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Most Embarrassing Skin Disease Yeast Infection 3 to 4 people out of 10 have had some type of fungal skin infection

n sometime during their life, and many of the 100,000 types of fungi have learned how to live on human skin. Terms related to fungal infections - yeast, mold, and dimorphic fungus What is yeast infection? Yeasts - rounded single cells or as udding organisms that cause fungal infection of the skin !andida and !ryptococcus - classified as yeasts "olds grow - as filamentous forms tissue #igh incidence of infection - immunosuppression in organ, stem cell transplantation and other diseases, the administration of cytoto$ic chemotherapy for cancers, and the li eral use of anti acterial agents %ungal infections classification &eneral anatomic - mucocutaneous and deep organ infection &eneral epidemiologic - endemic and opportunistic What are the Sites of fungal infection? %oot &enital area 'rmpit (nner thigh oth at room temperature and in invaded

What are the symptoms of yeast infection of genital area? Yeast infection symptoms can range from mild to moderate and include) (tching and irritation in the vagina and at the entrance to the vagina *vulva+ ' urning sensation, especially during intercourse or while urinating ,edness and swelling of the vulva -aginal pain and soreness Thick, white, odor-free vaginal discharge with a cottage cheese appearance (rritation and soreness of the head of penis also known as .ock itch /ischarge including that clumpy nasty white stuff. 'lso, the head of the penis may turn reddish or get little listery things.

0melling like fishy odor ,ed skin around the head of the penis 0welling of the head of the penis (tchiness around the head of the penis 'n unpleasant odor 1ain during se$

What suggests it is complicated yeast infection? You might have a complicated yeast infection if) You have severe signs and symptoms, such as e$tensive redness, swelling and itching that leads to the development of tears or cracks *fissures+ or sores You have recurrent yeast infections 2 four or more in a single year Your infection is caused y a type of candida other than !andida al icans You3re pregnant You have uncontrolled dia etes

You have lowered immunity due to use of certain medications or a condition such as #(infection What are precautions to prevent fungal infection? 'void aggravating factors such as summer or in warm, wet climates where fungus growth is more 4ash and dry the affected area with a clean towel 'pply the antifungal cream, powder, or spray as directed such as clotrima5ole !hange clothes such as especially underwear everyday 4ear clothes that fit loosely and are comprised of reatha le material when you are e$posed to high "onitor your lood sugar levels if you are dia etic - %ungi will attack weakened immune systems, and out of control lood sugar levels may make you suscepti le to fungal skin infections. /on3t share hats, com s or rushes with someone who has ringworm. 6se leach to disinfect items such as towels, hats, pillows, linens, rushes or com s that have een in contact with ringworm.

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