Hello Readers, We are extremely proud to release our first L&D Newsletter, which we have fondly named as The Manya Tribune. This will be a regular feature from now on and will be released twice a month. The Manya Tribune aims to cover latest updates about study abroad, success stories, inside information about universities, latest changes in test preparation administration and university admissions.

So, let us begin with looking at some top universities where our students have got accepted this year.
UNDERGRAD PROGRAMS University of California, Berkeley Georgia Institute of Technology New York University Duke University University of Pennsylvania Cornell University MBA/MANAGEMENT RELATED PROGRAMS Duke University Carnegie Mellon University University of Michigan, Ann Arbor INSEAD London Business School Indian School of Business MS/PHD PROGRAMS Carnegie Mellon University University of Pennsylvania London School of Economics Columbia University Georgia Tech Institute of Technology Stanford University

This does look like an impressive list, isnt it? But is it enough to just know the names of these universities? Wouldn’t you be keen to find out what makes these universities THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER INSTITUTIONS IN THE WORLD? Let us find out for the following universities:

Ranking: Acceptance Rate: Most Popular Majors Offered: 3 for Engineering and 7 for Business Programs (Courtesy: US News) 18% Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Engineering; Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Social Sciences and Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies. Academic GPA Application Essays Rigor of Secondary School Record Standardised Test Scores Strong Extra Curricular Activities Talent/Ability Average High School GPA of Admitted Students: 3.8 SAT Critical Reading 25th-75th percentile range: 590-720 SAT Math 25th-75th percentile range: 630-770 SAT Writing 25th-75th percentile range: 620-750 Steve Wozniak, cofounder of Apple Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google

Admissions Information: Selection Criteria

Admitted Students’ Data

Famous Alumni

Reco Letters Impressive Internships and Projects Average undergraduate GPA: 3. Average Work Experience of Admitted Students: 5 years Average GMAT: 703 30% students in class from Asia/Pacific region Jean-Marc Huët. INSEAD looks for candidates who are mature and live up to the program’s expectations) Ability to contribute within and outside the classroom International Motivation (This is the biggest highlight for INSEAD). right? Let us move further in gathering some latest information about a few standardised tests. travelling. etc. It prefers candidates who have either worked or studied outside their home country. Unilever Jack Clemons. if they have not had such international experiences. CFO. Sachin Pilot: Member of Parliament of India Admitted Students’ Data: Famous Alumni Useful information. Bata Shoes Admitted Students’ Data: Famous Alumni MS/PhD Category: UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA (IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITY) Ranking: Acceptance Rate: Popular Majors Admissions Information: Selection Criteria 19 for Engineering and Computer Science Programs (Courtesy: US News) 22. . learning foreign languages.5% for Engineering Engineering and Computer Science Strong GRE and GPA scores Strong Statement of Purpose depicting clear cut goals. they would have demonstrated in other tangible ways (working for a multinational company.MBA Category: INSEAD Ranking: Acceptance Rate: Highlight: Admissions Information: Selection Criteria 5 for MBA (Courtesy: Financial Times) Not available.) that they are comfortable interacting in diverse communities and are committed to pursuing a global career.60 Average GRE score: 155 Verbal and 165 Quantitative Former U. the class comprises 30% students from Asia Pacific A short MBA programme for 10 months Leadership Potential (Strong Leadership experience preferred) Exceptional Maturity (since the program is extremely rigorous.S. CEO. president William Henry Harrison.

2. including the TOP colleges now accept EITHER the ACT or the SAT score for admissions 3.3 hours.3. Free Score Reporting: Available for 4 schools. 3. Canada. 7. HERE IS A QUICK LOOK AT THE MANYA SCHOLARSHIPS THAT ARE SLATED TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON! I. 50. 6. GMAT-ACS and SAT-ACS) The MANYA-ISB awards (1 award for 1 lac rupees and 1 award for Rs. 8. Type of Test: Multiple Choice Test 4. ACT Plus Writing . Duration: ACT . Manya Education Private Limited . (1 each for GRE-ACS. 4. TEST PREP AWARDs (2 for GRE. Singapore. Additional Score Reporting: USD 12 per school AND FINALLY. BEFORE WE SIGN OFF. Learning & Development Team.50 8. Here are a few highlights of the changes that will happen: 1.000) May the best one win! Hungry for more info! Watch out for more in our next edition! Best Wishes. to be reported at the time of the test 6. All 4 year colleges that require students to report a standardized test score. Administered on fixed dates in India – For now. 5. II.45 hours 5. dates in April and June are available 7. Accepted in: US. III. Calculator will not be permitted for a few portions of the Math section Evidence-based reading and writing: Students will have to support answers with evidence A QUICK RECAP ABOUT ACT 1.CHANGES IN SAT The SAT will undergo a significant design change in March 2016. What is ACT?: A standardized test for high school achievement and college admissions in the United States 2. 2 for GMAT and 1 for SAT): TEST PREP + ACS AWARDS. ACT Registration Fees: $69. SAT will be available in both paper and digital forms (only paper form right now) Score Scale of 1600 with a separate score for essay (Presently the score scale is 2400) Essay section will be made optional (Presently it is mandatory) No negative marking (Presently ¼ th point is deducted for an incorrect answer) Reduction of the current emphasis on vocabulary in the Reading Section! Focus on a fewer topics in Math section that will contribute to college readiness.

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