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The Worlds People Educational Video for K-12 Client: Holt Picture Voice-Over Children playing E)ery person

needs to gain *no+ledge( learn custo!s( and !aster s*ills in order to get along in the +orld, %nd fro! a )ery young age( +e all -egin to recei)e that infor!ation( little -y chool roo! little( fro! our parents and other fa!ily !e!-ers( fro! school( fro! friends( and fro! other people in our co!!unities, "#$T%&E: 'ar!ing( prayer( dance .n this +ay +e learn culture/a syste! of shared -eliefs and -eha)iors and +ays of doing things, Culture has a !a0or i!pact on the +ay people li)e their li)es, 1 Wodaa-e +al* through field 1 W no+!o-ile $e+ 2or* City People3s first and !ost -asic needs are !aterial( or physical( and these include food( The +orld has !any different cultures( +hich !eans that people ha)e de)eloped !any different +ays to !eet their -asic needs,

" "o*en on -oats Wodaa-e

+ar!th( and shelter,

u-ur-an neigh-orhoods( ne+ streets( 4, ,/'lorida &roceries

"any people of so!e cultures -uy the ho!es and food that they need, There are so!e cultures in +hich !ost people -uild their houses fro! scratch( and gro+ their o+n )egeta-les or herd their o+n ani!als for food,

Herding/5Wodaa-e 66%78 %griculture 5%y!ara 92%2: "o*en 5;77<: "aintaining -oats= se>ual di)ision of la-or: +o!en gathering food( !en fishing 71,78,21-71,76,:: .n fact( for cultures of hunter-gatherers the !ain tas* of the group is to o-tain food,

%!ong the "o*en people( +ho li)e on islands off the coasts of "yan!ar and Thailand( for e>a!ple( +o!en gather shellfish and !en catch fish +ith spears, 'ro! ti!e to ti!e( the group catches a surplus to sell for supplies,

"o*en !en ta*ing -oys on cra- hunt 5;77<: 71,17,16-71,11,19? $W 1722; #$E.@% 1%$&4%&E

.n addition to needing food and shelter( hu!ans also ha)e social needs, Culture helps people *no+ ho+ to relate to each other -oth +ithin fa!ilies and -eyond, #ne +ay people relate to one another is through language, People +ho spea* the sa!e language ha)e a connection to each other,

Teenagers at CafA in .ran @ay of the @ead( "e>ico 592 71 71,;8,26-71,;B,:8?

Culture also helps people co!!unicate +ithout language,

People in !any cultures dance +ith each other( !a*e !usic( or participate in certain cere!onies( as for!s of co!!unication,

Wodaa-e cala-ashes and 2aa*e @ance

Each $o)e!-er( "e>icans honor their deceased relati)es +ith the @ay of the @ead, %!ong the Wodaa-e of $iger and $igeria in West %frica( one cere!ony literally helps people continue the co!!unity, .n this cere!ony( *no+n

66%78 571,1;,82-71,18,;9 71,1B,:7-71,1<,;6 71,16,76-71,27,;9 71,22,71-71,2;,86? $W 17227 "%#C. C41T4CE Daa*a: .nfor!al !usic and dance 14%$& PC4D%$& "#$K %y!ara: religion and dance "o*en: cere!ony( dance %rtists group( 4, , Ca!adan o-ser)ance in 4, , Ca--i +ith Torah

as the &eere+ol festi)al( !en perfor! a courting dance for +o!en/a ritual that often leads to !arriage,

'inally( culture helps people !eet their spiritual needs, @ifferent people !eet their spiritual needs in se)eral different +ays( such as through religion( art( or nature,

@epending on your culture( so!e religions !ay see! fa!iliar to you( +hile others !ay -e un*no+n,

Catholic "ass in 4, ,

V%C World religions $W 17:16 V%$. H.$& CH.$E E C41T4CE $W 172:: %". #' C%$@.$%V.%

The +orlds !any religions include different -eliefs and rituals( -ut each pro)ides !oral guidance for people to follo+, Cultures ha)e e>isted throughout hu!an history( and they ha)e changed o)er ti!e( influenced -y ne+ ideas and challenges/-y interactions +ith other cultures,

Karate in .ran 577,21,:6-77,22,8;? "o*len( people related to "o*en in tsuna!i after!ath Koso)o er-s and %l-anians

.n the !odern +orld( rapid tra)el and instant co!!unication ha)e increased the le)el of interaction -et+een cultures( so!eti!es decreasing apparent differences -et+een the!,

While this trend -rings !ore e>posure and understanding a!ong different cultures( it also threatens to o)er+hel! less populous cultures that stand to lose their indi)idual characteristics,

%!ong !e!-ers of the #neida Eoh-$2-duhF $ati)e %!erican tri-e in Wisconsin( se)eral people are +or*ing to increase the nu!-er of spea*ers of their traditional language, V%C City 'ar! Te!ple Wodaa-e dancers ,,,to thin*( to plan( and to i!agine, Culture pro)ides +ords for our thoughts(,,, ,,,goals for our plans(,,, ,,,and pictures for our i!aginations, %s people +e are defined -y our a-ility,,,

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