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LESSON PLAN Subject : English Class : 3 Dinamik Enrollment : / 36 pupils Level : Intermediate th Date/Day : 11 April 2014 / Friday Time

: 7.40am 8.40am Them : World of Knowledge Topic : Unit 7: From the Sea Focused Skill : Grammar Integrated Skill : Reading CONTENT STANDARDS 5.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to use different word classes correctly and appropriately. Lesson Objectives: LEARNING STANDARDS 5.1.3 Able to listen to use verbs correctly and appropriately: (b) simple present tense

By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: a) Answer 5 out of 12 questions given b) Create 2 out of 5 sentence correctly using the simple present tense.

Educational Emphasis: i. ii. Thinking skill Contextual learning

Language Content: Simple present tense Teaching aids: Simple Present Tense table, task sheet 1 Anticipated problems: Some pupils may have problem to use the simple present tense properly.

Stage/Time Set Induction (5 minutes)

Content Differentiate e.g: live / lives

Teaching-Learning Activity 1. Teacher writes down some words on the white board. 2. Teacher asks pupils differentiate the words. 3. Teacher asks some whquestions to the pupils.

Rationale i. To introduce the topic of the day ii. To check pupils knowledge


Presentation (10 minutes)

Simple Present Tense Table

1. Teacher pastes the table i. on the white board. 2. Teacher explains the table and demonstrates the ii. simple present tense. 3. Teacher shows more iii. examples to explain the grammar rule. iv.

Practice (20 minutes)

Lets Practice Task sheet 1 Choose the

1. Teacher distributes the task sheet to each pupil. 2. Teacher asks pupils to read the paper first.


To get pupils focus on the table. To explain the grammar rule. To improve their understanding on grammar To stimulate thinking To test their understanding on the grammar.

Table of Simple Present Tense

Task sheet

correct answer in the paragraph. Fill in the blanks.

Production (20 minutes)

Create the sentences Make their own sentences using the words given

Closure (5 minutes)

Questions: What have you learnt today?

3. Teacher explains the ii. instruction on the task sheet. 4. Pupils begin doing the iii. task given. 5. Teacher facilitates the pupils. iv. 6. Teacher discusses the answers with the pupils. 1. Teacher writes down five i. words on the white board. 2. Teacher asks pupils to create their own sentence ii. using the five words given. 3. Pupils create a simple iii. sentence using the word given. 4. Pupils refer to the table on the white board to help them. 1. Teacher summarises the i. lesson by asking questions to pupils.

To promote critical thinking. To involve students in the lesson To evaluate students understanding To test pupils knowledge. To improve their thinking skill. To practice on their grammar skill.

To consolidate the lesson of the day