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Aepalizage - Elder Futhark - Berkana

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Left Hand Path






Featured Sites Forum Contact #Thee_Vortex Quick Picks Elder Futhark Vampire Runes Zos Kia Ascent into Darkness Links Kaos Magick Rune Magick Left Hand Path Aetherics Entities Vampires Bjarkan er laufgrnstr lima; Loki bar flaerdhar tima. Bjarkan er laufgat lim ok litit tre ok unsamligr vidhr. abies. budhlungr. Beorc byth bleda leas, bereth efne swa dheah tanas butan tudder, bith un telgum wlitig, beah on helme hrysted faegere, geloden leafum, lyfte getenge. Comment Aett Tiwaz' aett, under the god Tyr. Man as social being, spiritual growth, community in which he lives and works, human evolution, Ragnark Earthmother, birth, circle of life and death, birch, security, peace, growing wealth Sees situations realistically, manoeuvres skilfully to reach a goal, acquires wealth for oneself and family, tries to live with nature and environment, beware flight into fantasy, stillness. Correspondences Letter Number Element Tarot Colour Gods B 18 Earth Empress, Death Green, gold Frigg, Frija, Freya, Hulda, Berchta


Name Rune

Magickal Sphere Love magick (green in the chaosphere), Ego magick (yellow in the chaosphere) World Aura Animal Chakra Virtue Liosalfheim, Asgard - Vanaheim Escaping attention Hare, snowy owl Freedom, careful, overprotective

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Aepalizage - Elder Futhark - Berkana

Astrology Time Day Month Festivity Virgo, Scorpio 18th hour Friday June Spring equinox Magickal Use Positive Use Rebirth, strengthening, protection and secrecy, adhering and conserving forces, realisation of ideas, unifies physical, mental, psychical and spiritual willpower, binds other powers for later use, advances creative ideas and their realisation, shows new ways of thinking, slow change, receptiveness, binding associated objects, containing secrecy, unleashing ancestral memory, ensuring domestic tranquillity, protecting the unborn, healing grief, increasing fertility, rejuvenating life force, creative impetus, accessing mysteries of life and death, journeying to the underworld Loss of energy, waste of energy, stagnant development, congealment, self-deception, scattering knowledge of linkages, exposing secrets, locking access to collective memory, inciting domestic friction, exposing the unborn to danger, amplifying grief, invoking sterility, withering the life force, inciting abandonment of projects, invoking ignoranc of life and death, fear of life and death Protects secrets, to conceal, aura of peace, harmony and love, protect your home Brings harmony, body, bones, motor function, muscles Against threats to belongings, furthers slow growing wealth and fertility Bright : Birth, becoming, life changes, shelter, liberation, collection, self-containment, secrecy, shelter, fertility, sexuality, new beginnings, cycle of birth, death, rebirth, awakening, awareness of the moment, beauty, domestic tranquility, fruition, creative unfolding, concealment, hidden transformation, growth, collection and transformation Murk : Blurring of consciousness, deceit, sterility, stagnation, scattering, loss of clarity, retreat, withering of growth, loss of family support, estrangement, death Stadha Stand erect, right arm rests on your body, left arm slightly angled, hand rests on your hip, left foot stands as near as possible to the right foot, left arm slightly angled

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Negative Use


Healing Talisman




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