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COURSE SYLLABUS Catalogue No. : Department: Semester: Credit : I.

Course Description: Math 11 is the first of a series of Math courses taken up by non-science majors. Its aim is to expose students to some topics in algebra like the analytic geometry of the line, the circle and the parabola; linear equations and inequalities. It also aims to develop the skills of the students in solving problems involving different types of real-valued functions such as linear and quadratic functions; polynomial and rational functions; exponential and logarithmic functions. Math 11 also serves as a pre-calculus course for those who will eventually take up Math 17, Math 19 or Math 20. As such, it provides the essential concepts and skills of algebra that are needed for further study in mathematics, with special emphasis given to direct preparation for the study of calculus for non-science majors. II. Required Textbook: A Course in Freshman Algebra, edited by N.F. Quimpo, 2007 edition III. Course Outline Sections Appendix A Appendix B 1.1-1.5 2.1 2.3 3.1-3.2 Topics Exponents and Radicals Linear and Quadratic Equations/Inequalities Equations and Inequalities involving absolute value Departmental Diagnostic Test (100 pts.) June 25 (W) The Rectangular Coordinate System and the Analytic Geometry of the Line The Circle Long Exam 1 (100 pts.) July 21 (M)/July 22 (T) Systems Involving Second-degree Equations An Introduction to Functions Long Exam 2 (100 pts.) August 20 (W)/August 21 (Th) Departmental Midterm Exam (200 pts.): August 22 (F) 6:00 8:00 p.m. Polynomial and Rational Functions Long Exam 3 (100 pts.) Sept. 11 (Th)/Sept. 12 (F) Inverse Functions: Logarithmic and Exponential Functions Long Exam 4 (100 pts.) Oct. 2 (Th)/Oct. 3 (F) Departmental Final Exam (200 pts.) Week of Oct. 6-11 Suggested Pace 2 hrs 4 hrs Ma 11 Mathematics 1st 3 units Course Title : School: School Year: Prerequisites : Modern Mathematics I Science and Engineering 2008 2009 None

9 hours

9 hours

4.1-4.5 5.1-5.6

8 hours 8 hours

IV. Course Requirements and Grading System The final mark of a student will be based principally on the following: Departmental Diagnostic Exam 100 pts. Four Long Exams (100 pts. each - one of which is cancellable) 300 pts. Midterm Exam 200 pts. Final Exam 200 pts. TOTAL 800 pts.

Grading System Percentage of the total score 92% - 100% 86% - 91% 77% - 85% 69% - 76% 60% - 68% 50% - 59% 49% - and below V. Policies: 1. A student with a pre-finals class standing of 90% or above (prior to cancellation of one (1) lowest long exam score) may be exempted from taking the final exam subject to the discretion of the teacher. 2. A make-up test may be given to replace a missed long exam and/or a Departmental midterm/final exam subject to the approval of the Department Chair. [Make-up exams are more difficult than those taken by the majority.] 3. Quizzes, homeworks, recitations, etc. may be given but should not exceed a total of 100 pts. VI. Consultation Hours VII. Other Matters Please take note of the following dates/schedule: June 10 (T) June 12 (Th) 9:00 10:30 a.m. June 20 (F) June 25 (W) July 7 (M) July 31 (Th) August 13 (W) First Semester classes begin Mass of the Holy Spirit First semester Faculty Day Ma 11/Ma 1 Diagnostic Test Alternative Class Program (ACP) Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola (School Holiday) Deadline for the submission of advisory marks (Freshmen and transferees only) Quezon City Day Departmental Midterm Exam Final Exam Week Equivalent letter grade A B+ B C+ C D F

August 19 (T) August 22 (F) 6:00 8:00 p.m. October 6-11

OFA/cka/ma11syl-1st 2008-2009

1st Semester 2008-2009