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Crestwood Terrace Condominium Owners Association - Board Meeting Minutes Apr-15-2014

Pres. Ed Wilson; #16 Board Member Attendees Vice Pres. Mike Kelly; #46 Treas. open Sec. Karen Blair; #36 Jeff Tingley; #15

Association Member (Owner) Attendees Monthly Board Meeting Dates thru May, 2014

Tues, May-13-2014 6:30pm; unit-15

Wed, Jun-18-2014 6:30pm; unit-15

Wed, Jul-16-2014 6:30pm; unit-15

Tues, Aug-19-2014 6:30pm; unit-15

Association President Ed Wilson called the meeting to order: Tues, Apr-15-2014 at 6:30 pm. Open Forum New Business from Owners: 1. Roger & Glenna Bahr (unit-43); Roger & Glenna attended to ask permission a move potted tree from the back patio to the front porch plant bed. Board consensus Yes.

Executive Board Meeting:

Review/Approve Prior Board Meeting Minutes: Mar-18-2014 Board Meeting minutes were read and reviewed. Mike Kelly made the motion to accept the minutes; motion seconded by Jeff Tingley and carried unanimously. Financials: 1. Apr-2014 Financial Summary; Mar-1-31 Financial Reports not yet received from RPM.

Old Business:
Building Maintenance: 1. Roof Replacement Board Priority Roof Replacement complete less the attic inspection of 7 units and owner remittances for incremental patio cover work and satellite dish removal. Final accounting of total roof replacement charges pending receipt of final invoices. 2. Fireplace vents - maintenance; details on how to maintain vents pending; low priority. 3. Kitchen Exhaust Fan - Bird Vent Guards (units 21-32); complete Frank F. 4. Crawl-Space Water Issues Board Priority: a. Phase II crawl-space water mitigation; Spending to date is about $32,382, on a budget of $42,800; on plan. Pending tasks include: Install outlet drain from unit-15 sump-pump. Correct unit 17 moisture barrier. Scope / clear / flush roof rain drains; duplex 13-14. Repair roof rain drains; duplexes 9-10, 12, 36. Install unit-11 crawl-space ventilation fans. Reduce irrigation behind and between units. b. Phase III crawl-space water mitigation; design and planning pending completion of phase II. 5. Arborvitae fire (unit-21); Owner washed front gutter; complete. 6. Kitchen vent issue (unit-38); Aug-1, area near kitchen vent cold in winter; pending; low priority. 7. Garage door damage (unit-4); dented garage door; Board follow-up with owner to make repairs pending; low priority. 8. Bi-Annual Dryer Vent Cleaning; to be scheduled spring-summer 2014; pending. 9. Wash siding (Assoc.) / patio-deck covers (owners); - spring-summer 2014; pending. 10. Wash concrete drives/sidewalks & stain/water-proof wood porches/decks (owners); summer 2014; pending. 11. Upside down front lamp, unit 14; repaired Frank F. 12. Roof leak, unit-25; leak due to faulty seal - HVAC flue pipe; repaired Monster Construction. Grounds Maintenance: 1. Stormwater Facility; follow-up with City regarding plantings to mitigate blackberries; tabled until further notice. 2. Fence Maintenance: a. Perimeter fence, fence post behind unit 9 and behind units 17-18 needs reinforcement; pending. b. East Perimeter Fence mitigate stream bank erosion; pending. 3. Lawn Maintenance: a. Weeds in grass follow-up with SNW ongoing; M. Kelly. b. 2 unit patios left with grass clippings / grass unevenly cut follow-up with SNW pending; M. Kelly. 4. Trial Replacement of Arborvitae/Rhododendrons/Escalonia in front of units/garages; 04-CTC Board Mttg Minutes Apr-15-2014

Crestwood Terrace Condominium Owners Association - Board Meeting Minutes Apr-15-2014

a. Unit-15 replace Arborvitae/Escalonia; in progress. b. Unit-16 replace Arborvitae/Escalonia; in progress. c. Unit-36 replaced Arborvitae; in progress. d. Unit-41 replaced Arborvitae; complete. c. Unit-42 replaced Arborvitae/Rhododendron; complete General Admin: 1. House Rules; updates to House Rules pending. 2. RPM Property Management; renewal of management agreement pending. 3. Emergency Maintenance Contact List; The Board is developing an Emergency Contact List; pending.

New Business:
Building Maintenance: 1. Repair crawl-space vent screens/crawl-space inspections completed for units 35 & 39 Frank F. Grounds Maintenance: 1. Replace Arborvitae/Photinia along 18th ST and Storm-Water Facility; Arborvitae/Photinia replaced with white & red heather by Landscape Comittee volunteers complete; Thank you!!!

Vern Schanilec (#20), Mel & Karen Blair (#36), Connie & Cecil Olsen (#41), Dolores Shaw (#42), and Darrell Roth (#44).
General Admin: 1. Unit-16 Architectural Change Request; Apr-xx-2014 Ed Wilson submitted Architectural Change Request to expand the plant bed between units 15&16 to accommodate the Arborvitae replacement plantings. Request approved by the Board. 2. Unit-20 Architectural Change Request; Apr-26-2014 Vern Schanilec submitted an Architectural Change Request to reconfigure the plantings along the curb to the north of unit-20. Request approved by the Board. 3. Unit-44 Architectural Change Request; Apr-26-2014 Jim & Brenda Tabler submitted an Architectural Change Request to install landscape lights along the front walk. Request approved by the Board. 4. Annual Financial Audit; plan is to schedule audit after April-15 Tax Day; pending.

Reminders to Owners:
1. Owners are encouraged to participate on the various Association committees to do so contact a Board member! Respectfully submitted, Karen Blair, Association Secretary.

04-CTC Board Mttg Minutes Apr-15-2014