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PERCENTAGES Name:______________________________ Score:____________

1. Choon Yong was asked to paint a wall of area 84 m2. In one hour, he had painted 21 m2. _____a. What percentage of the wall was painted? _____b. What percentage of the wall was left unpainted? 2. Sharil cycles from his house to Sentosa Island, which are 15 km apart. If Sharil has cycled a distance of 6 km, what percentage of the total distance does he have left?___________ 3. Debie had P800. She spent P240 on a pair of shoes and P180 on a blouse. What percentage of her money was left?_______ 4. Express 45 minutes as a percentage of 2 hours._______ 5. What percentage of 4 km is 1500 m?__________ 6. Last week, Mr. Ahmad sold a television set at P1800. This week, he sold a similar set at P2250. By what percentage did the price increase?_______________ 7. David had P50 in his wallet. This was 10% of the amount that he received from his mother. Find the total amount of money that David received from his mother.________ 8. 35% of the number of books Ibrahim owns are fiction books. If Ibrahim has 70 fiction books, find the total number of books he owns.________ 9. Yi Ling receives $4 from her father. Kai Li receives $1 more than Yi Ling. Express the amount of money Yi Ling receives as a percentage of the amount of money Kai Li receives._____ 10. Miss Rookie earned $60 an hour. Mr. Moore earned $15 less in an hour. What percentage of Miss Rookies earnings was Mr. Moores earnings?_______ 11. The selling price of a piece of cloth is 12 % less than its usual price. If the selling price is $44, find the usual price of the piece of cloth._____________ 12. Mariya and Janice sat for a Mathematics test. Mariya scored 25% less than Janice. If Mariya scored 66 marks, what was their total score?__________ 13. Marianne and Dianne sat for a Mathematics test. Marianne scored 8% more than Dianne. If Dianne scored 50 marks, what was Mariannes score?____________ 14. In a class of 40 students, 15% are absent today. How many students are in class today? a. 30 b. 31 c. 32 d. 34 15. If the diameter of a circle is increased by 100%, then the area is increased by: a. 400% b. 300% c. 200% d.100% 16. What is 0.75% of 264? a. 352 b. 198 c. 3.52 d. 1.98 17. A man borrowed P3500 and a year later paid back the loan plus interest for P4200. The annual interest rate, in percent, paid for the loan was: a. 700 b. 83.3 c. 20 d. 120 18. Richard purchase a book priced at $8.80. If the sales tax is 5%, the total cost, in dollars, is: a. 9.24 b. 9.20 c. 8.36 d. 0.44 19. Bob took 20 math tests last year. If he failed 6 out of them, what percent of the math tests did he pass? a. 60% b. 62 % c. 66 % d. 70 % 20. A 25-ounce solution is 20 percent alcohol. If 50 ounces of water are added to it, what percent of the new solution is alcohol? a. 5% b. 6 % c. 10% d. 13 % 21. In a certain school, 50 percent of all male students and 60 percent of all female students play a varsity sport. If 40 percent of the students at the school are male, what percent of the students DO NOT play a varsity sport? a. 44% b. 50% c. 55% d. 56%