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Two stories: The State vs Oscar Pistorius Oscar’s version The state’s version He placed the fans
Two stories: The State vs Oscar Pistorius
Oscar’s version
The state’s version
He placed the fans on
the floor, closed the sliding
door to the balcony and
closed the curtains
In the dark, the blue
LED light of the hi-fi
bothers him. He wanted
to cover the light with
Reeva’s jeans. Reeva had
left the jeans on the floor
before getting into bed
Reeva was a very tidy person. She
put all her belongings in her overnight
bag. Why would her jeans be turned
inside-out on the floor? She was getting
dressed to leave the house, but became
scared of Oscar, dropped her jeans on
the floor and fled, screaming, from him
He repeatedly yells, 'Get
the f*** out of my house!' He
yells at Reeva to call the police.
The toilet door slams shut
The argument turns
violent and Oscar yells at
Reeva: 'Get the f*** out of
my house!'
You have to make up
time. You have to, in your
version, create enough
time in order for Reeva to
get up from the right-hand
side of the bed, walk to the
bathroom, slide the
window open and go to the
toilet to empty her bladder.
All of this without closing
the bathroom door
He sees that she is not in
the bedroom. He repeatedly
screams her name and runs
back to the toilet door
He fetches the
cricket bat that is
leaning against the
door in the bedroom
He yells for
Reeva, but she
does not respond.
He goes back to
the bedroom
He runs back to the
bedroom, opens the
curtains and sliding door
to the balcony, and
screams 'Help!' three
He breaks open
the toilet door with
three blows and
sees Reeva. He tries
to see whether she
is breathing
He pulls on his
prosthetic legs
Oscar was still on
his stumps when he
broke the toilet door
Oscar only
realises what he
has done after the
shots were fired. He
fetches the cricket
bat and breaks the
door down
He sees that the
bathroom window is open.
He hears a sound like
'wood movement' - and
thinks that the toilet door
is opening. He fires at the
He realises
that the toilet
door is locked
Oscar says they ate at
7pm and went to bed at
Reeva ate around two
hours before she died
Reeva had locked
herself in the toilet with her
phone. Oscar follows her
with his pistol. While Reeva
talks to Oscar, she is facing
the door. Oscar fires four
shots through the door
He fetches his pistol from
underneath the bed. He
doesn’t look at Reeva. He is
focused on the intruder. He
whispers to Reeva to get on
the floor and to call the police
He woke up. Reeva asks:
'Can't you sleep, baba?' He
goes to the balcony to bring
in two fans (See 2)
Oscar and Reeva don’t go to
sleep. Instead, they get into a
heated argument. Four of their
neighbours hear the argument
- a man and a woman’s voice
He tries to break the toilet
door open by using his shoulder
and kicking the door with his

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