1806 Miramichi

Patrick McCloskey
Tyrone - Ireland Peddler

1866 Bathurst

McCLOS !" IS M" L#ST $#M!%%%

P atrick is my &irst% In 181'( at the a)e o& thirteen( I le&t Tyrone County o& $orthern Ireland( the country o& my *irth( and sailed to the Pro+ince o& $e, Bruns,ick( Canada% I came to Canada ,ith my sister( Sarah McCloskey( ,ho ,as -ust one year o& a)e. I started my ne, li&e here( in this ne, land( as a /eddler( carryin) a /ack on my *ack and sellin) my ,ares in the Miramichi 0istrict as &ar north as Bathurst% Later( I /urchased a horse and ,a)on and had a lar)e red chest made to hold my ,ares%

Patrick’s red chest
Woodmen’s Museum – Boiestown, New Brunswick

enna o& Bathurst( $e, Bruns,ick( and ,e ,ere married in 123% My dear *a*y sister( Sarah( died in 1824( at the youn) a)e o& t,enty-&i+e% My ,i&e( Sarah( and I started our &amily and ,ere *lessed ,ith ei)ht sons and a dau)hter% 5e tra+eled to and settled in Boiesto,n and carried on *usiness as )eneral merchants in a small store attached to our house6 Added by Stephanie McCloskey eb! "#$#% This in&o &rom marria)e records - Bureau de Sant7( Bathurst( 8loucester Co%( $B% The in&o ,as transcri*ed as &ollo,s9 Bridegroom: Patrick McCloskey - s/elled McClosky Parents9 :ohn Bride: Sarah McKenna Parents9 :ohn Mc enna 5itness9 !llen 0onely; :ohn Mc enna9 Catherine <Mutan=> 0ate o& Marria)e9 ?thday o& Octo*er 1823 O&&iciatin)9 :%M% <Manor=> 1

I met Sarah Mc

McCloskey amily &istory

5%@% McCloskey( Ltd%
8eneral Merchants

Patrick died in 1866 at a)e 60( and his ,i&e( Sarah( continued to run the store% In 18?4( ,hen PatrickAs son( 5illiam @ichard ,as 12( he ,as sent o&& to the Currie Business Colle)e in St% :ohn to learn his trade% @eturnin) home( 5illiam clerked in the &amily run store% #&ter the death o& his mother( 5illiam took o+er the *usiness( ,hich also included a lum*er and hemlock *ark *usiness( shi//in) the *ark to tanneries in Massachusetts to *e used in dyin) leather% 5illiam ,as a leader in the community and acti+e in *usiness u/ until his death in 1'14 at the a)e o& B2%
The ori)inal store( ,hich ,as connected to the house ,as too small to handle the *usiness so a second store ,as *uilt near the old one% This store ,as a*out 30 &eet sCuare and ,as a t,o-story *uildin)% It ,as *uilt in 18?B and ,as o/erated as such until a*out 1'0?% Other *uildin)s ,ere utiliDed as the *usiness increased and it ,as said the McCloskeyAs handled e+erythin) &rom Eneedles to casketsF%

Patrick McCloskey and &amily in &ront o& house and store% Built in the early 1800As%

# third store ,as *uilt on the location o& the current one in 1'0?% This *uildin) ,as t,o-story and measured a*out 4B &eet *y ?0 &eet% In 1'12 the *usiness incor/orated% In 1'B3 it ,as destroyed *y &ire and another( lar)er *uildin) ,as *uilt the same year% It is the current *uildin) and measures B0 &eet *y 83 &eet ,ith t,o &loors and a *asement% Gedlei)h H% McCloskey( son o& 5illiam @ichard( &irst *e)an ,orkin) as a clerk in his &atherAs store at the a)e o& 1B% 0urin) this time he )ained ,ide eI/erience in the merchandisin) *usiness% Gis t,o sons( Jincent and 0arrell( assisted their &ather% Gedlei)h mana)ed the store until his death in 1'?0% 0arrell and his ,i&e GaDel no, mana)e the *usiness% Their son( Brian( a &i&th )eneration McCloskey( came into the *usiness in 1'?2 and is no, +ice-/resident% <u/date9 0arrell ,orked in the *usiness until he took sick and ,as hos/italiDed in :an% 300'% Ge died He*% 1B &rom stomach cancer% GaDel retired a&ter su&&erin) a heart attack at the a)e o& ?8% The *usiness is no, run *y Brian%=



1806 P#T@IC Mc CLOS !" *% Tyrone County $orthern Ireland d% 3? $o+ 1866 in Boiesto,n( $e, Bruns,ick( Canada occu/% Ga*erdasherK/ro/rietorKyeoman reli)% @oman Catholic

married c% 1823 <Bathurst( $%B%=

181' Sarah Mc enna *%Tyrone County $o% Ireland emi)% 1820 to $e, Bruns,ick d% 6 $o+ 18'0( a)e ?1 motherAs name9 Burns
'n $()$ Sarah Mc*enna McCloskey was listed in the +o,ell -irectory as an 'nn *eeper!

emi)% 181' ,ith his sister9 Sarah McCloskey * 1818


d% ? #/ril 1824( a)e 3B *ur% Boiesto,n( $%B%

SarahAs o*ituary in a St% :ohn ne,s/a/er dated 10 $o+ 18'0( The 0aily Tele)ra/h9 d% Boiesto,n( 6th inst%( o& heart &ailure( Mrs% Sarah McCloskey( ?1st year% Le&t &i+e sons%

Patrick and Sarah settle in Boiesto,n and ha+e nine children( ei)ht *oys <includin) a set o& t,ins= and a
dau)hter9 t,in9 t,in9 I% II% III% IJ% J% 1822 :ohn E:ackF McCloskey 1822 Genry McCloskey 1826 :ames McCloskey 1828 Bernard EBarneyF !rnest McCloskey 18B0 Thomas H% McCloskey JI% JII% LJIII% IM% 18B4 Patrick McCloskey 18B6 Michael !)an McCloskey 18B' 5illiam @ichard McCloskey 18NN Mary McCloskey

#nd no, on to the li+es and times o& these nine McCloskey children *e)innin) ,ith the t,ins9

I% <May 1'( 1822 O 1'NN =


:OG$ E:#C F McCLOS !" 1822 :ohn E:ackF McCloskey *% 1' May 1822 Boiesto,n( $e, Bruns,ick occu/% &armerKla*ourer reli)% @oman Catholic

:ohn( is the &irst

*orn( and t,in to Genry% :ohn ,as a la*orer and remained sin)le% 18819 :ohn ,as li+in) ,ith mother% 1'019 #t a)e B6( :ohn ,as li+in) ,ith *rother( 18B' 5illiam McCloskey in Boiesto,n%

II% May 1'( 1822 O #/r% 1B( 1'03 G!$@" McCLOS !" 1831 :ames Go+ey 1838 Charlotte !liDa*eth OA0onnell


1822 Genry McCloskey *% 1' May 1822 Boiesto,n( $e, Bruns,ick occu/% railroad em/loyeeK&armer d% 1B #/r 1'03( a)e B? Boiesto,n reli)% @oman Catholic

m% <c% 1884=

1863 #lice #nna Go+ey *% 2 0ec 1863 d% <ali+e 1'01 census= occu/% sho/kee/er in 1'01 @eli)% @oman Catholic

$ote9 #liceAs son( 18'6 Ir+ine( has his motherAs name as Mc!l,ee in his #ttestation Pa/ers &or 55 I% #lice may ha+e remarried%

#lice has a dau)hter( Bernice *orn in 18?'% The &atherAs name is le&t *lank on the *irth /a/ers% One must *elie+e this child ,as *orn out o& ,edlock% Genry ,as 18 years older than #lice% 18819 #lice is at home ,ith her /arents and Bernice is noted as a mem*er o& the household% 1'019 Bernice li+in) ,ith #lice and Genry and is noted as dau)hter O *ut she is noted at the end o& the mem*ers o& the household O thou)h she is the eldest o& the children% :ames Mea)her 1808 Mary 8ratianna Price 18?' Bernice !+e McCloskey EGo+eyF m% 18?B #l*ert !d,ard Mea)her *% 14 Se/ 18?'K 34 #u) 18?' <13 0ec 1'02= *% 18 :an 18?BKMoncton( $%B%




d% 31 #u) 1'B0KHort Hrances( Ontario

Bernice and #l*ert ,ere married in the #n)lican church in Ludlo,% BerniceAs maiden name ,as noted as Go+ey% 1= 1'0B 8ratia 8,endolyn Mea)her m% *% 12 0ec 1'02KLudlo, <1'3?= d% 31 #/r% 1'86KThunder Bay( Ont% 3= 1'0? Isa*elle Cora Mea)her m% *% 34 Mar 1'0? 8orham( $e, Gam/shireKPS# d% 11 Mar 1'88( Hort Hrances( Ont% 4= 1'08 athleen #lice Mea)her *% 1B #u) 1'08 d% B :ul 1'83 2= 1'10 Charles #l&red Mea)her *% 3 :ul 1'10 B= 1'13 #l*ert !d,ard Mea)her *% 3 Se/ 1'13 d% 14 #/r 1'?0 m% 5arren :ennin)s McMillen

0onald Hrederick Barrett

Jincent Mc!+oy

m% <1'20= m%

8eraldine Jir)inia Garmlin) 0iIie Chalmers

#l*ert !d,ard tra+eled to Port Guron( Michi)an on 18 #u) 1'2B( a)e 43% Last /ermanent address ,as Sarnia( Ontario%

6= 1'1B :anet Marie Mea)her *% 40 0ec 1'1BKLudlo, d% 1''3 Hort Hrances( Ont%

m% <1'42=

!lDear :ose/h #u)er


1882 :ames ELeoF McCloskey *% 1' He* 1882 occu/% la*orerK sho/kee/er

m% <4 :ul 1'32= <Ludlo,=

18NNMary Mar)aret Genry <Stella=

1'119 :ames is listed as head o& household% Li+in) ,ith him ,ere his t,o *rothers( Murray and Ir+ine O and t,o sisters( Gelena and Mary% Ge ,as Eat the storeF ,hen the census taker ,as at the house%


1= 0oris #nita McCloskey m% enneth @o*ert Bur)ess <18 #u) 1'B1= 3= #lice McCloskey 4= Mary McCloskey 2= #deline McCloskey m% Hrank 8rant :oan 8ray m% m% 1st9 3nd9 :oe Comeau en $ealy

B= Henton E:oeF McCloskey m% 1% 3% 4% 2% B% LeeKLeo McCloskey !llen McCloskey Susan McCloskey :o-#nn McCloskey Carolyn McCloskey

6= Genry McCloskey ?= !tta McCloskey m% @o*ert Po,ers

1% Lisa #nn Po,ers 3% 0ominic :ose/h Po,ers 4% 188B Gelena ELenaF Maria McCloskey m% 18NN:ohn E:ackF Hairley *% 6 Mar 188B <a&ter 1'11= Boiesto,n occu/% nurseK1'11 1'019 Lena ,as li+in) at home in Boiesto,n 1'0?9 Mo+ed to $e, :ersey 1'109 Lena ,as li+in) in Oran)e City( $e, :ersey( Most likely came to $e, :ersey in 1'0?% She ,as listed as a nurse <)raduate=% She ,as li+in) on 102 Genry Street and noted as a *oarder% #t 88 Genry Street ,as The Gouse o& 8ood She/herd ,hich o/ened in 1883% # &acility &or the a)ed% 1'119 Lena li+in) ,ith her *rother( :ames Leo( in $e, Bruns,ick Lena and :ack had t,o children9 1= Les Hairley m% ELillianF

1% :ohn Hairley 3% :udy Hairley 3= Patricia Hairley 1861 :aco* 0ykeman !stey 18 Louisa #u)usta 5ellin) 18'2 Hrank Burton !stey *%1B May 18'2 es,ick( "ork Co% d% 13 0ec 1'B6K"ork Co%

2% 188? Mary !liDa*eth McCloskey *% 18 $o+ 188? Boiesto,n( $B occu/% MillinerK1'11 d% ? May 1'2?( a)e 20

m% <40 Mar 1'31= <Hredericton=


"ork Co% 1= 1'33 :ack Burton !stey m% *% 18 #/ril 1'33 Hredericton d% 2 :ul 300? Miramichi @e)ional Gos/ital 1% Carol !stey 3% :oyce !stey 4% :udy !stey 3= 1'NN 8erald !stey 1% Charlotte !stey 3% $orman !stey m% m% m% 1'NNLucy #nn Betts

:ohn Bodreau Peter LaBelle 1'NN!+e McS,een

4= 1'NNPatricia !stey 1% 3% 4% 2% B% 2=


1'NN:oe 5halen

:ohn 5halen married athy Scully Sandra 5halen Marsha 5halen Linda 5halen married a 8rant% Sally 5halen m% 1'NNBo* #nnin)

1'NN0orothy !stey 1% 5endy #nnin) 3% athy #nnin) 4% $ancy #nnin)

B% 188' :eunet Mar)aret McCloskey *% 3? Oct 188' Boiesto,n d% did not a//ear in 1'01 census


18'4 Genry Murdock EMurrayF McCloskey m% 18'4 !llen M% Mc0onald *% 3? :ul 18'4 <12 Se/ 1'12= d% 2 He*% 1'B3( a)e B8 <$orthum*erland County= occu/% lum*er sur+eyor in 1'16 reli)% @oman Catholic *ur % Hredericton @ural Cem% !It% "ork Co% O Soldiers Plot 84-3B CM@ C!H - Pri+ate !llen and Murray ,ere not married +ery lon) *e&ore Murray enlisted in the Canadian !I/editionary Horce 55I% Murray si)ned #ttestation Pa/ers on #/ril 11( 1'16 in SusseI $e, Bruns,ick at a)e 33 yrs( ' moAs% Murray ,as BA 8Ftall( had *lue eyes and *ro,n hair% Murray ,as )ranted 100 acres in "ork County on 10 Oct 1'3B% 1= 1'NNGelena Bernadetta McCloskey m% 1'NNHerdinand !% Mac0onald d% 3000 <2 Oct 1'4?= d% 1''8 *ur% St% #nthonyAs( "ork Co% <Ludlo,= 1% Bernice Mac0onald m% 0on Cam/*ell <2 Oct 1'4?= 1= Paul Cam/*ell 3= #ndre, Cam/*ell 4= Peter Cam/*ell 2= :ohn Cam/*ell 3% N!arl Mac0onald 1= Brenda Mac0onald 3= :anice Mac0onald 4% 15ayne Mac0onald m% Bar*ara Gainin) 1st marria)e9 3nd marria)e9 0iane Charters $ancy !sson

1= Shelly Mac0onald 2% #nn-Marie Mac0onald 1= Lori 8or)et 3= Michelle 8or)et B% Cheryl Mac0onald m% Bo* 5heaton% m% Cli&&ord 8or)et

186' :ames Cullinan 18?4 :ohannah



1'NN@ita I% McCloskey

m% 1'04 Louis J% Cullinan <12 :an NNNN= *% ? :ul 1'04KSt% :ohn( $B

# ne,s/a/er article in Catherine McCloskeyAs al*um <no year noted= has the cou/le *ein) married in Gali&aI( $o+a Scotia% 1% 3% 4% 2% Susan Cullinan Maureen Cullinan @ichard Cullinan $ancy Cullinan m% 1'NNHred $elson d% 16 He* 1'23 St% :ohn Co%

4= 1'NNHrances McCloskey 1% Geather $elson 3% Michael $elson 2= 1'NN8reta McCloskey m % 1% :anine 0A#mours 3% e+in 0A#mours 4% 0a+is 0A#mours 2% #ndre 0A#mours B= 1'NN Mona McCloskey 1% Carol Smith 3% Michael Smith 4% Ste/hen Smith 6= 1'NN5illard McCloskey 1% @ichard McCloskey 3% 8len McCloskey 4% 8ary McCloskey 5illard McCloskey 2% Colin McCloskey

1'NNPaul 0A#mours


1'NN#lan Smith

1st marria)e9

1'NNMadeline Go+ey

3nd marria)e9

1'NN$oreen Bri))s

?= 1'NNMar)aret :oan McCloskey m% <B #u) 1'B?= <Ludlo,= 1% Lisa Palmer

1'NN@o*ert !rnest Palmer


Last child and son o& 1822 Genry McCloskey and 1863 #lice Go+ey9 ?= 18'6 Ir+ine McCloskey m% *% 1? May 18'6 <a&ter 1'1B= occu/% la*ourer in 1'1B @eli)% @oman Catholic% d% Q10 Oct 1'B3KSt% :ohnR NNNNBeatrice Hlynn

1'119 li+in) ,ith *rother( :ames Leo% Ir+ine enlisted in the Canadian !I/editionary Horce 55I in 1'1B% Ge si)ned his #ttestation Pa/ers on Octo*er 6( 1'1B% Ir+ine ,as BA11F tall( *lue-eyed and had li)ht *ro,n hair% 1% 1'41 #nnie #lice McCloskey d% :an% B( 3011 1= Timothy S,aDey 3% 1'NN:ames Ir+ine McCloskey 4% 1'NN:ackie McCloskey 1% m% 1'NNJau)hn @oss d% 300' 5ayne Mc ay <di+orced 3001= m% 1'NNLa,rence Timothy S,aDey

<' Se/ 1'B4= <Ludlo,=

Bar*ara @oss m% 1= 3= 3% Geather @oss <dec%= 1= :oel @oss m% 1% 4% #nn Marie @oss m% 1= #lison @oss 3= Brandon @oss 2% NN Peter @oss m% 1= 3= 4= 2% 1'NN:oe McCloskey m%

Be+erly Storey athy OA0onnell

1'NNIsa*el Penna and had three sons9

1% Mark McCloskey 3% Ste/hen McCloskey 4% Peter McCloskey


Continuin) ,ith 1806 Patrick McCloskey and Sarah Mc ennaAs ten children9

III% <1826 -


:#M!S Mc CLOS !" Ge must ha+e *een ali+e in 1'0' as his *rother( Bernard( said in the letter he ,rote on :anuary ?( 1'0' that he ,ould send :ames a co/y o& the /hoto he took o& Michael McCloskey -ust *e&ore he died% Could +ery ,ell *e /ossi*le that :ames came to Cali&ornia ,ith Barney and Michael> IJ% <18B0-1'1' = B!@$#@0 EB#@$!"F Mc CLPS !"


,as *orn :uly 36( 18B0 in Boiesto,n( $e, Bruns,ick% Ge mo+ed to Cali&ornia in 186' at a)e1'( and settled in Madera in 1881% Ge married 1861 atie 5ard Miller circa 18'4 ,hen he ,as a*out 24% They had a son( 18'B !rnest B% McCluskey% 186'9 Mo+ed to Cali&ornia and mo+ed around the state *e&ore settlin) in Madera% 18819 Settled in Madera( Cali&ornia% 18829 $aturaliDed citiDen 10 Se/ 1882 in Mari/osa% Bernard ,as BA 10F tall( li)ht com/leIion( *lue eyes( li)ht hair% Occu/ation ,as noted as saloon kee/er% Scar on ri)ht hand% 18'49 Married atie 5ard Miller% In 1881 atie ,as married to an G%O% Miller% They ,ere li+in) in Modesto( Cali&ornia% 18'118'B9 Consta*le &or Madera% .!!!retired /rom law en/orcement in the $(0#’s and mo,ed into the pri,ate sector!1 1'009 1'00 censusK Madera County% Bernard ,as a saloon kee/er and his ,i&e( atie ,as a dressmaker% atie had a /re+ious marria)e ,hich *ore her t,o sons% One son ,as at home( 1882 @oy L% Miller( ,ho ,as a &arm la*orer% 1'049 March 18( 1'04% The Madera Tri*une9 No Help for the Fire. Shortly a&ter 4 oAclock yesterday a&ternoon a &ire ,as disco+ered in the ,oodshed *ack o& B#@$!" MCCLPS !"AS residence on B Street% #n alarm o& &ire ,as turned in and :% :% Gam*leton o& the Southern Gotel and three others )ot the hose cart and started &or the scene o& the &ire% #*out &orty /eo/le( attracted *y the &ire alarm( rushed *y the men ,ith the hose cart and ne+er o&&ered to assist them% 5hen the hose ,as cou/led to the hydrant a stream o& ,ater &lo,ed out o& the noDDle and struck the 8round three &eet a,ay% Then men stood hel/less ,hile the &lames communicated to a hen house and ran alon) a &ence threatenin) @e+% 5%!% Philli/sA hay *arn ,hich ,as &ull o& hay% Seein) there ,as no &orce to the ,ater( se+eral men rushed into the alley and tore do,n the &ences%


1'049 :uly 3'( 1'04% The Madera Tri*une9 His Building orn !o"n Pntil yesterday B% McCluskey o,ned an old &rame *uildin) ,hich occu/ied the lot in *lock 36( ,hich he recently sold to the county% Ge ,as )i+en the /ri+ile)e o& takin) the house a,ay( *ut ,as so *usy cho//in) mortar o&& the old *ricks he du) out o& his cellar that he didnAt do it% Ge has *een sa+ed the la*or% 8reat ,as his dis)ust and cha)rin at &indin) yesterday that some one had mo+ed the house o&& the lot% It ,as not handled ,ith care( &or the *uildin) had *een torn a/art and the lum*er com/osin) it( /iled in a hea/ in the street% The ,ork ,as done *y a cre, o& men *ut *y ,hose orders no one seems to kno,% Mr% McCluskey said this mornin) that he had intended to mo+e the *uildin) tomorro,% 1'049 #u)% B( 1'04 The Madera Tri*une9 Chicken Killing Cats Must Scat. Cats are in *ad ,ith the chicken raisers o& Madera( and e+ery ,oman ,ho has a hen ,ith little chickens has an aIe out &or the &eline marauders ,ho make chicken raisin) in the *ack lots a /ro*lem It is sur/risin) to see ,hat a num*er o& little chicks one cat ,ill de+our in a season( and ,hen one sto/s to think o& the num*er o& &elines that clim* the roo&s at ni)ht to ho,l at the moon( the loss to chicken raisers must *e a//allin)% But chicken men and ,oman ha+e ho/e &rom the &act the B#@$!" MCCLPS !" has *een a//ointed semio&&icial cat killer *y a local or)aniDation o& chicken raisers( and he is a&ter the cats ,ith a shot)un and is makin) &ur &ly% 1'0'9 It ,as in 1'0'( that the Madera County Board o& Su/er+isors &irst )ot serious a*out *uildin) Courthouse Park% In that year( they tried to /urchase the /ro/erty that lay *et,een the ne,ly erected courthouse and H Street </resent day 8ate,ay 0ri+e=( /recisely ,here our annual Old TimersA 0ay-in-the-Park no, takes /lace% The talks ,ere not )oin) ,ell% The Board and the o,ners o& the /ro/erty could not )et to)ether on a /rice% #t issue ,as a ro, o& *usinesses alon) H Street that included a :a/anese *oardin) house( McCluskey#s saloon and $ar$er shop% the Chinese store o& Lee Sam( his t,o-story lod)in) house( and the "osemite Li+ery( Heed( S Sale Sta*le o/erated *y 5%B% Co&&man% The /ro/erty o,ners ,ere dri+in) a hard *ar)ain% Back and &orth the ne)otiations continued and so did the deadlock( until thin)s came to a head on :une B( 1'0'% On that e+enin)( a &ire ,i/ed out all o& the *uildin)s on the ,est side o& H Street( *et,een SiIth Street and "osemite #+enue% 1'129 @esidence noted9 11? $o% B Street in Madera% 1'12 City 0irectory% #lso( his son( !rnest B% ,as noted as li+in) on 11? $o% B% Street and his occu/ation ,as listed as EclerkF @- Co

1'1'9 In :une o& 1'1'( the city <Madera= talked him into returnin) to the ranks o& /olice o&&icer *y takin) the ni)ht ,atch% Ge ,as ?0 years old% #lthou)h ad+anced in a)e( Mr% McCluskeyAs sense o& duty as a /eace o&&icer had not diminished since he had /atrolled the streets o& Madera 3B years earlier( and that cost him his li&e -ust t,o months a&ter he *e)an his second career in la, en&orcement% 1'1'9 On the ni)ht o& #u)ust 40( a 1? year-old youth decided to steal a car in Hresno% Ge dro+e it to Madera and ri)ht into the arms o& O&&icer McCluskey ,ho had *een alerted *y the Hresno authorities% Mr% McCluskey &ound the youn) thie& in the $e, "ork restaurant on South 0% Street( arrested him and /roceeded to take him *y the collar and haul him to -ail% Pn&ortunately( the miscreant ,as armed ,ith a 43 Colt @e+ol+er and shot the o&&icer in the stomach% O&&icer McCluskey li+ed a &e, hours ,hile doctors @inker and 0ear*orn ,orked &e+erishly to sa+e him *ut their e&&orts ,ere in +ain% That mornin)( Bernie McCluskey died% The &irst Madera County Police o&&icer to &all in the line o& duty% The assailantAs name ,as Ben H% O*enshain% Ge ,as char)ed ,ith murder and tried in Madera Su/erior Court *e&ore a -ury% The -ury arri+ed at a +erdict o& )uilty o& murder in the second de)ree% O*enshain recei+ed an indeterminate sentence o& ten years to li&e in the state /rison% 30039 BernardAs name ,as added to the Cali&ornia Peace O&&icersA Memorial Monument at 10th St% and Ca/itol Mall in Sacramento% 12

300?9 Madera County La, !n&orcement Memorial un+eiled% Bernard McCluskey ,as the &irst &allen o&&icer and his name inscri*ed on memorial% 18B0 Bernard !rnest McCloskey m% Miller *% 36 :ul 18B0 Boiesto,n( $e, Bruns,ick occu/% saloon kee/erK*lacksmithK /olice o&&icer d% 1 Se/ 1'1'( a)e ?0 *ur% #r*or Jitae Cemetery <4 Se/ 1'1'= Madera( C# 1863 Mar)aret atheryn E atieF 5ard Coleman *% 1 March 1863 Merced( Cali&ornia occu/% dressmaker d% 41 0ec 1'36( a)e 6B *ur% #r*or Jitae Cemetery <4 :an 1'3?= Madera( C#

*atie’s mother was born in Missouri and her /ather born in 2ennessee! *atie Ward’s /irst husband was &enry 3! Miller who was born in 'owa! 2hey were married on 0 No, $()0 in Madera by 4oseph Borden 4!P! 2hey had two children! 'n $((# they were li,in5 in Modesto, CA 6 &enry was noted as a tinsmith! 'nterestin5!!!!&enry was li,in5 in Madera in $0$# and noted himsel/ as widowed7 Carpenter and a boarder in 8rd twp!

1% 1882 @oy Lester Miller <BernardAs ste/ son= *% 40 :uly 1884KC# d% :uly 1'6B <,herea*outs unk%=

1824 Ben-amin Hranklin StarrKOhio 18B0 Sarah #shKIndiana m% 1884 #nna % Starr *% 34 0ec 1884K S d% 3B Oct 1'B8KLos #n)eles

1'109 @oy is li+in) in Madera and is ,orkin) as a la*orer in a &actory% 1'189 0ra&t @e)istration Card9 Li+in) at 148 Manor Street in Los #n)eles% 5orkin) as a door S sash man at :ones Sash S 0oor Co% in Lon) Beach% Li)ht *ro,n hairK*lue eyed% 1'409 @oy and &amily in Los #n)eles% GeAs ,orkin) as a ,ood ,orker in a /lanin) mill% 1= 1'10 0orothy G% Miller *% 4 :ul 1'10KMadera d% 2 May 1''BKGum*oldt Co%( C# 3= 1'14 @oy S% Miller *% 8 0ec 1'14 d% 3' May 1''2KLos #n)eles 1860 :ames Polk @eDner 1860 !toile #% 5hi//leKIo,a m% 18'6 !lla !+elina @eDner <? He* 1'30= *% 3B Se/ 18'6 Barnes( ansas d% 34 :un 1''0KContra Costa Co% *ur% #r*or Jitae Cem%( Madera
$0$#% 9,a li,in5 in resno with her /amily! ather a superintendent :beet /ields! 9,a e,entually came to li,e with her son,-onald and /amily in +a/ayette CA until her death!

3% 18'B !rnest Bernard McCluskey *% 1' #u)% 18'B Madera( C# occu/% CGP O&&icerKCa* 0ri+er d% 1? 0ec% 1'28 - a)e B4 Broderick( "olo County *ur% 3 He* 1'2' - one yrT later #r*or Jitae Cem%( Madera Chan)ed the s/ellin) o& McCloskey%

1'129 !rnest ,as li+in) ,ith his &ather at 11? $o% B% Street% Ge ,as a clerk &or the @- Com/any% 1B

1'169 !rnest( ,ho ,as a ne,ly a//ointed tra&&ic co/( ,as named in a limerick contest /enned *y Mrs% 5%G% Parsons <,ho ,on second /lace=9 .3ur speed cop, youn5 9rnest McCluskey ; 's undoubtedly pro,in5 trusty ; And it’s plain to be seen ; &e intends it to be mean ; 2hat Madera does not rank as rusty1 1'1?9 @e)istration Card &or 5ard 5ar I &illed out *y !rnest on #u)ust 1?( 1'1? in Madera% $oted as tall ,ith a slender *uild% Blue eyes and *ro,n hair% Occu/ation ,as noted as Tra&&ic O&&icer &or Sheri&&As O&&ice in Madera% Claimed eIem/tion &rom ser+in)9 ri)ht arm out o& /laceKel*o,% Go,e+er( he ser+ed in 55I as noted on his )ra+e marker%

1'1? !rnest ser+ed in 55I in the !uro/ean Theater% Hrom ,hat I )ather &rom &amily( he ,as a motorcycle courier% 1'1' !rnest ,ould ha+e *een demo*iliDed &rom the 416th Hield Si)nal Battalion '1st 0i+ision at Cam/ earny( Cali&ornia% May 3( 1'1'% 1'309 !rnest li+in) on B% Street ,ith his motherKMadera tra&&ic o&&icer% 1'30 He*ruary ?( 1'30 !rnest married !lla !+a @eDner% 1'349 Son( 0onald McCluskey is *orn% 1'32- !rnest is di+orced &rom !+a% Occu/ation9 Cali&ornia Gi)h,ay Patrol O&&icer% 1'40 #s a youn) *oy( 0onald remem*er /atrollin) the hi)h,ays ,ith his &ather in his CGP car% 1'409 $o sho, &or !rnest in 1'40 census% Go,e+er( !+a is li+in) ,ith son( her *rother-in-la, and sister( 5illiam S Pearl Lyons( in Hresno( alon) ,ith her son( 0onald% SheAs ,orkin) as a clerk in a hotel in Hresno% $oted as di+orced% 1'239 @e)istration Card &or 55II 0ra&t% Serial B413% @esidence9 Bay Gotel( B31 U < ay= St% Sacramento $ame S #ddress o& Person 5ho 5ill #l,ays no, "our #ddress9 Bernice Call+an( Court Gotel( Sacramento C# Place o& !m/loyment9 P%S% #ir Cor/%( Sacramento( Sacramento #ir 0e/ot( McLellan Hield( C#

1'289 0ied 1? 0ec 1'28% Hound dead in *ed at a*out 4900 a%m% Coronary occlusion% @esidence9 413 Second St%( Broderick <no, 5% Sacramento= &or one year% Occu/ation9 Ca* 0ri+er In&ormant9 son( 0onald McCluskey o& Hresno% Oscar $eu*ert( :r% Pearl !l+a Prussin) 1'3? Patricia #nn $eu*ert

1= 1'34 0onald !% McCluskey 16


*% 10 Mar 1'34 Madera( C# occu/% P8S! lineman

<13 Mar1'2'= <Clo+is( C#=

*% 3' mar 1'3? Lon) Beach( C#

1'289 0onald ,as li+in) on 612 5% Cam*rid)e in Hresno% 1'B09 mo+ed to '32 :anet Lane in La&ayette( C# 0urin) 55II 0onald ,as a /ilot in the P%S% #ir Horce% @aymond #l&red Calen $ancy !+elyn Soderstrom Susan Calen

1% Patrick 0ale McCluskey m% <3? :an 1'?6= 1% Cortney Marin McCluskey

m% Trey 0are Gickman <36 :ul 3004=

3= elly Patrick McCluskey Gerschel 5ard Sears Mary #nne Tolson m% Pamela :ane Sears <di+orced= <4 #u) 1'8B=

3% Michael 5ayne McCluskey

1= elsey Breanne McCluskey 3= Caitlin Michelle McCluskey

The &ollo,in) is a letter ,ritten in 1'0' &rom Barney McCluskey to his *rother( 18B' 5illiam @ichard McCloskey( 1?

+etter dated $0#0! 2he letter was written by $(<( Bernard McCloskey, to his brother $(=0 William McCloskey, re5ardin5 their brother, $(=> Michael McCloskey Madera, Cali/ornia -ear Brother% ' now rite you these /ew lines to let you know that ' am well at present – and hope these /ew lines will /ind you en?oyin5 the same blessin5! ' rote you a lon5 letter dated -ec! "< th – and sendin5 you a tele5ram /rom San rancisco @…!!A the death o/ poore Mike and not rece,in5 a reply /rom tele5ram and letter thou5ht ' would rite you a5ain! ' recei,ed a letter /rom +ena in New 4ersey, yesterday, which eBplained /acts! She rote me that you recei,ed the tele5ram but not the letter as ' ne,er recei,ed your tele5ram that you sent me! So ' will rite a5ain to you! Poor Mike is dead and in his 5ra,e in Madera, Cali/! ' must con/ess i/ e,er was a human bein5 su//ered in this world, it was him /rom that …!!disease, cancer! &e is one o/ the hardest men to do anythin5 with that ' e,er came in contact with! Cou could neither coaks @coaBA him lead or dri,e him to do anythin5 that would bene/it him until it was too late! ' tried my best – a year a5o last Christmas to 5o to the City and ha,e it operated on and 5et some o/ my /riends and also some o/ his /riends to talk to him but all to no a,ail! &e would not listen to none o/ them – but would ha,e his own way! &e 5ot in with an 3ld Norman cancer /ake who made him belie,e that she could cure him! She doctored him /or some weeks and char5ed him D"=!## per week…!!keep tellin5 me that she was curin5 him, but ' plainly seen with my own eyes that she was doin5 him no 5ood! So ' took him to a 5ood doctor here in resno and he told me ,ery Euickly that she was doin5 him no 5ood! So ' cut her out immediately and took him to S! ! and had him eBamined by three o/ the best doctors that ' could 5et! 2hey all told me there was no…/or him to 5et better as he had let it run too lon5! ' asked them about operatin5 on it! 2hey told me where he would 5et better – ninety;nine would die! So ' told Mike what they told me! &e told me that he would ?ust as lea,e be dead as to ha,e his /lesh rottin5 on his /ace, and him ali,e! So ' told him all ri5ht – onto the table he went in . rances1 &ospital – one o/ the /inest and best in the City o/ San rancisco! ' 5a,e -r! FeB/ord D$)=!## to per/orm the operation! &e was three hours 6 ") minutes on the table! &e started to cut at the collar band o/ the shirt and raised the skin clear up to the lips when he saw the ?aw bone – there was the cancer about the siGe o/ a Euarter o/ a dollar on each side o/ the ?aw! So the doctor took his saw and cut the ?aw all out! 2he roots o/ the cancer could be seen clear down to the ?u5ular ,ein! ' saw the whole operation with my eyes as he @MikeA made me promise him that ' would be their to protect the ?aw bone, i/ possible, as he said he did not care /or the /lesh remo,ed – but did not want the ?aw bone remo,ed i/ it could be a,oided! 't was a hard deal to stand but a lon5 as ' promised him, ' stood the 3rdeal! &e li,ed about ei5ht hours a/ter the operation – but ne,er rallied …!!' had his photo taken about twenty minutes be/ore he laid down! Will send 4ames one as soon as ' can 5et stren5th up! Well ' hope you will 5et this letter and that ' may hear /rom you soon a5ain …respects to all…/riends …! rom your…!!brother! B! McCluskey 4anuary ), $0#0

re)ardin) the death o& BarneyAs S 5illiamAs *rother( 18B6 Michael McCloskey9


J% <18B0-18B1= TGOM#S H% McCLOS !"

Thomas H% McCloskey ,as *orn in Se/tem*er o& 18B0 and died in in&ancy at 12 months on $o+% 33( 18B1%
Ge is *uried ,ith his &ather( Patrick%


JI% <18B4 O 186' = H@#$CIS McCLOS !"( :r%

Hrom the $e, Bruns,ick @e/orter and Hredericton #d+ertiser9 d% Boiesto,n( 1?th ult%( a)e 16( Patrick Hrancis &i&th sKo Sarah McCluskey% <0ied May 1?( 186'Kunder McCluskey= JII% <18B6 O 1'08= MICG#!L !8#$ McCLOS !" 18819 Michael ,as at home ,ith mother( Sarah in Boiesto,n% Occu/ation9 Bar*er Ge had one son( Milton( *orn Mar% 40( 188B to Lottie #mos *ut they ne+er ,ed% Lottie le&t the *a*y ,ith Michael and mo+ed to Boston% #leIander and 8race Lon) raised Milton and as an adult he ,ent *y the name Lon)% In 1'11 Milton ,as li+in) ,ith Hrederick S !&&ie Price% 1886 Michael mo+ed to Cali&ornia% 18'69 Became a naturaliDed citiDen on 33 :ul 18'6 in Madera( Cali&ornia Gis occu/ation ,as listed as *ar*er in Madera% Ge ,as BA ?1K3F tall( dark com/leIion( *lue eyes and dark hair% Scar on *ack o& le&t hand% 1'029 & Bad Smash'up (une ))% *+,- ' Madera ri$une The Santa He o+erland &rom Chica)o ran into 0%5% 0ustheimerAs sta)e on the crossin) at the 0am Gouse last ni)ht and killed *oth horses and made kindlin) o& the sta)e% The dri+er( MI ! MCCLPS !" ( had a narro, esca/e &rom *ein) killed( as he )ot out o& the ,ay -ust in time% One o& the horses ,as thro,n o+er his head and landed 300 &eet a,ay% M@% MCCLPS !" ,as dri+in) the sta)e &rom OA$eals ,hen he sa, the li)ht o& the locomoti+e% The rim o& one o& the ,a)on ,heels landed o+er the smoke stack o& the locomoti+e% 1'089 Mike ,as in San Hrancisco ,here he died a&ter sur)ery on 0ecem*er 1'( 1'08( a)e B3% 1'089 Buried in #r*or Jitae Cemetery( Madera( Cali&onira <31 0ec 1'08=% $o )ra+emarker%


JIII% <18B' O 1'14= L5ILLI#M @ICG#@0 McCLOS !"

5illiam married Catherine Price%

5illiam and CatherineAs &amily history *e)ins on the &ollo,in) /a)e% IM <1861 - 18?0= M#@" !LIV#B!TG McCLOS !"

Mary died at

a)e nine% Ger o*ituary in the $e, Bruns,ick @e/orter and the Hredericton #d+ertiser9 .$0 No,! d! Boiestown @North!Co!A Mary 9liGabeth McCloskey dau! o/ Sarah McCloskey, a5e 0!1 M <18B' O 1'14= L5ILLI#M @ICG#@0 McCLOS !"

5illiam is my

&irst name( McCloskey is my last……% m% <13 0ec 1883= 1813 !rasmus 8o,er Price 1831 0orothy E0ollyF McCrae 1861 Catherine Price *% $e, Bruns,ick d% ? $o+% 1'B3( a)e '1 *ur% Boiesto,n

18B' 5illiam @ichard McCloskey *% 32 May 18B' Boiesto,n( $e, Bruns,ick Canada reli)% @oman Catholic occu/% merchant <ran the &amly store= d% 1'14( a)e B2 *ur% Boiesto,n( $e, Bruns,ick

5illiam and Catherine ,ere ,ed on 0ecem*er 13( 1883 and *lessed ,ith ten children( all *orn in Boiesto,n9 1% 1884 Hrederick 5illiam McCloskey 3% 188B Ger*ert Chi/man EChi/F McCloskey 4% 18'0 Thomas EGedlei)hF McCloskey 2% 18'3 Mary EJidaF McCloskey B% 18'2 5ini&red Catherine McCloskey 6% 18'2 5illard Jincent McCloskey ?% 18'B La,rence ELa,ryF St% Clair McCloskey 8% 18'? 0elamere Hrancis E0elF McCloskey '% 1'04 :ames @e)inald McCloskey 10% 1'0B #udry #thel,ard E#udF McCloskey

t,in9 t,in9

The &amily li+ed in a lar)e Jictorian style house -ust to the le&t o& the store% Many o& the si*lin)s ,ere named *y Catherine a&ter &amous authors and ,riters o& the day% The children attended school in a one-room schoolhouse on a hill near their home% The &amily attended a @oman Catholic Church kno,n as the Old Cha/el at the site o& the /resent day @oman Catholic Church% # ne, church( St% :oachimAs Church( ,as *uilt in 1'16 near the store% Because o& trou*les ,ith her le)s( Catherine ,alked ,ith a cane% #t times( in order to )et her childrenAs attention( she ,ould ra/ the cain loudly on the ,ooden &loors% :% @e)inald s/oke o& a /et moose that ,ould /ull him and his si*lin)s in a slei)h durin) the ,inter months% #nd here *e)ins the si*lin)As stories( alon) the Miramichi( *e)innin) ,ith the eldest( Hred… 30

I% <1884 O :an% 38( 1'B' = H@!0!@IC 5ILLI#M McCLOS !"

Hrederick 5illiam McCloskey ,as *orn on Se/tem*er 38( 1884%

Hred attended the #//lied Science 0e/artment o& Mc8ill Pni+ersity% Ge married !mma Carolyn 8ardner% Hred ,as not at home in the 1'11 census% In 1'18 -1'40 they ,ere li+in) in #lle)heney( Pennsyl+ania and Hred ,as an electrical en)ineer% Hred and !mma had &i+e children9 1% 1'08 5illiam @ichard McCloskey *% 8 #u) 1'08 d% 40 :ul 1'84 Oran)e County( Hlorida 1= @ichard Jensel McCloskey 1% m% m% 1'11 Marie !% Jensel *% 40 :un 1'11 d% 18 0ec 1''? Lecanto Citrus( Hlorida <3'61 5% 5easel Ln%=

$ancy :ean McMillen

athleen Marie McCloskey

3% :enni&er #nn McCloskey 4% @ichard Patrick McCloskey 3= 0onald Ortis McCloskey 1% Mark McCloskey 3% :oanne McCloskey 4= Caroline #manda McCloskey m% Garry 5% rulac m% @uth #nn 0ocanay

1% 5illiam !rnest rulac 3% @e*ecca Marie rulac 4% im*erly rulac 2= Marie Louise McCloskey 1% Michael Commarata 3% #nn Marie Commarata 3% Cora #delle McCloskey% 0ied in childhood% 4% 1'14 Henimore E8ardnerF McCloskey *% 2 :ul 1'14 Pennsyl+ania d% 18 :un 3008KHarra)ut T$ m% 1'34 8ertrude E8ayF "adesky d% 40 :un 3003 o& cancer Tennessee 31 m% @o*ert Commarata

1= Claudia 8ay McCloskey m% 1'6? @ichard Genry Mynark married Oct% 31( 1'8' Michael Peter 5e*er 1% @ichard 8ardner Mynark 3= Hrederick 5illiam McCloskey 4= e+in 8ardner McCloskey 2= Laura Mary McCloskey 1% :essica Miller 3% Gannah Louise Miller 4% Ben Miller 2% !mily Miller 2% 1'33 Jida Catherine McCloskey m% *% 4 :anuary 1'33 Pennsyl+ania d% ' #/ril 1'8BKPitts*ur)( C# 1= :ohn :aco* Santen( III 3= Lauren !ileen Santen ,ho died in in&ancy 4= 0a+id Santen 2= Mary Carolyn Santen% Mary had t,o dau)hters% @al/h 5% Bo,lin @uth #% B% 1'34 !ileen !liDa*eth McCloskey *% 30 Mar1'34 Pennsyl+ania d% B #u) 1'8'( 8eor)ia 1= @al/h 5illiam Bo,lin 1% #nthony Brent Bo,lin 3% Michael Todd Bo,lin m% 1'30 Paul !lmer Bo,lin *% 33 0ec 1'30K Pennsyl+ania d% 3B #u) 1'88( 8eor)ia m% Cheryl #nn Gamlin m% 1'81 m% May 3008 :esse i/ Miller enneth Thatcher


1'NN:ohn :aco* Santen( :r%


II% <188B O 1'B2= CGIPM#$ G!@B!@T McCLOS !" <later chan)ed to Ger*ert Chi/man=

Ger*ert Chi/man

EChi/F McCloskey ,as *orn on Se/tem*er 2( 188B% Chi/ had le&t home *y 1'11% Chi/ ,as a minin) en)ineer( &irst in Co*alt( Ontario and then a mo+e to Toronto in 1'3?% In his later years( Chi/ *red Golsteins% Chi/ died on May 1'( 1'B2 in Toronto at a)e 6' and is *uried at St% 8eor)eAs Islin)ton Cemetery in Toronto% Ge married #nna May 8unter on :une 11( 1'13 in $orthum*erland Co% #nna 8unter ,as *orn :uly 16( 1884 in $ash,aak( "ork Co%( $%B% and died :une B( 1'6' in Toronto at a)e 86% She is *uried ,ith Chi/ in Toronto% They had &our children9 :ames $eil Somer+ille :ose/hine Smith 1% 1'14 @ichard 0elamere McCloskey m% 1'1B Ma*el :ose/hine Somer+ille *% 2 :ul 1'14 KCo*alt Ont% <#u) 1'4'= *% #/ril 1'1B d% 16 He* 1''0 < in)ston( Ontario= Morton( Ontario in)ston( Ontario d% 3 Oct 300B( a)e '1 *ur% imarnock Pnited Cemetery Merrick+ille( Ontario :as/er( Ontario *ur% 5ol&ord Cem% 1= :oanna May McCloskey 1% 0e*orrah #nn TruaI 1= Breanne Cater 3= Shane Cater 4= Courtney Cater 3% 0a+id Christo/her TruaI 1= Cody TruaI 3= Charles McCloskey 4= :ames Ger*ert McCloskey 1% :enni&er McCloskey 3% :ordon McCloskey :im /layed &or the Oakland Seals( a hockey team !+a Go)an @eynolds 8eor)e 0uncan 1'34 Gelen Patricia 0uncan *% ' 0ec 1'34KSud*ury Ont% m% Pam m% m m% 5illiam TruaI Brian Cater

3% 1'12 Paul Ger*ert McCloskey m% *% 18 $o+ 1'12KCo*alt Ont% d% 1B Mar 1''3KToronto *ur% St% 8eor)eAs Islin)ton Cem%KToronto

Paul &ollo,ed in his &atherAs &ootste/s and ,as hea+ily into the minin) industry% 34

Became +ery ,ealthy% 33 May 1'2B Paul ,as a,arded the Military Cross &or )allantry and distin)uished conduct durin) the Goch,ald Horest *attle - 55II% 1= #nna May Gelen McCloskey 3= @ichard 0uncan McCloskey m% m% Hlett 8raham

!d,in Stu**s 1881 Lily Maud Thom/son 4% 1'1' Constance May McCloskey m% 1'18 @aymond !d,in Stu**s *% :an% 1( 1'1'KCol*alt Ont% <30 :ul 1'2B= *% 0ec 1( 1'16 d% $o+% 3'( 300? d% May 13( 3002 in 8uel/h( Ont% <Saulte St% Marie( Ont= Buried in "ork Mills( Toronto( Ont% Constance ser+ed in the @C#H <5%0%= in Jictoria( British Colum*ia% durin) 55 II% She ,as a nationally kno,n +ocalist and sun) ,ith a num*er o& leadin) orchestras includin) Skeets Morris and his #u*urn Ca+aliers and ,on nation,ide reco)nition o+er coast-to-coast hooku/% <1'48= 1= Martha @ae <Tootie= Stu**s married :ohn #lan Baker Mac0onald <*%= #/r% 2( 1'22 <di+orced= She died #u)% 1''2 and is *uried neIt to Marianne in "ork Mills( Toronto( Ont% 3= Constance Lorraine Stu**s <300' is a dressa)e horse sho, -ud)e amon) other talents O check out her ,e* site ,,,%rockeden%com 4= Lyn #nn Stu**s m% 0r% 5illiam 8eo&&rey Coom*s :une 38( 1'80 They ha+e t,o children% 1% Bron,yn !liDa*eth Coom*s 3% Gilary #nn Chi/man Coom*s 2= Marianne !liDa*eth Stu**s d% :une 4( 1'?2 Buried at St% :ohnAs #n)lican( "ork Mills( Toronto( Ont% @e)inald Claude 5est #lice :ean Ir+ine 1'NN Bar*ara #nn 5est

2% 1'30 Charles 0ean McCloskey m% *% 13 Mar 1'30 KCo*alt Ont% <:uly 1'2B= d% 18 #/ril 1'88 < in)s,ay-Lam*tonKToronto= *ur% St% 8eor)eAs Islin)ton Cem%( Ont%

Hlt%- LieutCharles ,as a /ilot in the Canadian #ir Horce durin) 55 II% Ge recei+ed his &lyin) license in Cali&ornia at a)e 1?% Ge ,as taken as a /risoner o& ,ar in 8ermany and later released% 1= Patrick 0aniel McCloskey 3= Susan #nn McCloskey 1% #ksel Lielmanis m% m% m% 32 @o*erts 0r% #ndris Lielmanis !d,ard and Carole 5alDak Geather 5alDak

1= #ndris Lielmanis III% <18'0 - 1'?0= TGOM#S EG!0L!I8GF HITV8!@#L0 McCLOS !"


McCloskey ,as *orn on #u)ust 11( 18'0 or 38 :ul 18'0 in Boiesto,n% Gedlei)h remained in Boiesto,n and *e)an ,orkin) in the &amily store at a)e &i&teen% In 1'11 he ,as at home and noted as salesman O and Ein the storeF% Ge ,as an a+id salmon an)ler and ke/t a &irst class &ishin) tackle de/artment on the /remises% Gedlei)h married Bertha EBirdieF Lillian Calhoun% They ,ere married on Octo*er 11( 1'11 in $orthcum*erland County% They had &our children9 1% 1'13 Jincent #thelstan McCloskey *% 6 #u)% 1'13 d% 1'82 m% 1'10 Mar)aret Gurley d% 1'6?

1= !leanor Catherine McCloskey % Became a @oman Catholic $un% 3= !liDa*eth E#nnF McCloskey m% <36 #u) 1'B?= d% 2 Se/ 1'6?( a)e 3' 1% Mary @yan d% March 1'61 3% :ohn @yan d% at ? ,eeks old 4% Sean @yan 2% Mark @yan B% :ay @yan :ohn Paul @yan

4= 1'21 5illiam EBillyF Gedley McCloskey d% *e&ore 300B 1% Troy McCloskey 3% Tony McCloskey 4% Christina McCloskey 2% Tammy McCloskey 2= 1'28 Thomas @onald McCloskey *% B He* 1'28 d% 13 Se/ 300B m%


1'NN #nn Biddle

1'NNJerna 8allant

1%@onald :arrett McCloskey m% #u) 300' 3B

Lauralee !n)lehart

3% :ason Jincent McCloskey 3% 1'NN Hrances Jalerie McCloskey% Hrances died in in&ancy% 1'0B Burton Pond 1'0B 0oris #da Go+ey GaDel Muretta Pond

4% 1'1' :ames 0arrell McCloskey *% 18 :ul 1'1' d% 1B He* 300'

m% <1B $o+ 1'2'= <Ludlo,=

1= Be+erley #nn McCloskey


!ric <Chu*= OA0onnell *% :an% 36( 1'B1 d% :an%1'?2

1% Shonna Lee OA0onnell 1= Skyler !ric OA0onnell 3= onnar :aI 0oak OA0onnell 3% Shannon !ric OA0onnell 3= Susan Colleen McCloskey m% <#u)ust 1'?6 Thomas Phili/ Cameron <di+orced 3000=

1% Matthe, Thomas McCloskey Cameron 3% Scott 0ou)las McCloskey Cameron 4= Brian :ames McCloskey 1% #ndre, Brian McCloskey 3% SuDanne McCloskey m% :eremy Carson #u)% 3'( 300' #l*erta <se/arated= 1% arter :eremy Carson m% 1st9 Brenda OA0onnell <di+orced 3002=

4% Michael Patrick McCloskey Brian McCloskey m% 3nd9 0onna !liDa*eth <Beth= S,eeDey #u) 14( 300B Ste/dau)hter !mily McCloskey @oe m% :une 40( 1'82 0aniel Cain

2= !ileen Patricia McCloskey 1% Leah Patricia Cain

3% @eece 0aniel Cain



1'31 5inni&red Catherine ECa//yF McCloskey married t,ice% *% ? Se/ 1'31 % Ger &irst hus*and ,as Stanislaus @oland Gurley and they had t,o children9 1= Bertha !llen Gurley m% 1st 1'2B Perley Sid,ell Calhoun d% B :ul 1'81

1% Lisa Calhoun 3% @onald E BarryF Calhoun Bertha married @o*ert Ber)in in 1'8B 3= !laine Catherine Gurley 1% 8eo&&rey Pickerell 3% $olan 8raeme Pickerell 4% @yan Pickerell Ca//yAs second marria)e ,as to Berne $% Palmer and they had &our children <Berne died #/ril 3003= 4= 0ianne Marie Palmer 1% :ulie Lyons m% irk Lyons o& 0oakto,n 0aren Ben-amin m% @onald Pickerell <di+orced=

m% <? :ul 0?=

1= Cohen Ben-amin 3% Ste/hanie Lyons 2= Lisa Maureen Palmer m% @o*in !stey o& 0urham <di+orced=

1% Ste/hen 0ou)las !stey 3% Luke !stey t,in9 B= Lynn #nn Palmer m% Holka :ohansson o& S,eden

1% Patricia :ohansson t,in9 6= Lori :ane Palmer m% Oct% B 8ary 5ed)e Moncton( $B


J% <18'3 - 1'??= M#@" JI0# McCLOS !"


EJidaF McCloskey ,as *orn 6 :une 18'3 in Boiesto,n% In 1'11 she ,as at home and noted as a Esales,omanF and Ein the storeF% Jida married :ose/h #loysius Layton% d% :an% 1'( 1'?0% They mo+ed to Jancou+er and had t,o children9 1% 1'NNM#@" I@!$! L#"TO$ married Lloyd @o)ers and they had &ourteen children.9 1= :ames !d,ard @o)ers m% Penny @hinehard

1% Sandy @o)ers 3% 0e+on Mary @o)ers 3= Maurine Catherine @o)ers 1% Sean Thomas 5ilson 3% :acCueline Mary 5ilson 4% Michael Lloyd 5ilson 4= Paul Lloyd @o)ers 2= :ohn Layton @o)ers m% Carmelita 1% Patrick @o)ers 3% athleen @o)ers 4% :immy @o)ers :ohn @o)ers took a tri/ to Ireland ,ith his son to &ind in&o on Patrick McCloskey% $o luck% B= Ste/hen Thomas @o)ers 6= La,rence Bruce @o)ers ?= 8,en Lorraine @o)ers 8= :ose/h Michael @o)ers '= 5illiam @ichard @o)ers 10= !d,ard Patrick @o)ers 11= "+ette Marie @o)ers 13= Jida !llen @o)ers 14= 0ou)las O,en @o)ers 12= @onald 5illard @o)ers 38 m% 0aryl Lynn $orris m% Thomas @ussell 5ilson

3% 1'38 5illard Stanislaus Layton m% 1'NN !lena :oan Berryman d% ? #/ril 1'63( a)e 42 <died in a construction accident In+ermere( BC 1= Carol #nn Layton m% @o*ert 5ri)ht 1% Bar*ara #nn 5ri)ht 3= :anet Marie Layton 4= Be+erly Irene Layton 2= !laine :oan Layton B= Bar*ara :ean Layton 6= @o*ert 5illard Layton ?= 0aniel #nthony Layton

J% <18'2 O 1'18= 5ILL#@0 JI$C!$T McCLOS !"

5illard Jincent McCloskey ,as *orn

:uly 33( 18'2% In 1'1B his occu/ation ,as noted as miner% Ge enlisted in the Canadian !s/edtionary Horce on Octo*er 36( 1'1B at SusseI $e, Bruns,ick% 5illard ,as BA ?F tall( )ray-eyed and had dark *ro,n hair% Ge ,as killed on Sunday mornin)( #/ril ?( 1'18( in Hrance( *y 8erman )un &ire( at a)e 32% Ge ,as ranked as a Pri+ate( and ser+ed in the 36 th Battalion( Com/any 0% The letter to his mother( Catherine( in&ormin) her o& her sonAs death ,as ,ritten *y Lieutenant #%L% Barry% 5illard is *uried in a small military cemetery in Hrance9
Ser.ice Num$er: ?0'413 &ge: 34 Force: #rmy /nit: Canadian In&antry <$e, Bruns,ick @e)iment= !i.ision: 36th Bn%

Bellacourt Military Cemetery( @i+iere - Pas de Calais Hrance 0ra.e 1eference: II% C% 1%

Bellacourt is a +illa)e in the commune o& @i+iere( in the 0e/artement o& the Pas de Calais( 10 kilometres south-,est o& #rras% Jisitors should take the $3B( #rras to Coullens main road( as &ar as BeaumetD les Lo)es% Take the 042 to @i+iere( &ork ri)ht onto the 0?( still in the direction o& @i+iere( and then turn le&t to the cemetery as indicated *y the C58C si)n% 3'

5illard JincentAs t,in sister9

JI% <18'2 O 1'12= C#TG!@I$! E5I$IH@!0F McCLOS !"

5ini&red ,as *orn on :uly 33( 18'2

in Ludlo, and died $o+% 3B( 1'12 at a)e 30%

Birth #nnouncement o& t,ins in The 8leaner( Hredericton( "ork Co% ELo,er Ludlo, <$orth%Co%=9 .Con5ratulations are in order to Mr! and Mrs! W!F! McCloskey o/ Boiestown on the ad,ent o/ a pair o/ twins, dau! and son!1


JII% <18'B O 1'?2= L#5@!$C! ST% CL#I@ McCLOS !"

La,rence ELa,ryF St% Clair McCloskey ,as *orn on #u)ust 38( 18'B

and died on May 33( 1'?2% In 1'1? La,ry ,as issued a /atent on 14 He* 1'1? in Canada &or /late )lass /ane <thermal ,indo, /ane=% Ge crossed to Jance*oro Maine in 1'1' and crossed to $ia)ra Halls( $e, "ork on ? :un 1'4'% La,ry married Irene 5ood and they had t,o children9 1% 1'NNIsa*el Catherine McCloskey 1= @ita Price 3= Pauline Price 4= Carol Price m% 0a+id Marsh 1% Marilyn Marsh 2= Constance Price m% 0el*ert McShane m% 1'NNLeo Price

1% Laurie #nn McShane B= Lorraine Price m% 8oetroeu

1% :anet 8oetroeu 3% Michael 8oetroeu 6= :enni&er Price m% Bord 5ri)ht

1% Laurie #nn 5ri)ht 3% Lisa 5ri)ht ?= 8erald Price 8= 5illiam Price m% <:udy=

1% Laurie #nn Price 3% Lisa Price 3% 5illiam @ichard McCloskey m% #+is $eely%


JIII% <18'? O 1'84 = 0!L#M!@! H@#$C!S McCLOS !"

0elamere E0elF Hrancis McCloskey ,as *orn #/ril 3'( 18'?%

0el enlisted in the Canadian !I/edition Horce on Octo*er 6( 18'? at a)e 18 years and ' months% 0el ,as BA 10F tall( had haDel eyes and *ro,n hair% 0el( and his youn)er *rother( @e)inald( le&t $e, Bruns,ick and headed &or Cali&ornia% They ,orked their ,ay across the Pnited States makin) money ,orkin) in the hay &ields% 0el e+entually *ecame an attorney and ,as also City Councilman in Jan $uys &rom 1'21 to 1'22% 0el died 0ecem*er 13( 1'84% Ge married Irene il*urn and they had t,o sons9 1% 1'4B Patrick 0elamere McCloskey m% 1'NN8eor)ia 5atson *% 30 $o+1'4B d% 1''0As $o children% 3% 1'48 Michael il*urn McCloskey Married

IM% <1'04 O 1'''= :#M!S @!8I$#L0 McCLOS !"

:ames @e)inald E@e)F McCloskey ,as *orn on B May 1'04% #&ter comin) to Cali&ornia he attended la, school at ni)ht and ,orked in a ha*erdasher sho/ durin) the day% Ge married May Ged,i) Schack( o& 8erman herita)e( on :une 6( 1'40 in Mill Jalley( Cali&ornia% @e) ,orked as the Clerk o& the Court in #lameda County until his retirement% @e) and May ,ere ,orld tra+elers and had an interest in art% @e) died on #/ril 1?( 1''' and is *uried at The Cha/el o& The Chimes in Oakland% They had one son9
1'1? :ohn HuerchK ansas 1'31 Hrances :ane Ste/hanie Moore Huerch <1B 0ec 1'68 Todd Christo/her Smith <di+orced=

1% @o*ert 0elamere McCloskey


1= Geather McCloskey m% <11 #u) 1''B= 1% Sean Bradley Smith 3% Madeline :ane Smith 4% Sydney May Smith


M% #P0@" #TG!L5#L0 McCLOS !" <1'0B - 1'NN=


E#udF #thel,ard McCloskey ,as *orn on #u)ust 18( 1'0B% Hrom 1'2? to 1'B2 #ud ,as mana)er o& @ena*ie )old mines in Ontario% #ud married Minn #nn MacLean( $e,&oundland( and they li+ed in Ontario% $o children%


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