Dear Colleagues: The year 2006 has been a challenging one, in which all our departments and projects mobilization functions were busy gearing up for the planned expansion in our business. I am happy that we have managed to scale-up into the required sizes and capacities with the least possible problems, thanks to the superb efforts of Construction Support, HR, PMV, HSE, IT, Legal and others. Let me give you two simple indicators as an order of magnitude for this capacity buildup to help you appreciate the achievements: EOY 05 8,675 57,536 8,800 $420M SEP 06 9,532 83,522 14,000 $650M

- HR

Professional Staff Labor Force Assets No of Units Assets Value


The matter of integrating these additional vital resources is an on-going activity that is surely demanding from everyone extra efforts. This is an opportunity for all to excel and progress. The CCC Management appreciates your hard work and looks forward to our joint success and rewards as company and individuals. CCC intends to maintain this higher level of business volume beyond these O&G boom years by introducing new business segments. We will carefully select our path from a diversified portfolio perspective of new and forward integration options. Finally, I wish to join many of our employees and families in extending a special mention of thanks to our AGM in Lebanon Mr. Yusuf Kan’an for his tireless efforts in helping to evacuate and relieve the dilemma of those who got caught in the recent troubles in Lebanon. It is a proud example of CCC’s family values culture in action. Thank you all once again for your hard and honest work.

Tawfic Khoury Executive Vice President


Dear Bulletin Readers: This Bulletin features our area of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). KSA is experiencing its share of the construction boom. Their members have put together for us an excellent set of articles profiling the area and their project achievements. The themes in these articles and the sincerity and intensity in which they were written, serve to show what a high level of motivation and sense of pride is experienced at KSA area. Well done our KSA management. CCC Saudia workforce … please be advised that you are high on our achievements pride list. The team spirit vividly present amongst you is helping to cope with the added loads without the “over-loads”. It was a real pleasure to produce this interesting issue. I invite our readers to read it cover to cover. Nafez Husseini

Dear Sirs, My family and I wish to express our deepest appreciation and thanks to CCC for having arranged a convoy and plane to evacuate us and other CCC families from our beloved country, Lebanon. I had been trying for one week to get us out but, because I knew that the roads were dangerous and didn’t want my family to suffer, I was unable to do so. Thanks to your wisdom and good management and the fact that you obviously consider every employee as a family member, my family has been saved. I am very grateful to the people who worked so hard to arrange this evacuation from beginning to end and made what would have been a terrible journey into a comfortable one. Thank you all and God bless CCC. Wissam A. Al-Khatib CCC (Underwater Engineering)

Bulletin - 3rd Quarter 2006


2m • Newly 132KV power is supplied for CLP from Kahramaa substation • One 24” Rundown Line to RasGas LNG Tank Farm • Berth #4. dikes and ditches construction. electrical. whereas the saddle dam will consist of a rock fill embankment 48m high with a volume of 800. The works will start in September 2006 and are expected to be completed by the end of February 2008. and 7. The construction period of this change in works is within the construction window of the QGXII project. civil. underground piping including concrete and UPVC pipe for drainage system. QGX Common Lean Storage & Loading (CLP) Qatar The scope of the project is a change in the work to the off plot area of the QGXII project. insulation. general fill of embankments. This contract was awarded in May 2006 and completion is expected by February 2008.Directorate General of Water Resources Affairs. Wadi Dayqah Dam . temporary road construction.000 m3.000 m3. general excavations. access roads and overhead transmission lines including switchgear and distribution. geotechnical instrumentation. The scope of works also includes the construction of a rock cut auxiliary spillway. hard rock excavation by blasting.Oman The scope of work includes the construction of a main dam and a saddle dam to impound flow from Wadi Dayqah to form a reservoir which will supply water for irrigation and domestic use. Areas and scope of main changes are as below: • Area of Lean LNG Tank Farm was enlarged to accommodate 7 LNG Tanks • LNG Loading line for Berth #4 was extended by 53.000 ton per hour of steam. Global Alumina. the meteorological facility and other related works.3rd Quarter 2006 . geotextile. buildings on an EPC basis.RECENT AWARDS Rabigh Power Plant. testing and pre-commissioning of power and reverse osmosis desalination plants with all related mechanical. Main Control Building provision for CLP operation separately from QGXII operation control • New substation (SS-2702) and new ITR-60. 5. pre-commissioning and commissioning assistance.000 ton per day of desalinated water. The main dam will have a maximum height of 74m and will be constructed of roller compacted concrete with an approximate volume of 600. equipment installation. The IWSP project maximum capacities are 600 MW Power. Environment and Water Resources . steelwork. and instrumentation works. with a duration of 15 months.Qatar The scope of work for the Air Traffic Control and navigation aids facilities (ATC Facilities) includes all services and works necessary for the design and construction of the control tower building. CCC’s scope of work consists of all construction activities (temporary facilities. fireproofing. CCC was also awarded the following early works packages related to the main plant: • Pioneer camp mobilization • Pioneer camp operation • Crusher plant mobilization • Quarry plant mobilization • Batch plant mobilization • Crusher operation. 90m high plus the technical building. piping. electrical and instrumentation). The client is Global Alumina Corporation and the job start date was April 2006. painting. Earthworks & Early Works Guinea The scope includes earthworks for Global Alumina Refinery and comprises site clearing. The client is New Doha International Airport Steering Committee and the construction manager is Overseas Bechtel. Mechanical Erection – Saudi Arabia The scope of work comprises the erection. The start date is August 2006 with a contract period of 36 months. tunneling for grouting gallery. soil treatment. an intake tower with all pipework and electro-mechanical equipment. 2 Bulletin . CCC will execute the works in joint venture with Vinci Construction Grand Projects. NDIA – Air Traffic Control Tower . The client is the Ministry of Regional Municipalities. The client is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.

pavement. The client is Khafji Joint Operation Company and the project duration is 31 months.3rd Quarter 2006 3 . The contract start date was June 1. concrete works. procurement.035km) and Botanical Gardens Roundabout (0. The project is financed by the Caribbean Development Bank. 2006 with a duration of 8 months. detail engineering. The contract start date was June 1st.The project involves earthworks. Contract 5 The contract will cover the construction road sections. The job was awarded in May 2006 and is expected to be completed by July 2007.Grenada Contract 4 The project involves earthworks. road furniture and ancillary works.RECENT AWARDS Dolphin EDGS East West Systems – United Arab Emirates The scope of these EPC works for the east system is the modification of the existing Al Ain Gas Terminal and for the west system is station works at Al Maqta. The above is in addition to modifications and tie-ins to nearby existing other Al-Khafji facilities. Onshore Facilities – Saudi Arabia The scope includes review and development of the basic engineering provided. Phase-I . Mount Helicon Roundabout to Botanical Gardens road (1. 2006 with a duration of 12 months. Al-Khafji Field Development Plan. ancillary works and public utilities work existing along the road. The client is Dolphin Energy. The project is a grass root plant that includes the following main units: • Inlet separator and gas reception • Gas compression • Gas processing facilities • Flare system • Utilities and offsite units • Buildings and others including process control system (PCS). Jebel Ali. Taweelah and Um Al Nar as well as telecommunications system upgrade and modifications and a new 24” pipeline from Maqta to Um Al Nar. construction. road furniture. Tempe (Mount Parnassus) to Mount Helicon Roundabout (0. pavement. drainage. piling. concrete works. pre-cast bridge beams. Beausejour Bridge and Sea Defense Works. Bridge Road Improvement . 2006 Bulletin . trenching/backfilling for water main installation. drainage. testing and commissioning and start-up assistance.875km). The client is the Government of Grenada and the consultants are Dessau International of Canada.1km) Al Khafji Signing Ceremony August 21. The contract covers the construction of Queen’s Park Bridge. Expected completion date is March 2009.

includ- The ISO-9001 View Human Resources Chart 1 represents a general view of the Management Review Process. Resource Management Introduction Senior management should ensure that resources essential to the implementation of strategy and the achievement of the organization’s objectives are identified and made available. Records from management reviews shall be maintained. ing the policy and objectives. Management reviews should be the platforms for the exchange of new ideas. adequacy and effectiveness. Management Review Output The output of management review will include any decisions and actions related to the following: • Improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system and its processes • Improvement of product related to customer requirements • Resources needed. Management Review Introduction Management reviews are activities/meetings planned and conducted by top management to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization’s Quality Management System.QUALITY MANAGEMENT In this article we are going to cover two important aspects of the ISO-9001 standard. The ISO-9001 View Top management shall review the organization’s quality management system at planned intervals. The ISO-9004 standard recommends that top management should develop the management review activity beyond verification of the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality management system into a process that extends to the whole organization.3rd Quarter 2006 . This should include resources for operation and improvement of the management system. 4 Bulletin . The first is Management Review and the second is Resource Management. with open discussion and evaluation of the inputs being stimulated by the leadership of top management. to ensure its continuing suitability. Management Review Input The input to management review will include information on the following activities: • Results of audits • Process performance and product conformity • Preventive and corrective actions • Follow-up actions from previous management reviews • Changes that could affect the quality management system • Recommendation for improvement. This review will include assessing opportunities for improvement and the need for changes to the quality management system. and the satisfaction of customers and other interested parties.

3rd Quarter 2006 5 . workspace and associated utilities • Process equipment (both hardware and software) • Supporting services (such as transport and communications) Financial Resources Management should plan and control the financial resources necessary to implement and maintain an effective and efficient management system. and cost of lost market share. This may include: • Facilities • Hygiene • Vibration • Safety • Work conditions • Cleanliness • Social interaction • Noise pollution. The organization will: • Determine the necessary competence • Provide training and evaluate the effectiveness of actions taken • Ensure that personnel are aware of the importance of their activities and how they contribute to the achievement of objectives. suppliers and partners. provide and maintain the infrastructure needed to achieve conformity to product requirements. Suppliers and Partnership Management should establish relationships with suppliers and partners to promote and facilitate communication with the aim of mutually improving the effectiveness and efficiency of processes that create value. as applicable: • Buildings. Work Environment The organization will determine and manage the work environment needed to achieve conformity to product requirements. skills and experience. information.QUALITY MANAGEMENT Resources may be people. work environment. which is essential for making factual decisions and can stimulate innovation. Infrastructure The organization will determine. natural and financial resources. training. or waste in materials and time • Reducing cost of compensation under warranties. Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the management system can influence positively the financial results by: • Reducing process and product failure. Infrastructure includes. infrastructure. Information Management should treat data as a fundamental resource for conversion to information and the continual development of an organization’s knowledge. Mounir Soufyan Chart 2 represents a graphic presentation of the Resource Management Concept Bulletin . Personnel performing work-affecting quality will be competent on the basis of appropriate education.

Today we are proud to have received acknowledgment from Aramco as being the most dependable and at the camps.000 by end of 2006.FEATURE SAUDI ARABIA During my 30 years in Saudi Arabia I have never seen such a startling boom of projects as the current one we are witnessing. Rabigh. site facilities and logistics had to be mobilized in record time. Currently the teams at our projects in Khursaniyah. Our offices in Riyadh. The current accumulation of new staff and workers increased the responsibility of all of us to maintain good living conditions. Hawiyah. The staff at the area offices and on the projects had to make an extraordinary effort to cope with the demand and to fulfill the requirements of the fast track schedules imposed by the clients. The staff also had to be increased from 1. Mazen Qaddoura Area General Manager From the Area General Manager preferred contractor to execute the Aramco mega projects. a surge of projects in the field of oil and gas has been awarded to CCC Saudi Arabia. The first concrete at Khursaniyah was cast only one and a half months after the date of award. Camps. Let us hope that this momentum will last for years to come and that CCC will continue to be a distinguished and remarkable presence in Saudi Arabia.000 in 2005 to 35. To do this we made great efforts to provide healthy and clean conditions 6 Bulletin . After a stagnant four years. scaffolding. the value of which is in excess of US$ 2. We forecast that the current boom in construction will last for at least the next five years and we should be able to harvest the benefits rendered.000 people to 4. Chevron and Khafji have established a good presence and are performing well.3rd Quarter 2006 . This was achieved by working as a team motivated by devotion and hard work. formwork. steel fixing. Mega projects such as Khursaniyah and Rabigh had to be mobilized in a very short time while the progress of work had to be made in parallel. to provide good catering. SABIC and SCECO has helped us to make a quick start and to use the past lessons learnt to overcome any unforeseen problems. We have made good progress thanks to well-established relations and knowledge that have been built over the past decades in dealing with the various authorities. provide entertainment and health care and to keep all the employees happy and well.0 billion.500 over one year. we have established a training school run by qualified trainers giving courses in welding. pipefitting. This has entailed a huge task in building up manpower from 4. This school has been visited by many prominent Saudi officials and Aramco managers who have praised the efforts being made. I see many new graduates joining us every day (reminding us of our early days at CCC) and our policy is to help them to settle down quickly and to get acquainted with their new surroundings. entertainment and sports. In our effort to increase the Saudization ratio and to train young Saudis. Khobar and MOA have given full support to the projects. plumbing and electrical wiring. Our past experience with such reputable clients as Aramco. without any grace period. I would like to thank all the staff in Saudi Arabia and those in the support offices at MOA together with all the site staff who have contributed enormously in meeting the challenges of this mammoth workload which has surpassed any similar cases in the past.

000 tons of structural steel erection and 14. not only in the oil and gas sector. 4. This figure is nearly double the annual revenue of the entire CCC Group up until a few years ago. Furthermore. but on all fronts.724 ‘direct manpower ’ (42. Saudi Aramco. The Saudi Government is also moving fast to encourage economic development in new areas: it has decided to build a new financial district in Riyadh. however. Each zone will focus on a specific area of development.3rd Quarter 2006 7 . 191. Saudi Arabia. The quantities involved were exceedingly high: 30. EMMAR. maintaining the same high qualities and safety standards for which CCC is renowned. This made the task of finding enough qualified and Can you take any more figures? It is therefore quite clear that there is a wealth of mega projects of all types which will create a sustainable volume of work for all contractors. of course. the largest oil producer in the world with 9 million bbl/day.000 tons of piping. The Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority (SAGIA) has plans to develop six new economic cities (or zones).000. the world’s biggest developer. The sum of quantities for our seven projects is unimaginable! For the major activities we are talking about 1. US$ 8 billion for railways. I remember that.000 tons) plus electrical. painting. CCC projects in Saudi Arabia (all to be completed by the end of next year) are currently worth more than US$ Bulletin . Have a look at the tables for details of some of the projects mentioned above. This initiative will involve further megasized projects for the next four years requiring a preliminary budget forecast of US$ 40 billion.3 billion. 150. has signed a contract to build King Abdulla City in Rabigh for US$ 23 billion. precast or cast in situ concrete or steel structure pipe rack and buildings. Can you take any more figures? US$ 10 billion for power plants in the next five years. which in order to meet the worldwide surge in demand for oil and gas. in his yearly message to CCC employees. Next in line is SABIC with upcoming petrochemical projects worth US$ 24.472 pieces of construction equipment.000 cubic metres of concrete. to the full satisfaction of the client. civil works comprising earthworks. foundations for equipment. 160.500 members of staff for supervision and 5. This apparently applies extremely well to Saudi Arabia and will extend for three to four years from now.000 linear metres of cable laying. This has never happened before and the key to success will be to select from among the projects those that can be executed on time. said “2006 is the year of the contractor”. Mechanical works include piping fabrication and erection. 153. instrumentation. US$ 5 billion budgeted for building roads and bridges. our President. All this was needed when the whole of the Gulf was booming and contractors looking for the same resources. Said Khoury.500. namely. insulation and refractory works. These projects.000 tons of equipment installation.FEATURE INTRODUCTION Thanks to the very high price of petrol for more than two years now. including private investment.000 tons of rebar. is enjoying an unprecedented economic boom. equipment erection (some of which is more than 1. 2 billion.000 including ‘indirect manpower’). are all very similar in nature and our scope of work is also identical. has revealed plans to increase oil production capacity to 12 million bbl/day by 2010. The leader in revenue and expenditure is.

FEATURE experienced recruits extremely difficult: it was solved by hard work. using well-proven curricula with the emphasis on safety and quality. carpentry. carpenter. plumbing. In order to satisfy the strict aplication of the Saudization policy. Civil construction equipment which is normally available locally (which we always used to find easily in the Saudi market) also became a scarcity and hire rates doubled. scaffolding.000. I confess to having tasted here the best fresh grilled hamour (a white fish – ed. like no other on earth. CCC is a pioneer and has taken serious measures to advertize for and to attract as many nationals as possible for the posts of driver. pipe fitting. welding and masonry. namely.) ever! Nabil Hamdan Assistant Area General Manager 8 Bulletin . Failure to comply with this policy will subject the contractor to penalties and complicate the issuing of visas for expatriates. Speaking personally. affecting progress and again. The facility is fully equipped with all the tools necessary to train for seven trades. There are plans to include training for riggers and crane operators. The critical issue was that all the projects were ‘fast track’ and we needed to work in parallel on the mobilization and the project permanent works. steel fixing.000. Finally. With this in mind. 400 students have already graduated from the training facility. it is THE place to live and they love it. for example. Rebar material was also very scarce. You may be surprised to learn that for many CCC expatriates and their families who have lived for decades in the country.000 people and needs to be expanded for up to 20. Hadriyah camp which serves the JCP project in Jubail allows for 5. Camps to accommodate staff and labourers became big towns! Khursaniyah camp’s current capacity is for 14. In this regard. This state of affairs may look like a roller coaster ride and – it is not over yet. CCC made a point of supporting national policies and had the vision to prepare itself to become a distinguished and valued contractor for Saudi clients.. we had to pay higher prices and sometimes cash on delivery. and from Jubail Technical Academy and graduates from the University of Petroleum and Minerals. there is no doubt that Saudi Arabia is a unique country and in many things. CCC established a training facility in Faisalya which is run in a professional manner under the supervision of qualified and experienced trainers and teachers.3rd Quarter 2006 . We have to satisfy the Saudization policy in all trades which means that an average of 16% of total staff and manpower must be Saudi nationals.

Empowering human capital is what counts and is one of the most important assets a nation can have. and 270 hours (75% of the course) for practical work.510 to each trainee during his training period. steel fixing and plumbing. The training process is divided into two main parts. carpentry. who are directly or indirectly involved in establishing and supporting the training centre. masonry. a training manual for each trade is tailored to meet the technical skills required. trainees are awarded certificates and transferred directly to one of the CCC projects in the Kingdom. Since the content is made easy for all levels. this facilitates the selection process of nominees and generally makes training easier and more satisfactory for all. The total number of current trainees attending the facilities is 192. Thus the centre gives an opportunity to all applicants to enroll provided they have the will and desire to learn a specific trade.. but it is really an investment process in Saudi youths by teaching them a particular trade which will pave the road to a prosperous future. until 1 p. The capacity of each training session is between 25 and 30 trainees making a total number of trainees who will graduate 700 to 800 per year. Upon completion. broken resent skills vitally needed in the construction sector. A special word of thanks and our respect go to those unseen stars behind the scenes: one doesn’t see them but one knows they are always there. divided into 90 hours (25% of the course) for theory down as follows: Carpentry – 24 Electricals – 42 Pipe fitting – 25 Plumbing – 25 Welding – 29 Steel fixing – 24 Masonry – 23.m. with a 30-minute lunch break.m.30 p. The duration of training for each trade is three months. Adnan Kaissi Bulletin . A word of thanks to all those people who have contributed in one way or another. The text is made simple and includes an elementary level of mathematical operations which can be handled by any trainee regardless of his academic level. scaffolding. However.FEATURE IT’S AN INVESTMENT IN PEOPLE The decision taken by CCC to open a training centre in Saudi Arabia was a wise and courageous one.3rd Quarter 2006 9 . broken down as follows: Carpentry – 64 Electricals – 64 Pipe fitting – 61 Plumbing – 57 Welding – 57 Scaffolding – 53 Steel fixing – 37 Masonry – 19. it is important to mention that priority is given to those of a higher education with experience. The total number of hours devoted to each trade is 360.m. namely: welding. The intrinsic purpose of such a centre is not merely to “train” Saudi nationals. electricals.30 p. The trades taught repThe total number of trainees who have graduated since the opening date is 412. 2005. to 5. Regarding the practical part of the course. The former starts at 7 a. all exercises are carried out in workshops which are fully equipped for the purpose. The training centre applies a twoshift system (one in the morning and one in the evening). and the latter from 1. CCC pays a monthly salary of SR 1. Concerning the theoretical part.m. pipefitting. theoretical and practical. The training centre opened its doors on July 10.

73. with large capabilities.000 bpd of NGL. The KGP project team oversaw the biggest mobilization in August 2005 towards a facilities start-up by the end of year 2007. give CCC the necessary strengths to successfully accomplish projects as large as this one and prepare us for the near future when further projects. an effort of more than 23. is one of the mega projects launched by Saudi Aramco in order to increase Saudi Arabian oil production. 66. Technip and CCC. and about of 35.000 persons working in the same area at the same time. of large dimensions and is running to a very tight schedule. The project team cut out 12 months from the initial schedule. with a total capacity of 1 billion cubic feet of gas per day and 300.FEATURE KHURSANIYAH GAS PLANT PROJECT CCC Looks to the Future One of the most important CCC projects currently underway is the Khursaniyah Gas Plant (KGP) Project.400 square meters of buildings. 438. 20. 3. and strong support from our main offices.000 tons of process equipment. Khursaniyah field is located approximately 78km north of Jubail Industrial City.000 tons of piping. 10 Bulletin . The major scope of the project is as follows: • inlet facilities and sour condensate treatment • LP and HP DGA gas treatment • NGL recovery • sales gas compression • sulphur recovery • flares and offsites • waste water treatment and evaporation ponds. THE PROJECT AT A GLANCE: The KGP Project connects with another CCC project (Khursaniyah Producing Facilities) which will provide facilities to receive production from the wells. ethane and NGL recovery plant. supported by extraordinary human resources.000 cubic meters of earthwork. with more than 50 million construction man-hours and at a cost of over US$1 billion. Projects of this category are only achievable through a very well coordinated team effort. As a key part of the kingdom’s oil and gas production expansion plans. the invaluable knowhow of our people and years of experience all over Saudi Arabia.000 tons of prefabricated structures.000 cubic meters of concrete works including new constructive approaches like the use of concrete precast pipe rack structures. will come.3rd Quarter 2006 . this project is of a high complexity. has been selected by Saudi Aramco to construct the world’s largest gas conditioning. CCC will be coordinating About 15. consisting of Bechtel. CCC has embarked upon a very significant challenge that goes to demonstrate once again its well-deserved reputation as the largest and most competent construction contractor in Saudi Arabia. This huge project. The Khursaniyah Gas Plant project team.000 people at the peak of activities. Construction started in September 2005 with the first earthworks and pouring of concrete and will be increasing activity until a peak expected at the end of 2006. Finally. In conjunction. which is part of CCC’s work philosophy.500. converting it to a fast-track project and key factor of expansion plans. in the northern–eastern part of the country. larger and more complex.

the big lounge at the hall will be their choice. Nepalis. and each mess hall is equipped with a big screen television set with cable connections. The skilled and semi-skilled workers enjoy their sumptuous meals in their appointed mess halls (separated by nationalities) serving Filipino. The asphalted main roads in the camp itself are filled with health-conscious evening joggers or with groups just taking a stroll. Jordanians. with a big screen television set. Staff recreation halls are equipped with billiard and snooker tables. Nabil Wali Project Director Bulletin . the CCC site camp is a marvel. planners. Stores have been set up to supply the various needs of the staff. the Middle East (Lebanese. Pakistanis. contractors. Syrians and Egyptians) and even Europeans. sees lots of activity in the camp. An innovation that the camp has recently adopted is the wireless internet connection.3rd Quarter 2006 11 . architects. Pakistani and Middle Eastern cuisine. The big question was: could CCC rise to the challenge of setting up a community serving thousands of people with such different cultures and characters? Do we need to ask? Visibly. Many programmes. Doctors and professional nurses take the utmost care of the sick and injured workers either from the site or in the camp. especially Friday. in-house training modules and many more are in progress to ensure that the welfare of each individual is taken care of. mosque. vendors and even simple plumbers and labourers to create a mega project bustling with life and activities in the middle of a sleepy desert. A small community council has been set up for each nationality to look into any needs and to immediately resolve any problems among workers and staff. The internet café in the recreation hall is always full. The marvel of information technology has enabled CCC staff and workers to bridge the gap with their families and to bring them close to their loved ones even if they are miles away. and gates. playing cards and so on. making homes and loved ones closer to the staff and workers. Sports enthusiasts can opt for the gymnasium filled with all the equipment needed to make a body stay fit and healthy. Security patrol cars make sure that the camp is well guarded during the night. which has become the ‘watering hole’ of the staff. One can simply enjoy the various amenities the camp has to offer. A large mosque caters to thousands of Muslim staff too. enjoying the news channel or simply watching a movie. It took such great audacity on the part of the engineers. Filipinos). equipped with dining facilities. specially built for them. guarded perimeter fences. The camp provides well-lit facilities. ranging from sports. Most of the workers enjoy their weekend playing basketball on the court or playing cricket or a soccer game in the well-appointed field. chess sets. no matter from where he is. suppliers. Indian.FEATURE A Budding Community in the Desert The huge transformation from simple desert life to bustling community at the Khursaniyah Gas/Oil Field is a feast to behold…we called it “Ingenuity”. sitting in well-appointed sofa chairs. stability and respect of culture are of the utmost importance to the top management. They flocked in from many countries: the Far East (Indians. ensuring everybody is treated equally. clinic and so on. providing sound sleep and ensuring that the staff and workers are ready the next morning to face new challenges on the site. Each day in the camp is challenging for the personnel (coming from different cultures and nations) and most especially for the management. The weekend. recreation halls. If one just chooses to have a warm or cold beverage. Transportation (coaches and buses) is provided for staff and workers who want to visit the city and do some shopping: those who prefer a quiet weekend have the camp facilities to themselves. CCC employees feel that they belong to a large family where security. laundry. Camaraderie and friendship are built within this hall. Bangladeshis. Security and welfare are the top priorities inside the camp. Medicines and ambulances are in ample supply in case of emergency.

fabrication of these brackets was subcontracted to four Saudi Aramco certified contractors and two of our fabrication shops were assigned to fabricate only brackets on a 24-hour basis. we surpassed eight million man-hours without a lost time accident out of a forecast of 28 million man-hours. Saudi Aramco is the client and Snamprogetti is the main contractor. We have built five fabrication shops and plan to work round the clock in piping fabrication. 31.000 barrels per day of Arabian Light Crude Oil. Khursaniyah Production Facilities Project involves building a central gas – oil separation plant (GOSP) and wet crude handling facilities to process 500. Erection of precast pipe racks was and is one of the major challenges.900 mark. the mess menus were chosen to satisfy the tastes of the different nationalities. the full continued support and encouragement of Area Management and that of Managing Office Athens are and will remain key factors towards achieving this target. this problem was tackled by sending delegates to the Far East for interviews. By the end of the first week of August 2006. In this regard. They explored all possible sources. Hassan Moghrabi Project Manager Concrete Pipe Racks 12 Bulletin . The KPF Project is one of the mega projects of CCC in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.000 tons of piping fabrication and erection. However. Due to the high demand for skilled manpower in the market worldwide.000 workers at Khursaniyah. 200.000 m³ of precast concrete pipe racks. Out of 5. It is a fast-track project and we have only very limited time at our disposal until its completion. The project has provided recreational facilities like playing grounds. 17. Also. construction of 13 buildings. it was very difficult to get qualified tradesmen on time.3rd Quarter 2006 .000 tons of equipment erection. gymnasiums and TV rooms for all categories of the workforce.FEATURE KHURSANIYAH PRODUCING The Khursaniyah Producing Facilities Project mobilization took place on August 1. one can rest assured that this project will be yet another milestone in the Group’s success. Meetings between the Project Management and the team are being held on a regular basis (once every six weeks) to discuss the concerns and demands of the various communities and to resolve issues on the spot. 2005 and construction started in September 2005. 2. The main challenge in this project is to meet the completion date. In order not to affect the precast pipe rack and piping erection schedule. The expected date of completion is August 2007. Considering CCC’s track record. The separated gases from the KPF Project will be the feed to the KGP Project. A team representing five different nationalities of the workforce was formed. The procurement of materials to make these brackets was the first problem due to non-availability in the region: we had to bring the materials from Europe.000 cubic meters of concrete.500 concrete beams and columns. It was a Herculean task to arrange this accommodation for an ever-increasing working force in good time. Total manpower at site surpassed the 6. The Project Mobilization Team successfully oversaw the accommodation of over 8.800 heavy structural steel brackets (to be manufactured and erected to allow for installation of these beams). establishing training schools on the project for new arrivals and approaching the local market for the temporary hiring of qualified tradesmen. CCC’s scope of work involves 36.400 longitudinal beams needed 4.000 tons of structural steel pipe racks and 24.

FEATURE FACILITIES PROJECT Steel Pipe Rack Future Look Scaffold Erection Control Room Double Joint Pipes on Concrete Racks Bulletin .3rd Quarter 2006 13 .

The mixed C4s are also transferred downstream. procurement and construction contract for the plant. It is worth mentioning that the figure is expected to increase to about 2 million scheduled to be concurrent with the initial permanent work. 1. plus the American Hoist 9299 crawler crane. A critical area of the project is the heavy lift work. Unusually for Saudi Arabia. Incidentally.968 tons of vessel erection.7 million inch-dia of piping. It must also be biggest of these will be 2. the construction contractor for JGC who have been awarded the engineering. Both the propylene and ethylene are then transferred to the downstream petrochemical derivate units for further processing. once again. but all that is changing now that the Rabigh Olefin Plants Project (ROPP) is in progress and several other construction contracts are starting.000 tons structural steel. The above quantities of work also These will be the MSG 80 with a have to be completed within a relativecapacity of 3.000 tons. but to an alkylation plant.600 tons and being ly short space of time. Little or no development has occurred here in the last 25 years since the construction of the Aramco Refinery. 2008. Saudi Aramco is not undertaking the development on their own but in consortium with Sumitomo Chemical of Japan. Basically.000 tons each. ing the tankage area to be ready for a Demag CC-2500 crawler and an start up by January 31. which are laid beneath the pipe racks. To achieve the above schedule it is estimated that approximately 8. The plant is split into two separate operations. the HOFCC section takes 92 million barrels per day of hydro treated vacuum gas oil from the existing Aramco Refinery and converts it into 900 KTA of propylene plus some mixed C4s. The core project of this development is ROPP . is the town of Rabigh.FEATURE RABIGH OLEFIN PLANTS PROJECT Located on the shores of the Red Sea. which will provide the feedstock for several downstream plants. the regenerator at 1. The p roject’s contract price is US$385 million and the major quantities include 130. the feedstock for the ethane cracker will be coming from another JGC/CCC project at Hawiyah. the PTC ringer with a 2006 to May 2008 and there are intercapacity of 16. So all precast installation will have to be done from the side.960m3 of conremembered that the mobilization of crete cast in a single pour. This results in there being much more work to be carried out at height and some of the equipment structures are 50m high with heavy equipment to be installed on each of up to five levels. A particular feature of the project is its relatively small plant area. The foundation for the by April 30. 14 Bulletin . 2008. The project arguably the biggest mobile crane in timescale is 27 months from March the world.000m3 concrete. 18. a Leibherr 1800 crawler.000 tons and two polypropylene splitters at 18. not steel.5 million linear meters of E & I cabling and 1 million inch-meter of insulation. 24.350 KTA of ethylene. CCC’s Heavy Lift Department in the UAE has been closely involved with the planning of this and in preparing rigging studies since before the start of the project on site.3rd Quarter 2006 .000 direct works manpower will be required at the peak. The MSG 80’s main lifts will include the reactor at 650 tons. a Demag CCmediate milestones to achieve includ4800 crawler. The ethane cracker takes 95 MMSCFD of ethane and converts it into 1. 1. CCC is. The Demag CC-2500 crane will also be used for installing the precast units for the pipe racks as the cranes will not be permitted to stand above the RTR cooling water pipes. It is Blinding of RX-Foundation 2900m3 intended to bring six big cranes to site for the installation of the vessels. Building the camp and temporary site facilities is inch-dia and that the structural steel figure allows for the fact that all of the major pipe racks are precast concrete. Some of the civil work deserves mention as it includes several Ethane Cracking Furnace table top foundations with 3m deep slabs supported by 3m square interconnecting pipe rack and the columns at an elevation of 10m above ethane cracker to be ready for start up ground level. midway between Jeddah and Yanbu.

FEATURE Installation for Cooling Water Installation of Pipe Rack Column works are also critical as there are four buildings to design and build which will be required for the pre-commissioning works that are scheduled to start relatively early. an NDT area and an enormous precasting yard complete with carpentry and rebar shops. but together they are magnified. Then the problem of working on an existing refinery had to be addressed with Aramco. The current high workload throughout Saudi Arabia has resulted in all suppliers and subcontractors being over-extended: schedules are rarely kept and some companies even refuse to quote for work. ID’s being required for all personnel prior to their entry to site and stickers being required for any vehicle to pass through the refinery gate (including passes for delivery vehicles). ROPP will be utilizing six fabrication shops. The early part of the project has been beset with problems that are fairly unusual and so have required extra effort to solve. On their own any of these problems would have required a lot of work to resolve. Obviously. not only within CCC but also within the organization of the other team members . the accommodation camp for 8.JGC and PETRO Rabigh. substantial temporary facilities are required. a painting yard. Although the challenges are enormous. On-site problems have included the unexpected presence of coral rock all over the site together with a relatively high water table.3rd Quarter 2006 15 . Omar Abdul Qader Project Manager Safety Award Pipe Fab. unavailability of backfilling material and we are expecting to face a shortage of water in the future.000 people is also quite substantial. To support the site works. Shop Bulletin . the team is being put together to overcome them. Apart from the stores and PMV shop which are essential on all projects.

and so far. Safety and Environment (HSE) The old brigade in CCC is well aware of how Aramco implements safety measures on their projects: believe me it is still the same. non-destructive inspection. Talal Haider Said HSE Manager The following major components will be incorporated in this project: • 9 sets of steam generators (boilers) • 9 sets of electrostatic precipitators (EP) • 3 sets of flue gas desulphurization plants (FGD) • 5 sets of steam turbines and generators • RO desalination plant (consists of 16 trains of reverse osmosis) • ancillary / auxiliary equipment. complete installation. We have been advised by Aramco Loss Prevention to move the labour camp to another area about 1. It is a calm place and the inhabitants are very friendly and hospitable. Only during the month of August does the humidity rise to 85%. inspection. so it is preferable to sit in the recreation room or watch a movie in your own confined room. lagging and flake lining. the city is like any other Saudi city. storage of these at the site.000.200 metres away from the senior and junior staff camps..5km apart which makes it tiring for the civil and mechanical staff to move around from one site to the other to check the progress of work as well for the HSE Senior Staff. the two parties having successfully negotiated the joint venture formation to implement the Rabigh Project. painting. the necessary preparation for installation work. debris. the new JV Headquarters will be in Rabigh. this project is being constructed close to the Aramco Rabigh Complex. because the city of Rabigh is about 15km away from the CCC camp and one has to pass through so many checkpoints (Aramco. 16 Bulletin . The project has been planned to be the corner stone for a broader downstream conversion industrial development in the western region and in Rabigh in particular. Camp Accommodation The project manpower lives inside the Aramco area surrounded by three flares from the west and north and unfortunately the prevailing wind is always blowing towards the CCC camp area.3rd Quarter 2006 . transportation within the site. With a joint feasibility study. The city of Rabigh lies on the shores of the Red Sea in the western province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia about 160 km from Jeddah with a population of 60. Other specific job training is being conducted on a daily basis for all the workforce and safety seminars have been and are being conducted for the staff as required by the CCC HSE Manual in order to promote safety awareness amongst the employees and educate them to be proactive. we are able to deliver the message. Our project is part of a US$10 billion dollar complex (the Rabigh Refinery and Petrochemical Company) owned by Aramco and Sumitomo Chemical Co. although we are facing some language difficulties as we have a multi-national workforce. the Saudi Army and so on) before reaching the town centre. quality assurance / quality control. insulation. The IWSPP is one project with two sites 1. the safety performance of each individual will have a great impact either way on the reputation of the project and our beloved company CCC. Health. chemical waste and industrial waste). unloading. cleaning and demobilization works after completion of the works (including disposal of dust. However. In conclusion. if not stricter. Living in the project camp inside the Aramco Plant is like living in an open prison. assistance work of commissioning and testing for all equipment. due to some safety issues we have not been able to put the final touches to our camp regarding the sports and recre- Scope of Works This specification covers all the works involved in receiving materials at site. Our HSE Department is providing induction training to all new recruits prior to mobilizing them to site. Otherwise. Security. which confirmed the economic viability of the endeavour. ation facilities. cleaning.FEATURE INDEPENDENT WATER STEAM & POWER PROJECT Located in the Rabigh Industrial City. It will provide multiple investment opportunities and contribute to the region’s industrial development and the Independent Water Steam and Power Project will provide the utilities requirements for the new joint venture. although the climate is not as severe as other areas in the Gulf.

one utility plant for compressed air. we are ahead of schedule.3rd Quarter 2006 17 . • In addition to the above. We have already achieved four million safe man-hours and complied with the 16% Saudization Programme. at present. • The product surge unloading trains consist of one surge gas train with two NGL surge sphere tanks. The workforce is a mix of new employees. utility water and nitrogen will be built. about 220km from Al-Khobar. This province stretches from Abqaiq. fire water. The NGL package consists mainly of the following natural gas liquefying units/plants: • The NGL recovery unit consists of three identical trains.FEATURE HAWIYAH NGL RECOVERY PLANT PROJECT This project is located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. and Saudis. a water treatment facility.erection of steel structure Substation NG1 . hot water. The project completion is scheduled for the end of February 2008 and. Hence. Abdur Rehman Patel Project Control Manager Train 2 . This project is designed to recover approximately 310 MBPD of C2 and 180-185 MBPD of NGL of 60% ethane content.3% of the peak total inlet gas flow rate. mainly from Asian countries. The capacity of each train is 1. a cooling water system.electrical and A/C duct work in progress Bulletin . each designed to handle 33. Shedgum and Udhaliyah to Uthmaniyah. it is a challenge to train and familiarize them with our work system and attain better performance. These areas possess tremendous reserves and therefore development of oil and gas facilities will be booming to cope with market demands.333 MMSCFD.

waste treatment facilities and storage tanks. insulation.500 mt of structural steel • 22. air compressors. The Jubail Chevron Phillips Project is the second opportunity for CCC to participate with the Chevron Phillips Group as we were also the contractor of choice for the first project. fiberglass.000.000 inch diameter of welding • 1. This first project was successfully completed in July 1999. The project is located in the heart of Jubail Industrial city. plastic.000 km of electrical and instrumentation cables • 12. structural steel 19%. equipment 32%. Concrete works are 75% complete. Some interesting highlights of our project are reflected in the required quantities projected to be accomplished for completion: • 48. and provides the current CCC team the challenge of meeting critical milestones under difficult market conditions for the present project. pipes. JGC chose CCC to be the prime construction contractor. including: rubber.000 cubic metres of concrete • 6. working on a daily basis to insure the safety. Worley Parsons was the FEED contractor and is the PMT partner with Arabian Chevron Phillips. Saudi Chevron Phillips. the integration of all parties into a single project family was the first priority and has been successfully achieved. Overall construction progress is 35% with first system handover and commissioning of utilities starting from late 2006. The Chevron Phillips management has became an important part of the CCC Project Family. The scope of work includes a unique patented ethylene unit.FEATURE THE JUBAIL CHEVRON This project is a joint venture between Saudi Industrial Investment Group and Arabian Chevron Phillips Petrochemicals Company Limited. Cracking Furnace Equipment Piping Erection 18 Bulletin . quality and progress with the CCC Site Team.000 square metres of equipment insulation and 81km of piping insulation. Products from the JCP Unit when complete include styrene. but has other industrial chemical uses. The project requirements are quite arduous and the entire project team together with the support from Area Office are putting in maximum efforts to meet the required completion dates in a tough current market scenario.000 mt of equipment • approximately 1. Styrene is used for a variety of intermediate and consumer end uses. food containers. Propylene is primarily used for polypropylene plastics. Shaw Stone and Webster is the licensor of the ethylene unit and Lummus is the licensor of the ethyl benzene/styrene monomer unit. propylene and motor fuel.000 square metres of fireproofing • 115.000 square metres of painting • 19. As with all major projects of this nature. piping 30% and electrical 23% complete. Completion is planned for late 2007. automobile parts. the world’s largest single train ethyl benzene and styrene monomer unit and various supporting utilities such as steam boilers. All super critical heavy lift was successfully completed by the middle of May 2006. and carpet backing.000 loop checks • 14. 8km away from Jubail City. JGC was chosen as the EPC contractor.3rd Quarter 2006 .

notably. The cricket pitch will be powered by 44 high power floodlights and trial lighting was tested on August 6. the best team can receive special awards at the discretion of site managers. What turned out to be an exciting sporting event was won by the CCC team. basketball and volleyball during last winter. setting an ideal atmosphere for an informal gathering with an audience of more than one thousand multi-national spectators encouraging the players. This entertaining match was a good excuse for the project personnel to catch both the parties on a single platform. lifting and mobile equipment. all the organizers were also encouraged with attractive prizes. Kato. The final touches to the permanent cricket facility will be made to host a big inter-com- from left: JGC Site Manager. Bruce Standifer. Sherfuddeen Sheikh. to organize the events which enlighten the CCC camp. Mohammed El Zein Project Manager Bulletin . Indeed. This event served as a basis for routine cultural gatherings during league and final matches. In order to be ready for these sporting and cultural events the project personnel maintain their fitness with daily routine practice. backed by hundreds of supporters in each event. fire protection and safe work plan categories along with a best safety suggestion for the month. the conversion of the court for volleyball tournaments will be started soon. In addition.FEATURE PHILLIPS PROJECT Safety Awards The JCP project follows a welldesigned joint weekly and monthly safety incentive programme which recognizes individual employees. led personally by the project management team supporting the players. Bruce Standifer helps the sports manager. The award is SR100 in cash for each supervisor and his crew together with a certificate of achievement. Arrangements are in hand to hold a cricket tournament and tennis tournament at the end of summer. The model arena for sports has hosted a number of challenging tournaments each season. The assessment for the weekly and monthly awards is made by the CCC and client management teams. Social News (Sports and community activities) The JCP project took further CCC’s policy of providing excellent living arrangements for its staff and manpower at the camp by setting up sports and cultural meetings at the AbuHadriyah compound. The project has currently surpassed 1. there was a well-presented event with eight basketball teams and six volleyball teams. A permanent tennis court facility with floodlights is being developed.5 million man-hours and by the end of August 2006. Along with these awards. The incentive programme also has a special milestone awards package for all staff issued on achieving 1. Sherfuddeen Sheikh munity tournament. Constant encouragement and support are given by the project management. The JCP Project also takes credit for hosting an attention-grabbing management level volleyball match against the JGC management. quality and performance accomplishments. runners-up and noted players were pre- sented with gleaming trophies and prizes. The monthly incentive programme recognizes the best supervisor with a crew of approximately 50 people on aggregated weekly safety assessment appraised on housekeeping. Moh’d Zein. PPE. In addition. Y. The finals and concluding ceremony were organized at a grand level for both tournaments.3rd Quarter 2006 19 . will pass 2 million manhours of “Zero Lost Time” accidents. 5 and 10 million safe manhours. scaffold. crews and supervisors for safety. The winners. fall protection. a prize was presented to all the project people by JCP site management on achieving first million safe man hours. excavations.

and gradually the KJO team was built up until it reached almost 20 staff members of project management. detailed engineering. • The whole production of KJO goes through this facility that CCC/Sicon will expand and modify. At the same time. Although the effective date of the contract was August 20. • The design phase necessitates an increase in Sicon project staff significantly for all disciplines. Dates”. The project execution is measured with performance indicators referred to in the contract as “Critical Milestone held on August 21. The FEED review report completed by Sicon in November 2005 highlighted several discrepancies in assumptions. installation. discipline engineers. Accordingly. Achieving the performance requirement of these facilities also necessitates establishing a new switchgear house and the extension of the current distributed process control system (DPCS). a company formed from ARAMCO Gulf Operations (AGOC) and the Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (KGOC). Concurrently. KJO mobilization to Sicon offices commenced in September 2006. These milestone dates are utterly challenging. expansion of the Sicon offices was mandatory to cope with the increase of staff in addition to the KJO requirement to provide office space in Milan for almost 20 KJO staff members. an Out of Kingdom (OOK) team at Sicon offices primarily management and controls staff to deal with KJO management. 2005. Such a matter has imposed strict regulations and restrictions by KJO on the project execution. with more emphasis on process and piping. It consists mainly of the expansion of the existing Al Khafji crude onshore production facilities including pre-settling facilities for incoming production from offshore. 2005 and the kick off meeting in Al Khafji was Presettling Facility Khafji Beach 20 Bulletin . measurements and calculations per- New successful negotiations with yet another major client in KSA which culminated in the latest award of the prestigious FDP (Field Development Project) to CCC. procurement. These are primarily related to front end engineering design (FEED) review and material requisitions (MR’s) for all major and critical long lead engineered equipment. project engineers and specialists. KJO has assigned Penspen to be their project manager consultant for this project. • The project duration of 24 months for the EPC works is quite challenging. the scope of work for this project is the first “non pipeline-related” EPC works related to mechanical works that comprises design. Sicon and the OOK contract requirements. especially considering the tight market conditions for engineered equipment and material supply these days. amongst them: • This is the first project award from a major client in KSA (Al Khafji Joint Operations). This is a very significant award for several reasons. Consolidated Contractors (Saudi Arabia) and Sicon Oil & Gas (Italy) received the letter of award for a major and prominent EPC project in the Al Khafji area in the neutral zone between KSA and Kuwait. CCC started mobilization at two locations. a competent team was assigned to recruit the staff members required for the detailed engineering. such as placement of loading pumps purchase order after 75 days from the contract effective date and calling of the 50% design review meeting after 105 days from contract effective date. at the same time teaming up the project management required to deal with the In Kingdom (IK) contract requirements. CCC started mobilization on site. Sicon immediately appointed a dedicated project task force and commenced engineering activities working on the early design tasks. which “in theory” was away from CCC conventional work locations in KSA. commissioning and start-up. The primary project objective is to reduce the water content in crude oil. A new oil reclaiming system will be established along with a new crude oil loading system that includes metering facilities as well. building the infrastructure necessary for execution of field engineering activities and later on construction. field construction.FEATURE EXPANSION OF AL KHAFJI CRUDE On the last days of July 2005. • Although the consortium of CCC/Sicon has successfully executed several EPC projects previously.3rd Quarter 2006 .

Currently the project communications within the home office and remotely with site office benefits from Downtown Khafji the electronic controlled distribution of project documentations and deliverables. a new chapter of successful dealings in KSA has been initiated. loading facilities. Coordinator Site office facility Bulletin . switchgear facilities. With these two major awards for CCC with KJO. A 50% design review meeting was conducted successfully in April 2006 with the participation of a significant number of specialized engineers from the different departments of KJO. including the establishment of the document control centre. the date to perform this tie-in was not known since the FDP contract was not awarded yet. The document control setup used Visual Byblos (VBC) as its infrastructure backbone. One of the interesting features of the project is that KJO has initiated a variation to CCC/Sicon for the tie-in of the production facilities with their future prestigious Field Development Project (FDP). Site civil preparation works commenced in July 2006. Design works are expected to be substantially completed by December 2006. The last delivery is expected to be during April 2007. services and facilities were all completed on time. electrical and instrumentation installations. Lately. The one-team concept has prevailed throughout the different locations of the project and during its different phases. and CCC’s commitment to their success is yet again uncompromised. It is expected that all purchase orders including bulk material will be placed during August 2006. there was a necessity as a result of congestion of exiting pipe sleepers to construct a full-elevated pipe rack along the facilities to be utilized for the piping. as an example. This will definitely lead to a thriving conclusion for this unprecedented major mechanical EPC project. At the time of finaliza- tion of this variation which was rushed by KJO. fabrication. The CCC/Sicon team built up friendship and partnership with the KJO team before they initiated any official or business relationship. pre-casting and painting yards. This was in total contradiction to what was provided in the FEED drawings. 3-D model simulation was almost 60% completed by mid August. All major procurement packages have been placed including pre-settling facilities. reclaiming system and water treatment facilities. Yasser Kaddoura Snr. All temporary facilities have been completed on site including storage. Such a state of affairs necessitated extended works from the engineering staff to redevelop FEED to be used later as basis for detailed design. this project has been awarded to CCC and the tie-in works interface will be carried out between the CCC/Sicon team working on the project and the CCC (EPSO) team working on the FDP Project. Construction works commenced in late April 2006 with demolition of a diesel tank and several cable and piping reroutings.FEATURE ONSHORE PRODUCTION FACILITIES PROJECT formed during the conceptual design phase with the physical status of the facilities and/or with the applicable standards. Among these findings. At the home office in Milan contract requirements. metering stations.3rd Quarter 2006 21 . A HAZOP review meeting was completed after the 50% design review meeting and its findings and recommendations were incorporated in the design works.

Vinci and Chiyoda are there. All factories work three shifts of eight hours each. We continued testing the seriousness of the many suppliers and factories until finally. a monthly procurement directly from China of over US$ 1 million. it had potential for opening new frontiers. CCC’s venture into the Chinese market commenced in October 2002 and by the end of 2003 only one single order from China was placed. In conclusion. I received a phone call from Samer Khoury who got straight to the point and asked: “What do you know about China?” My answer was short: “I know nothing except what I have heard about the Canton Fair”. Early in the morning of my first day back in the office. (Later on we hired an Arab member who is knowledgeable in the Chinese language. In September 2005 the registration formalities for the office were completed. Vo l k s w a g e n . Audi.) I do hope that all CCC projects will start utilizing the Shanghai office and will take advantage of the Chinese market as much as they can. Samer Khoury asked all the attendees if they had any new thoughts and ideas to introduce to CCC. during the year 2006. Dewalt and Metabo are all now producing in China. Maroun Lebbos ed for its operation. which they referred to as the largest exhibition in the world. that a permanent presence in China was required and. So I was instructed to travel with George Dabbas to Shanghai which had been selected for a representative office. Another advantage we noticed was the short delivery times of mainly the equipment which we have just started venturing into. but for those with a more daring and adventurous spirit. until end April.3rd Quarter 2006 . some friends had told me about the Canton Fair.) I suggested the exploration of the Chinese market since most of the consumables we purchased were made in China. (Only a few days earlier. The immediate short term results show that. by the end of 2004.. this was taken as an offthe-cuff comment. please note that major international companies such as ABB. two. which is the result of the unlimited capacity of Chinese factories. with an average saving of 30-35% against prevailing prices elsewhere. We recruited two permanent Chinese members of staff.AREA NEWS CHINA It all started four years ago when. goods damaged in transit and so on. we have been averaging. The beginning was very slow and we faced a few bad experiences with our first orders due to receiving material inferi- CCC Ventures into China or to that approved and ordered. For many of the participants. Bosch. Demag has bought shares in a crane factory.. Other large construction companies.) We 22 Bulletin . Samer realized two major facts: one. thus increasing productivity and decreasing the cost of their products. we established enough records on suppliers and factories to enable us to go into global agreements with them. It was felt that this city was the door to the industrial heart of the Chinese market. such as Fluor. at the end of the last day of a Lessons Learned Meeting in Beirut. that we should look for new items (besides consumables) that CCC needopened up the CCC Shanghai Representative Office and got the ball rolling. Siemens. see what opportunities existed for CCC and report back. (Chiyoda confirmed to us that they are doing lots of their procurement in China. Liebherr is in joint venture for five years with another crane factory and the list goes on . By the year 2005. I was thereupon instructed to travel to the fair. held in the city of Guangzhou.

3rd Quarter 2006 23 .A. Representatives from local and international companies visited the CCC stand and were briefed by the undersigned on the structure of the group and its operations around the world.E. 2006 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Amman. The second week of June 2006 saw an exciting chess tournament take place at the Dubai Mall Project. This area has a very high potential for private investment in projects and other economic ventures. especially in the Aqaba Special Zone. The exhibition’s main objective was to enhance the presence in Jordan of investors from the Gulf area. Amer Smadi Gulf in Jordan Exhibition U. The aim was to create a flourishing communications network to encourage investment in development projects in Jordan.AREA NEWS JORDAN CCC participated in the “Gulf in Jordan” Exhibition which was held on May 9-11. This event was very well organized and attended and all in all helped to improve the family spirit at the project: see the photos! Yehia Shihabi Dubai Mall Chess Tournament Bulletin .

we all called him “Muallem Dr. Kuwait. and Mr. Waterbury’s moving words. Khoury was awarded the honorary degree along with four other recipients. Waterbury hosted a lunch at Marquand House in honor of the recipients. Mr. Mohammad Yunus. relatives and friends took part of this elegant and marvelous dinner. and guests. Managing Director. Said Khoury”. their spouses. The Independent of London. He then spoke about his experience in CCC and about his recent conviction in delegating his powers to his children. and Mrs. Mr. Emile B. Said Khoury and Mrs. Muallem Said thanked Mr. Kharafi Group. hosted a dinner at Sursock Palace Gardens – Beirut in honor of Muallem Dr. In a pleasant and childlike response. Architect. Tabet verance”. Said. Robert Fisk. courage. Mr. Kan’an for the lovely surprise and thanked all the guests for their presence and asked everybody to keep calling him Muallem Said. Before the opening of the buffet. shuttling easily among offices in Athens. Khoury to the guests as the indefatigable and vigorous president of Consolidated Contractors International Company (CCC). Khoury expressed his sadness and bitterness about the unfair conditions of the Palestinian people.3rd Quarter 2006 . Mr. Mr. Khoury is still active in the daily work of the company. Mr. Dr. honesty. Bangladesh. After Dr. namely Mr. one of the most successful corporations in the world. Beirut. Grameen Bank. Said Tawfic Khoury’s extraordinary accomplishments in the construction and general contracting industry. Kan’an welcomed all the guests. Khoury. tolerance and perse- Muallem Dr. Area General Manager . 2006. introduced Mr. Chairman. 24 Bulletin . He finally urged the United States to return to the values and freedoms lay down by its founding fathers. Khoury an honorary doctorate in Human letters on June 24. Nasser Al-Kharafi. Khoury took the opportunity to make a touching speech in which he highlighted the values of AUB as “a beacon of enlightenment enshrining the values of integrity. and for having lead CCC to its position among the giants of international construction and contracting. Middle East Correspondent. and his spouse. and then congratulated Muallem Said for his recuperation from the recent operation he undertook and for his receipt of the Honorary Doctorate. and initiate a real peace process in the Middle East.Lebanon. Zaha Hadid. Yusuf Kan’an. After the ceremony. Dr. Over 80. Said Khoury At night. A special ceremony was held in Assembly Hall on the campus of AUB where Mr. and engaging directly in a number of Arab issues. and London. During the ceremony. and not Dr. John Waterbury. Said Khoury In recognition of Mr. president of the AUB.AREA NEWS LEBANON Muallem Dr. the Board of Trustees of the American University of Beirut awarded Mr. Many CCC collegues. Ms.

which resulted in successfully completing the repair works on the runways and taxiways in a record time while accomplishing the highest levels of quality. Meanwhile. In response to CCC’s application for donation. Kan’an Bulletin . CCC is very proud to have contributed to the reconstruction of the airport. Numerous meetings with specialized local contractors assigned by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) were hence held to agree on the scope of work as well as the legal and financial aspects of each specific contract. CCC’s management in Beirut was closely working on the subject and its related duties and details. Through a generous decision by our Chairman and President. CCC. This enabled the airport to resume its full operation two weeks after the stoppage of the assault. being the Lebanese company which built the new airport and having a long history of benevolent contributions in Lebanon and elsewhere. DGCA and the chartered QS D. It is worth mentioning the level of cooperation between CCC and all parties concerned. two of them (R1 & R2) were heavily damaged. the Rafic Hariri International Airport – RHIA in Beirut was bombarded by numerous rockets from air and sea causing substantial damages to the runways as well as the adjacent jet fuel farm supplying the aircrafts.3rd Quarter 2006 25 . Yusuf A. decided to step in. and in helping Lebanon overcome once again the war devastation and continue its story of success. the Lebanese Government issued a decree (as attached) accepting with gratitude the generous contribution of CCC. including the different contractors.Jones appointed by CCC.G. and the third (R3) was completely burnt and destroyed. the consultant (Dar El Handasah). and the two fuel tanks R1 and R2. CCC undertook to pay for the repairing works of all the damaged runways and taxiways. The Israeli military airplanes and warship have systematically targeted the runways and taxiways – causing twenty six huge holes as shown in the aerial photo of the Airport –which rendered them non operational for landing and take off. As for the three jet fuel tanks (6 Million Liters each).AREA NEWS In Aid of Lebanon During the Israeli assault on Lebanon in July and August 2006.

of South Korea. design works. They provide the family caretaker . (The Young Heroes Programme: employees identify and enroll orphan families throughout Swaziland. the very good reputation of the Substation Division in Kuwait encouraged Taihan to take a decision in our favour. The strategy paid back in full. cable laying. added Ismay. The total value of the project is approximately US$ 3m and we expect to get some extra packages. which is currently working on the MR5 MR6 northern main road in Donation to HIV/AIDS Foundation tion will be used in a proper and professional way”.K. Project Manager. yesterday donated Emalangeni 30. there was a lot of competition from other local companies to get this project. This card is used to collect the funds raised for the family each month at the nearest post office.Kang of Taihan in June 2006.AREA NEWS KUWAIT The Group Substation Division (Kuwait) is very pleased and proud to announce the award of one of the biggest 132KV power cable projects to us in Kuwait. The picture was taken during the contract signing ceremony between Hasan Sadek and H. we started approaching this cable company when the tender was floated by the client and nobody in the market was taking this new company seriously.usually a grandmother. Navdeep Singh Gulati ment and made them fully aware of our capabilities and the strengths of our service. Not only that. earthing works and so on. SWAZILAND The Swazi Observer of May 23. CCC’s scope of work is complete civil.000) to the National Emergency Response Council on HIV and AIDS (NERCHA).) Bulletin Staff Swaziland. We started to build our relationship with them and provided with them support and confidence to trust us and deal with us in the future.with an identification card. said the company recognized that AIDS was a pandemic that affects society at all levels with complex social and economic implications “We have full trust in NERCHA to use this donation towards a programme that will benefit the community and the Young Heroes Programme gives confidence to us that this dona- 26 Bulletin . Don Ismay. The mobilization including the route survey has to be started immediately. neighbour or community member . The company is already very active in the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf countries but it is their first venture in Kuwait for a major power cable network project. The client is TAIHAN ELECTRIC CO. We approached the local management and even the top manageThe preparation work to win this project did not start after Taihan won this project from the client (the Ministry of Energy). This project is a new type of cable work in Kuwait and different from the Major Power Cable Project old system of oil-filled cable. route survey. Speaking during the donation ceremony. TAIAHN being a new company in Kuwait and since the value of the project was comparably much higher than other similar projects. on behalf of George Chammas. Here are some excerpts: The Grinaker LTA/CCC Joint Venture. 2006 ran an article on this event. Administration Manager. Instead.000 (US$ 5. the eldest child or a trusted relative. The project involves supplying and laying 100kms of 132KV XLPE cable along with fiber optic cable.3rd Quarter 2006 .

QatarGas Deputy Project Manager. Mohamed Hashim. the First Secretary of the Thai embassy. which was also attended by Their Excellencies and other dignitaries. dignitaries and senior executives from international oil and gas companies. inaugurated the function. on the shores of the Bosphoros. Wataru Shimono and CMS&A Site Manager. Franicous Miquel. The President of Azerbaijan. Karoon Lirdluckanawong and Pakistani embassy’s Labour Welfare Official. the Prime Minster of Turkey. Although my mind was distracted with the war that had just started in Lebanon. Nepal and Thailand as well as Ras Laffan Industrial City. Katsuki Ninomiya congratulated the audience. CTJV and CCC higher Musical Event management representatives. I was very proud to represent CCC at these special events. This dinner marked the first gathering of all the contractors (including Saudi Aramco) working on this project. H. Their Excellencies. CCC sponsored a Grand Musical Event on July 13. for the occasion of the First Oil Celebration of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline.3rd Quarter 2006 27 . Rashid Shuhaiber Rashid Shuhaiber and Juan Boulos at the Ceyhan Terminal in Turkey QATAR Being part of CCC management’s continued efforts to participate and motivate employees’ morale. The Philippine Ambassador. Rajab Erdugan. the Nepal Charge d’Affaires. Dr. The Indian Ambassador. Pakistan. CT JV Site Manager. Prakash S. It is planned to hold such a meeting on a monthly basis. CMS&A. Reemi Tomi and dancers enthralled the audience of more than 20. Mikhael Saakashvili.. to attend a dinner at the Chirgan Palace. The event was organized by CCC Malayalee Smajan. Begonia.AREA NEWS SAUDI ARABIA At Hawiyah NGL Recovery Plant Project. 2006.E. The event was attended by ambassadors and senior diplomats from India. in Istanbul Turkey.000 from CCC camps and other camp inmates living in the vicinity of the venue. ministers from several First Oil Celebrations in Turkey joined me in Istanbul and we both went to the southeast of Turkey to attend the celebrations at the Ceyhan Terminal in Turkey. Ahmet Sezer. Also. Qatargas. addressed the audience with their congratulations.E. The President of Georgia. an employee organization of volunteers under the patronship of M. The well known Indian playback singer Ms. On July 13. RLIC Security chief. H. a dinner was held on August 21. Ilham Aliyev. the Philippines. RasGas Site Manager. in the CCC Camp VIP room. The venue was RLX new camp area at Ras Laffan. George Joseph. Jaya Bulletin . Rajinder Pandey. RasGas. Isaias F. Hassan Mansour (Saudi Aramco Project Manager). Leon Du Plooy. Ramez Chouhaiber Project Manager Project Monthly Gathering from left to right: Abdur Rehman Patel (Project Control Manager). Khaled Sobh. Jeffrey Stevens.2006 I had the honour of being invited by His Excellency the President of Turkey. Juan Boulos countries. 2006 named ‘CCC Employees’ Day’. Ramez Chouhaiber AZERBAIJAN On July 12 . Adel Hamed (Site Construction Manager). attended the dinner.

How your body reacts next determines the symptoms you feel. Allergies should be taken seriously. saliva or tions: milk. pillows. Here are some common types: 1. confusion. but they are debilitating and chronic disorders which can have long-term effects on your health. respiratory distress and can even lead to shock that is life threatening. vomiting. and potentially fatal allergic reaction with symptoms that affect various areas of the body. particularly red wines).HEALTH.Urticaria : Affects your skin with hives. a swollen tongue or even cardiac arrest. severe. soy. or certain breeds. fire ants and the like. 3. bed sheets. nose. or their droppings become airborne you can ingest or breathe in their allergen. Cockroach sensitivity: Anywhere from 23 to 60 percent of urban asthma sufferers are affected by the cockroach allergen. Anaphylaxis is a sudden. This overreaction of the body’s immune system to a typically harmless substance is called an allergic reaction. lips and digestive tract. What you are allergic to depends on your own genetic makeup. wasps. abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Allergy Symptoms: Symptoms of a food allergy usually occur within minutes after ingesting the food allergen. the child has a 70% chance of developing allergies. SAFETY & THE ENVIRONMENT Allergies Allergies are an immune system reaction to a typically harmless substance. eggs. 2. or severe such as difficulty breathing.3rd Quarter 2006 . urine. your pocketbook and your happiness. according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Food allergies: Sensitivities to certain foods affect 3 to 8 percent of children and 1 to 2 percent of adults. mouth. peanuts. viruses and bacteria. or insect sting allergies. A few food preservatives also cause many allergic reactions: monosodium glutamate (found in many Asian foods. fungi. and furniture. 5. although some may not occur for several hours . total body swelling. diarrhea and irregular heartbeat. Also known as contact dermatitis. Symptoms include: Flushing of the skin. It is important to know that allergies are not just a bother during pollen season. may also cause whole-body symptoms. 28 Bulletin . tree nuts. wheat. Insect stings: About twenty four million people are prone to life-threatening allergic reactions when stung by bees. are the next most common allergen. tingling or itching around the body. Immediate medical attention is required. Both an outside invader and the body making a mistake cause allergic reactions. Eight foods cause 90 percent of food allergy reac- Why Do Certain People Have Allergies? Allergies have a strong genetic component. If a cockroach crawls over something you later touch or eat. Pet allergens: 15 to 30 percent of people with allergies are sensitive to proteins in pet dander (dead skin).Asthma: Affects your lungs. Their toxins can cause severe reactions ranging from hives. abdominal cramps. tingling or swelling of the lips.The symptoms may be isolated only to areas around the mouth. drug. People with dog allergies may be sensitive to all dogs. your immune system may mistakenly treat it like a harmful invader. nausea and vomiting. found in the air. If both parents have allergies. lightheadedness. Your immune system is always working to fight off parasites. fish and shellfish. extreme facial swelling and itching. When a generally harmless substance such as pollen enters your body. and cat allergies are about twice as common as allergies to dogs. Your immune system is an incredibly active and efficient defense mechanism. some substances are very common allergens. or they may involve other areas of the body. Anaphylaxis is most frequently caused by food. 4. Dust mites: The droppings of these tiny spider-like creatures. nausea. Symptoms may be mild in the form of itching. but not a perfect one. itching. with shortness of breath or wheezing. bouillon cubes and other preserved meat products) and metabisulfites (found in wines. Allergies are called different names according to where they occur in the body. Symptoms usually appear very quickly after exposure to the allergen and can include intense itching all over the body. wheezing. swelling of the mouth and throat area. People with cat allergies are generally sensitive to all cats. dizziness sweating rapid increase in heart rate. That is why we all get colds and many people develop diseases. chances are one in three that your child will also develop an allergy (although not necessarily to the same allergen). difficulty swallowing and breathing. If you are allergic to a substance. Also known as hay fever. It also depends on your age – the peak age for developing an allergy seems to be about age 19.Allergic rhinitis: Affects your eyes. tightness of the chest. agitation. However. anaphylaxis.Allergic dermatitis: Affects your skin with an itchy rash. tongue or throat. causing a reaction. and sinuses. difficulty in swallowing. In the most severe cases the sufferer can go into shock. Pollen and mold: About a quarter of all allergy patients are those genetically predisposed to allergic reactions from airborne pollen and mold. as well as your exposure.Food allergies: Affects the stomach and other internal organs. However. and the first step is learning more about them. sometimes your immune system will treat a harmless substance (called an allergen) as an unwanted invader and try to fight it. Swelling of the bronchial tis- Common Allergens Almost anything can be an allergen to someone.

Insect venoms that most commonly cause allergic reactions are from bees. a metal very commonly used in jewelry. Asthma is a common disease. Exposure to the sun can also cause allergic reactions. insect stings. fragrances. Symptoms vary from mild in the form of an itchy or bumpy rash. SAFETY & THE ENVIRONMENT sues in the lungs can cause a person to choke and lose consciousness. mold. A treatment known as immunotherapy (allergy shots) could be helpful to you if your triggers are insect stings or inhaled allergens such as pollens. Generally harmless substances such as dust. difficulty breathing and chest tightness and pain. fluidfilled bumps on skin and eczema to severe in the form of anaphylaxis. tightness in the chest and difficulty breathing. perfume. tobacco smoke. yellow jackets and fine ants. dust mites. paint fumes. but minimizing them can make a significant difference in the quality of your life. watery. It is important to note that many allergies share symptoms with other diseases and conditions. affecting approximately 5% of the population. peanuts or cold air become “triggers” to the sensitized immune systems of people with allergies or to the inflamed airways of those who endure asthma. coughing or wheezing. although it may take up to several hours for them to appear. metal clips. medications. impaired sense of smell. Insect Sting Allergies: Symptoms of an insect sting allergy occur within the first 15 to 30 minutes after the sting. and mold spores. The symptoms range from the runny nose and itchy eyes of hay fever to the wheezing and shortness of breath associated with asthma. Contact Allergies: Symptoms of a contact allergy usually occur within 30 minutes after exposure to the allergen. Untreated allergies can lead to serious respiratory illnesses such as sinusitis or asthma and if your allergies are severe you could experience the life threatening allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis. Total avoidance of triggers isn’t often possible. Proper diagnosis is essential. there are several common ones that can be listed. fever. wood burning smoke. exhaust fumes and pollution. Mismanaged asthma not only prevents you from leading a full and active life but can also be life threatening. Do not attempt to treat any condition until you know exactly what it is. Outdoor Triggers: Cold airs. Indoor Triggers: Dust. Given over a term of 2 to 5 years. house dust and dander. or swollen eyes.000 hospital admissions and 5000 deaths in the USA are attributed to asthma. Preservatives. pollen. Symptoms vary from mild in the form of sneezing. nausea or fatigue. Common contact allergens include poison oak and poison ivy. Men and women appear to be equally affected. medications. allergy shots increase your tolerance to the offending triggers and could provide you with long-term relief. hive.3rd Quarter 2006 29 . pollen. Without prompt attention anaphylactic shock can be fatal. redness and swelling of the skin. Keeping an allergy/asthma diary may help you isolate suspected triggers. to severe in the form of shortness of breath. and cockroach debris. buttons. wasps. Pet dander. although symptoms may take up to several hours to appear. it is advisable to work with your doctor to design the regimen that is right for you. molds. latex. Because of the possible side effects of any drugs and the complex nature of asthma medications. hornets. While the number of potential triggers is as varied and numerous as the people who might suffer them. rubber. animal dander. foods. colds and flu. itchy nose and throat. itchy. If you are not able to identify the triggers on your own. hairpins. Symptoms vary from mild in the form of pain. Once you have defined the offending triggers it will be easier to start a program to control your symptoms. Nickel. Treating the wrong problem may worsen the situation or cause more serious problems. skin tests are an accurate and inexpensive method to do so. Dr. These similarities can make it difficult to determine the actual cause of your symptoms and the appropriate treatment. nickel. The first step in controlling your condition is to find out which triggers provoke an attack. and cosmetics such as hair dye and perfume.HEALTH. and swelling of the tongue to severe in the form of anaphylaxis. A selection of medicines are available to help minimize allergic reactions and to decrease the intensity and frequency of asthma attacks. Make sure you visit your doctor or allergist to determine if your symptoms have been caused by an allergen or if there is something else causing your condition. itching and swelling at the site of the sting or sometimes over a larger area such as the entire hand or forearm. is the source of much misery for those allergic to it. Respiratory Allergies: Symptoms of a respiratory allergy usually occur within the first few hours after exposure and are generally triggered by airborne allergens such as plant pollens. red. zippers and snaps. aerosol sprays. With attention and diligence you can minimize or even eliminate your symptoms and lead a full and active life. dyes. Each year. In such cases of anaphylactic shock it is imperative that treatment be administered immediately. approximately 470. Asthma attacks are provoked by environmental factors. exercise. dust mites. Victor Karam Bulletin .

Mel-Vettoor. ******* Violeta Michelle Cunanan (EPSO. Kunjilona (SPII. 2006 in Gujranwala. ******* Victor Lobo (CCW4 Project. on May 29. Oman) and wife. India.MILESTONES ENGAGEMENTS AND MARRIAGES Best wishes to Shaik Altaf Abdul Salam (ROP Project. Oman) and his wife Aijaz Fatima. Bahrain) got married to Fazila Matwandar on May 7. Oman. ******* Our Omani colleague. Byblos. She is the first baby daughter born to Shaiju Mathew (CTP . 2006 in the couple’s hometown. 2006 at Sohar. Kerala. Abhideep. 2006. India in March this year. 2006 in Jaunpur. 2006 in Sohar. 2006 at the St. 2006 in the presence of all their relatives and friends. are delighted to announce the birth of their beautiful baby girl. Equatorial Guinea) to Sabiha took place in his home town Mahkzan Ratnagiri (India) on May 21. in Dabhol. Kerala. Jean Marc Cathedral in ******* Sadik Gafoor (LSDP Project. ******* Esper (LSDP Bahrain) and Patricia Deeb got married on June 24. The ceremony was attended by friends and family members and the couple had a wonderful honeymoon in Lebanon and Turkey. Pakistan. ******* Anil Kumar (RNGL Project. This event happened in Aurangabad. Grandpa and all the family. Pierre ******* BIRTHS Their first baby girl. 2006. Saudi Arabia) and Farheen who got married in Hyderabad. 2006. Abu Dhabi) and husband. Mohanraj (CCW4 Project. attended by many friends and family members. Oman) married Siji in his home town. India. Sultan Saif Hassan Al Hamdi (Buraimi Road Project. Joseph C. Maharahstra. India and all the family is very happy. Lebanon. ******* The marriage of Amjad Modak (Area Office. 2006 in Abu Dhabi. ******* A second baby girl named Aishvita was born to D. Aamir Ahmed on June 13. She born on July 14. India. a son. All the family and his little sister are very happy with the new arrival.3rd Quarter 2006 . 2006 saw the arrival of Hannah Elizabeth Mathew in Dubai. Karnataka in India. Dubai) and wife Sonu. Muskan. ******* Imran Rashid Cheema (Leaderman Plant) at PMV Central Workshop Dammam. Qatar) and his wife Vinish proudly announce the arrival of a lovely baby girl called Naveera. This happy event took place in Chennai (India) to the delight of Granny. Thrissur. Oman) got married on July 6. was born to Mudassir Khan (IIR/ISR Project. India. The ceremony took place in his hometown of Somwarpet. ******* ******* 30 Bulletin . Born to Mohammed Abdul Wassem (SPII Project. 2006. Saudi Arabia and his wife Asma have immense pleasure in announcing the birth of their first baby boy Nouman on July 30. Tal-Mahad. ******* June 15. 2006. on June 7. named Leilac Margarette. ******* On June 25. ******* Kafeel Ansari (RGX Project. He was born on June 30. Sultanate of Oman. Abu Dhabi) and Deepthi Anil Kumar proudly announce the birth of their second baby boy. Leo. Qatar) got married to Anitha on April 27. Qatar) and his wife Girija on June 12. named Zaharah Farheen.

His proud parents are Rami El Jamal (Area Services and Administration. Saif Tariq Ex-Senior Materials Engineer CORRECTION OOPS!! Wrong doctor! Due to an editing mistake. Victor Karam. 2006. I joined CCC on February 10.000 MABRUK!! TO EVERYONE RETIREMENTS Leaving the Construction Arena to the Young I left the construction arena to a younger generation on July 21. 2006 after an association of thirty-three years.3rd Quarter 2006 31 . He was born in Cairo on May 9. ******* Lena and George Haddad (MOA) are happy to announce the birth of their third child. Abu Dhabi) and Hazar Al Rashid. Coincidentally. Dubai) gave birth to their first baby girl on June 11. five months and eleven days. wife of Mahmoud Kalathil (ACWA. and he was born on May 5. Kerala India. The Bulletin editors regret the mistake and hereby set the record straight. Ziad Khalaf (MOA) and wife Esmat are pleased to announce the birth of a baby boy. I had the opportunity to work in Kuwait. Zaneera Mahmoud. ******* ******* A baby boy named Rakan was born on August 27. Baby is called Zeha Fathima and was born in Thalassery. 2006 in Amman and his sister and brother are so happy.MILESTONES Mahmoud Brash (KGP . 2006. the Sultanate of Oman. ******* ******* CONGRATULATIONS! 1. 2006. both the Yemens and paid visits to the United Kingdom. 2006 in Abu Dhabi. 1973 when CCC was in joint venture with Wescon of Holland for their first mechanical project. Rastanura) and retired from Saudi Arabia (the KPF Project. the United Arab Emirates. Khursaniyah). the Malaria article published in the last issue was incorrectly attributed. Please see the pictures of the farewell party which was held in my honour. The article credit goes solely to Dr. Eyad. Yousef. Bulletin . I started in Saudi Arabia (the LPG Project. Saudi Arabia) and wife Manal are pleased to announce the birth of their third baby. Qatar. He arrived on August 19. His name is Fouad. Saudi Arabia. I grew with the company from insignificance to a person who was very much trusted to fulfill his duties successfully. Elder brother Ziad is very happy about the arrival of his little brother.

what will be remembered is that those that are so dear to us. the children. Vouliagmenis Art Deco Aktina Quality Travel Services Kioupia Restaurant Fiorissimo Flowers Hilton Hotel. 2006 at Doukas School. and so much more. A good time was had by all! See the photos! This year’s Family Day was our first ever since we joined the company and we were happy to be part of the organizing team. Ala Jabr Activities Team-Sports A big “Thank You” to our Sponsors: Astir Palace. a wisely chosen venue with ample space. Everything turned out to be great. The day was full of activities especially for the kids. including teachers Pelagia Kalyva and Nadia Hussein.FAMILY DAY The Managing Office Athens Family Day was held on Sunday. well organized sports activities with participants of all ages. Athens Nargile Cafe Restaurant Mid East Travel Expression Dance Studio Auto Club Car Rental Koursaros Restaurant Athenaeum Intercontinental Gulf Air Pepsi Alkistis Hotel (Portaria) Grand Chalet Theoxenia Palace Hotel Athens Medical Centre Kastellorizo Restaurant TIM A lively dance performance was given by the CCC Latin/Greek Dance Group. George Leou Activities Team-Sports The Family Day was a fantastic experience where most employees gathered and had lots of fun. June 11. Most importantly. The only bad thing about it is that I didn’t win any prize myself! Who cares about the Caribbean? I am going to Palestine this summer.3rd Quarter 2006 . Good weather. music and dancing. 32 Bulletin . played enthusiastically and had an enjoyable time. The atmosphere really felt like being in a family.

FAMILY DAY Bulletin - 3rd Quarter 2006 33 .

. . 24 In Aid of Lebanon . . . . . artwork. . . Tabet . . . . .EDITOR’S VIEW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Al Khafji . . . . . . .Nabil Wali . . . . . . . . Swaziland . etc. . . . . . 17 JCP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Maroun Lebbos . . . Submissions (announcements. . .gr see The BULLETIN on line at www. . . . . . . .Quarterly Bulletin Editors Samer Khoury Zuhair Haddad Nafez Husseini Damon Morrison Public Relations Samir Sabbagh Production Jeannette Arduino Penny Xenakis Nick Goulas Georgia Giannias Yannis Yannoulis FAMILY DAY MOA Family Day in June . . . . . . . Kan’an . . . . . . . . 20 AREA NEWS Venture into China . . . . . 27 Musical Event in Qatar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Gathering at Hawiya . 2 QUALITY MANAGEMENT Management Review/Resource Management Mounir Soufyan . . . . . . 16 HNRP Project . . . . . . . . 12 ROPP .Amer Smadi . . . . . . . . . . .CCC. . Kuwait . . . . . . 26 Donation. . 9 KGP . . . .Nabil Hamdan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 The BULLETIN is a publication issued at CCC Managing Office in Athens by volunteer staff.SAUDI ARABIA From the AGM . . . . . . . 27 First Oil Celebration. . . . . . . . . . . . SAFETY & THE ENVIRONMENT Allergies . 11 Khursaniyah Producing Facilities Hassan Moghrabi . . . . 1 RECENT AWARDS . . 7 Training Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Muallem Dr.Nabil Wali . 10 Khursaniyah. . .Ramez Chouhaiber . . . . Turkey . . . . . . 27 HEALTH. .Juan Boulos . the Community . . Box 61092 Maroussi 151 10 Fax (30-210) 618-2199 or bulletin@ccc. . . . . . . . 6 Introduction . . . . . . . . . . stories. . . . .Mazen Qaddoura . 14 IWSPP . . . 23 Chess Tournament in Dubai . . . . . . .O. . 28 MILESTONES Announcements . . . . .Abdur Rehman Patel . . . . . . . . . . . . . .) are welcome. . . . .The Future . Gulati . . .Yasser Kaddoura . . . . .Navdeep S. . . . . . . . . . . 22 Gulf in Jordan Exhibition . . .gr . . . 25 Cable Project. 4 FEATURE . . . . . 32 . . . . . .Yehia Shihabi . . . . . . .Mohammed El Zein . . . . . . . . . .Adnan Kaissi . Victor Karam . . . . . .Omar Abdul Qader . . . 1 MAILBAG . . .Emile B. . . . .Yusuf A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .News . . . . . . Said Khoury . . . . .Bulletin Staff . . . . . . . . CCC BULLETIN P. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Talal Haider Said .Dr. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ghassan Ouaijan . All opinions stated herein are the contributors’ own. . . . . .

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