We, the undersigned members of the faculty at The Evergreen State College, affirm our

support for ASUW Resolution 20-39, “A Resolution to Divest from Companies Profiting
from Violations of International Law and Human Rights.”
We applaud students at the University of Washington for taking this important step,
which seeks to protect the human rights of Palestinians subject to Israel’s illegal
occupation of their territories. We fully endorse the well-documented and well-reasoned
statement they prepared in support of their demands.
The Evergreen State College has a history of engagement with this issue. We have held
many public fora, and the complexities of the problem have been dissected in our
classrooms. As the UW students noted, one of our own students, Rachel Corrie, was
killed by an Israeli soldier as she nonviolently attempted to defend a Palestinian home
from demolition. In 2010, our student body voted by a 78% margin in favor of having
the college divest from companies that profit from the illegal occupation.
As the ASUW resolution makes clear, Evergreen cannot fully implement its divestment
from companies complicit in these human rights abuses until the University of
Washington also acts. Solidarity between TESC students and faculty and UW students
and faculty can be an impetus for real change on both campuses.
We express our support for the students at Evergreen and UW who have taken the lead in
putting their institutions on the side of legality, human rights, justice and peace.
Therese Saliba, Ph.D., English and International Feminism
Greg  Mullins,  Ph.D.,  American  Studies  
Anthony  Zaragoza,  Ph.D.,  American  Studies  and  Political  Economy  
Savvina  Chowdhury,  Ph.D.,  Feminist  Political  Economy  
Naima  Lowe,  MFA,  Experimental  Media  
Jose  Gomez,  J.D.,  Constitutional  Law  
Michael  Vavrus,  Ph.D.,  Education  and  Political  Economy  
Lin  Nelson,  Ph.D.,  Social  Science  
Larry  Mosqueda,  Ph.D.,  Political  Science  
Jeanne  Hahn,  Ph.D.,  Political  Economy  
Anne  Fischel,  Ph.D.,  Documentary  Media  and  Community  Studies  
Peter  Bohmer,  Ph.D.,  Economics  
Arun  Chandra,  DMA,  Music  Composition  and  Performance  
Alice  Nelson,  Ph.D.,  Latin  American  Studies  
Zoltan  Grossman,  Ph.D.,  Geography  
Amjad  Faur,  MFA,  Photography  
Sarah  Williams,  Ph.D.,  Feminist  Theory  
Paul  McMillin,  MA,  Sociology,  MLIS  
Miranda  Mellis,  MFA,  Literary  Arts  
Lori  Blewett,  Ph.D.,  Communications  Studies  
Zahid  Shariff,  DPA,  Political  Theory