SIOP LESSON PLAN Date: 03/04/08 (Duration 2-3 Days) Grade/Class/Subject: 11&12/ELA Social Studies Unit/Theme

: Causes of the Civil War What would lead a country into war against itself? Standard: 1.3, 2.2, 4.2 Content Objective (ACSD 14): Compare and contrast economic activities of the North and of the South. Describe how cultural and economic attributes characterize the North and South as distinct regions. Recognize the compromises, laws, and judicial opinions made asan attempt to hold the Union of States together including, (TheCompromise of 1850, The Fugitive Slave Law, The Kansas-Nebraska Act, The Dred Scott Decision.) Language Objective: Reading : students will review notes Writing: students will develop and answer questions Student Outcomes (what should students know and be able to do?): Students will understand and discuss the 3 areas that lead to the Civil War: Economic, geographic differences, and legislation/events Students will use liveblogging to ask and answer student led conversations

Key Vocabulary Vocabulary review from past two weeks: Population, economic, geography, tariff, abolition

Supplementary Materials Notes and text from the past two weeks

SIOP Features
Preparation _Adaptation of Content _Links to Background _Links to Past Learning Scaffolding _Modeling _Guided Practice _Independent Practice _Comprehensible Input Grouping Options _Whole Class _Small Groups _Partners _Independent

Integration of Process _Reading _Writing _Speaking _Listening

Application _Hands-on _Meaningful _Linked to Objectives _Promotes Engagement

Assessment _Individual _Group _Written _Oral

Lesson Sequence:

1. Review vocabulary using notecards. (simple definition, example, non-example, sentence in context, pronunciation) 2. As a class, we will create question on the topic of Slavery and its role in the Civil war. We will go through the entire process of the activity using this topic as a class. We will practice live blogging with the topic of slavery. 3. Students will be assigned/chose one of the three areas of exploration. 4. Students will create a chart with their understanding of the topic and questions that will lead to further understanding 5. Students will lead their classmates through a liveblog on their own blog. They will use their questions to create further questions and prepare themselves to write a paper. 6. Students will reflect on their understanding of the Causes of the Civil war on their Blog. They will know what more they need to understand to write their paper.

Technology Integration

Laptop, projector, liveblog, blogs


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