Prairie" and learn about the prairie biome.

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Social Studies 27 - Knowing Your Family - Ancestors

Your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on - these are your ancestors. Ancestors are the people who came before you. Sometimes kids wonder if ancestors can be aunts or uncles or cousins. They cannot be. Why is that, do you think? ----- Here is the reason. When your mom and dad got together, they made you. That makes your mom and dad your ancestors. When you dad's parents (your grandparents) got together, they made your dad. The same is true when your mom's parents got together; they made your mom. Your grandparents made your parents, and your parents made you. If you go back a little bit further, you will see that your great-grandparents made your grandparents, your grandparents made your parents and your parents made you. That makes all these people your ancestors. Your aunts, uncles and cousins - they didn't make you. They may have been born before you, but they didn't make you, so they are not your ancestors. They are your relatives though, so they still matter. They are still important. They just don't count as your ancestors.

To help you understand better, let me help you to fill out the chart on this page. This is a genealogy chart. That means it is a chart that has your ancestors on it.

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Social Studies 28 - Knowing Your Family - Ancestors Are Important

Why are your skin, hair and eyes the color that they are? Where did you get your smile and your laugh from? Why do you like the food that you do? Why do you walk the way you walk? Why do you speak the language you speak or wear the kind of clothes you wear? You are what you are because of your ancestors, because almost everything you are came from them. Even if you were adopted, you still get things from your ancestors. Your coloring came from your ancestors. A lot of the foods you like , in other words, your taste in food, comes from them, too. The way you laugh and walk - that also comes from your ancestors. When you learn about your ancestors, a surprising thing happens: you end up learning about yourself.

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Social Studies 29 - Knowing Your Family - Grandfather's Time Machine

My Father's Grandfather and the Time Machine

by Staton Rabin illustrated by Gail Piazza

Read the story. Answer the questions as you go.

Last week when the winter sky was blue like a robin's egg, we rode a rickety train into the city. The train went one way, and the seats on it faced the other. So, backwards we went, at forty miles an hour, my father's grandfather and I rattling all the way. (1) Who is your father's grandfather to you? ____________________________ (2) So, this girl is traveling with her __________________________________ .

"Will you hold my hand in the city?" Grandpa asked me. The train wiggled from side to side. He whispered in my ear, "I'm afraid of alligators." "Well... O.K.," I said. "But there aren't any alligators, and you know it. Now will you tell me why we're going to the city?" "We're going back in time," my father's grandfather said. "We're taking a trip in a time machine." And that's all he would tell me until we finally stood on a checkered stone floor inside a tall building. I was glad to be out of the cold, but why had we come in here? There was nothing to see or do just a big, stone room that made my voice echo when I talked. "O.K., where's the time machine?" I asked impatiently. Grandpa looked at his watch and said, "Close your eyes." "This is silly," I told him, but I closed my eyes. He led me somewhere by the hand and then said, "Open them." I did, but I still didn't see a time machine just a few old people standing around in a group. One old man was kneeling on the floor with a crowbar in his hand. He was prying a heavy brass circle from the floor.

"What's he doing?" I whispered to Grandpa. "He's opening a time capsule," he whispered back. "Is that like a pill for when you're sick?" "Very funny," my father's grandfather said. With a final grunt, the old man lifted the brass circle from the floor. The others applauded and cheered in scratchy old voices. Then one of them reached into the deep hole in the floor that had been covered by the brass circle and gently lifted out a metal box. Slowly the man opened it, and we crowded around to see what was inside. What a disappointment! There was just a bunch of old junk in the box.

(3) What was the time machine that Grandpa had talked about? ______________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

"Grandpa! You brought me here to see junk?" I said a bit too loudly. "Why would anyone want to bury some junk in the floor?" The old people turned to stare at me, and I was a little embarrassed. (4) Oops. The little girl had bad manners. What two things did she do wrong? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

"Young lady," one of the old men said to me. He wasn't smiling. "People bury a time capsule so that people who come after them, a long time after they're gone, can dig it up and learn what life was really like for them. What the world was like a long time ago. A time capsule says: This is who we were. This is how we want to be remembered." "Oh," I said. "So what do you put in a time capsule?" "Everyday things," the old man replied, wiping his nose with a large, wrinkled handkerchief. "Like a handkerchief?" "And why not? Ordinary things. Not-so-ordinary things. Anything that will last a while. Not what you ate for lunch today. I'd hate to be the one to dig up your tuna fish sandwich a thousand years from now." "I had peanut butter for lunch," I said. The old man smiled.

(5) Even though the girl had been rude, how did the old man respond to her? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ (6) In your own words, explain what a time capsule is. ______________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

I turned to Grandpa. "How do you know when it's time to dig it up, Grandpa? The time capsule, I mean." "Sometimes it's whenever people think it's time," he said. "Or when somebody notices it's there after years of not noticing. But, sometimes, the time capsule tells you when to open it." "And this one?" I asked. "They're going to tear this building down," he said. "So now's the time to open the capsule, don't you think?" "What's the number on it mean?" "That's the year the capsule was buried. Seventy-six years ago." (7) When was the time capsule buried? ________________________________ (8) Why are they digging it up now? ___________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

The old people were busily looking through the items in the box. We looked over their shoulders. There was an old machine in it. Grandpa told me it was a radio. ... Some newspaper clippings and an x-ray of somebody's lungs. Grandpa explained that x-rays and radios were pretty new in 1915. There was also a shoe in the box but not the kind you see every day - a horseshoe! There were a few other things in the time capsule, but I was most interested in a photograph that Grandpa had pulled from the bottom of the box.

"See the kid in the round glasses and the short pants?" he said, pointing to a boy in the photo. "Pretty nerdy!" I said. "Did everyone dress like that?" "Watch what you say about your grandpa," he said, laughing. "Grandpa! You put the photo in the time capsule!" "That's your great-great-grandma Maggie standing next to me," he said, pointing to the tall, skinny woman in the photo. I'd never seen a picture of her before. She was my father's grandfather's mother. "And there's your great-uncle Schuyler.

He was my oldest brother. I guess," he continued, "some of these people here with us today are the sons and daughters of people who put things in the time capsule. I'm probably the only one old enough to have been around then!" (9) Some of the people there were the sons and daughters of the original people who had put things into the time capsule. Why do you think these sons and daughters wanted to be there? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

"How'd you get to put something in the capsule?" I asked him. "Well, they had a contest in the newspaper. I had to write, in twenty-five words or less, what I'd put in the time capsule if I got the chance, and why." "And you were one of the winners! What did you say, Grandpa?" "It was so long ago... Well, I think I said, 'I want to put a photo of me and my brother and our mom in the time capsule so that seventy-six years from now I can bring my beautiful great-granddaughter here and show her how funny... I mean nerdy... we looked.' " "Grandpa, did you really say that?" "Of course," he said. "No, you didn't! That's more than twenty-five words." Grandpa just grinned. When we got home from the city that day, I decided I wanted to bury a time capsule of my own. Grandpa said he would help me. It would be fun deciding what to put in it. How did I want to be remembered? What things would show best

what it's like living in the year 1991? How long would it be before someone found it? What would the world be like then? Mom said it would be O.K. to dig a hole in the yard as long as I didn't dig up her rosebushes.

* "My Father's Grandfather and the Time Machine", written by Staton Rabin for Cricket Magazine, illustrated by Gail Piazza, reprinted in the Scholastic book "Literacy Place" volume 2, pages 96 - 103

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Social Studies 30 - Knowing Your Family - Searching For Ancestors

Genealogy - that is a big word that essentially means the search for one's ancestors. And a genealogist is a person who is doing the searching. But how does a genealogist find his ancestors, his genealogy? The best way to get started is to talk to other family members - aunts and uncles, cousins, your parents... These family members can give you information about your family, tell you who your ancestors are and where they came from, and even tell you stories about them. You can also use the Internet to help you search. There are old newspapers on the Internet that may mention one of your ancestors on websites such as You may also want to run a Google search using your ancestor's name; sometimes that will bring you interesting results. Or you may use a website like, which is a site that specializes in genealogy information. Let's watch how one person searched for their ancestors. Go to the website and watch an episode of "Who Do You Think You Are"* and see how it is done:

* Episodes cost $1.99 each on and may be purchased individually (in other words, you don't have to purchase the whole season in order to watch just one episode). Sometimes episodes of "Who Do You Think You Are" can be seen for free on And, as always, please preview the video for content appropriateness before showing it to your child.

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Social Studies 31 - Knowing Your Family - Songs From the Loom

Read "Songs From the Loom" - a true story about how a Navajo girls learns about her ancestors and their beliefs and way of life.

Name: ___________________________________ Spelling List 11 - Lesson 1 Words ending with /y/: loan toaster toad soap afloat coast goat goal coach road load oats

Date: ______________

oak coal boat moan

When you put two vowels together, like /oa/, one vowel will become silent and the other one will say its own name. Usually the first vowel will say its own name and the second vowel will go silent. In the case of /oa/, the /o/ says its name - "oh" - and the /a/ is so quiet it's almost like it's not even there.

Name: ___________________________________ Spelling List 11 - Lesson 2

Date: ______________

load road toad toaster

coach coast loan oak

moan goat oats coal

boat afloat soap goal

Fill in the missing letters. s ___ ___ p m ___ ___ n r ___ ___ d ___ ___ k a f l ___ ___ t t ___ ___ s t e r l ___ ___ d ___ ___ t s c ___ ___ c h b ___ ___ t l ___ ___ n g ___ ___ l g ___ ___ t t ___ ___ d c ___ ___ s t c ___ ___ l

Name: ___________________________________ Spelling List 11 - Lesson 3 load road toad toaster coach coast loan oak moan goat oats coal

Date: ______________

boat afloat soap goal

t g c o a s t a

b o a t t y u f

h a a a d a o l

e l o s s s f o

w o a k t o f a

c a a e d e a t

o n g o a t r p

a c o a l t o e

c a l a m o a n

h s r t o a d d

Find each of your words in the crossword puzzle and color in the squares you find them in. Your words will be across, up-side down, diagonal and backwards. When you are done, you will have 19 extra letters in your puzzle that you didn't use. Write those letters in the spaces below to answer the riddle. (Write the letters in order from left to right and from top to bottom.)

Why wouldn't the teddy bear eat anything? ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

Name: ___________________________________ Spelling List 11 - Lesson 4

Date: ______________

Name: ___________________________________ Spelling List 11 - Lesson 5

Date: ______________

Cut out the river rocks and use them to spell your spelling words. coast coach moan coal loan toaster afloat boat goat road oak soap goal load toad oats

Name: ___________________________________ Travel Egypt - Lesson 1 Welcome to Egypt

Date: ______________

Most of Egypt is a desert with no water, no plants, and no shade. Very few people live in the desert parts. Instead most people live along the Nile River. Can you find and circle the Nile River on the map on the other page? ----- Look at the picture above. Where would you prefer to live - in the desert part or along the river? ----Living along the Nile River means two things - water and food; it means water because, of course, the Nile River is filled with water, and it means food because, for the most part, the only place plants grow in Egypt is along the Nile River. The soil along the river is good for growing things in and, even in the hot months, there is plenty of water to water the plants with. This is good because Egypt hardly gets any rain at all. What is it like to live in Egypt? Well, if you are poor you will live in a house made of mud or bricks, such as you can see on the next page. If you are rich you will live in the city where houses are made of steel or cement. If you are a man, you will wear a long, flowing robe, and if you are a woman, you will wear a veil (although some Egyptians wear modern clothing). Like most Egyptians, you will worship a God called Allah. (Allah simply means "god", and the people who worship Allah believe he is the god who created everything.) The flag of Egypt is red, white, and black. It is red on top, white in the middle, and black on the bottom. There is also a golden yellow symbol in the center.

Name: ___________________________________ Travel Egypt - Lesson 2 Use Your Horn!

Date: ______________

Driving in Egypt is a LOT different than driving in your area. We're going to watch a video and you are going to see how very different it is. It's a little crazy, maybe even a little scary. The drivers go very fast and they act like they own the road and everyone else must get out of their way or get hit. And... they honk their horn... A LOT.

One man described it this way*:

Egyptian Honking Rules Please honk your horn: 1. When another car is approaching you from the front. 2. When another car is approaching you from behind 3. When another car is approaching you from either side 4. When no car is approaching from any direction (in case someone is thinking of coming near you) 5. When you are passing another car 6. When you are approaching a side street and see a car entering the intersection 7. When you are approaching a side street and don't see a car entering 8. When you see a pedestrian (regardless of location) 9. When you don't see a pedestrian (in case one is lurking in the shadows) 10. When you enter a roundabout 11. When you leave a roundabout 12. When you feel anxious about something (anything) 13. When you are excited 14. When you feel sad 15. When you feel happy 16. When you aren't sure if you should honk, do it anyway. In other words, honk! honk! honk! Just go for it!

Now, let's watch that video: "In Taxi al Cairo .. Crazy Driving" -

*By Matthew Whoolery -

Name: ___________________________________ Travel Egypt - Lesson 3 Four Flags

Date: ______________

Here are the flags of four countries you have visited - Brazil, Japan, France, and now Egypt. Next to each flag, write the name of the country it belongs to.

_______ _______ _______ _______ _______

_______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______

_______ _______ _______ _______ _______

_______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______

Name: ___________________________________ Travel Egypt - Lesson 4 At the Marketplace

Date: ______________

One of the neatest things you can do when visiting Egypt is to go to one of Egypt's marketplaces. You can buy spices, pots, groceries, clothing, carpets, souvenirs... all sorts of things. But before you go, you should learn to bargain. When you bargain you try to get a better price than what you were asked to pay. For example, if you want to buy a shirt and the seller says it will be $4, you would tell the seller you will only pay $2 instead. Of course, the seller will tell you that the shirt is worth more than that because it is made from very fine fabric. So then you give the seller a better price. You offer to pay him $3 for the shirt. The seller might sell the shirt to you for $3 then. That is bargaining. Now that you know how to bargain, let us go to the marketplace. We will see all sorts of things for sale. We will meet many Egyptians. And we will even meet other tourists (travelers). And maybe you will see a souvenir that you would like to buy: Luxor Market -

Name: ___________________________________ Travel Egypt - Lesson 5 Little Green Bee Eater

Date: ______________

The little green bee eater is a darling bird that lives along the Nile River. (Do you remember that the Nile River runs through Egypt?) It eats insects, such as flies and grasshoppers and, as you probably guessed, bees. It takes the stinger off the bee before it eats it. Little green bee eaters lay their eggs in tunnels in the ground. The mother and father bee eaters excavate the tunnel themselves, making it 1 to 2 meters long, then the mother lays 4 to 8 eggs in it and the parents take turn laying on the eggs. Sometimes other little green bee eaters that don't have a nest of their own will come and help the parents to lay on the eggs. These helper birds will also help feed the chicks once they hatch. Little green bee eaters are very smart. For example, they want to protect their nest. So it there is a predator nearby they will watch the predator. If the predator is looking at the hole in the ground that goes to their nest, they won't go in because then the predator will know it is a nest and will get their babies. The little green bee eaters will just sit and wait. Only if the predator looks away will the little green bee eaters will go in their nest. Pretty smart, hm? Let's take a look at some little green bee eaters. Watch this short video:
The Green Bee-Eater -

Name: ___________________________________________ Date: ____________________________________________ Writing Lesson 17: You Can Write a Story

Read pages 30 to 31 of the book "You Can Write a Story!" by Lisa Bullard, then complete the activity.

Write an ending to your story. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

Name: ___________________________________________ Date: ____________________________________________ Writing Lesson 18: You Can Write a Story

Read pages 32 to 33 of the book "You Can Write a Story!" by Lisa Bullard, then complete the activity. Activity: Choose your title: ________________________________________________ On the next page create a cover page for your story. Write your title on it, then, underneath the title, write "A story by" and then add your name.

Name: ___________________________________________ Date: ____________________________________________ Writing Lesson 19: You Can Write a Story

Read pages 34 to 35 of the book "You Can Write a Story!" by Lisa Bullard, then complete the activity by revising your story.

Name: ___________________________________________ Date: ____________________________________________ Writing Lesson 20: You Can Write a Story

Read pages 36 to 37 of the book "You Can Write a Story!" by Lisa Bullard, then complete the activity by having someone else edit your story.

Name: ___________________________________________ Date: ____________________________________________ Writing Lesson 21: You Can Write a Story

Read pages 38 to 39 of the book "You Can Write a Story!" by Lisa Bullard, then complete the activity by publishing your story.