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Prepare !" C#$%& M'( ) Ka #r *#+ H,) Ka-#. P(".#/. Se+#'r Tea/(er MRSM ALOR GA0AH, MELAKA


Da1e23ee$ 80 DEC 2009 Lear+#+% O!,e/1#4e 8)1 U+ er.1a+ #+% 1(er-a7 e:&#7#!r#&5;0 -#+6 8)2 U+ er.1a+ #+% .pe/#<#/ (ea1 /apa/#1" 51=0 -#+6 Lear+#+% O&1/'-e. 5LO6 5A student is able to : 6 84. define heat energy 85. explain thermal equilibrium. 86. explain how a liquid-in-glass thermometer works. 8-. define spe(ifi( heat (apa(ity &c). 88. state that c = Q LO C'-!#+a1#'+.2 A71er+a1#4e. Re-ar$. T ! in "em #uti $%11 &"em 'e(utan 'restasi 1)

= ? ; 0a+ 2010 WEEK1

8.. determine the spe(ifi( heat (apa(ity of a liquid. .%. determine the spe(ifi( heat (apa(ity of a solid. .1. des(ribe appli(ations of spe(ifi( heat (apa(ity. .$. sol/e problems in/ol/ing spe(ifi( heat #apa(ity 8)8 .0. state that transfer of heat during a U+ er.1a+ #+% (hange of phase does not (ause a .pe/#<#/ 7a1e+1 (hange in temperature. (ea1 .4. define spe(ifi( latent heat &l) 51=0 -#+6 .5. state that l = Q

OPTIONAL E>PERIMENT T' e1er-#+e 1(e .pe/#<#/ (ea1 '< .'7# 'r 7#:&#

E>PERIMENT T' e1er-#+e 1(e .pe/#<#/ 7a1e+1 (ea1 '< <&.#'+ '< #/e OPTIONAL E>PERIMENT T' e1er-#+e 1(e .pe/#<#/ 7a1e+1 (ea1 '< 4ap'r#.a1#'+ '< 3a1er E>PERIMENT 5S1a1#'+.6 *'"7e. La3 Pre..&re La3 C(ar7e. La3

.6. determine the spe(ifi( latent heat of fusion. .-. determine the spe(ifi( latent heat of /aporisation. .8. sol/e problems in/ol/ing spe(ifi( latent heat. 11@15 0AN 2010 WEEK 2 8)A ... U+ er.1a+ #+% 1(e %a. 7a3. 51=0 -#+6 1%%. explain gas pressure1 temperature and /olume in terms of the beha/iour of gas mole(ules. determine the relationship between pressure and /olume at (onstant temperature for a fixed mass of gas i.e. pV = constant. 1%1. determine the relationship between /olume and temperature at (onstant pressure for a fixed mass of gas i.e. V = constant.

*++, 1

3sing kineti( theory1 explain the (on(ept of mass1 pressure and temperature BUIC 1

1%$. determine the relationship between pressure and temperature at (onstant /olume for a fixed mass of gas i.e. P = constant.

1%0. explain absolute 2ero. $

1%4. explain the absolute4"el/in s(ale of temperature. 1%5. sol/e problems in/ol/ing pressure1 temperature and /olume of a fixed mass of gas.

Da1e23ee$ 1;@22 0AN 2010 WEEK 8 Lear+#+% Lear+#+% O&1/'-e. 5LO6 O!,e/1#4e 5A student is able to : 6 A)1 1%6. des(ribe the (omposition of the U+ er.1a+ #+% nu(leus of an atom in terms of 1(e +&/7e&. '< protons and neutrons. a+ 1%-. define proton number &Z) and a1'nu(leon number &A). 5;0 -#+6 1%8. explain the term nu(lide 1%.. use the nu(lide notation AXZ . 11%. define the term isotope. A)2 111. state what radioa(ti/ity is. A+a7".#+% 11$. name (ommon dete(tors for ra #'a/1#4e radioa(ti/e emissions. e/a" 110. (ompare the 0 kinds of radioa(ti/e 5120 -#+6 emissions in terms of their nature. 114. explain what is radioa(ti/e de(ay 115. use equations to represent (hanges in the (omposition of the nu(leus when parti(les are emitted. 116. explain half -life. 11-. determine half-life from a de(ay (ur/e. 118. sol/e problems in/ol/ing half -life. A)8 11.. define radioisotopes. U+ er.1a+ #+% 1$%. name examples of radioisotopes. 1(e &.e. '< 1$1. des(ribe appli(ations of ra #'#.'1'pe. radioisotopes 5A0 -#+6 1$$. define atomi( mass unit &a.m.u.). A)A 1$0. des(ribe nu(lear fission. U+ er.1a+ #+% 1$4. gi/e examples of nu(lear fission. +&/7ear e+er%" 1$5. des(ribe (hain rea(tions. 5120 -#+6 1$6. des(ribe nu(lear fusion. 1$-. gi/e examples of nu(lear fusion. 1$8. relate the release of energy in a nu(lear rea(tion with a (hange of mass a((ording to the equation E=mc2. 1$.. des(ribe the generation of ele(tri(ity from nu(lear fission. 10%. >ustify the use of nu(lear fission in the generation of ele(tri(ity. 101. sol/e problems in/ol/ing nu(lear energy. A)5 10$. des(ribe the negati/e effe(ts of Rea7#.#+% 1(e radioa(ti/e substan(es. #-p'r1a+/e '< 100. des(ribe safety pre(autions needed pr'per in the handling of radioa(ti/e -a+a%e-e+1 '< substan(es. ra #'a/1#4e 104. des(ribe the management of .&!.1a+/e radioa(ti/e waste. LO C'-!#+a1#'+.2 A71er+a1#4e. Re-ar$. 5ppendix 45 're-Test 6 !7 1%6 8 11% &!earned in #hemistry) 9$ 6 :5; !5* &+n. <i2al) *++, $

!7 116-11T=!

25@29 0AN 2010 WEEK A


#oop. !earning &?@:;5*)

5A0 -#+6

CM! : "AVES # $I%HT

Da1e23ee$ 1@5 FE* 2010 WEEK 5 Lear+#+% O!,e/1#4e =)1 U+ er.1a+ #+% Wa4e. 51=0 -#+6 16%. 161. 16$. 160. Lear+#+% O&1/'-e. 5LO6 5A student is able to : 6 des(ribe what is meant by wa/e motion. re(ognise that wa/es transfer energy without transferring matter. (ompare trans/erse and longitudinal wa/es and gi/e examples of ea(h. des(ribe water 1 light and sound wa/es LO C'-!#+a1#'+.2 A71er+a1#4e. +xplain !7 16$ before demo using slinky spring Re-ar$. *a/e is taught a((ording to the (hara(teristi(s of wa/e *++, 0

;@12 FE* 2010 WEEK =

=)2 A+a7".#+% re<7e/1#'+ '< 3a4e. 5200 -#+6

164. state what is meant by a wa/efront. 165. ;tate the dire(tion of propagation of wa/es in relation to wa/efronts. 166. define i. amplitude1 ii. period1 iii. frequen(y1 i/. wa/elength. 16-. explain how the loudness relates to amplitude. 168. des(ribe Aamping in an os(illating system 16.. des(ribe <esonan(e an os(illating system 1-%. explain how the pit(h relates to frequen(y. 1-1. sket(h and interpret a displa(ement-time graph for a wa/e. 1-$. sket(h and interpret a displa(ement- distan(e graph for a wa/e. 1-0. (larify the relationship between speed1 wa/elength and frequen(y. 1-4. sol/e problems in/ol/ing speed1 wa/elength and frequen(y. 1-5. state the laws of refle(tion of wa/es. WATER 1-6. des(ribe refle(tion of wa/es in terms of the angle of in(iden(e1 angle of refle(tion1 wa/elength1 frequen(y1 speed and dire(tion of propagation. 1--. draw a diagram to show refle(tion of wa/es. LIGHT 1-8. des(ribe the (hara(teristi(s of the image formed by refle(tion of light. 1-.. draw ray diagrams to show the position and (hara(teristi(s of the image formed by a a. plane mirror1 b. (on/ex mirror1 (. (on(a/e mirror

Aemo using ripple tank for water wa/e

;ound wa/es redistributed a((ording to underlying (on(epts.

Aemo using mi(rophone and #<7 Aemo using =artonBs 'endulum for resonan(e and damping

BUIC 8 Aemo using ripple tank

Aemo using the ray box

181. des(ribe appli(ation of refle(tion of light 18$. sol/e problems in/ol/ing rele(tion of light 180. (onstru(t a de/i(e based on the appli(ation of refle(tion of light. SOUND 184 des(ribe appli(ations of refle(tion of sound wa/es. 185. (al(ulate distan(es using the refle(tion of sound wa/es 1A@15 FE* 10 CUTI TAHUN *ARU CINA 1D FE* 10 PENDAFTARAN T12TA 1;@21 FE* 10 MINGGU AKTIEITI SEM 12MINGGU SILATURAHIM WEEK D WEEM A 22@2= FE* 2010 =)8 A+a7".#+% WATER WEEK ; re<ra/1#'+ '< 186. des(ribe refra(tion of wa/es in terms 3a4e. of the angle of in(iden(e1 angle of 5200 -#+6 refra(tion1 wa/elength1 frequen(y1 speed and dire(tion of propagation. 18-. draw a diagram to show refra(tion of wa/es. SOUND 188. des(ribe refra(tion of wa/es in terms of the angle of in(iden(e1 angle of refra(tion1 wa/elength1 frequen(y1 speed and dire(tion of propagation. 18.. draw a diagram to show refra(tion of wa/es. LIGHT PEKA556 1.%. explain refra(tion of light. E>PERIMENT 1.1. define refra(ti/e index as De1er-#+e 1(e re<ra/1#4e #+ eF '< a n = sin i (Snells Law) %7a.. 'r per.peF sin r !7'/$) 1.$. Aetermine the refra(ti/e index of a glass or perspex blo(k. 1.0. state the refra(ti/e index1 n1 as speed o li!"t in a #ac$$m speed o li!"t in a medi$m 1.4. des(ribe phenomena due to refra(tion 1.5. sol/e problems in/ol/ing the refra(tion of light 1@5 MAC 10 =)A 1.6. explain total internal refle(tion of WEEK 9 U+ er.1a+ #+% light. E>PERIMENT 1'1a7 #+1er+a7 1.-. define (riti(al angle &c). De1er-#+e 1(e re<7e/1#'+ '< 7#%(1 1.8. relate the (riti(al angle to the /r#1#/a7 a+%7e '< a 5;0 -#+6 %7a.. 'r per.peF refra(ti/e index i.e. n = 1 % sin c !7'/$) 1... des(ribe natural phenomenon in/ol/ing total internal refle(tion. $%%. des(ribe appli(ations of total internal refle(tion. $%1. sol/e problems in/ol/ing total internal refle(tion. ;@12 MAC 10 U0IAN SELARAS 1 WEEK 10 18@21 MAC 10 CUTI PERTENGAHAN SEMESTER 1



22@2= MAC 10 WEEK 11

=)5 U+ er.1a+ #+% 7e+.e. 5200 -#+6

29 MAC @2 APR WEEK 12

=)= A+a7".#+% D#<<ra/1#'+ '< Wa4e. 5;0 -#+6 =)D A+a7".#+% #+1er<ere+/e '< 3a4e. 51=0 -#+6

=); A+a7".#+% e7e/1r'-a%+e1#/ 3a4e. 5;0 -#+6

$%$. explain fo(al point and fo(al length. $%0. determine the fo(al point and fo(al length of a (on/ex lens. $%4. determine the fo(al point and fo(al length of a (on(a/e lens. $%5. draw ray diagrams to show the positions and (hara(teristi(s of the images formed by a (on/ex lens. $%6. draw ray diagrams to show the positions and (hara(teristi(s of the images formed by a (on(a/e lens. $%-. define magnifi(ation as m C /4u $%8. relate fo(al length &f) to the ob>e(t distan(e&u) and image distan(e&/) 14f C 14 / D 1 4 u $%.. des(ribe with the aid of ray diagrams1 the uses of lenses in opti(al de/i(es $1%. (onstru(t an opti(al de/i(e that uses lenses $11. sol/e problems in/ol/ing lenses $1$. des(ribe diffra(tion of wa/es in terms of wa/elength1 frequen(y1 speed1 dire(tion of propagation and shape of wa/es. $10. draw a diagram to show diffra(tion of w/s. $14. state the prin(iple of superposition. $15. explain the interferen(e of wa/es. $16. draw interferen(e patterns. $1-. interpret interferen(e patterns. $18. sol/e problems in/ol/ing E C a&%' . $1.. des(ribe the ele(tromagneti( spe(trum. $$%. state that /isible light is a part of the ele(tromagneti( spe(trum. $$1. list sour(es of ele(tromagneti( wa/es. $$$. des(ribe the properties of ele(tromagneti( wa/es. $$0. des(ribe appli(ations of e.m wa/es $$4. des(ribe the detrimental effe(ts of ex(essi/e exposure to (ertain (omponents of the ele(tromagneti( spe(trum. Lear+#+% O&1/'-e. 5LO6 5A student is able to : 6 state the relationship between ele(tron flow and ele(tri( (urrent. define ele(tri( (urrent. des(ribe an ele(tri( field. sket(h ele(tri( field lines showing the dire(tion of the field. des(ribe the effe(t of an ele(tri( field on a (harge. sol/e problems in/ol/ing ele(tri(


PEKA E>PERIMENT Re7a1#'+.(#p !e13ee+ '!,e/1 #.1a+/e5&6 a+ #-a%e #.1a+/e546

*ater1 light and sound


Aemo interferen(e of sound and water

:uided folio

Da1e23ee$ 5@9 APR 10 WEEK 18 12@1= APR 10 WEEK 1A Lear+#+% O!,e/1#4e $$5. D)1 A+a7".#+% e7e/1r#/#1" <#e7 . a+ /(ar%e <7'3 5;0 -#+6 $$6. $$-. $$8. $$.. $0%. LO C'-!#+a1#'+.2 A71er+a1#4e. Aemo of ele(tri( field using $ different ele(trodes Re-ar$. <e(ommended 3se oli/e oil andsesame seeds "+?7F5G5G 7!5F<5:5 &T35G<3,5F) WEEM D 6

D)2 A+a7".#+% 1(e re7a1#'+.(#p !e13ee+ e7e/1r#/ /&rre+1 a+ p'1e+1#a7 #<<ere+/e 51=0-#+6

$01. $0$. $00. $04. $05. $06. $0-. $08.

(harge and (urrent. define potential differen(e. plan and (ondu(t an experiment to find the relationship between (urrent and potential differen(e. des(ribe the relationship between (urrent and potential differen(e. state 7hmBs law. define resistan(e. explain fa(tors that affe(t resistan(e. sol/e problems in/ol/ing potential differen(e1 (urrent and resistan(e. des(ribe super(ondu(tors.

BUIC = PEKA5=6 E>PERIMENT 7hmBs !aw 5ppendix -5 're Test 6 !7 $01 -$05 &!earned in ',<)

PEKA5D6 E>PERIMENT <elationship between length and resistan(e

19@28 APR 10 WEEK 15 2=@80 APR) 10 WEEK 1=

U0IAN SELARAS 2 D)8 A+a7".#+% .er#e. a+ para77e7 /#r/&#1. 51=0 -#+6 $0.. identify series and parallel (ir(uits. $4%. (ompare the (urrent and potential differen(e of series (ir(uits and parallel (ir(uits. $41. determine the effe(ti/e resistan(e of resistors (onne(ted in series. $4$. determine the effe(ti/e resistan(e of resistors (onne(ted in parallel. $40. sol/e problems in/ol/ing (urrent1 potential differen(e and resistan(e in series (ir(uits1 parallel (ir(uits and their (ombinations. $44. define ele(tromoti/e for(e &e.m.f.). PEKA5;6 $45. (ompare e.m.f. and potential E>PERIMENT differen(e. e7e/1r'-'1#4e <'r/e $46. explain internal resistan(e. 5e)-)<)6 G #+1er+a7 $4-. determine e.m.f. and internal re.#.1a+/e5r6) resistan(e. $48. sol/e problems in/ol/ing e.m.f. and internal resistan(e. $4.. define ele(tri(al energy. $5%. define ele(tri( power. $51. sol/e problems in/ol/ing ele(tri(al energy and power. $5$. (ompare power rating and energy (onsumption of /arious ele(tri(al applian(es. $50. (ompare /arious ele(tri(al applian(es in terms of effi(ient use of energy. $54. des(ribe ways of in(reasing energy effi(ien(y. MINGGU ULANGKA0I MINGGU PEPERIKSAAN AKHIR SEMESTER 1, 2012 CUTI SEMESTER 1

5ppendix - = 're 8 Test 6 !7 $0. -$4$ &!earned in ',<)

8@D MEI 10 WEEK 1D

D)A A+a7".#+% e7e/1r'-'1#4e <'r/e a+ #+1er+a7 re.#.1a+/e 51=0 -#+6 D)5 A+a7".#+% e7e/1r#/a7 e+er%" a+ p'3er 5;0 -#+6

Tea(h Aetails for !7H$40 BUIC D WEEM ;

5ppendix -# 're-Test 6 $4. 8 $5% &!earned in ',<)

10 @15 MEI 10 19@ A 0UN 10 5 @20 0UN 10


Da1e2Wee$ Lear+#+% Lear+#+% O&1/'-e. 5LO6 LO C'-!#+a1#'+.2 Re-ar$. -

21@25 0UN 10 WEEK 1

O!,e/1#4e ;)1 A+a7".#+% 1(e -a%+e1#/ e<<e/1 '< a /&rre+1@ /arr"#+% C'+ &/1'r 51=0 -#+6

5A student is able to : 6 $55. state what an ele(tromagnet is. $56. draw the magneti( field pattern due to a (urrent in a6 a. straight wire1 b. (oil1 (. solenoid. $5-. plan and (ondu(t experiments to study fa(tors that affe(t the strength of the magneti( field of an ele(tromagnet. $58. des(ribe appli(ations of ele(tromagnets.

A71er+a1#4e. 5ppendix 85 're test $55-$56 WEEM 9 PEKA596 E>PERIMENT Ia(tors affe(ting strength of magneti( field

2; 0UN @2 0UL WEEK 2

5@9 0UL 10 WEEK 8

;)2 $5.. des(ribe what happens to a (urrent U+ er.1a+ #+% (arrying (ondu(tor in a magneti( field. 1(e <'r/e '+ a $6%. draw the pattern of the (ombined /&rre+1@/arr"#+% magneti( field due to a (urrent /'+ &/1'r #+ a -(arrying (ondu(tor in a magneti( -a%+e1#/ <#e7 field. 51=0 -#+6 $61. des(ribe how a (urrent 8(arrying (ondu(tor in a magneti( field experien(es a for(e. $6$. explain the fa(tors that affe(t the magnitude of the for(e on a (urrent -(arrying (ondu(tor in a magneti( fi eld. $60. des(ribe how a (urrent -(arrying (oil in a magneti( field experien(es a turning for(e. $64. des(ribe how a dire(t (urrent motor works. $65. state fa(tors that affe(t the speed of rotation of an ele(tri( motor. ;)8 $66. des(ribe ele(tromagneti( indu(tion. A+a7".#+% $6-. indi(ate the dire(tion of the indu(ed E7e/1r'-a%+e1#/ (urrent in a6 #+ &/1#'+ d. straight wire1 51=0 -#+6 e. solenoid. $68. explain fa(tors that affe(t the magnitude of the indu(ed (urrent. $6.. des(ribe appli(ations of ele(tromagneti( indu(tion.& a.( generator and d( generator) $-%. (ompare dire(t (urrent and alternating (urrent. $-1. #omparison between an +le(tri( ,otor a :enerator. ;)A A+a7".#+% Tra+.<'r-er. 5120 M#+6 $-$. des(ribe the stru(ture and the operating prin(iple of a simple transformer. $-0. (ompare and (ontrast a step 8up transformer and a step 8down transformer. $-4. state that Vp = ( p Vs (s for an ideal transformer.


Aemo6 +le(tri( ,otor

Aemo6 3se #<7 to show differen(es between a( and d(

+nri(hment6 'ro>e(t-=ased !earning6 :enerating +le(tri(ity Irom The ;ea &*ater *a/es) prepare a model 7< a (omputer simulation WEEM 10

12@1= 0UL 10 WEEK A

Aemo ;tep up and step down transformer using $ bulbs 4 $ /oltmeter

5ppendix 8= 're-Test !7 $-$ 8 $-4 #ombine with !7 $8$ 8 $84 BUIC 9 8

$-5. state that Vp)p CVs)s for an ideal transformer. $-6. des(ribe the energy losses in a transformer.des(ribe ways to impro/e the effi(ien(y of a transformer. $--. sol/e problems in/ol/ing transformers ;)5 $-8. list sour(es of energy used to U+ er.1a+ #+% generate ele(tri(ity. 1(e %e+era1#'+ $-.. des(ribe the /ariou s ways of a+ generating ele(tri(ity. 1ra+.-#..#'+ '< $8%. des(ribe the transmission of e7e/1r#/#1" ele(tri(ity. 5;0 -#+6 $81. des(ribe the energy loss in ele(tri(ity transmission (ables and dedu(e the ad/antage of high /oltage transmission. $8$. state the importan(e of the Gational :rid Getwork. $80. sol/e problems in/ol/ing ele(tri(ity transmission. $84. explain the importan(e of renewable energy. $85. explain the effe(ts on the en/ironment (aused by the use of /arious sour(es to generate ele(tri(ity.

5ppendix 8# 're-Test !7 $8% - $801 &!earned in ',<)

'roblem based !earning6 Aesign an energy (on/erter whi(h (on/erts heat energy to ele(tri(ity using ele(tromagnet

Da1e2Wee$ 19 @18 0UL 10 WEEK 5 Lear+#+% O!,e/1#4e 9)1 U+ er.1a+ #+% 1(e &.e. '< 1(e Ca1(' e Ra" O./#77'./'pe 5C)R)O)6 5;0 -#+6 $86. $8-. $88. $8.. $.%. $.1. $.$. 9)2 $.0. U+ er.1a+ #+% .e-#/'+ &/1'r $.4. #' e. 5;0 -#+6 $.5. $.6. $.-. $.8. 19@28 0UL 10 WEEK = 9)8 $... U+ er.1a+ #+% Tra+.#.1'r. 0%%. Lear+#+% O&1/'-e. 5LO6 5A student is able to : 6 explain thermioni( emission. des(ribe the properties of (athode rays. des(ribe the working prin(iple of the (athode ray os(illos(ope. measure potential differen(e using the #.<.7. measure short time inter/als using the #.<.7. display wa/e forms using the #.<.7. sol/e problems based on the #.<.7. display. des(ribe semi(ondu(tors in terms of resistan(e and free ele(trons. des(ribe n-type and p-type semi(ondu(tors. des(ribe semi(ondu(tor diodes. des(ribe the fun(tion of diodes. des(ribe the use of diodes as re(tifiers. des(ribe the use of a (apa(itor to smooth out output (urrent and output /oltage in a re(tifier (ir(uit. des(ribe a transistor in terms of its terminals. des(ribe how a transistor (an be LO C'-!#+a1#'+.2 A71er+a1#4e. Re-ar$. WEEM 11

5ppendix .5 're test6 !7 $.4 -$.5 &!earnt in "F)

5ppendix .= 're test6 .

51=0 -#+6 0%1. 2=@ 80 0UL 10 WEEK D 9)A 0%$. A+a7".#+% 7'%#/ Ga1e. 5120 -#+6 0%0.


0%5. 0%6.

used as a (urrent amplifier. des(ribe how a transistor (an be used as an automati( swit(h. state that logi( gates are swit(hing (ir(uits in (omputers and other ele(troni( systems. list and draw symbols for the following logi( gates6 a. 5GA1 d G5GA b. 7<1 e. G7< (. G7T1. state the a(tion of the following logi( gates in a truth table6 a. 5GA1 d. G5GA b. 7<1 e1 G7< (. G7T1 build truth tables for logi( gates in (ombination for a maximum of $ inputs. des(ribe appli(ations of logi( gate (ontrol systems.

!7 0%% &!earnt in "F) BUIC 10 e.g.6 'roblemAesign a flood warning system using ele(troni( system +nri(hment6 'roblem based !earning&'=!) WEEM 12