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Bosnian pyramids have been finally confirmed. Pyramid experts from all over the world have confirmed the existence of the Bosnian pyramids. In addition, 90% of all these experts said that the the Bosnian pyramids are by far the worlds largest and oldest pyramids. There are five (5) pyramids in Bosnia and it is said that they are 12000-26000 years old. In 2010 UNESCO added the Bosnian pyramids into their World Heritage sites. UNESCO and the CIA are planning to make the Bosnian Pyramid Valley the worlds largest and most valuable historical monuments by 2012. The Bosnian Pyramid Vally consists of the five following pyramids: -Pyramid of Sun (worlds oldest and largest pyramid) -Pyramid of Moon (worlds second oldest and largest pyramid) -Pyramid of Love -Pyramid of Earth -Pyramid of Boson However it is very strange that some famous archeologists have refused to investigate these pyramids and claimed that its just a natural hill turned into a hoax by the Bosnian government to attract tourism. However how could they know whats really there if they havent even been there? And since when does archaeologists refuse to explore a possible discovery? Its as if they were threatened by their governments or something not to explore the Bosnian pyramids and it would make a lot of sense, it would reshape our world history entirely.

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According to Wikipedia everything is fabricated and a hoax and that these pyramids are just some random hills, however the following images tell a completely different story. Heres an image gallery of the Bosnian Pyramids

Just to enforce the story even more, here's how the Pyramid of the Moon at Teotihuacan, Mexico looked in 1858 prior to excavations. Just like a hill, isn't it?

And here's how the Mexican Pyramid of the Moon looks today after being excavated and rehabilitated.

This artifact was excavated from the tunnel network. It displays symbolism of unknown origin.

Are the following stone spheres of Bosnia 'natural geological formations' as well?

Each of the three pyramids has an underground channel of water coming from it. These channels all meet in the centre of the triangle.

The sky was clear, no rain, no dust and no wind. What were these orbs flying orbs?

This photo was taken 10 seconds after the first one. As you can see most of the orbs disappeared.

Another 10 seconds later and this photo reveals that these orbs could be light sensitive as they almost completely disappeared but reappeared 15 minutes later after no one took photos anymore.