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2. Submission of assignments is compulsory and marks obtained in assignments carry 20% weight-age in the final result. 3. Students are required to secure 50% marks in assignments to pass the examination. 4. Each subject will have two assignments and each assignment carries 10 marks only. 5. Assignments must be written by the students in their own good hand writing and one copy of the same be retained with them to avoid inconvenience in the event of misplacement / loss of the same in transit. 6. The answers should be brief to the point and relevant to the questions given in the assignment. Do not reproduce your answers from the study materials sent to you. 7. Problems/queries with regard to assignments, if any, be discussed with respective branch / NHQ (Mobile No-09820815301, Mr. V. G. Pandey) and during the contact classes. 8. Use only foolscap size paper for your answers and all the answer sheets must be tagged / tied firmly with string. 9. Assignments in respect of distance mode students must reach IIMM NHQ Education Wing latest by 30th October against July-December,2012 session,. GDMM regular/contact mode students are required to submit their assignments at their respective branches.

1.” Describe the statement in detail. 1 what do you understand by assignment problem? Explain the steps involved in Hungarian method of solving assignment problem. Paper 2 QUANTITATIVE METHODS ASSIGNMENT No-1 Q.2 What are the steps involved in solving maximization problems (where all constraints have “” type inequalities. . ASSIGNMENT No-2 Q. 2. Describe the importance of motivation in an organization. 2 Write short notes on: i) ii) Organizational Hierarchy and Managerial Skills Management by objectives.PAPER 1 MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES & HRP ASSIGNMENT No-1 Q. ASSIGNMENT No-2 Q.1 What do you understand by the term Management “The concepts of management thoughts have been devolved based on contributions from many managers over a period of time.1 Build the mathematical model and solve the following transportation problem: Cost Matrix Store 2 2 3 2 5 Supply Store 3 4 2 2 8 Store 4 4 0 1 6 6 8 10 Store 1 Mumbai plant 1 Delhi plant 4 Kolkata plant 0 Demand 4 Q. Q. types of motivation and various aspects of motivation theories. 2 What is the meaning of Queuing theory? Illustrate the concept with the help of a suitable example. Explain the concepts involved in Decision making? What are the main difference between the Problem Solving and Decision Making? Q. Q.

5 Net working capital Rs.1 Describe the economic system followed in India and the role of various five years plans in the country Q. What are the different parts of computer and the differences between software & hardware? Q2. Q. 1 Explain your understanding on classification of an economy on the basis of nature of economic activities and the role of financial institutions in economic growth.00. Write short Notes on the following.3 Business Economics and Finance ASSIGNMENT No-1 Q. Current Ratio 2. Gujarat. a) Bit & Byte b) MS Excel c) Power Point d) RFID e) Digital Signature .2 The following data is available from the books of accounts of M/s Alfa Beta & company Ahmadabad. a) Limitations of financial accounting and management accounting b) Intensity of unemployment and poverty in the country ASSIGNMENT No-2 Q. 2 Write short notes on the following.80 Gross profit ratio 20% Reserve and Surplus/capital 0.000 Average debt collection period 2 months Stock turnover ratio (cost of sales/closing stock) 6 times Fixed Assets/shareholders net worth 0. India.50 PAPER – 4 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND E-COMMERCE ASSIGNMENT No-1 Q1.3.5 Fixed assets turnover ratio (on cost of sales) 2 times Quick Ratio 1.Paper. You are required to prepare the Balance Sheet of the company.

Q2. a) ‘Caveat Emptor’ b) Bill of Exchange c) Warrantee conditions d) Capacity to contract e) Jurisprudence Q1. Q2. Q2. PAPER – 6 BUSINESS LAWS ASSIGNMENT No-1 What are the essentials elements and provisions of Sale of Goods Act? Write short notes on the following. a) Payment terms b) Classification of tenders c) Make or Buy decision d) IIMM Code of Ethics in Purchasing e) Third party inspection ASSIGNMENT No-2 Q1. the Directorate General of Supplies and Disposal. . Describe the standard terms and conditions stipulated in a purchase Order and Purchase Procedure of your company or a representative organization / institution of your choice. . What is the meaning of Internet ip-address & domain names and the main requirements for the internet connection? Define what is meant by url? PAPER – 5 PURCHASING MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT No-1 Q1. Explain the special features of Public Buying and the role and functioning of all India organization. Explain the types of e-commerce and its impact on Indian business environment.Explain the importance of proper Vendor Management and Vendor Evaluation for effective contribution of Purchase Department in a business organization. What do you understand by the concept of e-commerce. Write short notes on the following.ASSIGNMENT No-2 Q1. Q2.

Write short notes on the following. How it can help in increasing the company’s performance. Write short note on the following. need of insurance and underlying General Principles governing Insurance. a) Explain the objectives of proper plant layout. What do you understand by the term Operations Management in a company? Q2. Write short notes on the following. b) Describe the importance of Production Planning & Control function for running a large organization. Q2. a) INCOTERMS b) Export Promotion Council d) Import Procedure e) Balance of Payment Q1. Which is the main feature of Foreign Exchange Regulation Act? How an importer can be benefited by forward buying. c) Reserve Bank of e) Private Limited PAPER -7 INTERNATIONAL TRADE ASSIGNMENT No-1 What is the importance of EXIM Policy in the international trade for India. a) Void agreements b) Principal and agent India d) Extra ordinary General Body Meeting Company Q2. c) Bill of Lading ASSIGNMENT No-2 Q1.Q1 ASSIGNMENT No-2 Describe the term ‘Insurance’. . Q2. a) Director general of Foreign Trade b) FOREX c) Basic customs duty d) Codes for Import & Export e) Cenvat Credit PAPER . Elaborate the salient features of EXIM Policy.8 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT No-1 Q1.

Write short notes on the following. A manufacturer purchases an item @ Rs. Discuss the theory of comparative advantage in Indian business environment.ASSIGNMENT No-2 Q1.100/. Q2. Q2. a) XYZ Analysis b) Lead Time c) Inventory Turn Over Ratio d) WIP Inventory e) Re-order Level . Write short notes on the following. a) Divestment Strategy b) d) Vertical Integration e) Diversification SWOT Analysis c) Marketing Mix ASSIGNMENT No-2 Q1. if the material and inventory cost is reduced by 15 %. How does it help in determining the Safety stock. Write short notes on the following.10 INVENTORY MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT No-1 Q1.each The annual consumption of the item is 6000 pieces. What do you understand by Turn around Strategy for a loss making firm? Explain with examples from any representative organization. Q2. Q2.9 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT No-1 Q1. The ordering cost of the item is Rs. Define the Service level. Q2. Study the annual report of any manufacturing company. A suburban location is suitable for medium sized plants. Calculate and find out the impact on profits of the company. ASSIGNMENT No-2 Q1. a) ISO: 14000 b) Just in Time c) Statistical Quality Control d) TPM e) ISO : 9000 PAPER . Find out the economic order quantity. "City location is preferable for small plants. A country location is best suited for very large plants “Give reasons for your agreement or disagreement. Explain in detail the micro and macro environment of your company. PAPER . 200/and inventory carrying cost 25%.

Q2. Q2. Q1.13 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY ASSIGNMENT No-1 Explain the different types of Research and their significance.12 PACKAGING.Write short notes on the following. Describe the factors affecting the choice of distribution channels. Write short notes on the following. a) Eco-friendly packaging b) Transport Emergency Cards c) Containerization d) Packaging of perishable goods e) Food and Drugs Act ASSIGNMENT No-2 Q1 What is SRM and its role in Retail Supply Chain Management?. a) Bar Codes b) RFID c) GPS d) Automated materials handling systems in Logistics & Supply Chain Management.11 LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT No-1 Q1. PAPER . What do you understand by Supply Chain Mapping and how does it help in the success of an organization? Q2. ASSIGNMENT No-2 Q1. . a) Third party Logistics b) Lean Supply Chain c) Cross docking d ) Voyage Charter e) Consolidation PAPER . Write short notes on the following.PAPER . DISTRIBUTION & RETAIL SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT No-1 Q1 Describe the historical developments of Packaging and technologies which have been developed for suitable packaging systems and packaging materials to give desired functional properties. Q2. Discuss various material Handling equipments and the role of materials handling in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Write short notes on the following a) Methods of collecting data c) Multi regression analysis e) Probability sampling techniques b) Test Hypothesis d) Z-test ASSIGNMENT No-2 Q1. a) Uniform Costing b) Return on Investment c) Financial Ratios d) Bonds and Debentures e) Concept of Leasing .Q2. a) Poisson distribution and normal distribution b) Ordinal Scale and Nominal scale c) ANOVA and ANOCOVA d) Rosenzweig test and Rorschach test e) Questionnaires and Schedules Q2. a) Two factor Evaluation Approach b) Procedure for testing of hypothesis c) Louis Guttman’ s Scalogram Analysis d) Chi Squire test e) Dispersion of a series Paper -15 STRATEGIC COST AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT No-1 Q1 Elaborate an overview of Indian Financial System and the role of Reserve Bank of India for governing all major financial matters in India Q2. advantages and limitations of inter firm comparison for evaluating performance.Advantages and Limitations . Explain the differences between the following. Write short notes on the following. Write short notes on the following. ASSIGNMENT No-2 Q1 Explain the concept of Financing Strategy and Capital Structure of the company in which you are working or any other representative company. Q2. Explain the essential requirements.

Q2.Business (c) Just in time (d) Total Productive Maintenance (e) Financial Evaluation and appraisal of projects ASSIGNMENT No-2 Q1 Explain the Strategic Planning Methodology for World Class Manufacturing. Paper -17 ADVANCED SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT No-1 Q 1 What are the basic concepts of Supply Chain Management? How do the different flows contribute to these concepts? Q 2 Write short note on the following. What are the fourteen steps of Quality Improvement Plan and absolutes of quality suggested by Crosby for getting competitive edge. Highlight the key features of world class manufacturing on shop floor practices in information age with suitable illustration.Paper-16 BUSINESS STATEGIES AND WORLD CLASS PRACTICES ASSIGNMENT No-1 Q1. How does the Radio Frequency Identification Technology facilitate the collection and exchange of Information throughout the supply Chain? Q2. a) Vender Management Inventory b) Cross Docking c) Total Cost of Ownership d) Order processing cycle ASSIGNMENT No-2 Q1. . Q2. Write short notes on the following: (a) Statistical Quality Control (b) E. What is the advantage and disadvantages of moving the push pull boundary to a later stage in supply chain? Explain with the help of an example.

2. Q. ASSIGNMENT No-2 Q1. Paper 18. Describe the Project Appraisal. Q2 Describe the concept of Data Mining. Justify the statement. What are the basic steps involved in constructing and analyzing the Activity diagrams. Q2 Proper application of decision Making Tools increase productivity. Justification and Evaluation techniques. Explain the role. & effectiveness and give many business organizations a comparative advantage. 1. .Paper 18. Arrow diagrams and Network diagrams. Discuss their advantages and disadvantages with respect to the overall profitability of the company Q2.b DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM ASSIGNMENT No-1 Q1 Explain the concept of Decision Making and steps involved in Decision Making Process of any familiar organization.a PROJECT MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT No-1 Q 1 Describe major Project planning techniques using graphical method for timely completion of projects. efficiency. Q1 ASSIGNMENT No-2 Elaborate an overview of Group Decision Support System and compare with Expert systems used in Supply Chain Management. Importance and working of Data Mining. Discuss the design of Control System for controlling major constraints like time cost and quality for successful completion of a project.

d MARKETING MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT No-1 Q1. Q2.and the inventory carrying cost is 20 %. (b) What are the factors which are to taken into consideration while making pricing decisions? .5 % has been offered by a new firm in case of purchasing an item five times the requirement. Explain the scope and methodology of Operations Research. ASSIGNMENT No-2 Q1. A quantity discount of 0. What are the advantages and limitations of mathematical modeling? Q2.100/. What are the different social factors associated with consumer behavior. (a) Explain in brief the importance of Marketing Information System. ASSIGNMENT No-2 Q1. . The Supply Chain Management department of the company has been following a Purchase Policy based on Economic Order Quantity You are required to advise the company whether the offer should be accepted by the company or Not . The administration cost / Ordering of purchase is Rs.C OPERATIONS RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT No-1 Q1. Paper-18. Q2 Explain the essential characteristics of Operations Research and classification of various Operation Research models.Paper 18. What do you understand about the concept of Marketing Management in Business environment? Describe the 4P’s and 4 C’s of Marketing Mix. List down the steps involved and procedure for solving a Linear Programming Problem by simplex method with the help of suitable example. Q2 Explain the various aspects of Consumer Behavior. What do you understand by the term Marketing Research? what are the main categories and important steps involved in marketing research process.

e TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT No-1 Q1 Explain the meaning of Quality. types and the experiences of Indian companies with Benchmarking process for further improvement. . ASSIGNMENT No-2 Q1.Paper-18.2. Q. Q2 Describe the contributions made by Tom Peters and Ishikawa to the Quality movement and implementation. Explain the concept of Benchmarking. historical development of Quality concept and the need of Total Quality Management in the present day context. : a) ISO 9000 b) ISO 14000 : c) OHSAS 18001 : Quality Management Systems Environment Management Systems Occupational Health Management . Explain in brief the following Quality Management System Certifications.Systems.