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Beginning Thoughts
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I have been experimenting with It is a site where you can upload documents. I uploaded several of my books in printable form there. Here is a sample of the books that I have uploaded.


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Kent D. Palmer, Ph.D.


P.O. Box 1632 Orange CA 92856 USA 714-633-9508
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•Reflexive Autopoietic Systems Theory o This is a series of research
papers about Special Systems Theory. •Reflexive Autopoietic Dissipative Special Systems Theory o This is an introduction to Special Systems Theory which is also the first chapter of the book above. •Research Note: Autopoietic Reflexive Systems Theory o This is an early version of the introduction above which is more accessible than the final form. •Fragmentation of Being and the Path Beyond the Void o This is a book on the structure of the Western Worldview. •Wild Software Meta-Systems o This is a book on Software Engineering Design Methods. They are also available at These books have been on the internet since they were first published by my own Apeiron Press electronically. However, up until now I have not allowed them to be printed. However, I realized that they are unlikely to ever be published in any other form so I decided to release the printable versions though repositories. The idea is to point Google Scholar at the repositories so that my material gets indexed into Google Scholar, which is then accessible to all the schools thougout the world.

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Abstract : First Post in a Series of Thoughts



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Loss of Content when Blogging


I have been thinking about the whole problem of bloging. And I am concerned about the loss of content in bloging. One of the reasons I stopped participating in Email lists is that one spends a great amount of time communicating and then all that content is lost. Blogs have the same problem, but instead the content goes into the archive and is thus lost from view that way. I think I finally figured out how to solve this problem. What I would like to try is to save the files to the new service and make each one a stand alone document. In this way the individual documents can have a life of their own and not merely get list in a vast archive on the Blog. I can place a link to the document in on the blogsite. My goal is to write thought capsules with which can stand alone, but which can appear as the content of the blog as well.


Thoughts at

Beginning Thoughts-- Kent Palmer

It is interesting when you release material at Scribd because they give you a way of tracking by geography how many people are looking at your material. That gives you a sense that what you have written is actually being looked at, but of course you don’t know by whom. Interacting with Scribd gave me the idea that I could do the same thing they have done with their internal blog, i.e. just make every post a stand alone document. That way there is longevity to the posts and there is a separate distribution mechanism for the thought capsuals besides the blog which could easily go away and vanish.

other hand my most successful publication on the internet was a tutorial I did about the ontology of Autopoietic Theory. See So it seems to me that the best thing I can do is produce a series of tutorial like articles about thoughts and thinking and thinkers in general and my thoughts in particular. The series will be called “thoughts at” If you want to respond to these thoughts with thoughts of your own you can send a message to Or you can respond at the blog at



Digital Things tend to Vanish


Dave Weiner at Scripting News (Home > Weblog Archive > 2007 > March > 1) has eloquently said what I am concerned about with regard to my own intellectual content that I have produced over the years. So I started looking for repositories, and so far I have found two that will accept my material. One is the Berkley Electronic Press Selected Papers archive and the other is I am still considering the Internet Archive. What I want really is an archive that allows Independent Scholars to preserve their materials. But all schools that I know of lock out independent scholars from their repositories. I would like to find a good solution for this problem, but for now is a good enough solution. Reference: ngIdeas.html

A New Beginning


So with this technical problem solved, at least for the present, and in a specific way, I have decided to start a series of Thought Capsules at I am going to try to make these tutorial in nature as much as I can, so that they are something that one might want to read not just now but in the future. Most of what we see in Blogs is anchored to the moment. On the

The thinknet Newsletter was originally created in 1991. You can get some idea of the history by looking at a presentation on thinknet. See Thinknet Presentation. You can see the newsletter at Online Book Initiative. I started the Thinknet News letter to gather up ideas about philosophy across the internet. I have been cited as one of the first people to talk about online universities in that newsletter. From that newsletter I started the Dialognet Email lists that appeared at and then later at my own BBS at, and then later at which were bought by Those lists are now hosted at and accessed though the site. So I have been an email list administrator for many years. But email lists are becoming passé besides being spammed to death. So now we enter the world of bloging. See I have been very reluctant to really begin bloging in earnest, because I could not figure out how to approach it, but also because I have been caught up in my research project, see But now that I have figured out that I can create stand alone documents which are attached to my blog, I think I can begin trying to express what I want to say in the blogosphere. I suppose it will end up being a random walk though the forest of my ideas and the jungle of the ideas of the thinkers of the world. But that much cannot be helped.


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Beginning Thoughts-- Kent Palmer

XML I am also trying an experiment with XML embedding into the document so that the parts of the document can be found later in case I want to reformat the text. The idea is not to have a schema that is valid, so much as using tags so that content can be found if the Word document is dumped to text format. This may be more trouble than it is worth.
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Author: Kent D. Palmer, Ph.D. Thinker and Philosopher by inclination; System and Metasystem Theorist by design; Systems and Software Engineer by trade. See See also,,,
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