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Jews In Ukraine

Just after leaving the synagogue in the city of Donetsk, pro-Russian militants handed out leaflets to Jews in Ukraine as people exited the temple. On the leaflet, they were ordered to register with the pro-Russian militants who have taken over the city government office in an attempt to make Ukraine a part of Russia.

These Jews in Ukraines eastern city close to Russia, were ordered to provide a list of their names for anyone above the age of sixteen years old, any properties they hold at the time and pay a registration fee of fifty dollars. Otherwise, they would face property confiscation and possible deportation with the removal of their citizenship, as reported by Ynet News, the biggest news website in Israel. John Kerry, the US Secretary of State commented that these leaflets language is unacceptable and condemned the ones responsible. Though it seems the group behind these acts have not identified themselves. The head of the temporary government in Donetsk, Denis Pushilin, denied any responsibility. The city of Donetsk, is the site where the Ukraine governments claimed terrorist activities are taking place. According to the leaflet, Jews in Ukraine should provide ID and passport and are also required to register their religion as well as religious documents of family members and proof of property holdings including vehicles.

Why Jews In Ukraine Are Facing Backlash By Pro-Russian Militants

According to the leaflet, the Jewish community of Ukraine supported Bendery Junta, the leader of the Ukrainian nationalist movement who fought for the countrys independence at the end of the second world war. Whether the group that disseminated the leaflets comes from the pro-Russian partisans or comes from a pocket of proRussians is unknown, but the reality is that it is sad that we are still seeing a wave of anti-Semitism in Europe and perhaps in other parts of the world that still, as we see the "Jews from Ukraine", are being targeted. Perhaps the targeting of the Jewish community in Ukraine is being used as an excuse to foment provocation that promotes the responsible groups objectives as militants or maybe there is another reason. The Jewish community is a group of people with a common belief just like any other group in the world such as Catholics or Protestants. They should not be used in the countrys domestic fight as the middle ground and much less for any sort of discrimination. That is left in the past and we need to move as a united human race. On a personal basis, the Jewish I know are the hardest working people I know and they, like you and I, have the divine right to a peaceful, happy and prosperous life. Dont you agree? As disturbing as it is, I included this piece of news in the Viral Shocking News Tab because it is really shocking news and there are many people surprised that we still see these types of cases. Go out and spread the news and lets help this community that has suffered for so long. Amen. Click here to see the original post and share your thoughts!

There you go. I hope this short news gives you an awareness of what is going on and how the Jews in Ukraine are being targeted and persecuted without reason.