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IMPORTANT: Make sure you watch the entire video before reading through this PDF be cause youll better understa nd everything thats here.

att Clark and Jason M by s rie se o de vi e fre e In the rst video of th AL business selling RE a te ea cr to w ho u yo Katzenback teaching att and Jason rst M , on az Am ng gi ra ve le REAL products by m this exact business fro lts su re G IN D N U TO AS g revealed their know what theyre talkin ly al re ey th ow kn u yo t model to le about. worth of products at 00 ,0 00 ,0 $3 t os m al ld so Matt has already ths of 2013 on on m ne ni st r e th st ju in n about a 50% prot margi Amazon. les also with around a sa in 00 ,0 00 ,2 $1 t ou ab d Jason has generate onths of 2013 - all after m ne ni st r e th st ju in n 50% prot margi el in October of last year. od m ss ne si bu is th ith w only starting

n System, their io ot om Pr e at m lti U e aled th Then, Matt & Jason reve n, and rened over the ve ro p , ed st te n ee b s secret system that p of Amazon for to e th at ed nk ra ct du pro past 3 years to get ANY ord. ANY category or keyw ts some additional insigh ith w g on al F PD is th The full system is in red in the video. and strategies not cove nerate tons of sales ge d an , on az m A on nk Getting a product to ra t rocket science. no is r, ile ta re e lin on t from the worlds larges r this business, fo ks or w Y LL A RE t ha er w In fact, when you discov s too simple you may even think it

Most Amazon sellers dont do any of this. Th ey simply upload or copy & paste product s from their ecommer ce stores into Amazo and hope they get so n me sales. The truth is, theres a HUGE OPPORTUNITY right now on Amazo because of this. n

re about to learn, the Smart marketers like you can use what you sting products in Ultimate Promotion System, to y above exi Amazons rankings. ce to get your product As Matt discussed in the video, the best pla keywords as thats to rank on Amazon is for high value search es from. where the majority of trac on Amazon com

There are tons of bestseller lists for each category on Amazon, but thats not how most people n d products. Most people simply go to Amaz on and type in a keyword relat ed to the product they want to bu y and then purchase one of the products ranking high for that keyword. So, to be successful on Amazon , you want to get YOUR produc t ranking high for your most valu able keywords.

1. Make your product conv

ert better than any simila

r product

2. Systematically get review s for your product (can be done on complete auto-pilot) 3. Get a burst of trac (=sa les) to show Amazon your product is HOT These 3 things are what th e Ultimate Promotion Syst em does.

account to n a p tu se to is romotion System P te a (click im o lt z U a e m a th l. f a o tr 1 n e p rc te e S zon at http://sell a m A n o ts c u d sell pro w link). the Register No ll sure you have a e k a m to n o ti p 9 Professional o .9 9 3 $ rush it on e c th ly se te o lu o so Ch b a to bilities you need the selling capa Amazon.


sing the right product to Step 2 is to pick a product to sell. Choo s. sell on Amazon is critical to your succes in this series, releasing in This is why the ENTIRE focus of video 2 at products to sell and just a few days, is all about choosing gre nding suppliers for those products. remely easy and Jason and Matt will make this process ext for video 2. straight-forward for you. Just stay tuned

Step 3 of the Ultimate Promotion System is to create a KILLER product detail page for your Amazon product. A product detail page consists of all the elements you can control that show up when an Amazon customer looks at your products page on Amazon. First, your products title can drive massive amount of trac from Amazon because its your primary source of relevance for keywords.

le, ideally at the BEGINtit t uc od pr ur yo in ds or By including keyw make your product show ill w on az Am , le tit t uc od NING of your pr search for them. le op pe n he w ds or yw ke e up for thos ntion to your prodte at aw dr lp he ill w es ag im Next, your product click on YOUR product ho w le op pe to in s er ch ar se uct and convert s. instead of your competitor ity, to stand out, al qu gh hi be to es ag im t You want your produc and to SELL your product.

s the Amazon se The screenshot above show . iphone 5 case on Amazon


arch results for

As you can see , the rst listin gs image stan than the next ds out MUCH m two listings. Th ore e y r e all black case listing used m ore of its avail s, but the rst able space by 3D mockups o adding two ad f a phone with ditional the case on it. This makes tha t listing stand out more, get sales. more clicks, an d more The third elem ent of a KILLER product detail ten product de page, is a well-w scription. ritMost products on Amazon ha ve a very short thats simply c description or opied from som one eone elses site turer). (usually a man ufac-

oduct (because the pr on az Am an on s ck cli ne But, once someo does that Amazon cusw ho , e) ag im & le tit od go a product had t to BUY the product? tomer decide whether or no Often, by reading the descrip tion.

py, focusing on the benco s le sa e lik n tio rip sc de e If you write th tors between your product tia en er di e th d an er us e ets to th than other similar r tte be T ER NV CO ill w t uc and others, your prod nkings on Amazon. ra e th in e ris ill w d an ts uc prod

How to Find the Highest Value Keywords to Include in Your Product Title


research, chances are d or yw ke y an ne do er ev If youve known as Ad ow (n ol To d or yw Ke s e' gl youve hit up Goo you know which do w ho t, Bu it. t ou ab s at th Planner") and S (not just LE SA t os m e th to g in ad le e of those keywords ar searches) on Amazon? You dont use Googles keyw ord tool at all.

keyword, sleepa in pe ty d an om .c on az m Simply go to A es), for example. ing mask (without the quot


ds appears includ or yw ke of t lis a e, se n ca u As yo Sleeping mask for men Sleeping mask for girls Sleeping mask funny Etc.


ch are search for most. hi w of r de or in e es th ts lis Amazon , we want to know ow kn to t an w e w t ha w t But, thats no t SALES. which ones lead to the mos


Heres how to do it:

ords to Click on each of those keyw see the results. ts (can do one at a uc od pr 3 st r e th on k ic cl , Then indows). time or open in new tabs/w azon Bestseller Ra Am e th r fo ok lo d an n w do Scroll . in the top category for each nk

products with the t os m e th s ha ch hi w d or The keyw Bestseller Rank is on az Am ) er tt be = er w (lo T LOWES the winner. relevant to is d or yw ke at th e, ag er av It means that, on ts. more better selling produc


Step 4 of the Ultimate Promotion System is to get 3 reviews for your Amazon product. Since online shoppers cant touch feel or try out the prod ucts they shop for online, they have to rely on product reviews to make their buying decisions. If your product has zero reviews, your sales will struggle because no one wants to buy and unproven and untested product. Reviews also attract more aliates from the Amazon Asso ciates program that will drive buyers to YOUR product a grea t bonus you dont have to pay ANYTHING for!

r your product. This fo s ew vi re ts uc od pr e re So, you need to get th three ways to do it: e ar re he d an do to e is very simpl embers to try m ily m fa or s nd ie fr e re Give the product to th out and write reviews iends on Facebook Oer the product to fr mailing list or customer a s ha ) ow kn u yo ne If you (or someo uct to a few people od pr e th ve gi to er o list, ask them to SED reviews and A BI N U r fo k as u yo re e su When you do this, mak reviews and youll e th e rit w ey th RE FO BE give them the product guidelines. ew vi re s on az m A in ith be 100% w


te a sim Step 5 is to crea be. post it to YouTu How do most p rod

our prod y r fo o e id v o -t ple how

uct and

get there in th ucts on Amazon

e rst place? ta member

ecomm Simply fed from pastes. who copies and

ed or a s fe a g in s u s re to erce s

as theyre s g n ti s li n o z a m trac to their A g in v ri d website. e is rc e e n o m o m n o t c s e o p Alm n mom-and-po w o ir e th n o d e s too focu

By driving trac from outside sources to your Amazon product (instead of your own website), you get two benets: 1. Higher conversion rate because people TRUST Amazon (and have their credit card # stored with them) 2. Increased rankings on Amazon = more Amazon buyers will nd YOUR product (2x or more sales from same trac) Video, specically YouTube, is a FANTASTIC, FREE way to drive great trac to your Amazon product.


Over 800 million unique user s visit YouTube each month. (Source: om/yt/press/statistics.html) According to Internet Retaile r, 52% of consumers say that watching a product video makes th em more condent in their pu rchasing decision. (Source: m/html/resources/video-stat istics/) All you have to do is create a short (60 sec. 2 min.) video about your product, upload it to Yo uTube, and add a link in the de scription to your product. Then, YouTube will start send ing your product trac and sa les that NONE of your competitor s are getting. This will help yo ur product rise in the rankings on Amazon.

m is to create a press ste Sy n tio mo Pro ate tim Ul e th of 6 Step d distribute it with a link to release for your Amazon product an eo. your product and your YouTube vid of tra Press releases are a MASSIVE source kick o a new product. c and a great way to nds of

uct in front of thousa Doing these right can get your prod targeted media outlets.


BUT, theyre normally wasted on aliate promotions and little junky websites. To get your Amazon product a quick source of trac and sales, simply create & publish a press release using one of the low cost services such as Then, link to your Amazon Product AND yo ur YouTube video from within the press release.

50-200% more SALES te ra ne ge e as le re s es pr ur yo e To mak otion code. for your product, include a prom age Promotions > an M > y or nt ve In ck cli y pl sim is, To do th your Seller Central acCreate a promotion from within centive to people in an er o to u yo ow all ill w is Th count. you to track the ow all ill w d an e as le re s es pr ur who read yo actual sales. RESULTS of your press release in


m is to implement R.E.D., ste Sy n tio mo Pro ate tim Ul e th of 7 Step low-up system that will generor Reviews Every Day, a simple fol an your competitors. ate you 100-500% more reviews th

How do most people manag They dont.

e their Amazon businesses?

They simply get the sales they get, letting their product do wh atever it does on Amazon, and thats it. With just a few extra steps, yo u can dominate for just abou t any product, category, or keywor d on Amazon. Remember that reviews are ab solutely critical to the perform ance of your Amazon product.


So, to make your Amazon prod ucts sales consistently grow automatically, implement R.E. D., or Reviews Every Day:

#.1#2/%3.14 .#& / +. #( &' #0 *+ ./ ') ,!"#$%&'#%()*+#%# #%';'#)5*/ %) 5 #) :* '% *' #/ 9 87 6. .6 #( '*1$#)5*/#% -,)#+*>=*7? $ +. 9 %# *# %> 6* .# #) $ %1 :# 1 .= 5.7#)5*&<+*#$

You can even outsource this task for about $2 an hour by hiring a part-time sta member from and build reviews much faster than any of your competitors. Best of all, Amazon LOVES that youre doing this because its actually great customer service.


The 7-Step Ultima te Promotion Sys tem: Setup your accoun t at sellercentral.a Pick a product to se ll (*coming in vide o 2) Create a KILLER pro duct detail page Get three quick & easy reviews for yo ur product Create a simple ho w-to video & uplo ad it to YouTube Publish a press rele ase about your pro duct Implement R.E.D. and start getting R eviews Every Day
!"#$%&'%('%)*+"$%,'Information without action is nice, but wont change your life. You must DO SOMETHING (take action) to make what you learn useful to you. So, right now, take a look around wherever you are, your home, oce, etc. and pick out three products. Then, search for those products on Amazon to see what comes up. Do you see anything that could be improved? How about the product title? the images? the description? Or, how about the number and quality of reviews?

!"#$%&'#(&)%*#+",#*"#-./0#1230 4"2#!"56*#-&''#*%0#758309&:;0#<300#="5*05*#=">&5) ?@5;A#BC.&;.:;0#D"3#.#E&>&*09#$&>0FGGG

We're releasing some never-b efore-seen training and secret s on how to get products rank ed at the top of Amazon & au tomate the entire business.

and do the two steps on that This content will not be avai


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ere are over th r, ile ta re e lin n o st e s larg r 30,000 You see, as the world ve o in n o az m A n o ld ducts so a million dierent pro dierent categories.

and are RIPE for d e iz m ti p o y rl o o p e But, most products ar leading posia h lis ab st e d an , u yo like someone to come in, tion in the market.

ick out HOT p to w o h rn a le l l u o In the next video, y quickly d n a n o z a m A n o s ie product opportunit HIGH prot h it w ts c u d ro p se o nd suppliers for th diately. e m im g in ll se rt a st margins for you to xt video! e n e th in u o y e se l l Stay tuned and we