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Ikaohakautapu Tonga
Onemato, 14 Rona Avenue, Grey Lynn, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND !"4#$ %&'#("4' )*ava+,), *u-oula+, Road .a/, mo e a0,, Nuku1alo0a, *ONGA !"&"$ &&(%2(4"3 !"&"$ 4'(21' 5ual,ty/erv,ce/ 5/r/67ma,l com


Draw on my skills and knowledge as a Certified Administrative Supporter, Workplace Trainer & Assessor and Writer in the tourism industry for the last 2 years to virtually help your organi!ation"s daily operations while you concentrate on your core #usiness$

Professional Experience:
(TBEC) Tonga Business Enterprise Centre Part!ti"e Trainer # $ssessor Nuku'alofa Tonga %ul &'(( to present

Developed, tailor%made and facilitate Customer Service courses for four

accommodation #usinesses consisting of &'( frontline staff

Developed, tailor%made and facilitate Customer Service courses for

Tourism Department staff consisting of 2) frontline staff Developed alternative training methods when e*pected improvements were not seen$ Developed and format #ilingual +nglish and Tongan inter%active teaching aids in the form of ,owerpoint slide presentations, handouts, games and group activities Translated, typed and layout training #ooklets for three Customer Service -asic & Advanced Training series Trained and assessed frontline staff .to date () participants/ in tourism, hospitality, informal, retail, construction, shipping, manufacturing, handicraft and agricultural sectors and achieved significant improvements in their productivity$ ,resented information, using a variety of instructional techni0ues and formats such as role playing, simulations, team e*ercises, group discussions, videos and lectures$ Conducted training sessions #ilingually .Tongan and +nglish/ #ut mostly Tongan which encouraged participants to #e inter%active and contri#ute during class
Nuku'alofa Tonga %ul &'(& to )ar &'(,

()CT*) )inistr+ of Co""erce Touris" # *abour Tourist Officer

Conducted Star Grading Assessment of Tonga accommodation sector 81 properties in collaboration with an 1nternational 1ndependent Assessor, World Class Tourism Set%up industry data#ase, input results and data from Assessment and assist in analysis Communicate in person, via email and telephone with accommodation stakeholders in clarifying issues and resolving complaints regarding the &

Ikaohakautapu Tonga

Start 2rading Assessment Conducted a T3A .Training 3eeds Analysis/ survey of Tonga"s 4&& Tourism 1ndustry facilities Set%up industry data#ase, input results and assist in analysis of data from Assessment 1nitiated, supported and elected as Secretary for the Tourism ,rivate Sector in esta#lishing a Tonga Tourist 2uide Association .TT2A/ in order to develop the profession"s skills, knowledge and performance. Drafted TT2A Constitution, organi!e and take minutes for the TT2A"s preliminary meeting$ Successfully instrumental in esta#lishing the TT2A and assistance with setting the Association"s office etc$ is still ongoing

Ministry of Tourism
Tourist Officer, Education & Training

Nuku'alofa, Tonga
%ul (--- to %un &'((

(Full-Time) Conducted, assessed, managed and developed the newly esta#lished Tonga 5ark Star 2rading Accommodation Assessment in%con6unction with World Class Tourism personnel .An 1nternational 1ndependent Assessor/. 1nstructed tourism and hospitality employees at #asic and intermediate level on Customer Service7 Tour 2uiding7 8ront Desk, Clerical ,rocedures and 9ousekeeping courses$ Developed training courses for Tourist 8acilities in Tonga and the staff of the 5inistry in areas of Customer Service7 Tour 2uiding7 8ront Desk, Clerical ,rocedures +*ecuted daily operations of 5inistry:s +ducation & Training Division ,repared outline of instructional training programmes then studied and assem#led material to #e presented$ Translated from +nglish to Tongan language courses on Customer Service and 9ousekeeping at -asic ;evel$ ,resented lectures and discussions in the +nglish and Tongan language in order to increase students: knowledge and vocational competence$ Was instrumental in negotiation for funding and facilitation of Tour 2uiding, ;andscaping, 1nternet%5arketing and other Courses for Tourist 8acilities operators in Tonga$ Tested and assessed trainees on achievement in class and on%the%6o#$ Conducted workshops and demonstrations to teach 5inistry staff on such skills as 5icrosoft +*cel, Access, Word, ,u#lisher, Customer Service, Clerical ,rocedures and Tour 2uiding$ Consistently liaise with Tourist 8acilities with regards to their Training needs$ Compiled monthly, 0uarterly and annual reports of the Division and the 5inistry 2

Ikaohakautapu Tonga
Queen Salote Memorial Hall Cultural Proje ts Committee Se retary Nuku'alofa, Tonga !ugust "##$ to present %Part&Time'

<rganised and kept records of the committee:s meetings 8ollow up and actioned tasks from meetings ;iaised and maintained Clients ;ist with organisations and individuals in setting up the Dance Academy and 2enealogy ,ro6ect +*ecuted media relations tasks on #ehalf of the committee ,repare ,A=+ monthly ta* form for =T>9S staff

(ummie Treats Takea)ay !*ministrator

Nuku'alofa, Tonga !pr +$$, to present %Part&time'

1nstrumental in advisory and operational roles to the management of =ummie Treats ,repare ,A=+ monthly ta* form for =ummie Treats staff Design and pu#lish marketing materials
Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Tonga -isitors .ureau Pu/li Relations 0 Information 1ffi er

+$22 to 3une +$$$

5anaged and assisted in organi!ation of special events such as the annual Tourism 9eilala Week, Cultural 9eritage 8estival, 1nternational =acht ?egattas and other activities the -ureau supports$ +*ecuted daily operations of ,u#lic ?elations @nit$ 1dentified main client groups, stakeholders and travel trade personnel internationally and locally$ Determined the #est way to communicate pu#licity information to them$ +dit and proof%read #rochures and pu#lications to #e ready for print$ 8ormulated policies and procedures related to pu#lic information programmes$ +valuated advertising and promotion programs for compati#ility with pu#lic relations efforts$ Supervised and managed the 4 mem#er staff of the ,u#lic ?elations @nit, scheduled work hours and resolved conflicts$$ <#served and reported on social, economic and political trends that might affect employers$ Conferred with marketing and administration managers to develop internal communications that kept employees informed of -ureau"s activities$ Wrote interesting and effective press releases, prepared information for media kits and developed and maintained -ureau media li#rary$ Developed and maintained the -ureau:s corporate image and identity, which includes the use of logos and signage$ (

Ikaohakautapu Tonga
Assisted in liaison and facilitation of visits #y visiting film companies, travel writers and other visiting personnel 5aintained li#rary of films, video products and pu#lications$ 5aintained -ureau:s archives$ Served as ;iaison <fficer to 9eads of States and Delegations to 1nternational Conferences and +vents held in Tonga$ ?esponded to written and telephone re0uests for various en0uiries a#out Tonga$ +sta#lished and maintained effective working relationships with local government officials, private sector and media representatives$

Tonga -isitors .ureau Nuku'alofa, Tonga $ssistant Information 1ffi er

Nuku'alofa, Tonga
Nov (-./ to %un (-.. (0ull!Ti"e)

Scheduled appointments, maintained and updated appointment calendars$ Transmitted information and documents to customers, using electric typewriter, tele* and facsimile machine$ ?eplied to letters of en0uiry a#out information on Tonga from countries all over the world$ 8iled and maintained records$ 9eard and resolved complaints from customers and pu#lic$ Analy!ed data to determine answers to 0uestions from customers and mem#ers of the pu#lic$ <perated telephone switch#oard to answer, screen and forward calls, providing information, taking messages and scheduling appointments$ ?eceived payment and recorded receipts for services$ 2reeted persons entering esta#lishment, determined nature and purpose of visit and directed and escorted them to specific destinations$ ,rovided information a#out esta#lishment, such as location of departments and offices, employees within the organi!ation and services provided$ Aept a current record of staff mem#ers: wherea#outs and availa#ility$ Conducted tours and delivered talks descri#ing features of pu#lic facility, such as historic site and national park$ ,erformed administrative support tasks such as proofreading, transcri#ing handwritten information and operating calculators and computers to work with pay records, invoices, #alance sheets and other documents$ Collected, sorted, distri#uted and prepared mail, messages and courier deliveries$ Scheduled space and e0uipment for special programs and prepared lists of participants$ +nrolled individuals to participate in programs and notified them of their acceptance$ 4

Ikaohakautapu Tonga
,erformed duties such as taking care of plants and straightening maga!ines to maintain lo##y and reception area$
8o9+,ll :n/t,tute, Au/tral,a 4311


$PTC ($ustralia Pacific Tec2nical College) Certifie1 3orkplace Trainer # $ssessor *evel 4

)asse+ 5niversit+ Pal"erston Nort2 Ca"pus ;almer/ton Nort+, Ne< Zealand 6ra1uate 7iplo"a in Public 8ector )anage"ent 4332 3ellington Pol+tec2nic Certificate!8ecretarial 8kills 3ellington East 6irls College Co"plete1 9t2 0or" Well,n7ton, Ne< Zealand 1#'2 Well,n7ton, Ne< Zealand 1#'4

82ort Courses: Train the Trainer Course, Bun 2'&2, Aiwi9ost <rganisation of 3ew
Cealand, 3uku"alofa, Tonga

Accommodation Assessor, 3ov 2'&&, World Class Tourism, 3uku"alofa,

Tonga Quick-Books Course, 2'&', & week, 3uku:alofa, Tonga Time anagement Course, 2'&&, & day, 3uku:alofa, Tonga !ecord-kee"ing Course, 2'&&, ( days, 3uku:alofa, Tonga #otel anagement, $%%&, & month, 9ar#in @niversity, 9eilong6ang, China Train the Trainers, 2''D, 4 days, 3CA1D, 3uku:alofa, Tonga Ethics in Business, 2''(, 2 days, TA8+ 2lo#al, 3uku:alofa, Tonga Ad'anced QuickBooks, 2''(, & month, @S, Campus, :Atele, Tonga Ad'anced icrosoft (ord, )ntermediate E*cel & Access, 2''2, TT1 .Tupou Tertiary 1nstitute/ 3uku:alofa, Tonga #andling Com"laints, 2''2, 2 days, TA8+ 2lo#al, 3uku:alofa, Tonga Tourism anagement & +e'elo"ment, 2''&, 2 weeks, Temasek ,olytechnicE+SCA, .+conomic and Social Commission for Asia and the ,acific, Singapore (ork"lace Training and Assessing, 2''', ( months, TA8+ .Technical and 8urther +ducation Commission/, Sydney, Australia )nternational Tourism Trade Fairs (orksho", &FF&, 4 days, S,T< .South ,acific Tourism <rganisation, Suva, 8i6i ,outh -acific Fello.shi" -rogramme in Tourism /eadershi", &F)F, G months, WT<E@3D,, Bames Cook @niversity, >ueensland, Australia Tourism Foundation Course, &F) , 2 weeks, TCS, .Tourism Council of the South ,acific/ 3uku:alofa, Tonga

Professional $ffiliations:

Ikaohakautapu Tonga
5em#er of ,WA .,rofessional Writer"s Alliance/, a part of AWA1
.American Writers & Artists 1ncorporated/

Affiliate 5em#er of AA,3C .Association of Administrative ,rofessionals

3ew Cealand/

5em#er of W1S+ .Women in Sustaina#le +nterprises/ Tonga 5em#er of TW1SC .Tonga Women 1nternational Social Clu#/ Tonga :eferences:
Availa#le upon re0uest