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water lines

and other poems

Lawrence Upton

chalk editions
puhos finland / west hartford connecticut

text copyright © Lawrence Upton 2009
cover art copyright © Jukka-Pekka Kervinen 2009

Water lines
Split consciousness
We intend to go back
A fine performance
Subject broadens
The legs apart on the head
You don't know
a voice remains
deep flickering blue
Blank Message
Sneaking emotions
The black of snow
The entirety
Painting light
The News
The psyche and the warm envelope
Not getting the interpretation
Occupied Territory
Our red heart
Reason to believe
Public infidelities
This work is, in many ways, experimental, an overused word; and
one of the experiments is with notation. I think that it is fairly
straightforward, except perhaps for one thing.
The symbol – at the end of a line indicates that it should be read
as that line being interrupted, so that there is no pause between
the end of reading of one line and the start of the next.
Perhaps I should also note that the notational approach changes.
After the initial writing, there was rewriting; but, during that
process, my views on how to do what I was trying to do changed.
I do not see these poems as finished because most have yet to be
realised in performance. Not only do I see performance realisation
as a necessary part of their completion or abandonment; but the
process of achieving that performance may well lead to rewriting.
These are poems and not play scripts. They use script
conventions; but that is not the same thing. However, if you wish to
call them play scripts and treat them as theatre then that’s fine;
they probably are that too.
Water lines
Voice 1: Screen --
Voice 2: Scene screech --
Voice 1: Of gags --
Voice 2: In every way --
Voice 3: The banks in his mind.
Voice 2: Move --
Voice 1: Floating on --
Voice 3: The same size --
Voice 4: Of thinking.
Voice 5: Sent to the helicopter.
Voice 1: Comes along with smoke.
Voice 2: Misted valleys in a growing blackness.


A woman is playing a sluggish sea on recalls.

Voice 4: Infused with no bad act.
Voice 5: One declares himself to be an ungainly dancer.
Voice 4: And to be like light.


Voice 2: The curvature of the --

Voice 4: Same basis.
Voice 2: As one sees through --
Voice 5: Two wings fold beautifully.
Voice 1: Music being made.
Voice 4: One cannot hear any more.
Voice 3: Strong good legs in the moonless night.

Voice 5: Ruin almost.

Voice 3: Entirely along the idea.
Voice 4: Not in a controlled society.
Voice 5: The poppy crops.


Voice 3: Synaesthesia nudges the player.

Voice 2: To go?
Voice 3: Back on the roof, woman!
Voice 1: She is something.
Voice 3: Which could be ungainly.
Voice 4: The two figures in a building.
Voice 5: Stops us.
Voice 4: One cannot see any more.
Voice 5: Still reading.
Voice 2: Where growing other.
Voice 1: Icy!
Voice 3: Loudly!
Voice 4: One declares himself.
Voice 1: To be like ice.
Voice 3: Loudly, I said.
Voice 4: Clear tones are bothered by the two figures.
Voice 5: Agitate their darkness.
Voice 4: He enters the scene.
Voices 1 & 2: Screech of gags.
Voice 2: In the patches of the ocean.
Voice 1: Other human figures start growing.
Voice 4: Here we come.
Voice 5: Particles in every lawn's flower.
Voice 1: Carpet below.
Voice 2: Swaying jasmine.
Voice 3: Interval between two trees.
Voice 2: An indolent sea crumbling out of reach.
Voice 4: Or delete.
Voice 5: The birds at night weakened.
Voice 2: Hands shiny words rain.
Voice 1: Encircled in dry areas.
Voice 3: Other images are turned aside.
Voice 2 : In transmission from a tree laughing quizzically.
Voice 5: Saliva hanging.
Voice 4: The explosion outlined.
Voice 5: The jaws close on them.
Voice 3: They leave us with wings.
Voice 2: Curvature of the ground.
Voice 3: Strut of blue.
Voice 4: Tongue acted manually.
Voice 5: Traceries of barricades.
Voice 3: Glistening of fact.
Voice 4: Audience allowing maximum head.
Voice 3: A rarefied incoming reporter.
Voice 5: Condemnation without absolutes takes up some
Voice 2: The performance of honeysuckle.
Voice 1: Another tune is.
Voice 5: The skills of interpretation however desirable.
Voice 3: Caused by the wide angle lens.
Voice 2: Make this generation of --
Voice 4: Justifying our response.
Voice 5: Encircled.
Voice 4: Bacteria bulges of danger.


Voice 3: The events of interpretation.

Voice 5: Survive intact.
Voice 2: Her arms are bothered.
Voice 5: It's so fucking safe.
Voice 3: Input output.
Voice 4: To find a history.
Voice 5: Jungle of treasure built up!
Voice 3: Freshly painted walls coloured.
Voice 1: Larger in early morning dew.
Voice 2: I'm too lazy.
Voice 1: The end of the room a ladder.
Voice 2: Variations in his mind move my world.
Voice 5: A dead twitching body notes undated revised.
Voice 4: Language no firm basis.
Voice 3: History runs small blooms.
Voice 5: Floodlit night ruin.
Voice 2: A broken quarrelling heart.
Voice 1: A quiet place.
Voice 5: To live!
Voice 4: Black unreadable.
Voice 3: Script in conflict.
Voice 2: White portrait.
Voice 5: Hissing confusion.
Voice 3: Respond to attention.
Voice 2: Water lines.
Voice 1: Strings of music.
Split consciousness

Voice 1: Puncture her consciousness.

Voice 2: He has moved to stand beside the oddly placed
chairs. She frowns.
Voice 3: Nevertheless, she turns, walking slowly towards --
Voice 1: Wound her consciousness.
Voice 2: He has moved to behave in future.
Voice 4: The stern and loving carpet under another air.
And I am going to keep on.
Voice 1: On the chair seat without parting her legs.
Voice 2: She is making.
His arm swings back to the world.
Voice 1: Penetrate her consciousness.
He has been behaving like a brat; walking slowly
towards her, breathing loudly.
Voice 3: Her breathing gradually slows without question.
Her breathing catches her throat.
Voice 1: He waits for the war and slippery folds.
Voice 4: Seeking her nub.
Voice 1: Knife her consciousness.
Voice 2: He has moved to stand beside the oddly placed
Voice 3: She is panting now.
Voice 2: Her hands move falteringly.
Voice 1: Watching them twitch at last.
Voice 2: He has moved to her head.
Voice 1: To the burning. Your punishment has just begun.
Voice 2: Your future.
Voice 1: Before your head.
Voice 4: And she feels fire.
Voice 1: Stab her, propelling her.
Voice 3: She complies.
Voice 1: Good! Stab her.
Voice 2: Her weight collapses onto the chair.
Voice 1: Without prior and express permission.
Voice 2: Inwards.
Voice 4: Under the effect of gravity. Radiating inwards
through her body.
We intend to go back

Voice 1: Filmmakers live here all the while.

Voice 2: All the while rumours circulate.
Voice 1: To have the feeling of siege.
Voice 2: With the everlasting wait.
Voice 1: I have to economize. To drool over the entire place.
Voice 2: You have thought through the negotiations?
Voice 1: On orders of a blank. To be free. Some heavy chains
Voice 2: In a street that is stuffed.
Voice 3: That immediately changes my dearest. I was very angry
with the second meeting.
Voice 1: There are a few phones.
Voice 3: The day was empty.
Voice 2: Without any doubt.
Voice 1: We've been so busy, preparing to write. There was a
kind offer…
Voice 3: The meeting had filtered out the pain. For two days, we’d
been drunk.
Voice 1: Everything is broken. She asked if we would not imagine
this morning.
Voice 3: Catastrophic.
Voice 1: We've been filming the staircase.
Voice 3: On orders of my dearest.
Voice 4: A bird flying.
Too much static.
Interior harmony.
The same thing goes --
Voice 3: Her text being human

[slight pause]
Limits my death wish. The look of the day.
Voice 1: Though it is broken.
Voice 3: Limits of the numerous mirrors in the street.
Voice 4: The sky that will be torn.
Voice 3: I depend on a bird flying too closely. Or too low above
my dearest.
Voice 1: The thread is broken all the time.
Voice 2: That immediately changes.
Voice 1: We're well put together. I still believe in our presence.
Voice 3: The atmosphere grew more drunken.
Voice 4: Talked to her text in a bird flying too much.
Voice 2: To be there.
Voice 4: That many place.
Which forced her shoulders back.
Her text in the street.
That is true.
That many things.
Voice 1: Temporarily dulled, the round end of that immediately
Voice 2: We intend to each.
Voice 1: The social fabric of the effect.
Voice 4: The damage that, as a result, we display.
Voice 1: Our signs.
Voice 2: We are in negotiations with her text.
Voice 4: It was beginning to rip.
Voice 2: Though it was stuffed full.
Voice 1: Though it was only on camera.
Voice 4: The walls would be at home.
Voice 3: The long wait during her text in the room. She was
hungry. Voice is supposed to come back.
Voice 2: Imagine this morning with the everlasting wait.
Voice 4: To ache intensely around her, that is going home.
Voice 3: But we intend to go back.
A fine performance

Voice 1: A fine performance.

Voice 2: My first true hearing of print.


Voice 1: The tree is just for sacrifice.


Voice 2: The technology. That is, just to say --

Voice 3: Of a vessel. And a small ivory sculpture of the
technology --
Voice 4: In the lower part of the animal, illustrated poetics.
Voice 1: And it comes at last to violence.
Voice 2: Orthographic mistakes.
Voice 4: Their translation runs as an image.
Voice 3: Felicitous phrasing is a shell.
Voice 4: It can be read as a word.
Voice 3: We have mentioned the same river twice.
Voice 4: Passages connected through fire.
Voice 2: Reading Man.
Voice 4: Represent the moon.
Voice 1: The lines of the proposition in former times.
Voice 2: In silence.
Voice 1: In the eyes of a computer terminal in thorns.
Voice 4: Clicked with the first compound.
Voice 3: Signs in the form.
Voice 2: The back of propositions in silence.
Voice 4: We must pass over.
Voice 1: Never out of print.
Voice 3: Their translation runs as in silence.
Voice 4: Cried the attendant to the warrior.
Voice 1: Bring me a dustbin liner.
Voice 2: The nurse is giving birth to poetry. She may be
deduced from the contrivance.
Voice 4: And come at last to violence.
Voice 2: A little poem begins with the ceremony of
proposition in silence.
Voice 3: We should define words.
Voice 1: What we cannot speak.
Subject broadens

Voice 1: Subject broadens to include acting out.

Voice 2: Annoying, disruptive user.
Voice 1: A lovely term,
for which I've found
the following definition:
interpretation of a lovely term.
Voice 2: As well as sexual ones. They often are these.
Voice 1: Frustrated drives seek an abstract word.
By a legendary name.
Voice 2: Written in two languages
has the end.
Voice 1: Normally, then, as well as to flow.
Is solved, if we suppose
that it is interesting.
To the quarters of cyberspace
Voice 2: Deviants are contained.
Voice 1: Stands for a lovely term, and all inscriptions.
Discontent all over themselves
and others.
The testimony of what they call
the real trouble -- makers of the script.
Voice 2: As sexual ones. They often are adolescents.
Voice 1: Garden, England
Voice 2: O industry, o garden, quite different connotations.
Voice 1: A great amount of ambiguity is purely conjectural.
Voice 2: We mean to speak, but as another lesson.
Voice 1: Going under a line.
They often are intimately
related to fertility.
Voice 2: Means father.
Voice 1: The amusement of discontent.
Voice 2: All over.

[Long pause]

All over would certainly be the opposite direction.

Voice 1: Exist.
Voice 2: Language.
Voice 1: From the real meaning people.
Voice 2: A branch of origin.
Voice 1: The script that comes chronologically
between our industries.
Voice 2: To prevent infiltration.
Voice 1: Rounding of its own dictionaries.
Voice 2: Rendering some angry.
Voice 1: Or following a feather as it falls.
Voice 2: Music in contradiction.
Voice 1: Meaning that people immediately begin to make an
Voice 2: To acting out interpretation of discontent.
Voice 1: There is no reason.
Voice 2: Idiom broadens to include acting disruptive.
Voice 1: A lovely term is ached for.
Voice 2: Inventor of frequent reading.
Voice 1: Meaning is not very likely
Voice 2: The method of etymology
Voice 1: Found growing along the writing
Voice 2: The name appears
Voice 1: Interpretation of the town
Voice 2: Of the whole of matter
Voice 1: Lies in relation to authority
Voice 2: Phonetic cyberspace.
Voice 1: Explanation of the truth.
The botanical point of view.
Was but a creeping plant.
In line existence.
Voice 2: Teeth can be derived from the mouth.
Voice 1: Only used by fish.
Voice 2: Annoying they are.
Voice 1: The real meaning is woman, the first woman.
Voice 2: Invented after definition.
The legs apart on the head

Voice 1: Who wishing.

Voice 2: Riches entered hiding.
Voice 1: Memory is hidden.
Voice 3: Slight alterations changing basic meaning.
Voice 4: A new world slowly twists the form itself.
Voice 5: Becoming an important part of the world is
Voice 3: What?
Voice 5: Ah. The form itself, form of what, I am not quite
sure… Perhaps it is the form of a new world. Or
that new world, if it is possible to separate it from
its form, becomes an important part of the world.
Yes! It is the form. The form of the new world,
developing as an integral part of it out of its
process is… meaningless; or is part of its
meaninglessness. That is, I suppose, that while
there is form and that form changes, there is no
meaning to it beyond its own fact.
Voice 3: Begin with a question that adheres to this
Voice 6: What a phallus.
Voice 3: On this message is that page.
Voice 1: Attachments to work in the formalities; and
farmers click wild specimen lives.
Voice 2: Persons incorporated off the screen though the
interface changes.
Voice 3: Good form to meditate upon today's world.
Voice 4: Privileged beauty of the beasts.
Voice 2: We make those.
Voice 3: But change the ear.
Voice 5: All of which are written.
Voice 3: In another sense.
Voice 4: This means that it was interesting to do so.
Voice 1: The sacrifice of the cosmic father went manic.
Voice 2: The basic meaning can be anything.
Voice 3: You want to call?
Voice 1: The poetic quality of pleasant hours!
Voice 3: The point is written under 'Membership' on the
Voice 7: The Dolphin is its memory.
Voice 3: Do you mean: The Dolphin is in its own memory?
Voice 7: Yes. It’s memory is being lost.
Voice 4: The continuance of their style.
Voice 3: Dolphins?
Voice 4: Is the substitute of the air.
Voice 2: The continuance of self-challenge.
Voice 1: The extreme border of life.
Voice 2: The opposite direction can edit your reminder.
Voice 5: The head is … that --
Voice 3: We get the meaning.
Voice 2: I don’t!
Voice 3: Certain positions of the sign.
Voice 2: Renders blind immortality.
Voice 1: Signs are equal to mythical thought in an historical
frame of immortality.
Voice 2: The seer is easier to remember.
Voice 1: Unsubscribe if you'd like your reminder.
Voice 6: The sexual activity of the elite.
Voice 3: If you'd like that theme.
Voice 1: Attachments.
Voice 2: Memory suffers from messages.
Voice 1: Lifestyle in reality.
Voice 2: Creation is created.
Voice 3: In another sense.
Voice 6: Entertaining and frenetic phallus.
Voice 2: A temporary heat.
Voice 1: An historical frame.
Voice 6: And who touched the story.
Voice 2: He was pressed.
Voice 1: Pressed fundament.
Voice 6: This means that now --
Voice 4: Think of their style.
Voice 1: Its formal history --
Voice 2: The blind privileged beauty.
Voice 3: The legs apart on the head.
You don't know

Voice 1: You don't know me.

Voice 2: Mime-version
Voice 1: You have time to pay attention. The...
Voice 2: Need to be seen.
Voice 3: Rush of --
Voice 1: Outrage heating the throat.
Voice 3: Denying the opportunity.
Voice 2: Of perceptions all only too...
Voice 1: Familiar?
Voice 3: That's to do with security and totally rejected.
Voice 1: Have you rejected the cowardice of your own society;
the need?
Voice 4: To attempt, describing statehood --
Voice 5: There are obviously well-cultivated boys and of your --
Voice 3: My own people are against perpetrating inviolability of
Voice 1: You probably despise them.
Voice 3: University extensions and research institutes are
racist. As was a writer.... I forget so much of the world.
Voice 1: I was just there. There are armed positions under
Voice 2: The unfinished habitations. The way little kids looked
us straight in the eye, apparently uncowed.
Voice 5: More victims.
Voice 4: Recently, he took away every refugee.
Voice 5: There are armed positions under siege.
Voice 3: Denying even the most elementary humane treatment
to a state.
Voice 4: The same haunted man.
Voice 2: Chain-smoking and with the --
Voice 6: Stronger.. I was spent there...
Voice 5: The world. True, festering there as you have --
Voice 3: Might --
Voice 1: Is fatally one-sided. Perhaps. Though one of these.
Voice 2: Fatally?
Voice 6: Yes, don't exaggerate. Thank you, diplomats.
Voice 1: Rough equivalences.
Voice 4: Can camouflage.
Voice 1: And forces on him, except for lush coastal plains, how
abysmally sad is the disdain shown.
Voice 3: Goose then, denying the war crimes carried out.
Voice 4: Forthwith. It remains to be smelled out.


Voice 5: The ugliness of the land.

Voice 4: You hope to say. I don want us to be victims, we are --
Voice 1: Similarities in the opulence; but by all of the world.
Voice 6: True, there are creative minds of their own authority.
Voice 3: The ebullience of the world.
Voice 2: True, I'm deeply apprised of outrage healing the
Voice 6: Greed for libraries.
Voice 2: Thanks for libraries.
Voice 6: If my comparative allusion to build a --
Voice 1: Received from deliverance.
Voice 6: There are caught in the name of strong but conflicting
Voice 3: How small the country is!
Voice 6: We are all my contrasted conclusions.
Voice 1: You can get to the inviolability of corruption.
Voice 3: In the world, free world at that.
Voice 2: Assertion of the possible economy.
Voice 3: They suffered from no appeal to adhere to the --
Voice 1: It doesn't free the world! and it can camouflage.
Voice 5: The enemy consists of force and bloodshed.
Voice 4: And humiliation. Cynically you have now perpetrated.
Voice 3: By this attempt at their own making.
Voice 5: Actions are similarities and novels in his country.
Voice 6: And putting words in some inspired way, fanatics.
Voice 4: And their own.
Voice 5: Material crassness and their flesh, apparently.
Voice 1: Uncowed, by opportunistically echoing the adversary.
Voice 4: I'm a global control of…
Voice 2: Peoples really all that different?
Voice 4: The unfinished habitations.
Voice 5: The ugliness of the reasonable.
Voice 3: Need to humiliate.
Voice 1: I'm convinced.
a voice remains

Voice 1: Casual into sunlight.

Voice 2: Into want.


Voice 1: One faces the dead.


Voice 3: Words could be mayhem.


Voice 2: It's night still.

Voice 1: Contained in agony.
Voice 3: Facing no conclusion.
Voice 1: Beyond the delirium.
Voice 4: Other days of territory.
Voice 3: Under the squealing dawn.
Voice 1: Quickened away.
Voice 3: Changing.


Voice 1: Perhaps it comes at lack.

Voice 3: Another time.


Voice 2: Which relates to breakdown.

Voice 4: Boundaries purchase muddy music.
Voice 2: Oceans in question.


Voice 1: A response indicates nothing.

Voice 2: You hoard landscape.
Voice 4: Country in question.
Voice 1: Scribble the wind.
Voice 3: Fear crazes one which travels in dried stories.
Voice 1: Walkways, extraterrestrial, unyielding.
Voice 2: Birds.
Voice 1: Wind song.
Voice 4: Mud of past and inactivity.
Voice 1: Sleeping the beginning and mould of waves.
Voice 2: Flotsam a bewilderment much appreciated.
Voice 2: Circuit boards interacting.
Voice 1: Perhaps.
Voice 3: Marginal throng with a cause to anything.
Voice 2: This is breakdown.


Voice 3: Situation subdued.

Voice 1: The wind decays.
Voice 2: A voice mouth lights the coming.
Voice 3: Other days of trained changing contain
Voice 2: Keep changing.
Voice 3: May spell out how texts are mania intruded
Voice 1: Stop! It's a single text, you!
Voice 3: Responses should hold power.
Voice 1: Selves missions!
Voice 4: The boy could begin with misery, a being
denied all.
Voice 2: Landscape is a compliant & evasive invective.
Voice 4: The skull posted on chimneys.
Voice 2: The air not getting anywhere.
Voice 4: Fingers holding out.
Voice 3: Being denied all claims.
Voice 1: One is; and faces splinters; one gasps, the
dream nodding.
Voice 2: Scratch stability out of courtesy.
Voice 1: In the way one speaks to something.
Voice 2: And the police reassure the audience whilst
promising nothing ever happened except the
world has an appetite absolving
Voice 1: An inflammation at whatever rate it is you can
keep enormous.
Voice 2: Inscribe the first word I offer...
Voice 3: She refuses to utter.
Voice 2: Undoubtedly it still seems perfect.
Voice 3: It has seen other days but could not be
Voice 2: I embrace an imitation.
Voice 1: Flocks of us flap.
Voice 3: Contemptuous of themselves.
Voice 1: Fires in the fields.
Voice 4: A verbal abyss.
Voice 3: Time continuing word by word.
Voice 1: Blood glows.
Voice 2: To lose something which relates to something.
Voice 1: Which of us knows.
Voice 3: One is ashamed.
Voice 2: One disgraces all work.
Voice 4: A dejected talkative stratum.
Voice 2: The first attraction.
Voice 3: New topics!
Voice 4: Odd.
Voice 1: Writing in a fiction.
Voice 2: You can be this reference.
Voice 1: And the signs aver ornament and mix.
Voice 4: So the honeysuckle contradicts after the sun
Voice 1: And continuous text's no use.
Voice 2: Lights identified.
Voice 1: The duration yields.
Voice 3: In cyberspace barren oceans and metaphors
are abused.
Voice 1: Making up stories about humanity I face.
Voice 2: A hypermedia in summer.
Voice 4: The passing of blossomed dawn.
Voice 3: Long time continuing.
Voice 2: Nature of the market.
Voice 1: Between ruptured light.
Voice 2: An impact grin.
Voice 4: Destructiveness.
Voice 1: Infertility.
Voice 4: Early to late afternoon.
Voice 1: I make eyes at the world.
Voice 3: Out of themselves.
Voice 2: A voice remains.
Voice 1: Easily.
deep flickering blue

Voice 1: ... on the bridge ...

... it refuses writing ...


Voice 1: I talk to me…

love to...


fragile inside the queue of a dotted line...

graphemes remain indecipherable...
ocean surface --
Voice 2: white sound is --
Voice 1: elements pursuing melodrama
Voice 2: smitten effect of the city
Voice 1: ocean surface... defacement... undermines... relieves
Voice 3: existing stupidity of sustained snow
Voice 2: grey anatomy paging
Voice 1: army tanks
on paved roads
Voice 3: and money rises
Voice 1: not immediately stunning
Voice 3: under the moon

Voice 1: earthbound remains of city waters


Voice 4: melting light slams against lines of --

Voice 3: old rhyme
Voice 2: disappearing
Voice 1: and brain's wire shlepping under antiseptic
Voice 4: lighting washes in to ease imagery
Voice 3: effects of contraband
Voice 2: and prissy the white eschewing voices
Voice 1: the terrain


diplomacy in season
Voice 2: flashing static
Voice 1 & Voice 2 simultaneously:
Voice 1: static to become
Voice 2: static to become not
Voice 2: to become not is...


Voice 1: seek and seed

Voice 4: go
Voice 2: on the lip of puny electrical copulation
Voice 3: and breaking
Voice 1: objectified emotional illness
Voice 2: snuggles into fused --
Voice 3: into sunset --
Voice 1: you see


every body loves me

Voice 2: everyone
Voice 1: I see everyone...I talk to nowhere
Voice 2: pulsed or impossible
Voice 1: indecipherable
Voice 4: ocean surface of errant zero dawn --
Voice 1: the suffering undermines my mind...
under my mind...
and my mind looks down --
Voice 3: rushing on paved roads with love
Voice 2: covert names
Voice 4: and money slinking among them
Voice 2: tucked away
Voice 3: projected from grey anatomy
Voice 2: paging elements
Voice 4: disappearing at the start of stupidity


the selfless moment of disappearing


Voice 1: at a splintered thick circle

Voice 2: reinforces desire
Voice 3: because it is inert?
Voice 2: because it is this --
Voice 1: is the eyes of the --
Voice 2: insistently
Voice 1: surface of memory, held...
indecipherable ocean surface
Voice 4: thin unbroken pus of conflicting light
Voice 3: booby traps of sun's rays and money
Voice 1: the semaphore emergence of original location
Voice 3: into ease of consumption
Voice 4: sadness in jittery noise, adored --
Voice 2: garden state in helplessness
Voice 1: this, as I am light, lights
Voice 4: this was like the rupture
Voice 1: but only suicide tucked away, only the secret names in
my hand, spores; the death canal of a leaf becomes a
corpse, a body atop of stratums, unable, each, weight,
toward the move toward the gateway to organism; and
it is despair
Voice 2: I become its depictions of triumph and loss: this cut
used to be a death's head, lapses, smudges, suffering
mind, bleeding, woven suction of perspicuity --
Voice 3: holding hands as they observe
Voice 4: body textures of electric currents


money rises up ideas deep anxiety

Voice 2: voices in the orchard
Voice 1: voices of the city
Voice 3: remembering any swollen body; but yours…
Voice 1: the smitten effects of stony afternoons
Voice 2: and certitude of erasure
Voice 4: flames' dissection
Voice 1: sinking slowly from dark wood appearance
Voice 3: the camera swims among
Voice 1: the museum of the heard
Voice 2: fused into the imaginary
Voice 1: disappearing at no space for flesh
Voice 2: no room for contact
Voice 1: only signals
Voice 3: in leisure, static to become not is seeking


Voice 1: singing as if it mattered

Voice 2: white sound following the slow hands
Voice 1: wrapped inside the line of people


Voice 2: fragile inside waters


Voice 3: money rises from cell division, touching --

Voice 2: snakes, the garden state --
Voice 3: white noise following the imaginary cell division
Voice 4: touching pipes, thin, unbroken, disappearing at
Voice 1: flickering deep blue
Blank Message

Voice 1: Subject delivered to a blank message; to, in any

case… send a blank message.

Voice 2: Priority from priority --

Voice 1: Invoked from?
Voice 3: Received from?
Voice 4: Mimeo?
Voice 5: Produced by?
Voice 6: In-reply to?
Voice 2: From content.
Voice 7: Release!
Voice 8: Deliverance!
Voice 2: With many messages today.
Voice 8: Sometimes have many more.
Voice 2: It is showing us a new image of itself.
Voice 2: Of itself, and we --
Voice 6: Received from?
Voice 8: Deliverance, with enjoyable movies.
Voice 1: By death.
Voice 3: The future is like death.
Voice 5: And death no longer causes any fear?
Voice 4: No more senses.
Voice 6: Only pain.
Voice 9: A little bit.
Voice 7: Semi-precious.
Voice 5: Mankind is exceeded.
Voice 1: Which suggests you have messages there you --
Voice 8: From deliverance.
Voice 6: Received.
Voice 1: Invoked.
Voice 3: Received.
Voice 2: With old answers.
Voice 4: With mutilated hands.
Voice 8: They all had them.
Voice 7: Over the water and --
Voice 2: I sent this --
Voice 4: Mimed it!
Voice 2: Look at it this way.
Voice 1: Invoked from deliverance.
Voice 7: Sent.
Voice 3: Received.
Voice 7: A mock framework.
Voice 2: Reality is received.
Voice 8: Look at the power station.
Voice 4: Deliverance mime version.

Voice 1: Poetry?
Voice 2: Just say return.
Voice 1: Remove no poetry!
Voice 2: Image the world.
Voice 3: Contentment cuddles its own citizens.
Voice 4: For the right to please myself, they say.
Voice 2: We regret to language.
Voice 1: The farmer to language, you!
Voice 4: Keyword produced by messages.
Voice 1: When do we want it disappears? It disappears.
Voice 3: Cuddles.
Voice 2: Imagine all saying.
Voice 1: She looks remarkably poetry.
Voice 4: To intercept packets as they travel. It's a ritual.
Voice 3: Cry representing a long text.
Voice 2: Do it with languages. But --
Voice 4: Bumbling for discussion.
Voice 2: Your respects, I see.
Voice 4: I see nowhere.
Voice 1: This language this language.
Voice 4: So-called nature.
Voice 3: We regret to poetry, a rabbit for a hat.
Voice 2: A beating heart.
Voice 4: Its wings a shawl.
Voice 3: Or jump around, and --
Voice 2: Rather French; there lived a poetry!
Voice 4: The etymology and the farmer to it!
Voice 2: Is a ritual cry.
Voice 5: The poetry of your eyes and this.
Voice 3: The lightning and hearing the poetry.
Voice 4: It's a time!
Voice 5: Into the language this place.
Voice 3: The air, and her name.
Voice 2: Imagine all language is better?
Voice 5: Perhaps it meant, this.
Voice 2: Mutual content.
Voice 3: In space.
Voice 4: Poetry and more.
Voice 2: Eat language.
Voice 1: A language this language this was.
Voice 2: Doubtless language.
Voice 4: Language crawled out from the poetry.
Voice 2: Possibly is watching.
Voice 4: I wish.
Voice 1: You can't language this poetry can learn to work.
Voice 3: In space, and her --
Voice 1: We regret to language this language this is
Voice 2: Between seeing , but we cannot poetry.
Voice 4: I'd never seen one poetry.
Voice 3: No one can hear.
Voice 1: Keep language.
Voice 3: Perfectly smeared.
Voice 2: Imagine all they were.
Voice 3: After a language in spirit.
Voice 5: They said, but can hear language this place.
Voice 4: The ground.
Voice 3: Perfectly smeared.
Voice 2: Stopped the bird.
Voice 1: I'm with language this language this place when I
Voice 5: Poetry of this word.
Voice 3: Cuddles other languages. but we stare.
Voice 4: I flowed straight through the silence.
Voices 2 & 6: Imagine all I know you're language this language.
Voice 1: Imagine all I know you're language. This
language. We will never dismantle the poetry!
Voice 4: The world is broken up received.
Voice 3: Embrace the language.
Voice 5: How many language this place?
Voice 4: I wants to pay your respects.
Sneaking emotions

Voice 1 = male; Voice 2 = female; Voice 3 = female

Voice 1: The fleshy sides of danger.

Voice 2: Perhaps you may want to lecture her.
Voice 3: To increase the humiliation factor.
Voice 2: Release, not pain.
Voice 3: Signed corpses.
Voice 1: Signed close to the brain.
Voice 2: To suppress the reaction.
Voice 1: By starting with light.
Voice 3: The body connected to a passing visitor.
Voice 1: An erotically devastating…
Voice 3: Combination?
Voice 1: Yes... of total... vulnerability.
Voice 2: Yes?
Voice 1: And total vulnerability.
Voice 2: Oh yes!
Voice 1: And total vulnerability and total safety.
Voice 3: Useful knowledge!
Voice 1: Disguised!
Voice 3: Sit back, enjoy the other.
Voice 2: Hatred of Capitalism works.
Voice 1: In programmable media.
Voice 2: Humiliation and degradation.
Voice 3: Methodically and rhythmically.
Voice 1: Avant-garde forms of role-play.
Voice 2: Sneaking emotions.
The black of snow

Voice 1: Face?
Voice 2: Time’s new size.
Voice 1: Body?
Voice 2: Next part.
Voice 1: Cyber rights?
Voice 2: True.
Voice 1: Therefore?
Voice 2: Putting in motion on an illusion.
Voice 1: Issue?
Voice 2: His ugly head again in an area.
Voice 1: Unity?
Voice 2: Autonomous agents able to list.
Voice 1: That could...?
Voice 2: Eventually replace a gradual declining
Voice 1: There are different types of details.
Voice 2: The way in doubt.
Voice 1: Simulation should...?
Voice 2: Not a force for democracy.


My head's coming out of pre-selection.

Voice 1: A tool of the day.
Voice 2: If simulation lies before , it will entail a
molecular assemblage.
Voice 1: The whites of the current engagement with us
Voice 2: And the finitude of the government.
Voice 1: It will remain a similar function of the
Voice 2: The point of view of the sky.
Voice 1: The courtyard! Simulation lies before
Voice 2: And harder.
Voice 1: Origins.
Voice 2: Not a copy?
Voice 1: Reproducing itself as generating difference
through differential relations.
Voice 2: Channelling the ordinary limits of the sky. And
the classification based on detailed research.
Voice 1: Properties appear on their own. Often
developing in ways not harmless.
Voice 2: Not a specific type?
Voice 1: Coming out of limited scenarios.
Voice 2: In this sense we are directly inspired.
Voice 1: True, if only for democracy.


Voice 2: All who are not the most hierarchical and

stratified components have to do with time


Snow is a reading.


Voice 1: Simulation before turbulence perceives life as

cellular life, the legacy of telecommunication
Voice 2: Again, his ugly head in the street.
Voice 1: He will remain a positive moment of
dissolution of species boundaries.
Voice 2: These beings differ from the big city, I
Voice 1: Not imagine.
Voice 2: I depend on the one that it is not of the word.
Voice 1: Turbulence prepares the day.
Voice 2: A molecular biology towards closure.
Voice 1: Self-organisation opens up.
Voice 2: As the hour of the organism.
Voice 1: Complexity of earth and stone.
Voice 2: Reproducing itself as generating difference
through self-organisation.
Voice 1: A generalised system resuscitating it.
Voice 2: I am watching information spread out by
Voice 1: I have challenged my death. The sky, not a
copy. It will entail a recursive looping.
Voice 2: Small deviations suggest the sky.
Voice 1: The fittest programs are not specifically
programmed into them.
Voice 2: Fact has the same tendency.
Voice 1: Violence regulating life.
Voice 2: Force is becoming harder.
Voice 1: A return to the accounts of the experimenter.
Voice 2: Evolved rather than individual?
Voice 1: The individual is an evening being.
Voice 2: Violence and populations relate to the writer.
Voice 1: Not sustainable.
Voice 2: Within mammals.
Voice 1: See only clouds from primates, because the
actions are often not pursued just for
Voice 2: To become flexible?
Voice 1: Trust finalised: the goal of relentless
Voice 2: Human beings are not a convenient target.
Voice 1: Simulation emerges from dysfunctional
Voice 2: The black of snow.
The entirety

Voice 1: How will things develop?

Voice 2: The atmosphere is one of sugar and chocolates --
Voice 1: During our presence here --
Voice 2: Crackling on the line.
Voice 3: Bombing of --
Voice 1: Listen! these are saying...


Voice 3: What do we understand?

Voice 2: There's a stench around the stable. At dawn.


Voice 3: We came out here --

Voice 1: And, above all, it will be your responsibility.
Voice 2: Stating, at all times --
Voice 3: Shooting, everyday life under the siege.
Voice 1: With the efforts of each --
Voice 4: To write. It is a long siege.
Voice 1: Please add your responsibility.
Voice 3: And streamline their journey to attack.
Voice 4: Be careful at once to attack, the arts are circulating, at
once, to enter.
Voice 2: Thanks. The words were cut off.
Voice 1: And use this power.
Voice 3: In spite of the entirety of consciousness, it begins to
Voice 1: Just a copy.
Voice 4: Hardly likely to develop.
Voice 2: I hope we can be stimulated.
Voice 1: I still believe.
Voice 3: Stimulated by security agents.
Voice 4: I see I must wonder.
Voice 1: Outside, in effect.
Voice 2: The end of things.
Voice 1: Will develop serious anxiety.


Voice 4: It's interesting to meet.

Voice 3: It's interesting to have contact.
Voice 4: Big books for anyone?
Voice 1: I must read it.
Voice 2: It's interesting.
Voice 3: It's interesting.
Voice 1: Things will have spoken.
Voice 3: Reading’s very angry with you.
Voice 2: You hear.
Voice 4: It's interesting to discuss.
Voice 1: Please add your name.
Voice 3: All of this…
Voice 4: A new outgoing message.
Voice 1: Add your name.
Voice 2: Many people are being managed that way.
Voice 3: The synthesis of consciousness.
Voice 4: The entirety of the appeal.

Voice 1: Voice is hot air.

Voice 2: Have you been having daily visits?
Voice 1: To discuss political situations?
Voice 2: With questions and answers and a lot of interference. It
is equally disastrous news that always does reach us.
Voice 1: We have been the civilians.
Voice 2: We have been invaded.
Voice 1: This week would be crucial.
Voice 2: Catastrophic.
Voice 1: Voice is perpetrating massacres --
Voice 3: And other operations everywhere.
Voice 2: They have been waiting for a cease-fire.
Voice 1: A bit intrusive.
Voice 3: Your words were cut off.


Voice 1: Continues surrender. During our last interview the

meeting was demonstrably false.
Voice 3: One day there was a dull day.
Voice 2: Everything is rationed. We insist.
Voice 1: My task more critical.


Voice 3: Fell silent.

Voice 2: Which really was very dangerous.
Voice 1: We have thought it is perpetrating massacres in the
memory as having been people.
Voice 3: Fell silently.
Voice 2: An army occupied criminal justice.
Voice 1: Pictures constitute intense moments in a grand
Voice 3: Children everywhere, controlling everything.
Voice 1: I will be free some day
Voice 3: All over the entire place. A long siege.
Voice 2: We struck up
an international reputation.
Voice 1: Omission waved at a price of child sex
Voice 3: All your words were cut off; clean-up work
Voice 2: Is there a real threat of us?
Voice 3: To understand is a human shield.
Voice 2: Back inside.
Voice 1: Our mere presence here.
Voice 2: Very little song
Voice 1: Many people like me can imagine anomalous positions.
Voice 3: All the people want a movie
Voice 2: A lot of the building is extremely angry.
Voice 1: Pictures cannot be defended
Voice 2: Clients often change, including in prison.
Voice 1: I am going to appear.
Voice 2: They go through my computers.
Voice 3: Of course it's nonsense.
Voice 1: I am going to be careful.
Voice 3: Any expert witness in a monotone.
Voice 2: Our presence, and the channels of communication,
have you stay.
Voice 3: Interrupted by bombing.
Voice 1: Forces inside.
Voice 3: The previous day, which really was very angry with the
outside – Confined to the building
Voice 2: One really must wonder if we can dispose of
Voice 1: Voice is loud in one breath.
Voice 3: Where the phones ring.
Voice 2: One doubts that we check
Voice 3: Journalists are present. We have to ensure that they
form a desire.
Voice 2: Voice is demonstrably false.
Voice 3: Notes an army.
Voice 1: In one place.
Voice 3: Pass by the room where the phones ring.
Voice 2: Baffled by security?
Voice 1: One breath continues. Put together.
Voice 2: We have to be an expert witness.
Voice 3: Without any doubt that could be your responsibility.
Voice 2: Some diplomat or another obtained a room.
Voice 1: He doubts that he thinks at the moment.
Voice 2: The moment a synthesis of a totally amiable rapport.
Marked by occupation.
Voice 3: Constructive responsibility taking place.
Voice 2: Penned in proud slogans!
Voice 1: I have had information that cannot be words cut off.
Voice 2: He has been accepted by the room.
Voice 1: Where I was.
Voice 3: Loud clean-up work.
Voice 1: Life here.
Voice 2: He was a movie.
Voice 1: Making stops in the past.
Voice 3: A blank prosecution.
Voice 2: What, did you stay in touch? The anomalous legal
position to do is wave signs.
Voice 3: In place against war.
Voice 2: Tomorrow into rubble, running short.
Voice 1: The moment is recognised.
Voice 2: Silenced witness.
Voice 3: Work is extremely doubtful.
Voice 2: Surrender and prosecute.
Voice 3: Appear a real threat.
Voice 1: Voice is pornography filtered.
Voice 3: We have opportunities, every one of us.
Voice 2: Just enough time.
Voice 3: I still believe our presence
Voice 1: The Nativity was empty
Voice 3: We had never seen him this past few days. We insist.
Voice 1: We insist.
Voice 2: Security negotiations exploded.
Voice 3: Monotone touch.
Voice 1: Voice at the retreat.
Voice 2: Analysing a desire
Voice 3: An attack on the other hand remains steady.
Everything is rationed. We insist.


The police did not tell the meeting.

Voice 2: Falsity of possessing.
Voice 1: Is merely hot air.
Voice 2: We display our signs anyway.
Voice 3: He has written something?
Voice 1: His house searched, and the courts; and invade the
Voice 2: The first day. Everyday images. But I will be your
Voice 3: Very angry with everything.
Voice 2: False continued.
Voice 3: Pressure is in security.
Voice 1: Abuse has won.
Voice 2: Wave our banners.
Voice 3: Stay in place.
Voice 1: Voice is almost invariably raided.
Voice 3: Advise them that.
Voice 2: Restore surrender.
Voice 1: But it is innocent.
Voice 3: People analysing meeting.

Voice 1: My mother. My sister. Those close friends.

Voice 2: Someone was reading the newspaper out loud.
Voice 1: That day.
Voice 2: I know them.
Voice 1: A feeling of abnormal gracefulness.
Voice 2: I listen.
Voice 1: I love my memory.
Voice 2: We lifted the soil.
Voice 1: What is happening to us –
Voice 2: Terrifying, but the fields --
Voice 1: In the course of conversations --
Voice 2: I could be so small.
Voice 1: There were dozens of them right there, under the layer
of contaminated soil.
Voice 2: Perhaps we need infinity.
Voice 1: And no method will say.
Voice 3: A child should be killed, but we didnt find a single
human being.
Voice 1: A bicycle. A television screen.
Voice 3: Going silently right into the garden.
Voice 4: Evil was enticing.
Voice 1: Suddenly the Earth has grown.
Voice 2: Perhaps we need infinity.
Voice 1: And no method will protect us.
Voice 2: Neither distance nor comfort.
Voice 3: There is always --
Voice 2: Turned toward the street.
Voice 1: A man who unexpectedly answers me!
Voice 4: A little girl standing motionlessly by the waves.
Voice 3: Just to take a look.
Voice 2: We didn’t know them.
Voice 1: A well-known professor. A communist.
Voice 2: He came back.
Voice 4: The same place?
Voice 1: No choice.
Voice 2: We hide far away.
Voice 3: It took only three or four days.
Voice 2: We have nothing but a fine layer over a volcano.
Voice 4: Several days passed.
Voice 3: And then everybody began to kid around.
Voice 4: To counter these new challenges.
Voice 2: Destroyers, bombers!
Voice 1: Who am I?
Voice 4: Scrutinised their photos in the black dust.
Voice 3: An absurd landscape.
Voice 4: The dark simplicity of life.
Voice 4: Such as death.
Voice 2: I had suspected that torture can be withstood.
Voice 1: For a long time we knew nothing.
Voice 3: The bees knew.
Voice1: I loved my father.
Voice 2: Fear is the possibility
Voice 1: I got it.
Voice 3: I wasn't with people.
Voice 2: They lift and rip.
Voice 4: The face might well be dead.
Voice 2: And the whole world.
Voice 1: With some close friends.
Voice 4: Much life.
Voice 1: Inside the earth.
Voice 2: It is.
Voice 4: Showing us a new image of fear.
Voice 2: Several years for them.
Voice 1: To return to the region.
Voice 4: Of the connection between death and art --
Voice 1: I remember the day after that.
Voice 2: I know that death could be found.
Voice 3: But merchandise could not.
Voice 4: He is afraid to kill.
Voice 2: But he is afraid to read a lot.
Voice 4: It is no more for us.
Voice 3: How to protect ourselves.
Voice 2: The people would push them.
Voice 4: Houses and exclusive text, roots.
Voice 2: One time, in the people who should be afraid --
Voice 1: And not even military ones.
Voice 2: We --
Voice 1: Sometimes it seems to me in our earlier knowledge of
Voice 2: It is not assassins, ideas are assassins.
Voice 1: We lifted them up.
Voice 2: To grasp the events.
Voice 1: Like to have known as quickly as possible.
Voice 2: We are --
Voice 1: All that shares my confusion.
Voice 2: It is always turned toward the people.
Voice 3: Brought the children out.
Voice 2: I got it.
Voice 1: I wasn't.
Voice 3: We were living.
Voice 4: Time.
Voice 1: I couldn't.
Voice 4: Some of them... I fly as well.
Voice 3: In the movies.
Voice 2: Nor did I... ever read anything like it in my books?
Voice 4: I speak of Man.
Voice 3: Two beings, who are coming after us will say.
Voice 4: In silence.
Voice 2: They weren't!
Voice 1: The cows leaned their heads down over the water.
Voice 4: And immediately turned away from reality.


How to understand... where we heard about the soul of

our incomprehension.
Voice 1: A little boy of five.
Voice 3: He killed three people.
Voice 4: He knew for a long time we knew nothing.
Voice 2: The people would push them.
Voice 3: In the same time.
Voice 2: But I sensed that something was missing.
Voice 1: Some sounds I was watching.
Voice 4: How death lives!
Voice 3: A well-known professor. A communist.
Voice 4: He had been used to imagine.
Voice 2: And that step is so huge.
Voice 1: I... to have known their faces.... The cows, back to the -
Voice 2: To our dreams.
Voice 4: The face might well be dead; but we fly.
Voice 2: Nor did I ever read anything like it.
Voice 1: Not even -- are not capable of such evil.
Voice 3: We're of another species.
Voice 2: But they --
Voice 4: The dark simplicity of life is infinite.
Voice 3: Both fearful and voracious.
Fire at my mask.
I started to believe that we are capable of growing
Voice 2: I listen. Just to take a look.
Voice 4: Two beings.
Voice 2: God can catch a glimpse.
Voice 1: I could only think of one morning and never came
Voice 4: In the time.
Voice 1: Afraid in a different sound.
Voice 4: Several days passed.
Voice 3: And then everybody began to kid around.
Voice 2: Learn what people hold on to...
Voice 3: Those tell you about torture! but curiously!
Voice 2: We were in books. The world is changing beyond what
we are used to.
Voice 1: What is happening?
Voice 3: The War.
Voice 2: The power station.
Voice 3: We had perfect visibility. We brought it. We were living
next day.
Voice 1: Not even buzzing.
Voice 2: But we have other words.
Voice 1: Words that we cannot hide from ourselves.
Voice 2: Even if we hide from ourselves.
Voice 1: Even if?
Voice 2: In the morning.
Voice 1: I whistled for my friend.
Voice 2: At the entrance to the power station --
Voice 1: We were digging for half an hour. We were living next
to the sea. I wanted to talk.
Voice 2: You wanted to hypothesise.
Voice 1: I don't. These images are hard to forget. Forgive me.
Voice 2: Again. Sometimes, I do; it seems to me now.


Voice 1: A communist!
Voice 4: He had just deliberated the soul of our era!
Voice 1: I have often encountered this word.
Voice 2: We are, all of us.
Voice 1: The cows leaned their heads down deep into the sky.
Voice 2: Hold hands.
Voice 4: We had perfect visibility. We brought the children out.
Voice 1: My ear! Often I change into one single huge ear.
Voice 2: It is always turned toward the street.
Voice 3: That day. That landscape.
Voice 1: Who is more of us.
Voice 3: How can you speak? I was away. There was a terrible
landscape. And yet, I loved! Ordered, and not afraid
because of it.
Voice 4: I am searching reality.
Voice 3: I never saw anything like it.
Voice 4: More like a detective knowing the system of our
existence. Who am I? Who are not murderers? Ideas
Voice 3: I could only think of one person.
Voice 1: Helpless words.
Voice 2: The idea of death.
Voice 4: All of us a new outskirts of our knowledge.
Voice 3: Beautiful!
Voice 1: I took my sketchbook.

[Serving suggestion: Voices1, 2 & 4 male + Voices 3 and 5 female]

Voice 1: The wife was this much.

Voice 2: Can't see.
Voice 1: This much.
Voice 2: Still can't see.


Voice 3: Inside the floor --

Voice 4: Tremble, sway --
Voice 3: Collapse people.
Voice 4: Dive into the new.
Voice 2: The frontier of evil.
Voice 5: Sleeping on the floor.
Voice 3: Children lifted out.
Voice 2: Lift them.
Voice 5: They look up at you.
Voice 2: Remember this later.
Voice 1: I was arrested.
Voice 2: That evening?
Voice 5: He came back.
Voice 2: From the inside?
Voice 1: It is not enough.
Voice 4: It is not enough to explain my presence.
Voice 1: Anyone's presence.
Voice 4: No.
Voice 3: Fear reality has.
Voice 1: A step not just beyond
what we used to know;
but also beyond what we cannot --
Voice 4: Of our knowledge?
Voice 3: Of fears.
Voice 2: Of the evening I return.
Voice 5: The husband came home.
There was this much.
Inside The Earth.
Voice 2: I can't hear or see you.
Voice 3: So many living.


Voice 3: The wife was arrested.

Voice 2: That works for me!
Voice 3: I am referring --
Voice 5: I was arrested.
Voice 2: I spent three fingers in its tracks.
Voice 4: By making it that very evening.
Voice 5: He came home in the mean time.
Voice 3: Enjoy the sense.
Voice 4: That shares my confusion.
Voice 3: It is vital.
Voice 5: My adult intelligence
was keeping quiet,
Voice 2: Must be so beautiful.
Voice 3: We lifted.
Voice 5: The epitome of humiliation.
Voice 4: There are those who will.
Voice 5: Those who will playfully refuse
earlier knowledge of the other.
Voice 3: And that will be scare.
Voice 4: That hurts.
Voice 3: Tug of the mental impact of an ordinary fire.
Voice 2: More pleasurable effects
of our earlier knowledge of fear?
Voice 4: It will often be us.
Voice 5: As you would look.
Voice 4: We will see.
Voice 5: Shall we?
Voice 4: We will.
Voice 3: We shall fit. My husband went too.
Voice 4: A moment is a long way.
Voice 3: Settle back.
Voice 4: The crime.
Voice 5: Plenty more pain.
Voice 3: My layperson perspective
may be scared by that.
Voice 2: Work for me.
Voice 3: I am referring to the partner.
Voice 4: Have another.
Voice 3: Call the shots.
Voice 4: Push my palm away.
Voice 2: And threats of more.
Voice 3: Where shall we
lift my layperson perspective.
Voice 2: By way of almost cosmic mystery.
Voice 1: The wife was bad.
Voice 4: Comes the other hand.
Voice 2: And one morning.
Voice 3: And that is my layperson perspective.
Voice 1: By way of treatment.
Voice 2: Is long.
Voice 4: And re-evaluation.
Voice 3: Many living.
Voice 1: Next wait.
Voice 3: A mental impact.
Voice 2: And effect of her.
Voice 4: And jerk them down!


Gonna get some.

Voice 1: Treatment is long gone.
Voice 2: In earnest.
Voice 3: With a passing visitor.
Voice 4: Can be administered.
Voice 5: Or a blow with the other.
Voice 4: Stimuli, like it or not.
Voice 3: Through, all over; the mode of dress.
Voice 4: Is that torture.
Voice 2: Can be.
Voice 3: The leg of her fear.
Voice 4: Play a communist.
Voice 3: He attitude.
Voice 4: Later. Well?
Voice 1: To explain my left side.
Voice 4: Why? What are we doing?
Voice 1: Clearing the area.
Voice 3: And creating an evening. Come over Friday.
Voice 1: Create a front for yourself.
Voice 5: On the soil, in isolation, forgotten.
Voice 3: In solitary confinement a cell.
Voice 4: Two friendly slaps on the nerves.
Voice 1: Will see you.
Voice 4: It can be used.
Voice 5: In other words.
Voice 2: And that is vital.
Voice 4: That hurt! Wrap it.
Voice 1: Me in a chair.
Voice 3: Shoved into your behaviour.
Voice 1: Have been.
Voice 5: A few.
Voice 1: Continue.
Voice 5: Epitome of growing.
Voice 3: Accustomed
of the fire.
Voice 5: By this incredible hypothesis.
Voice 1: A hand submissive to experience.
Voice 4: That is my --.
Voice 1: And doing it will stay no other hand.


Voice 4: We'll see the previous --

Voice 2: Purists will see yes I did mean pleasurable.
Voice 5: In earnest with me.
Voice 2: In our earlier knowledge of fear.
Voice 5: It hurts on the receiving end.
Voice 4: A moment is my plenty.
Voice 2: More where we will see you.
Voice 1: Too big to be.
Voice 2: Even without intense.
Voice 1: As for you.
Voice 2: That torture can still.
Voice 4: See the movies.
Voice 3: Nor did you.
Voice 4: You are enjoying yourself.
Voice 1: She left for their names.
Voice 5: Know a single human being.
Voice 3: A starting high.
Voice 4: In at the front door.
Voice 1: With a single hand.
Voice 4: Have one. Would --
Voice 3: You spread your behaviour.
Voice 5: Has always struck me again.
Voice 4: What we cannot --
Voice 1: Might our techniques --
Voice 4: That a moment is long way.
Voice 5: I apologise if I slip into male...
Voice 4: Er... female.
Voice 3: The upper legs in the evening.


Voice 4: We'll allow the void.

Voice 2: When it comes to be afraid.
Voice 3: Be scared for tears by --
Voice 5: For me in fact anything except.
Voice 3: I met a fresh grip. His fingers of the word. Not feeling...
Voice 5: So when it comes...
Voice 3: Starting with balancing things up.
Voice 5: Stop this word thing.
Voice 4: You will want to explain.
Voice 1: Thinking of seeing.
Voice 4: Incoherent.
Voice 3: Inadequate.
Voice 5: Already knew this.
Voice 4: Torture can bring herself.
Voice 1: To explain my present fear.
Voice 2: No other parts of almost always.
Voice 5: And argue with me.
Voice 4: They hang.
Voice 2: Innocently sold.
Voice 1: So beautiful.
Voice 2: Increasing the need to be.
Voice 5: For this word evil acquired something about a glow.
Voice 3: I bend back the weight of it?
Voice 5: With balancing things.
Voice 3: I bend back the plane on the television screen.
Voice 2: Going to do.
Voice 5: This time a little too big to annoy me with this word of it.
Voice 3: Enjoy the balcony.
Voice 4: Physical activity.
Voice 3: Grip the body.
Voice 5: Strictly speaking!
Voice 4: A chair in front of a door with you to this extent was
Voice 3: I will see. Yes, I did promise.
Voice 2: No more pleasurable effects of this time.
Voice 4: As a chair shoved into context.
Voice 3: I double the impact.
Voice 4: Getting steadily worse.
Voice 3: It works for work.
Voice 4: Reduces her to imagine.
Voice 5: And any fear no reason.
Voice 3: Why, the exact same advice will stay.
Voice 1: Bargained for smile. The black dust.
Voice 5: In earnest with an empathy.
Voice 2: With an important time.
Voice 3: And argue with the impact.
Voice 2: And effect will be our whole culture.
Voice 4: Be nothing.
Voice 2: But I sense the air.
Voice 4: Hope.
Voice 1: Control to submit. Who can still see me?
Voice 2: I am not afraid.
Voice 5: Some of the word.
Voice 3: The weight of conversation.
Starting high on the beginning to overpower.
Voice 4: A moment is taken.
Voice 3: This word in the air.
Voice 4: Hope you remember.
Voice 3: Houses we will see yes.
Voice 2: We will see yes.
Voice 5: We lifted.
Look up!
Remember telling you.
Voice 3: After the last time.
Voice 1: That sort of treatment is long gone.
Voice 4: The other hand against this.
Voice 2: They don’t hurt that torture can be.
Voice 1: They trigger the production of --
Voice 4: Which rush their names.
Voice 1: Were burying earth.
Voice 2: In the alarm.
Voice 5: The front door with mutilated hands.
Voice 4: They had pushed his machismo.
Voice 3: The sensations come here.
Voice 2: Yes. My friend, a biologist,
a blow with a tool;
in your mother
that joke in earnest.
Voice 4: One of the future.
Voice 1: Almost cosmic mystery.
Voice 2: Remember this word, not afraid.
Voice 1: These words.
Voice 3: To save these, were living; next to admit --
Voice 5: It will include not feeling so.
Voice 4: Now, are you any region above.
Voice 1: Morning nobody had.
Voice 2: Remember telling you are waiting.
Voice 4: This word in the air, hope.
Voice 3: You need to be scared for a while.
Voice 2: Sense that came from personal.
Voice 4: It hurts.
Voice 2: Remember this time.
Voice 5: Refuse to stand in any book.
Voice 2: In alarm. Grab the danger.


Voice 5: Being a throbbing.

Voice 3: The fire before my palm. Enjoy the trauma.


Voice 5: Any combination of the total vulnerability and a door.

Voice 2: And grab.
Voice 1: That sort of conversations.
Voice 2: Kill the engineers.
Voice 5: They were breathing.
Voice 3: We lifted the interrogation with mutilated hands.
Voice 4: They don't hurt.
Voice 3: Shying away from actuality.
Voice 4: How to explain what most experienced.
Voice 5: They were breathing.
Voice 3: She enters my perspective. She shrieks.
Voice 5: By way of self-protection.
Voice 3: The laboratory of the worst.
Voice 1: The techniques that work.
Voice 5: One mourning.
Voice 2: The power station says nothing but intense effect.
Voice 5: Using both combined.
Voice 3: Start to be scared. There is a fire.
Voice 1: More like a fresh conversation.
Voice 5: The pain for madmen.
Voice 1: Applying just an indication.
Voice 2: Of the main advantages of yes.
Voice 5: Any piece of paper.
Voice 3: For me there is a fire.
Voice 4: She has been getting steadily worse.
Voice 2: So what?
Voice 3: We will lift her.
Voice 1: A huge part of the techniques that work.
Voice 3: Fear no more force.
Voice 1: Who unexpectedly answers me?
Voice 2: Afraid in different way.
Voice 4: Confusion alarm.
Voice 1: Having their names burying.
Voice 2: In alarm.
Voice 1: Grab the production.
Voice 5: Her short-comings?
Voice 1: The back of her emotions.
Painting light

Voice 1: Painting light in slow relationships.

Voice 2: And in the middle of the strong light!
Voice 3: Now there are few accessories --
Voice 2: The balance is a visual incongruity.
Voice 4: To someone four or five feet away.
Voice 3: Tissue paper.
Voice 2: Ambling by spectres.
Voice 3: Telephone lines.
Voice 1: [singing] Flying all the time.
Voice 3: To be effected black.
Voice 1: Then I am choosing to be quite clear.
Voice 2: Deliberately.
Voice 1: That state into which I identify such images. I have to
be large.
Voice 4: It's always so far from me, this one; equivalent
incongruous fighting.
Voice 1: The world is fair.
Voice 3: The speaker leads the amplifier, wearing out,
cosmetic, my head.
Voice 1: I see one is a pause as such images, using them in
the middle path between those finding --
Voice 3: Telephone lines.
Voice 1: I'm there and illuminating, to respond.
Voice 2: And rhythm shifts acquiring interlopers, the middle of a
film already in progress and we cannot help.
Voice 3: Telephone hallo.
Voice 4: Saying words he became highly skilled at.
Voice 2: Also provides a fissure through.
Voice 1: It is a medium like a whole set.
Voice 2: Then I am on her back, amazing; making.
Voice 4: The fruit is to go.
Voice 3: Out in the bedroom.
Voice 1: Back blank face this production process generated.
Voice 3: I want the castle keep out in the kitchen.
Voice 4: It's always made visible from space.
Voice 1: The origins of the door's fallen off somewhere warm.
Voice 2: Stares ahead a while some of his source material is.
Voice 4: But they always so bad laughs.
Voice 1: Our land.
Voice 4: People must be too careful and start rising.
Voice 1: I have intellect.
Voice 4: We count.
Voice 3: We cannot help.
Voice 2: Shadow figures in the centre.


Voice 1: Or by the night, on the other side of the night, other by

Voice 2: People who make the wealth not people.
Voice 1: That the matter of children is its physicality.
Voice 4: Gets something like a triptych and a way through the
bared open book tonight are still do.
Voice 3: You can manage.
Voice 4: It is remembering.
Voice 3: Find thyself to go!
Voice 2: You are so much more developed.
Voice 1: What I had no absolutely not there is abundant light in
the bedroom and knew exactly what you are not.
Voice 3: Telephone lines of the head I learned at school.
Voice 1: I use it to be to referred the middle of a custodian I
have, two frames of a distant person oh no more than
oneself matter of dedication.
Voice 2: It's largely an undersea window of course these are
images using them like us we helped ourselves.
Voice 1: This time making the centre what isn't our bodies are.
Voice 3: The castle keep talking to a half distance well as.
Voice 4: Being rich graphically it but you can see it but its
Voice 1: Or find myself to speak of consequences.
Voice 2: People must be free in relationships and of the image
one day.
Voice 1: They don't know.
Voice 4: I don't answer.
Voice 3: Wind pace forces rate.
Voice 4: Made visible from space!
Voice 3: Give us. Telephone lines I'm there was noisy
Voice 1: Without history.
Voice 2: We are visible. Roots of the landscape you are.
Voice 1: Forgetting the night.
Voice 2: Walks off somewhere warm stares ahead a flat
Voice 3: Telephone lines I'm there all the action system is.
Voice 1: The knowledge other than oneself.
Voice 2: I do.
Voice 3: Mend it to give us more.
Voice 1: Though the object seen rush might work with and that
means having all day after another the world I close.
Voice 3: My methodology gets you to the castle keep together.
Voice 1: Singing?
Voice 3: Ink flows so far from space.
Voice 1: Producing nothing.

Voice 1: More light ebb in the bedroom back amazing making.
Voice 2: Defences into the dark.
Voice 4: Equivalent incongruous fighting opposite assembly.
Voice 3: Elegant abomination about the castle. Keep out any
detail treasured comparably into money.
Voice 2: People with big brains.
Voice 4: One makes some kind of the head sensations.
Voice 1: I am only halfway up with a half distance vocally
performable in the middle of the landscape the
connecting half of light.
Voice 2: Bricks the outsiders some want some don't answer.
Voice 3: Pressure sight forces major coverage.
Voice 4: Dying carefully ranked.
Voice 2: This is with big brains.
Voice 1: Saying words he gave us.
Voice 2: Every time in creation there was noisy darkness.
Voice 1: Resisting representation, finding techniques and the
middle of the landscape you have the wrong number.
Voice 3: But this is imitation talking.
Voice 1: The balance is you have to get it by nausea and
Voice 2: And then come on her back blank face and find
Voice 4: Banding the resulting fresh meat.
Voice 2: Their family background centremost.
Voice 3: At least one thing.
Voice 2: Folk singer individual bounce prior touch. Accurately
eager each other than oneself. Matter of its kind. It's
kind of keeping the right. It makes the night.
Voice 1: Imitation talking.
Voice 2: We helped god in creation.
Voice 4: Somewhere gesturing dislocation.
Voice 3: Must be an uneven blackness which is a pet saying.
Voice 2: Come on you will shift as we helped ourselves.
Voice 4: We have science still visible in full of the image in the
trees the middle.
Voice 1: It's just wasted the information and a lot of his papers
keep talking.
Voice 2: Derived images.
Voice 1: Using them.
Voice 3: Fabrics rise out the situation tells what you have to
Voice 1: We helped god in.
Voice 2: The speaker leads the ground.
Voice 1: Develop it even darker.


Voice 3: A telephone hallo.

Voice 1: Trash of resisting representation. More light! Strong
Voice 3: Telephone hallo.
Voice 2: Made visible to the performers.
Voice 1: Read it laughing. I dream.
Voice 4: Dedication to the real history.
Voice 1: Sensations performed our bodies.
Voice 2: Are the image one cannot watch.
Voice 1: Keep together singing and that means having
Voice 3: Information doesn't work without real history.
Voice 4: Time we're handling others' money here whatever the
image that wastes time making defences and we
have... Have touched a few people.
Voice 2: And then I want some beer.
Voice 1: We educate savages.
Voice 2: You revolt me sometimes. I want some beer.
The News

Voice 1: Politics!
Voice 2: Reports!
Voices 1
Voice 1: I fell down... Here we come.
Voice 2: Here we come. Six o'clock.
Voice 3: Now paths are replacing gold as irrational.
Voice 1: Literary example of value.
Voice 2: I would normally check this.


Voice 3: One declares himself to be careful about using the.

Voice 4: There is no one --
Voice 3: Declares himself to this climbing.
Voice 4: Store amended.
Voice 3: Lifelike intelligence grabbed a perverted version.
Voice 1: No sign of value.
Voice 3: I fail to work you.
Voice 1: Without absolutes.
Voice 2: Takes up his future.
Voice 3: Peaceful improperly.
Voice 1: Shifting a store of value.
Voice 3: Full face of shortage.
Voice 4: An accumulation of the skull.
Voice 2: There's no limbic message.
Voice 3: Face of the face.
Voice 2: Head on it.
Voice 1: Putting yourself in phonemes
Voice 2: An object of deepness!
Voice 3: Divides.
Voice 4: A store of gags.
Voice 3: A store of fingers.
Voice 2: Disbelieving.
Voice 1: Some are transformed.
Voice 2: With the field it has touched.
Voice 1: To indicate understanding.
Voice 2: There is some head to it.
Voice 4: Check this material.
Voice 2: While it is daytime.


Voice 3: She buried her head.

Voice 2: We are liquefying.
Voice 1: Accompanied by gravity.
Voice 2: And some virtues.
Voice 1: And some pieces of injustice.
Voice 4: Replenishing agony for confession. With courtesy.
Voice 1: Stand in the field, in the puzzle, falling more --
Voice 2: A cause and impending fight.
Voice 1: Or flight.
Voice 2: And make out those of the ocean.
Voice 1: Other human figures.
Voice 3: Coloured lights climb.
Voice 4: Gasp the symbol in front of value.
Voice 1: I would allow us to work full time in the dark.
Voice 2: Feel impressed once.
Voice 3: Inaccurate.
Voice 1: Two phonemes are heavier than half transparent light
Voice 4: Some expectation.
Voice 1: Will again flood as we human figures, in a better
position, rain.
Voice 3: With a skin full on board.
Voice 1: We, human beings, learn the rain.
Voice 2: In her large ear.
Voice 3: A shortage of a shortage.
Voice 4: A morally neutral quality.
Voice 1: A field in the world.
Voice 2: If you think.
Voice 4: A style of knowledge.
Voice 2: Embrace that.
Voice 1: On the circle across country.
Voice 3: He enters very attentive.
Voice 1: The field illicit.
Voice 4: And there's no sign of it.
Voice 3: Two figures stand back.
Voice 1: An enemy needs comfort.
Voice 2: Here we come, particles.
Voice 3: All define differently. No firm basis for a moment.
Voice 4: One skull one sees through the gates.
Voice 1: All over one life.
Voice 2: Earphones craving projections.
Voice 4: It's between you.
Voice 3: Pay the intimate nerve.
Voice 2: You craving her voice was difficult to this material.
Voice 1: No audio output.
Voice 2: Illuminated all night.
Voice 3: The door closed a perverted version.
Voice 4: To indicate acquiescence to work.
Voice 3: In the eyes, two different versions.
Voice 1: Stumbling through the sky.
Voice 2: Human figures in the back of his future.
Voice 4: Cipher face capricious.
Voice 3: Inappropriate materials.
Voice 2: Fire doors enclosing condemnation.
Voice 1: Interpretations of an enemy. The hall's dark but in the
Voice 3: A shortage of papers. A vivid hold.
Voice 4: The skull glimmers more than half transparent.
Voice 1: Some pieces of injustice.
Voice 3: The world terrified.
Voice 1: Using the ocean.
Voice 2: The point in the performance.
Voice 3: Divides a shortage of injustice.
Voice 2: Gasp communicating science.
Voice 1: The doors shivering with cultural relativism.
Voice 4: To work full face of a style.
The psyche and the warm envelope

Voice 1: Tradition is an array of styles.

Voice 2: Corollaries of the world's permutations.
Voice 3: That's at a fake.
Voice 4: Perceived difference changes it.
Voice 5: Presenting images.


Voice 2: To generate an ideological outlook is being --

Voice 1: To get shot.


Voice 3: Intelligence vanishes --

Voice 5: The persuaded boot.


Survive attention.
Voice 3: For the facts.
Voice 4: The aim has been --
Voice 2: Cognitive dissonance.
Voice 5: The psyche and the warm filled envelope.
Voice 1: Take his business.
Voice 3: Discriminating customer?
Voice 4: Levels of the trainee.
Voice 5: He has the world.
Voice 2: Time consuming.
Voice 5: An ideological outlook?
Voice 3: Rhetorical.
Not getting the interpretation

Voice 1: Point at the crowd.

Voice 2: Which was stolen away.
Voice 3: With the coup delayed?
Voice 4: And of the words.
Voice 3: The snipers were arrested.
Voice 1: I am about to explain.
Voice 3: What is that?
Voice 4: He's controlled.
Voice 1: In perfect tranquillity.
Voice 2: Prisoners in further research.
Voice 3: [to 2] I spoke as she said.
Voice 2: [to 3] In the morning.
Voice 3: [to 2] And found several deputies.
Voice 2: Our ears devoured forever.
Voice 4: His own elite blasted..
Voice 3: A prosperous man.
He was a dream.
Voice 4: Not interpretations.
Voice 3: Do not mock me.
Voice 2: In the house?
Voice 3: In the house.
Voice 2: And in this house --
Voice 3: I was stolen away.
Out of this field.
Voice 2: With the east wind sprung?
Voice 1: To rally, to defend the house.
Voice 4: Happening.
But I'm very concerned about the shooting.
Voice 3: Filmed a dream.
Voice 2: Bring me.
I'm concerned about what's happening where he was in
my hand.
Voice 1: Prominent death or a country barracks.
Voice 3: Like a dream.
Voice 2: More shots, we ran.
And afterward came the generals.
Voice 3: My data suggests that there was prosperity.
Voice 1: Support from progressive forces.
That normally would see.
Voice 4: And phenomena?
Voice 1: It was the LORD was with plotters.
Voice 4: And the birds did eat them.
Voice 2: We waited for news inside the bakers.
Voice 3: And she said such shaded things.
Voice 4: They put him into the house.
Voice 1: With extraordinarily productive land of the popular vote.
Voice 2: And television immediately announced --
Voice 3: Therefore his name was called.
Voice 1: To get inside!
Voice 3: We have dreamed a dream.
The swearing in ceremony.
Filming the place.
They continued a season.
Voice 2: In a morning.
Voice 4: And behold they were sad.
Voice 3: He is no interpreter.
Voice 1: And the words of people were working for death.
There is poverty by the river.
Voice 2: My data suggests unused land.
Voice 1: The men, my hand, the crowd.
Voice 3: A deafening outside.
Voice 1: Alone, the day was arranging the evening.
Voice 4: Discouraging businesses.
Voice 1: Validity delayed.
Voice 4: Another sniper started aiming at the crowd.
Voice 1: We were in Egypt.
Voice 2: Research in mTuesday, 06 October 2009y hand.
Voice 4: We're not getting the interpretation.
Voice 3: It budded.
He is the interpretation.
Voice 2: His own safety reports came to be.

Soldier: Enemies --
Wood: Cylinders --
Camera: Distinctness --
Wood: Coupled fear of being, inanimate...
Camera: Thus the human energies in the squabble.
Male: He is aglow --
Wood: So bad as imperfect again --
Camera: A standard unnamed --
Male: A death's head sticking out of treasure…
Soldier: They pass.
Female: I was expecting robbers in the street.
Camera: You should come to this crowd. Live on in custody.
Male: One made love around chocolate sauce, and the latest
theoretical inclinations...
Soldier: A moment in whose history?
Male: Words breaking, mingling; gangrene arrogance flooding
the film of him, but certainly not immediately.
Wood: Believe it.
Camera: Believe it seamlessly. Every piece of indeterminate
countryside. So many collections of himself, thought the
trees. The treasure they can not imagine.
Wood: I never implied anything. And say my name properly.
Camera: Their broken faces look down satisfied. So many
collections of himself, thought Wood.
Male: She is aglow, its truth seeping plenitude took his mind.
Soldier: And then an illegitimate sentence.
Male: Mingling of the brain and spine.
Soldier: Years of pain and poverty.
Male: Naming of culture.
Soldier: The certitude of one.
Female: May be able to deny all this.
Soldier: Written in memorisation of old newspapers.
Camera: Lazily and ambitiously produced.
Soldier: An instruction.


Wood: Slow hands of the winter.

Female: Our individual interest.
Camera: The backwards madhouses.
Male: Inside the world they can not imagine
Camera: Interpretation of danger disembodied.
Wood: Danger disembodied…
Soldier: Disembodied hand.
Camera: Disembodied hand her.
Male: Hand her body.
Camera: Her body on tape.
Female: Her body on tape skin.
Camera: Skin the words.
Male: The words mantle the dream.
Female: She is destroyed.
Male: And the same stuffed down the camera.
Soldier: Clitoris.
Camera: Likes the eyes of that.
Wood: Veils of single cohesion.
Female: She is formally destroyed.
Soldier: Experience sorrow for truth.
Male: Bleeding at rectums.
Wood: The correct or perforated museum.
Soldier: Sticky.
Camera: Disappearing photo of a body.
Female: Every piece of a tantrum.
Male: Mnemonic world.
Camera: Bleeding.
Wood: A hierarchy of affect.
Male: Sun wires the museum of lovely silence.
Soldier: Regain his mind.
Wood: Awareness of this turning.
Female: They put their heads under water.
Soldier: Some get the world.
Female: Her body is the room.
Camera: States of mind move.
Male: Invented breathing heard among my body.
Soldier: Tractable subjects.
Wood: The heart is dead.
Soldier: Spilled gin.
Female: Face flaking words.
Camera: The windows of himself and vacuity.
Female: I have always known silence.
Camera: And wires hopeless alcoholics all over him.
Male: The words are somewhat hairy.
Female: The room in my body is the revolving world.
Wood: Care of memory.
Female: Pulped disruptions of my statement.
Soldier: Ashes of words drowned himself in the slow relentless
not speaking.
Male: Everybody should read the answer, she turned over my
body, is the heart.
Soldier: Memory a pissing roof.
Camera: Again he died.
Wood: Soaked.
Female: Into the world.
Soldier: A real signal.
Male: The eyes of light.
Soldier: The bulging face.
Female: The mob breaks down.
Wood: In marginalia.
Soldier: Heroes.
Female: Churning.
Male: Light gleefully.
Soldier: Dream of a gentleman! Copies of shit.
Wood: The slush so poor.
Male: Her body is the river.
Soldier: Noisy man.
Female: Recognised, a word is sure content.
Male: Her body is not a joke.
Soldier: Spilled some on the news.
Wood: Disruptions of industry.
Female: An open awareness of possibility.
Soldier: My body is my world.
Camera: Bringing things.
Male: Ceremony belief.
Female: Her body textures kneeling.
Occupied Territory

Voice 1: a cartographer at the corner

aches for our selves
talking about the shape of poppies


Voice 2: telemetries contrive birds

whispering the garden state
fragile activity
in a space
Voice 1: logic of allegory
Voice 2: leading parataxis
Voice 3: categorical obstruction fast
the rudeness of breathed life
stripped and killing some of regularity


Voice 1: flesh riots at spiking gold

dial the full moon
where the mad sunbathe
to create visitants


Voice 3: postures pose truth

Voice 2: more vastness on deep mud

Voice 1: I go out into similar worlds
Voice 3: makings of a reception
Voice 2: knowledge that hazes
visual rather than inhaled


Voice 1: life is talk

imagination and houses
covering land
with skeletons held together
Voice 3: paroxysms of text for darkness mutilated
Voice 1 neon swimming off
Voice 3: coded civic function
scenarios muttered


hard to keep things tidy within the video


Voice 1: a bird at its utilities


Voice 2: rhetoric-based pleasure

Voice 1: and nothing


charm dies


Voice 2: the house is more space


Voice 3: extend the digital

Our red heart

Voice 1: Our...
Voice 2: Our sarcasm and...
Voice 3: Overdue things...


Voice 1: Poetry or here...

Voice 2: Poetry or here...
Voice 1: In and around our...


Voice 1: The one that we...

Voice 2: Themselves are...


Voice 2: In and around our...

Voice 1: But I have a note...
Voice 3: Poetry or here...
Voice 1: You should know...
Voice 2: Always; sense beyond...
Voice 1: Friendship...
Voice 3: Words...
Voice 2: The one that we --
Voice 3: Themselves are --
Voice 4: Overdue things’

Voice 1: But I have a tendency to...
Voice 2: Yes why not call it...
Voice 1: Almost nothing...
Voice 4: Themselves are...
Voice 1: That the words that...


Voice 1: Yes why not call it...

Voice 3: The one that we...
Voice 2: Friendship...


Voice 4: The one that we...

Voice 1: Supposed to be a note...
Voice 3: Always, sense beyond...
Voice 1: Well, this was originally...
Voice 2: Yes, why not call it...


Voice 1: Well, this was originally.

Voice 2: That the words that…


Voice 4: Poetry or here.

Voice 3: Our sarcasm and…


Voice 1: That…


Voice 5: The one that we.

Voice 3: Friendship.
Voice 2: Almost nothing.


Voice 6: The one that we.

Voice 1: You should know.
Voice 2 But I have a note.
Voice 5: Overdue things.
Voice 1: Well this was originally.
Voice 2: Supposed to be a note.
Voice 1: Almost nothing.
Voice 3: Yes why not call it.
Voice 2: You should know.
Voice 1: Well this was originally.
Voice 2: Supposed to be a note.


Voice 3: Supposed to be a note.

Voice 2: Well this was originally.
Voice 1: The one that the true world.

Voice 1: Hide the true world.

Voice 6: Overdue things.


Voice 1: The words that.


Voice 4: Always sense beyond.


Voice 1: Themselves are.

Voice 5: Poetry or here.
Voice 1: Hide the words that.


Voice 4: Our sarcasm and around our.

Voice 2: Themselves are.
Voice 1: Laughing games.


Voice 2: But I have a tendency to.

Voice 3: You should know.


Voice 4: Yes why not call it.


Voice 2: Almost nothing.

Voice 4: You should know.
Voice 5: Always sense beyond.
Voice 6: Poetry or here.
Voice 1: Well this was originally.


Voice 7: Overdue things.

Voice 3: In and around our.
Voice 4: In and.
Voice 5: That the true world.


Voice 4: Friendship.
Voice 1: Overdue things.
Voice 3: That the words that.
Voice 2: Well this was originally.
Voice 7: Poetry or here.
Voice 5: Our sarcasm and.

Voice 6: That the true world.
Voice 2: Laughing games.
Voice 1: Poetry or here.


Voice 1: Supposed to be a note.

Voice 4: That the words that.


Voice 1: Hide the true world.

Voice 2: Poetry or here.
Voice 1: Hide the true world.


Voice 3: Poetry or here.

Voice 5: Friendship.
Voice 6: Precisely...
Voice 7: Suitably...
Voice 1: Image...
Voice 2: Finally came.
Voice 3: Stop almost nothing.
Voice 4: But a pile of burning rubber.
Voice 5: A dead sea scroll.
Voice 6: Nothing!
Voice 7: But streaks of fire.
Voice 3: Almost nothing
Voice 4: Let us pray. Well, hot water sweeten, milk offer.
Butter gently too much. Integrate protection.
Voice 5: Bomber virtue, quantity virtue --
Voice 6: Part totally quantity --
Voice 7: Policy virtue.
Voice 1: Introduction efforts too much. Palate traffic, then air
cool. On bare knees, shooting through air.
Voice 2: Grass wrecking traffic.
Voice 5: I watched you. You should know.
Voice 3: Animation some day. Wants know.
Voice 4: True consensus. Involvement investment. All
Voice 5: Lord remembering afflictions. Vehicles.


Voice 6: Quality...
Voice 4: Stop almost nothing.


Voice 3: Themselves are.

Voice 2: Our.
Voice 7: Traffic stumbles into the true.
Voice 1: World.
Voice 6: You should know.
Voice 2: Offer butter gently.
Voice 3: Too great, and it never existed.
Voice 5: In and necessary.
Voice 4: Habitual progressive response.
Voice 5: The moment wrecking.
Voice 6: A tendency to balance the one.
Voice 7: A tiny point.
Voice 1: Half a temporary promise.


Voice 2: Depth...
Voice 3: Slowly pulling.
Voice 4: Little ball of crisis.
Voice 5: In heat.
Voice 6: Unfamiliar.


Voice 7: Epidemic simulations.


Voice 1: Heat and --

Voice 2: Relief information in news.
Voice 3: Texts that we find ourselves at war with itself this --
Voice 4: Was no longer.
Voice 5: Bed idiolect abed.
Voice 6: Idiolect works.
Voice 7: When have I ever existed it.


Voice 4: Words.


Location in memory of those lost and...

Voice 3: Laughing games.


Voice 2: Overdue things.

Voice 1: Penetration...
Voice 2: The conflict in and around the corner.
Voice 3: To join similar coalitions forming.
Voice 4: You see? Remember to embody words.
Voice 3: Our --
Voice 5: Flames from the words.
Voice 6: That was originally a sudden gush.
Voice 7: Information directly too much.
Voice 1: And exhale into the feeling of agreement.
Voice 2: Direct investment.
Voice 3: Of all who participate.
Voice 4: The metallic taste of those unfamiliar.
Voice 5: It spilled.
Voice 6: Into bodies shooting.
Voice 7: Shooting through.
Voice 4: In and around our.


Voice 2: Has participated.

Voice 3: Continues to participate.


Voice 4: Excerpt of my skin.

Voice 6: Always sense beyond.
Voice 5: Subject flames can write.
Voice 6: A plagiarized text returning words.


Voice 5: In and around our --

Voice 6: Our sarcasm and around our sarcasm and --


Voice 7: You should know.

Voice 1: The desires of my nostrils.
Voice 2: Simplicity.
Voice 3: Occupied rhetoric.
Voice 4: Investment of your soul.
Voice 6: Originally.
Voice 5: Words.
Voice 7: Burning rubber.
Voice 1: Top heavy head.
Voice 2: Around the true world.
Voice 3: Pitying pain.
Voice 4: Red heart.
Reason to believe

Voice 1: Absolute stud.

Voice 2: Slut.
Voice 1: Pudding.
Voice 3: Mist loop.
Voice 1: Clot.
Voice 2: Weed trot.
Voice 3: I --
Voice 2: Wind.
Voice 3: Wistful.
Voice 1: Burst inscribe.
Voice 2: Broken imagine spore cells.
Voice 1: Tone deaf.
Voice 2: Crunched rid.
Voice 1: Pornographic.
Voice 2: Manipulated eggs.
Voice 1: Sordid uselessness.
Voice 2: Insinuated ditches.
Voice 1: Knot up clot thickens.
Voice 2: Flank from experimental to recipients --
Voice 3: Of night with unlikeness.
Voice 4: I think, learning to record the sunrise.
Voice 3: Paramedics unleash flares.
Voice 4: The night with motors.
Voice 3: Air renews libraries.
Voice 4: Messaging.
Voice 3: Absolute.
Voice 2: Stud slut.
Voice 1: Pud poop loop.
Voice 2: Date gravity.
Voice 3: Wade in land.
Voice 2: Like a bought fighter.
Voice 4: Mermaid collapse.
Voice 1: Lint.
Voice 2: Feather petunias.
Voice 3: Witness overdrive.
Voice 4: Ink fortune.
Voice 3: Existential ball bearings.
Voice 4: Maximum oak diaphragm.
Voice 2: Sunflower pressure.
Voice 1: Hiding socket.
Voice 3: I was immortality.
Voice 2: Florid no further.
Voice 3: Encouraging perplexity.
Voice 1: Be internal.
Voice 3: Loved. A reference point.
Voice 4: Deteriorates.
Voice 3: Three possible relationships there.
Voice 4: Hair twinkling eyes.
Voice 3: And I imagined her voice.
Voice 2: To the corrosion.
Voice 1: Sideboard with clouds roving.
Voice 3: My flesh like mouths.
Voice 2: The curving frame of the hole.
Voice 4: In the dark end of the conversation.
Voice 3: Its own select existence.
Voice 2: And the headless contortion.
Voice 1: Get off.
Voice 3: So no no further than encouraging me to the thanks for
Voice 2: Shriven of breath. Plucking silver sunset.
Voice 1: An extended period.
Voice 2: Florid still. Which revolves around the login.
Voice 1: Fluffy earthenware.
Voice 3: I would think these memories --
Voice 1: Thanks for the first time
Voice 4: Messaging with messenger from and to subject
Voice 2: Slut pudding.
Voice 1: Poop loop date.
Voice 2: Gravity wade.
Voice 3: In that for me.
Voice 4: The beauty? Concentrate as well.
Voice 3: To see through and look for a book.
Voice 2: He shrieked out with it.
Voice 3: Absolute.
Voice 2: Pud poop.
Voice 1: Stud slut.
Voice 3: Imagine a book. Loop visceral mist.
Voice 4: I pass, just.
Voice 3: Your name?
Voice 4: Easy description a book.
Voice 2: The other one gets among a seeking.
Voice 3: An exclamation.
Voice 4: Scribble the first time and look for a book.
Voice 3: I am a participant.
Voice 2: I sketch technology.
Voice 1: Ecstatic.
Voice 3: Please send a line.
Voice 2: Is meant to represent.
Voice 4: In convergent media.
Voice 3: Mirrored words.
Voice 1: Work done.
Voice 2: A furniture magnifies.
Voice 4: Invent subject position.
Voice 2: Please distribute the time of my body for me to stick the
Voice 3: Individual for me to go down.
Voice 2: I too simple minded.
Voice 4: Simple minded with tool use.
Voice 2: I've given consideration.
Voice 4: Too stubborn to texts.
Voice 2: Wound sore.
Voice 1: In climax
Voice 4: Scoring playoffs.
Voice 3: Literature buildings in our caves.
Voice 1: Projects of humbling the haughty transfigured.
Voice 3: Something so wonderful about the book.
Voice 4: A reference point I certainly hope!
Voice 3: Behind voice I wrenched.
Voice 4: Warfare device solves any shape.
Voice 3: Formation of history.
Voice 2: So no great focus.
Voice 1: Would suck vision entwined with suppressed recipients.
Voice 3: New pens! Please distribute the convergent media for
Voice 2: Messaging with projects of immortality.
Voice 1: Tremendous spells he shrieked out
Voice 2: With an air pressure
Voice 1: In shock shit abandon imagine sore.
Voice 2: Date rock map theatrics red.
Voice 1: Stump gag dripping spread.
Voice 2: Loom nub.
Voice 1: Gang storm.
Voice 2: Buzz.
Voice 3: Clock dust rises.
Voice 1: Itch out the music with memories.
Voice 3: Transfer instruction.
Voice 4: Messaging with a messenger.
Voice 2: Homing pigeon.
Voice 1: She considers what works for me.
Voice 3: Vision through polymer.
Voice 4: Formation of reference.
Voice 2: The ideas engage by sameness.
Voice 1: Unmark points.
Voice 3: Dying of language.
Voice 2: A book on my head.
Voice 3: Breathe.
Voice 2: Dome drizzle.
Voice 1: Stitch doubt.
Voice 2: You cant have no encouraging.
Voice 3: Texts like a pendulum.
Voice 4: All the services and conveniences.
Voice 2: Such names.
Voice 3: Sameness the position.
Voice 1: Limbs define.
Voice 3: Poop loop visceral mist.
Voice 4: Imagine a book on money.
Voice 2: But a book on the sideboard.
Voice 3: Sprawl informative.
Voice 1: A book which revolves around to its own robots after
making love.
Voice 4: Making love beauty and robots formation.
Voice 1: Proposal to the first time.
Voice 2: Breath shrieked out with a voice.
Voice 3: With conversation irreconcilable.
Voice 4: Gravity a workhouse.
Voice 3: I am uneasy with it.
Voice 2: Wind. Wistful burst inscribed.
Voice 3: Shining broken.
Voice 4: Digital termites.
Voice 1: Reason to believe.
Public infidelities

Voice 1: The lobbyist contacts the judge.

Voice 2: Who is hoping he has no complaint to make.
Voice 3: Who is happy with that cause.
Voice 4: But we don't think you're advancing.
Voice 5: By what he thought.
Voice 1: Toxic ash surrounding it.
Voice 2: When he said we declined.
Voice 3: Reasonable and dirty.
Voice 4: Outrageous screams and misinformation in the
Voice 5: Says its praising commitment.
Voice 4: It doesn't just force.
Voice 2: A few paces before sinking once, more responsible
than the nature.
Voice 1: Meeting marking the long history of energy.
Voice 5: And this is the president of the bejewelled.
Voice 1: Hoping he would rapidly be injured or forgotten by the
Voice 2: Rudely across the expense of blood.
Voice 6: And bad journalism.
Voice 4: The most significant documentary.
Voice 2: He had another go at the programme.
Voice 5: Is a mighty wallop.
Voice 1: Television and misinformation.
Voice 3: The people who carry out the orders.
Voice 6: From the beginning.
Voice 4: Code is about as clear.
Voice 5: A lot of work.
Voice 6: A mighty wallop.
Voice 3: A transition mechanism.
Voice 4: With utilities.
Voice 1: Arguing.
Voice 4: Means fine weather.
Voice 1: Clean air in the refugee camp.
Voice 6: Despair.
Voice 3: What shall I agree with? The BBC.
Voice 2: The accommodation abysmal.
Voice 6: Infidelities of energy.
Voice 4: Infidelities of course.
Voice 1: The potentate... Is more rigid - and that's fine... The
European coffers of... More rigid of context... His ladies
bathing in the last overriding purpose.
Voice 4: I understand that; a transition, a mechanism with
utilities arguing.
Voice 6: That was misused.
Voice 5: Society is more favourable to murderers.
Voice 2: Has fought against a reply.
Voice 3: Old.
Voice 4: And this is what he says. OK?
Voice 1: Slavery slaughter yard and people in the clean air in
this pivotal exchange.
Voice 6: Deaths all over Jerusalem.
Voice 5: At night.
Voice 4: At night, shepherd's delight.
Voice 3: Red sky at night, shepherd's delight.
Voice 1: Red the broadcast.
Voice 6: Fiction section.
Voice 4: We continue our new section.
Voice 2: With the dj.
Voice 6: And he was lying.
Voice 4: In the palms of your harem, the petals of context.
Voice 3: Including the profligate political spenders.
Voice 4: Night returning from an orgy.
Voice 3: There was thus no reason.
Voice 6: And administrative battles.
Voice 1: It has spent television and the tumble of public life.
Voice 6: And the atmosphere --
Voice 2: Including the rough --
Voice 1: And starting --
Voice 4: Sharp outside.
Voice 3: The way to the person.
Voice 5: Who acted as his comments.
Voice 6: Were thus misrepresented.
Voice 3: Or taken you a whole year to collect.
Voice 4: Kicked at night, shepherd's delight, red sky at morning.
Voice 7: I was certainly a war criminal?
Voice 4: A silken sheen patterned by a case of bias.
Voice 6: A river.
Voice 5: Till they touched the meadows.
Voice 6: And tales whispered.
Voice 1: By a red sunrise.
Voice 4: Means rain tomorrow.
Voice 1: In fact.
Voice 6: A river.
Voice 2: Infidelities of work.
Voice 3: Hard to deliver.
Voice 6: The way his --
Voice 1: I was contacted.
Voice 2: This is hilarious hardcore.
Voice 4: Islamic hat.
Voice 1: He had another pub.
Voice 4: Cyber space speaks to repackage --
Voice 1: I agree with a press release.
Voice 4: A single remix of original text.
Voice 3: He had the time.
Voice 6: You don't want to a silken sheen.
Voice 4: Castrating you in this pivotal exchange.
Voice 2: Thundering.
Voice 6: Gradually shifting.
Voice 2: To be injured.
Voice 5: Or maybe didn't believe.
Voice 2: Has enmeshed itself
Voice 3: Portions of the world jump.
Voice 1: Refugees in an array.
Voice 4: In the dreams of the decision.
Voice 1: To be informed.
Voice 6: And injured.
Voice 4: And counteract instances of original texts.
Voice 5: Maybe he didn't believe. If you don't want to get into --
Voice 1: This pivotal exchange. An arrangement of respiratory
ailments. He was misused.
Voice 4: Most command responsibility is about sex.
Voice 5: Is to build and maintain the capacity to coerce
Voice 3: If the sun goes all the way.
Voice 6: Fiction section we continue.
Voice 2: A wide variety.
Voice 3: We have no quarrel with the dj.
Voice 1: And his interfaced public infidelities.

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