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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Daily Digest
The House passed H.R. 1817, Homeland Security Authorization Act for
Fiscal Year 2006.
House Committees ordered reported 33 sundry measures, including the
following appropriations for Fiscal Year 2006: Military Quality of Life,
and Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies; and the Energy and Water
Development, and Related Agencies.

sembly during the 109th Congress: Senators Ses-
Chamber Action sions, Enzi, Bunning, and Coleman. Page S5450
Routine Proceedings, pages S5373–S5452 Executive Reports of Committees: Senate received
Measures Introduced: Seventeen bills and four res- the following executive report of a committee:
olutions were introduced, as follows: S. 1059–1075, Report to accompany the nomination of John
and S. Res. 145–148. Pages S5436–37 Robert Bolton, of Maryland, to be the U.S. Rep-
Measures Passed: resentative to the United Nations, with the rank and
status of Ambassador, and the U.S. Representative in
Recognizing Anniversary of Mount Saint Helens
the Security Council of the United Nations, and to
Eruption: Senate agreed to S. Res. 146, recognizing
be U.S. Representative to the Sessions of the General
the 25th anniversary of the eruption of Mount St.
Assembly of the United Nations during his tenure
Helens. Page S5450
of service as U.S. Representative to the United Na-
National Internet Safety Month: Senate agreed tions (PN 326) (PN 327) (Ex. Rept. 109–1)
to S. Res. 147, designating June 2005 as ‘‘National Page S5436
Internet Safety Month’’. Pages S5450–51
Messages From the House: Page S5435
Senate Leadership Portrait Display Authoriza-
Measures Referred: Page S5436
tion: Senate agreed to S. Res. 148, to authorize the
display of the Senate Leadership Portrait Collection Measures Read First Time: Page S5436
in the Senate Lobby. Page S5451 Executive Communications: Page S5436
Nomination Considered: Senate began consider- Executive Reports of Committees: Page S5436
ation of the nomination of Priscilla Richman Owen, Additional Cosponsors: Page S5437
of Texas, to be United States Circuit Judge for the
Fifth Circuit. Pages S5373–S5433 Statements on Introduced Bills/Resolutions:
A unanimous-consent-time agreement was reached Pages S5437–49
providing for further consideration of the nomination Additional Statements: Page S5435
at 9:30 a.m., on Thursday, May 19, 2005. Amendments Submitted: Pages S5449–50
Page S5452
Privilege of the Floor: Page S5440
Adjournment: Senate convened at 9:30 a.m. and
Senate Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary adjourned at 8 p.m. until 9:30 a.m., on Thursday,
Assembly: The Chair, on behalf of the Vice Presi- May 19, 2005. (For Senate’s program, see the re-
dent, in accordance with 22 U.S.C. 1928a–1928d, as marks of the Majority Leader in today’s Record on
amended, appointed the following Senators to the page S5452.)
Senate Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary As-

VerDate Aug 04 2004 06:45 May 19, 2005 Jkt 039060 PO 00000 Frm 00001 Fmt 0627 Sfmt 0627 E:\CR\FM\D18MY5.REC D18MY5
Committee Meetings Committee on Environment and Public Works: Com-
(Committees not listed did not meet) mittee concluded an oversight hearing to examine
eco-terrorism, acts of politically motivated violence
REGULATION NMS to force changes in attitudes about certain issues,
specifically examining the Earth Liberation Front
Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs: (‘‘ELF’’) and the Animal Liberation Front (‘‘ALF’’),
Committee concluded a hearing to examine Regula- after receiving testimony from John E. Lewis, Dep-
tion National Market System (NMS) designed to uty Assistant Director, Counterterrorism Division,
strengthen our national market system for equity se- Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Carson W. Car-
curities, focusing on recent market developments, roll, Deputy Assistant Director, Field Operations,
after receiving testimony from John A. Thain, New Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explo-
York Stock Exchange, Robert Greifeld, NASDAQ sives, both of the Department of Justice; Bradley M.
Stock Market, and Edward J. Nicoll, Instinct Group, Campbell, New Jersey Department of Environmental
Inc., all of New York, New York; Gerald D. Put- Protection, Trenton; David Martosko, Center for
nam, Archipelago Holdings, Inc., Chicago, Illinois; Consumer Freedom, Washington, D.C.; David J.
and Meyer S. Frucher, Philadelphia Stock Exchange, Skorton, The University of Iowa, Iowa City; and
Inc., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Monty A. McIntyre, Seltzer, Caplan, McMahon,
Vitek, San Diego, California, on behalf of Garden
Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation: Sub- FLORIDA HURRICANES
committee on Science and Space concluded a hearing
to examine human space flight, focusing on the sta- Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Af-
tus and role of the Space Shuttle in human space fairs: Committee concluded a hearing to examine
flight, plans for the Shuttle’s retirement, progress in Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)’s
minimizing the gap between the retirement of the response to the 2004 Florida hurricanes, and its im-
Space Shuttle and the introduction of the Crew Ex- pact on taxpayers, and a related measure, S. 1059,
ploration Vehicle, after receiving testimony from Mi- to amend the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and
chael D. Griffin, Administrator, National Aero- Emergency Assistance Act to specify procedures for
nautics and Space Administration; Allen Li, Direc- the conduct of preliminary damage assessments, to
tor, Acquisition and Sourcing Management, Govern- direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to vigor-
ously investigate and prosecute instances of fraud, in-
ment Accountability Office; Joan Johnson-Freese, cluding fraud in the handling and approval of claims
Chair, Department of National Security Decision for Federal emergency assistance, after receiving tes-
Making, Naval War College, United States Navy; timony from Senator Nelson (FL); Richard L. Skin-
Michael J. McCulley, United Space Alliance, Hous- ner, Acting Inspector General, and Michael D.
ton, Texas; and Scott J. Horowitz, ATK Thiokol, Brown, Under Secretary for Emergency Preparedness
Inc., Brigham City, Utah. and Response, both of the Department of Homeland
Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation:
Committee concluded a hearing to examine the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions:
nominations of David A. Sampson, of Texas, to be Committee ordered favorably reported the following
Deputy Secretary of Commerce, who was introduced business items:
by Senator Hutchison, and John J. Sullivan, of Mary- S. 1021, to reauthorize the Workforce Investment
land, to be General Counsel of the Department of Act of 1998, with an amendment in the nature of
Commerce, after the nominees testified and answered a substitute, and
questions in their own behalf. The nomination of Raymond Simon, of Arkansas,
to be Deputy Secretary of Education.
Committee on Energy and Natural Resources: Committee Committee on Indian Affairs: Committee concluded an
continued markup of proposed comprehensive energy oversight hearing to examine issues relating to the
legislation, focusing on provisions relating to coal, taking of land into trust by the Bureau of Indian Af-
vehicles and fuels, hydrogen, and research and devel- fairs (BIA) for federally-recognized Indian tribes, fo-
opment, but did not complete action thereon, and cusing on land used for gaming purposes, after re-
will meet again tomorrow. ceiving testimony from George T. Skibine, Acting

VerDate Aug 04 2004 06:45 May 19, 2005 Jkt 039060 PO 00000 Frm 00002 Fmt 0627 Sfmt 0627 E:\CR\FM\D18MY5.REC D18MY5

Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Policy judiciary at home and in the courthouse, after receiv-
and Economic Development, Office of Indian Affairs; ing testimony from Senators Durbin and Obama;
David K. Sprague and John Shagonaby, both of the Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow, United States Dis-
Gun Lake Tribe, Dorr, Michigan; James T. Martin, trict Court for the Northern District of Illinois;
United South and Eastern Tribes, Inc., Nashville, Judge Jane R. Roth, United States Court of Appeals
Tennessee; Mike Jandernoa, 23 Is Enough, Grand for the Third Circuit, on behalf of the Judicial Con-
Rapids, Michigan; and David Crosby, Santa Ynez, ference of the United States; Chief Magistrate Judge
California. Samuel Alba, United States District Court for the
District of Utah; and Benigno G. Reyna, Director,
PROTECTING THE JUDICIARY and Kim R. Widup, United States Marshal for the
Committee on the Judiciary: Committee concluded a Northern District of Illinois, both of the United
hearing to examine issues relating to protecting the States Marshals Service, Department of Justice.

House of Representatives
Department of Homeland Security, by a recorded
Chamber Action vote of 424 ayes to 4 noes, Roll No. 189.
Measures Introduced: 55 public bills, H.R. Pages H3442–H3543
2418–2472; 4 resolutions, H. Con. Res. 156–158, Rejected the Thompson of Mississippi motion to
and H. Res. 286 were introduced. Pages H3554–56 recommit the bill back to the Committee on Home-
Additional Cosponsors: Pages H3556–57 land Security with instructions to report the same
back to the House forthwith with an amendment, by
Reports Filed: Reports were filed today as follows: a recorded vote of 199 ayes to 228 noes, Roll No.
Report on the Revised Suballocations of Budget 188. Pages H3540–43
Allocations for Fiscal Year 2006 (H. Rept. 109–85); Agreed to the amendment in the nature of a sub-
H.R. 2419, making appropriations for energy and stitute printed in part A of H. Rept. 109–84 is con-
water development for the fiscal year ending Sep- sidered as the original bill for the purpose of amend-
tember 30, 2006 (H. Rept. 109–86); and ment, in lieu of the amendments reported by the
H. Res. 287, providing for consideration of H.R. Committees on Homeland Security, Energy & Com-
2361, making appropriations for the Department of merce, and the Judiciary. Pages H3465–H3540
the Interior, environment, and related agencies for Agreed to:
the fiscal year ending September 30, 2006 (H. Rept. Cox amendment (no. 2 printed in H. Rept.
109–87). Page H3554 109–84) that authorizes funds to be appropriated for
Speaker: Read a letter from the Speaker wherein he FY 2006 to reimburse States and localities for the
appointed Representative Simpson to act as Speaker costs associated with having State and local law en-
pro tempore for today. Page H3439
forcement trained and certified by DHS’ Immigra-
tion and Customs Enforcement to enforce Federal
Chaplain: The prayer was offered today by Dr. immigration laws; Pages H3475–79
Johnny Hunt, Pastor, First Baptist Church in Wood- Kennedy of Rhode Island amendment (no. 3
stock, Georgia. Page H3439 printed in H. Rept. 109–84) that will ensure that
Discharge Petition: Representative Hooley moved in replacing the color-coded terror alert system as re-
to discharge the Committee on Rules from the con- quired by the bill, that DHS draws on expertise in
sideration of H. Res. 267, providing for the consid- how to best communicate risk to the public;
eration of H.R. 376, to amend title XVIII of the So- Pages H3479–80
cial Security Act to authorize the Secretary of Health Cox amendment (no. 4 printed in H. Rept.
and Human Services to negotiate fair prices for 109–84) that requires DHS to coordinate its activi-
Medicare prescription drugs on behalf of Medicare ties regarding protection of critical infrastructure
beneficiaries (Discharge Petition No. 1). with ‘‘other relevant Federal agencies’’;
Pages H3480–81
Homeland Security Authorization Act for Fiscal Ehlers amendment (no. 6 printed in H. Rept.
Year 2006: The House passed H.R. 1817, to au- 109–84) that changes the ‘‘30 minute rule’’ that re-
thorize appropriations for fiscal year 2006 for the quires passengers on commercial flights into and out

VerDate Aug 04 2004 06:45 May 19, 2005 Jkt 039060 PO 00000 Frm 00003 Fmt 0627 Sfmt 0627 E:\CR\FM\D18MY5.REC D18MY5

of Washington Reagan National Airport to remain Putnam amendment (no. 22 printed in H. Rept.
seated for 30 minutes by reducing that time to 15 109–84) as modified by unanimous consent, that al-
minutes; Pages H3482–83 lows FEMA reimbursement for funeral expenses only
DeFazio amendment (no. 7 printed in H. Rept. if the death was determined by a medical examiner
109–84) that makes improvements to the Federal to be caused by a natural disaster; Pages H3502–03
Flight Deck Officers Program; Pages H3483–84 Souder amendment (no. 23 printed in H. Rept.
Cardin amendment (no. 8 printed in H. Rept. 109–84) that extends the current authorization of
109–84) that adds the Information Assurance Direc- appropriations for the Office of Counternarcotics En-
torate of the National Security Agency to the list of forcement at DHS to fiscal year 2006; Pages H3503–05
Federal agencies that the DHS Under Secretary for Hooley amendment (no. 13 printed in H. Rept.
Science and Technology shall coordinate with on 109–84) that prohibits any money in the DHS au-
cybersecurity research and development activities; thorization bill to come from an increase in airline
Page H3484 ticket taxes (by a recorded vote of 363 ayes to 65
Slaughter amendment (no. 9 printed in H. Rept. noes, Roll No. 184); and Pages H3489–90, H3537–38
109–84) that improves pre-clearance border crossing Norwood amendment (no. 18 printed in H. Rept.
programs; Pages H3484–85 109–84), that clarifies the existing authority of State
Wamp amendment (no. 11 printed in H. Rept. and local enforcement personnel to apprehend, de-
109–84) that permits the Department of Energy lab- tain, remove, and transport illegal aliens in the rou-
oratories to team up with a university or consortium tine course of duty (by a recorded vote of 242 ayes
of universities when competing for DHS’s Centers to 185 noes, Roll No. 185). Pages H3494–99, H3538

for Excellence; Page H3487

Cardin amendment (no. 14 printed in H. Rept. Meek amendment (no. 1 printed in H. Rept.
109–84) that requires DHS to conduct a study of 109–84) that sought to increase funding for the De-
partment of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector
the feasibility and desirability of expanding the ‘‘Na- General (by a recorded vote of 184 ayes to 244 noes,
tional Capital Region’’ area beyond its existing Roll No. 183); Pages H3474–75, H3536–37
boundaries; Page H3490
Jackson-Lee amendment (no. 20 printed in H.
Slaughter amendment (no. 15 printed in H. Rept. Rept. 109–84) that sought to have the Secretary of
109–84) that requires the Secretary of DHS to report DHS submit a report to Congress on the number
to Congress within six months of the enactment of and types of border violence activities that have oc-
this bill on its efforts to reduce the imitation of curred; the types of activities involved; a description
badges, identification, uniforms, or other insignia of the categories of victims that exists; and a descrip-
used by any officer of DHS; improve the design of tion of the steps that DHS is taking and any plan
the various forms of DHS identification to prevent that the Department had formulated to prevent these
illegal replication; increase public awareness of imi- activities (by a recorded vote of 182 ayes to 245
tation forms of Homeland Security identification; noes, Roll No. 186); and Pages H3499–H3501, H3538–39
teach the public to identify authentic Homeland Se- Thompson amendment in the nature of a sub-
curity identification; assess the effectiveness of their stitute (no. 24 printed in H. Rept. 109–84) that
efforts; and recommend any legislation or adminis- sought to authorize $6.9 million over H.R. 1817 in
trative actions necessary to achieve their objectives; homeland security funding, and includes a number
Page H3490–91 of policy proposals to close security gaps and to re-
Kennedy of Minnesota amendment (no. 16 print- structure DHS (by a recorded vote of 196 ayes to
ed in H. Rept. 109–84) that requires the Secretary 230 noes, Roll No. 187). Pages H3505–36, H3539–40
to carry out an Advanced Technology Northern Bor- Withdrawn:
der Security Pilot Program; Pages H3491–92 Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas amendment (no.
Jackson-Lee amendment (no. 17 printed in H. 5 printed in H. Rept 109–84) that was offered and
Rept. 109–84) that instructs GAO to conduct a subsequently withdrawn that sought to authorize a
study examining the impact of an increase in Tem- limited amount for grants for the National Medical
porary Protected Status application fees on the na- Preparedness Consortium to standardize training, na-
tionals of countries for which TPS is available and tional health care policies, and standards of care for
the differential in cost between the current statutory emergency medical professionals to prepare for mass
fee and the cost-based fee proposed by Customs and casualties resulting from a terrorist event involving
Immigration Services; Pages H3492–94 WMD; Pages H3481–82
Manzullo amendment (no. 21 printed in H. Rept. Souder amendment (no. 10 printed in H. Rept
109–84) that strengthens the ‘‘Buy American Act’’; 109–84) that was offered and subsequently with-
Pages H3501–02 drawn that sought to make the Customs and Border

VerDate Aug 04 2004 06:45 May 19, 2005 Jkt 039060 PO 00000 Frm 00004 Fmt 0627 Sfmt 0627 E:\CR\FM\D18MY5.REC D18MY5

Protection’s Office of Air and Marine Operations the NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION
lead DHS agency to conduct airspace security around ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2006
the Nation’s Capitol and for special events of na- Committee on Armed Services: Ordered reported, as
tional significance; and Pages H3485–87 amended, H.R. 1815, National Defense Authoriza-
Thompson (MS) amendment (no. 12 printed in H. tion Act for Fiscal Year 2006.
Rept 109–84) that was offered and subsequently
withdrawn that sought to require the Secretary of SCHOOL READINESS ACT
DHS to report to Congress on how to coordinate and Committee on Education and the Workforce: Ordered re-
protect the various infrastructure in the area between ported, as amended, H.R. 2123, School Readiness
Port Elizabeth and Newark International Airport, Act of 2005.
New Jersey. Pages H3487–89
Agreed that the Clerk be authorized to make
technical and conforming changes in engrossment of Committee on Energy and Commerce: Subcommittee on
the bill to reflect the actions of the House. Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection held a
Page H3544 hearing on H.R. 1862, Drug Free Sports Act. Testi-
H. Res. 283, the rule providing for consideration mony was heard from Frank Shorter, former Chair-
of the bill was agreed to by a recorded vote of 284 man, United States Anti-Doping Agency; Donald P.
ayes to 124 noes, Roll No. 182, after agreeing to Garber, Commissioner, Major League Soccer; Robert
order the previous question by a yea-and-nay vote of Foose, Executive Director, Major League Soccer Play-
226 yeas to 199 nays, Roll No. 181. Pages H3452–54 ers Union; Allan H. Selig, Commissioner, Major
League Baseball; Donald Fehr, Executive Director,
House Democracy Assistance Commission—Ap- Major League Baseball Players Association; Gary
pointment: The Chair announced the Speaker’s ap- Bettman, Commissioner, National Hockey League;
pointment of the following Members to the House Robert Goodenow, Executive Director, National
Democracy Assistance Commission: Representatives Hockey League Players Association; David Stern,
Dreier (Chairman), Kolbe, Gillmor, Kirk, Boozman, Commissioner, National Basketball Association; and
Wilson (SC), Cole (OK), Miller (MI), and William Hunter, Executive Director, National Bas-
Fortenberry. Page H3454
ketball Players Association.
Read a letter from the Minority Leader wherein Hearings continue tomorrow.
she appointed Representatives Price (NC) (Ranking
Member), Reyes, Capps, Holt, Schiff, Davis (AL), INCREASING GENERIC DRUG
and Schwartz (PA) to the House Democracy Assist- UTILIZATION
ance Commission. Pages H3454–55 Committee on Energy and Commerce: Subcommittee on
Quorum Calls—Votes: One yea-and-nay vote and Health held a hearing entitled ‘‘Increasing Generic
eight recorded votes developed during the pro- Drug Utilization: Saving Money for Patients.’’ Testi-
ceedings today and appear on pages H3453–54, mony was heard from public witnesses.
H3454, H3536–37, H3537–38, H3538, H3538–39, ENHANCING DATA SECURITY
H3539–40, H3542–43, and H3543. There were no
quorum calls. Committee on Financial Services: Subcommittee on Fi-
nancial Institutions and Consumer Credit held a
Adjournment: The House met at 10 a.m. and ad- hearing entitled ‘‘Enhancing Data Security: The
journed at 8:45 p.m. Regulators’ Perspective.’’ Testimony was heard from
Lydia B. Parnes, Director, Bureau of Consumer Pro-
Committee Meetings tection, FTC; Sandra Thompson, Deputy Director,
MILITARY QUALITY OF LIFE—VA/ENERGY Division of Supervision and Consumer Protection,
AND WATER DEVELOPMENT FDIC; and Robert M. Fenner, General Counsel, Na-
APPROPRIATIONS FISCAL YEAR 2006; tional Credit Union Administration.
Committee on Appropriations: Ordered reported the fol- Committee on International Relations: Approved a mo-
lowing appropriations for Fiscal Year 2006: Military tion authorizing the Chairman to request that the
Quality of Life, and Veterans Affairs, and Related following measures be considered under suspension
Agencies appropriations; and the Energy and Water of the rules: H. Con. Res. 44, Recognizing the his-
Development, and Related Agencies. torical significance of the Mexican holiday of Cinco
The Committee approved the Revised Suballoca- do Mayo; H. Con. Res. 89, Honoring the life of Sis-
tion of Budget Allocations for Fiscal Year 2006. ter Dorothy Stang; H. Con. Res. 149, amended,

VerDate Aug 04 2004 06:45 May 19, 2005 Jkt 039060 PO 00000 Frm 00005 Fmt 0627 Sfmt 0627 E:\CR\FM\D18MY5.REC D18MY5

Recognizing the 57th anniversary of the independ- 2005, and expressing support for a strong and en-
ence of the State of Israel; H. Res. 191, Urging the during strategic partnership between the United
Government of Romania to recognize its responsibil- States and Afghanistan.
ities to provide equitable, prompt, and fair restitu-
tion to all religious communities for property con- MISCELLANEOUS MEASURES
fiscated by the former Communist government in Committee on the Judiciary: Ordered reported the fol-
Romania; H. Res. 272, Recognizing the historic lowing bills: H.R. 742, Occupational Safety and
steps India and Palistan have taken toward achieving Health Employer Access to Justice Act of 2005;
bilateral peace; H. Res. 273, amended, Urging the H.R. 2293, To provide special immigrant status for
withdrawal of all Syrian forces from Lebanon, sup-
port for free and fair democratic elections in Leb- aliens as translators with the United States Armed
anon, and the development of democratic institutions Forces; and H.R. 744, Internet Spyware Prevention
and safeguards to foster sovereign democratic rule in (I–SPY) Act of 2005.
Lebanon; H. Res. 282, Expressing the sense of the The Committee also continued mark up of H.R.
House of Representatives regarding anti-Semitism at 800, Protection of Lawful Commerce on Arms Act.
the United Nations; H. Con. Res. 153, Welcoming
His Excellency Hamid Karzi, the President of Af- MISCELLANEOUS MEASURES
ghanistan, on the occasion of his visit to the United Committee on Resources: Ordered reported the following
States in May 2005, and expressing support for a measures H.R. 38, Upper White Salmon Wild and Scenic
Rivers Act; H.R. 125, amended, To authorize the Sec-
strong and enduring strategic partnership between retary of the Interior to construct facilities to provide
the United States and Afghanistan. water for irrigation, municipal, domestic, military, and
The Committee also held a hearing on Kosovo: other uses from the Santa Margarita River, California;
Current and Future Status. Testimony was heard H.R. 362, amended, Ojito Wilderness Act; H.R. 394,
from R. Nicholas Burns, Under Secretary, Political amended, To direct the Secretary of the Interior to con-
Affairs, Department of State; Mira R. Ricardel, Act- duct a boundary study to evaluate the significance of the
ing Assistant Secretary, International Security Policy, Colonel James Barrett Farm in the Commonwealth of
Department of Defense; Daniel P. Serwer, Vice- Massachusetts and the suitability and feasibility of its in-
President and Director, Peace and Stability Oper- clusion in the National Park System as apart of the
ations, and Balkans Initiate, United States Institute Minute Man National Historical Park; H.R. 432, Betty
of Peace; and public witnesses. Dick Residence Protection Act; H.R. 481, amended, Sand
Creek Massacre National Historic Site Establishment Act
UN PEACEKEEPING REFORM of 2005; H.R. 517, Secure Rural Schools and Community
Committee on International Relations: Subcommittee on Self-Determination Reauthorization Act of 2005; H.R.
Africa, Global Human Rights and International Op- 539, amended, Caribbean National Forest Act of 2005;
erations held a hearing on UN Peacekeeping Reform: H.R. 599, amended, Federal Lands Restoration, Enhance-
ment, Public Education, and Information Resources Act
Seeking Greater Accountability and Integrity. Testi- of 2005; H.R. 774, Rocky Mountain National Park
mony was heard from Philo L. Dibble, Principal Boundary Adjustment Act of 2005; H.R. 853, To remove
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of International certain restrictions on the Mammoth Community Water
Organization Affairs, Department of State; and pub- District’s ability to use certain property acquired by that
lic witnesses. District from the United States; H.R. 873, Northern
MISCELLANEOUS MEASURES Marianas Delegate Act; H.R. 975, Trail Responsibility
and Accountability for the Improvement of Lands Act;
Committee on International Relations: Subcommittee on H.R. 1084, To authorize the establishment at Antietam
the Middle East and Central Asia approved for full National Battlefield of a memorial to the officers and en-
Committee action the following measures: H. Con. listed men of the Fifth, Sixth, and Ninth New Hamp-
Res. 149, amended, Recognizing the 57th anniver- shire Volunteer Infantry Regiments and the First New
sary of the independence of the State of Israel; H. Hampshire Light Artillery Battery who fought in the
Res. 273, amended, Urging the withdrawal of all Battle of Antietam on September 17, 1862; H.R. 1428,
Syrian forces from Lebanon, support for free and fair amended, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Reau-
democratic elections in Lebanon, and the develop- thorization Act of 2005; H.R. 1492, amended, To pro-
ment of democratic institutions and safeguards to vide for the preservation of the historic confinement sites
where Japanese Americans were detained during World
foster sovereign democratic rule in Lebanon; H. Res. War II; H.R. 1797, Spokane Tribe of Indians of the Spo-
282, Expressing the sense of the House of Represent- kane Reservation Grand Coulee Dam Equitable Com-
atives regarding anti-Semitism at the United Na- pensation Settlement Act; H.R. 1905, Small Tracts Re-
tions; and H. Con. Res. 153, Welcoming His Excel- form Act; H.R. 2130, Marine Mammal Protection Act
lency Hamid Karzi, the President of Afghanistan, on Amendments of 2005; and H.R. 2362, National Geologic
the occasion of his visit to the United States in May Mapping Reauthorization Act of 2005.

VerDate Aug 04 2004 06:45 May 19, 2005 Jkt 039060 PO 00000 Frm 00006 Fmt 0627 Sfmt 0627 E:\CR\FM\D18MY5.REC D18MY5

DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, partment of Veterans Affairs health care system. Tes-
ENVIRONMENT, AND RELATED AGENCIES timony was heard from the following officials of the
APPROPRIATIONS ACT, 2006 Department of Veterans Affairs: Adam W. Darkins,
Committee on Rules: Granted by voice vote, an open M.D., Chief Consultant, Office of Care Coordination;
rule providing for consideration of H.R. 2361, a bill Ross D. Fletcher, M.D., Chief of Staff, VA Medical
making appropriations for the Department of the In- Center, Washington, DC, Linda Godleski, M.D.,
terior, environment, and related agencies for the fis- VHA Lead for Telemental Health, Office of Care Co-
cal year ending September 30, 2006, and for other ordination, Associate Chief of Staff for Education,
purposes. The rule provides for one hour of general VA Health Care System, State of Connecticut; B.
debate equally divided and controlled by the chair- Christopher Frueh, Staff Psychologist, VA Medical
man and ranking minority member of the Com- Center, State of South Carolina; and Sydney
mittee on Appropriations. The rule waives all points Wertenberger, R.N., Associate Director, Patient
of order against consideration of the bill. Under the Care Services, VA Medical Center, Poplar Bluff, Mis-
rules of the House the bill shall be read for amend- souri; Carolyn Clancy, M.D., Director, Agency for
ment by paragraph. The rule waives points of order Healthcare Research and Quality, Department of
against provisions in the bill for failure to comply Health and Human Services; and public witnesses.
with clause 2 of rule XXI (prohibiting unauthorized
appropriations or legislative provisions in an appro- PROTECT FOSTER CHILDREN ENROLLED IN
priations bill), except as specified in the resolution. CLINICAL TRIALS
The rule authorizes the Chair to accord priority in Committee on Ways and Means: Subcommittee on
recognition to Members who have pre-printed their Human Resources held a hearing on Protections for
amendments in the Congressional Record. Finally, Foster Children Enrolled in Clinical Trials. Testi-
the rule provides one motion to recommit with or mony was heard from Donald Young, M.D., Acting
without instructions. Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Planning and
NANOTECHNOLOGY INITIATIVE Evaluation, Department of Health and Human Serv-
Committee on Science: Subcommittee on Research held ices; Roberta Harris, Deputy Secretary, Department
a hearing on The National Nanotechnology Initia- of Health and Family Services, State of Wisconsin;
tive: Review and Outlook. Testimony was heard and public witnesses.
from public witnesses. f
Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure: Ordered MAY 19, 2005
reported the following measures: H. Con. Res. 145, (Committee meetings are open unless otherwise indicated)
Expressing the sense of Congress in support of a na-
tional bike month and in appreciation of cyclists and Senate
others for promoting bicycle safety and the benefits Committee on Appropriations: Subcommittee on Interior
of cycling; H. Res. 243, Recognizing the Coast and Related Agencies, to hold hearings to examine pro-
Guard, the Coast Guard Auxiliary, and the National posed budget estimates for fiscal year 2006 for the Envi-
Safe Boating Council for their efforts to promote Na- ronmental Protection Agency, 9:30 a.m., SD–124.
tional Safe Boating Week; H.R. 624, To amend the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs: to
Federal Water Pollution Control Act to authorize continue hearings to examine Regulation NMS designed
appropriations for sewer overflow control grants; to strengthen our national market system for equity secu-
H.R. 889, amended, Coast Guard and Maritime rities, focusing on recent market developments, 10 a.m.,
Transportation Act of 2005; H.R. 1359, amended, SD–538.
To amend the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Committee on Energy and Natural Resources: business
to extend the pilot program for alternative water meeting to consider comprehensive energy legislation,
9:30 a.m., SD–366.
source projects; and H. Con. Res. 152, amended, Committee on Environment and Public Works: Sub-
Commemorating Mystic Seaport: the Museum of committee on Fisheries, Wildlife, and Water, to hold an
America and the Sea in recognition of its 75th year. oversight hearing to examine the Endangered Species Act,
The Committee also approved GSA 3314(b) Reso- 9:15 a.m., SD–406.
lutions. Committee on Foreign Relations: to receive a closed brief-
TELEMEDICINE HEALTH CARE ing regarding weapons proliferation, terrorism and de-
mocracy in Iran, 9 a.m., S–407, Capitol.
Committee on Veterans’ Affairs: Subcommittee on Full Committee, to hold hearings to examine weapons
Health held an oversight hearing on the use and de- proliferation, terrorism and democracy in Iran, 10 a.m.,
velopment of telemedicine technologies in the De- SD–419.

VerDate Aug 04 2004 06:45 May 19, 2005 Jkt 039060 PO 00000 Frm 00007 Fmt 0627 Sfmt 0627 E:\CR\FM\D18MY5.REC D18MY5
Subcommittee on International Economic Policy, Ex- hearings on H.R. 1862, Drug Free Sports Act, 10 a.m.,
port and Trade Promotion, to hold hearings to examine 2123 Rayburn.
S. 883, to direct the Secretary of State to carry out activi- Committee on Financial Services, Subcommittee on Finan-
ties that promote the adoption of technologies that reduce cial Institutions and Consumer Credit, hearing entitled
greenhouse gas intensity in developing countries, while ‘‘Financial Services Regulatory Relief: Private Sector Per-
promoting economic development, 1 p.m., SD–G50. spectives,’’ 10 a.m., 2128 Rayburn.
Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions: to Committee on Government Reform, hearing entitled ‘‘Ster-
hold hearings to examine higher education and corporate oid Use in Sports Part III: Examining Basketball Associa-
leaders, focusing on working together to strengthen tion’s Steroid Testing Program,’’ 9:30 a.m., 2154 Ray-
America’s workforce, 10 a.m., SD–106. burn.
Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs: Committee on Homeland Security, Subcommittee on Eco-
to hold hearings to examine the nominations of Philip J.
Perry, of Virginia, to be General Counsel, Department of nomic Security, Infrastructure Protection, and
Homeland Security; to be followed by a hearing on the Cybersecurity, hearing on H.R. 1509, Recreational Boat-
nominations of Carolyn L. Gallagher, of Texas, and Louis ers Streamlined Inspection Act, 2 p.m., 210 Cannon.
J. Giuliano, of New York, each to be a Governor of the Committee on House Administration, to mark up H.R.
United States Postal Service, and Tony Hammond, of 1316, 527 Fairness Act of 2005, 10 a.m., 1310 Long-
Virginia, to be a Commissioner of the Postal Rate Com- worth.
mission, 9:30 a.m., SD–562. Committee on International Relations, hearing and briefing
Committee on the Judiciary: business meeting to consider on Reforming the United Nations: Budget and Manage-
S. 852, to create a fair and efficient system to resolve ment Perspectives, 9:30 a.m., 2172 Rayburn.
claims of victims for bodily injury caused by asbestos ex- Committee on Resources, Subcommittee on Energy and
posure, the nominations of Terrence W. Boyle, of North Mineral Resources, oversight hearing entitled ‘‘The Im-
Carolina, to be United States Circuit Judge for the pacts of High Energy Costs to the American Consumer,’’
Fourth Circuit, Brett M. Kavanaugh, of Maryland, to be 10 a.m., 1324 Longworth.
United States Circuit Judge for the District of Columbia Subcommittee on Fisheries and Oceans, hearing on
Circuit, Paul D. Clement, of Virginia, to be Solicitor H.R. 50, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administra-
General of the United States, Stephen Joseph Murphy III, tion Act, 10 a.m., 1334 Longworth.
to be United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Committee on Small Business, Subcommittee on Regu-
Michigan, Anthony Jerome Jenkins, to be United States latory Reform and Oversight, hearing on the benefits
Attorney for the District of the Virgin Islands, and small businesses will receive if drilling is allowed in the
Gretchen C. F. Shappert, to be United States Attorney for Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, 2 p.m., 311 Cannon.
the Western District of North Carolina, and committee Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, Subcommittee on Over-
rules for the 109th Congress, 9:30 a.m., SD–226. sight and Investigations, oversight hearing regarding the
Select Committee on Intelligence: to hold a closed meeting
to discuss certain intelligence matters, 10:30 a.m., Department of Veterans Affairs’ and the Department of
SH–219. Defense’s efforts to assist military personnel in making a
‘‘seamless transition’’ from active duty to veterans’ status,
House 10 a.m., 334 Cannon.
Committee on Education and the Workforce, Subcommittee Committee on Ways and Means, hearing on the Retire-
on 21st Century Competitiveness, hearing entitled ‘‘Chal- ment Policy Challenges and Opportunities of our Aging
lenges to American Competitiveness in Math and Society, 10 a.m., 1100 Longworth.
Science,’’ 10 a.m., 2175 Rayburn. Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, to continue
Committee on Energy and Commerce, Subcommittee on hearings on the PATRIOT Act, Part II, 9 a.m., 2167
Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection, to continue Rayburn.

VerDate Aug 04 2004 06:45 May 19, 2005 Jkt 039060 PO 00000 Frm 00008 Fmt 0627 Sfmt 0627 E:\CR\FM\D18MY5.REC D18MY5

Next Meeting of the SENATE Next Meeting of the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES

9:30 a.m., Thursday, May 19 9 a.m., Thursday, May 19

Senate Chamber House Chamber

Program for Thursday: Senate will continue consider- Program for Thursday: Consideration of H.R. 2361,
ation of the nomination of Priscilla Richman Owen, of Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related
Texas, to be United States Circuit Judge for the Fifth Agencies Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2006 (sub-
Circuit. ject to a rule).

Extensions of Remarks, as inserted in this issue


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