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Chapter Two: John Dee's Book of Enoch (The Book of Loagaeth)

And I saw in the right hand of Him that sat on the Throne a Book with writing upon both sides, sealed with se en seals! And I saw a might" angel pro#laiming with a loud oi#e, $%ho is worth" to open the Book, and to loose the seals thereof&' And no man in hea en, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the Book, neither to look thereon! (The Revelation of St. John, #hapter )*+,)-

. Book, Book, Book, life to the good, but trul" death itself for the wi#ked! /reat are the wonders sealed up inside "ou, and great is the name of "our 0eal! The light of m" medi#ine, for "ou! (, Ar#hangel 1aphael, Five Books of Mystery, p! 234-

The traditions outlined in the pre ious #hapter #on erged in 5urope in +)67 85, within the magi#kal 9ournals of Dr John Dee and 5dward :elle"!+ These 9ournals re#ord the 8hristian esoteri#ism the men re#ei ed from their angeli# #onta#ts, with a hea " fo#us upon the Bibli#al books of /enesis and the 1e elation of 0t! John, and the foundational assumption that Dee and :elle" were alread" li ing within the $5nd Times' , when the Anti#hrist would plunge the world into Tribulation and #haos! At the heart of all of this stood the 8hristian ersion of 5no#h;s 8elestial Tablets, known in this #ase as the $Book of <ife' or the $Book of the <amb!' (0ee 1e elation ), part of whi#h is =uoted at the head of this #hapter!)2 The bulk of what Dee and :elle" re#ei ed from their Angels was a s"stem of m"sti#ism, b" whi#h one might gain a##ess to the m"steries #ontained within the Book of the <amb! As we shall see in this #hapter, Dee;s m"sti#ism #ombines elements of the )> /ates of Binah, the pra#ti#e of the 8ounting of the .mer, en#oded magi#kal tables similar to those of the Book of Soyga and the legends of 5no#h;s 8elestial Tablets! .f #ourse, neither Dee nor :elle" would ha e had a##ess to the Apo#r"phal Books of 5no#h in the late +)>>s! As we saw in #hapter one, these were not re, dis#o ered until the +6th 8entur" and later! An a id seeker of the fabled Book of 5no#h, Dee ma" #ertainl" ha e tra#ked down a few s#raps of te?t here and there, but a full #op" of an" of the 5no#hian te?ts ultimatel" eluded him!7 Howe er, the legends that began with these books were #urrent and popular in Dee's time! (Merkavah @"sti#ism had long fas#inated Hermeti#ists and m"sti#s of the

%est!) John Dee, a Hermeti#ist, al#hemist, and m"sti#, had a parti#ular interest in these legends, as he re#ords in his own words*
. /od!!! I ha e read in th" books and re#ords how 5no#h en9o"ed th" fa or and #on ersation! %ith @oses thou wast familiar! And also that to Abraham, Isaa# and Ja#ob, Joshua, /ideon, 5sdras, Daniel, Tobias, and sundr" others, th" good Angels were sent, b" th" disposition, to instru#t them, inform them, help them, "ea in worldl" and domesti#al affairsA "ea and sometimes to satisf" their desires, doubts and =uestions of th" 0e#rets! And, furthermore, #onsidering the 0hewstone, whi#h the high priests did use, b" th" own ordering, wherein the" had <ights and Judgments in their great doubts!4 And #onsidering also that thou (. /od) didst not refuse to instru#t th" prophets (then, #alled 0eers) to gi e true answers to #ommon people of things e#onomi#al, as 0amuel (did- for 0aul,) (!!!And remembering the good #ounsel th" good Apostle James gi eth, sa"ing, BIf an" of "ou la#k wisdom, let him ask of /od, that gi eth to all men liberall", and upbraideth notA and it shall be gi en him!B And that 0olomon the %ise, did so, e en immediatel" b" th" self, attain to his wonderful wisdom! Therefore, seeing I was suffi#ientl" taught and #onfirmed, that this wisdom #ould not be attained b" man's hand, C or b" human power, but onl" from thee (. /od) indire#tl", or dire#tl"!3 (,Five Books of Mystery, Drefa#e, p! )6,)E-

Thus it is no surprise that, when Dee finall" made #onta#t with angeli# beings, the legends of the an#ient prophet 5no#h were of some importan#e! For instan#e, Dee on#e asked the Angel Illemese about the apo#r"phal Book of 5no#h (as mentioned in the 5pistle of Jude)*
Dee: Belike then, the" were deli ered from one to another b" tradition or else 5no#h his book, or prophes", doth, or ma" seem to be, written in the same language! Be#ause mention is made of it in the Gew Testament in Jude his 5pistle where he hath said, $5no#h also, the se enth from Adam, prophesied of these!!!6 Illemese: I must distinguish with "ou! Before the flood, the spirit of /od was not utterl" obs#ured in men! Their memories were greater, their understanding more #lear, and their traditions, most unsear#hable! Gothing remained of 5no#h but (and if it please "our mastership) might ha e been #arried in a #art! I #an not bring "ou the brass, but I #an shew "ou the books! (, Five Books of Mystery, p! 7)4,7))!-

Illemese here speaks of the 5no#hian m"thos as it has e?isted for #enturies, in#luding the #entral role of the Bibli#al Deluge in the loss of the %isdom of 5no#h! Another Angel to dis#uss the prophet 5no#h with Dee and :elle" was named A e, who offers a rather detailed ersion of the legend of 5no#h! In fa#t, A e's 5no#hian spee#hesE are the prin#ipal reasons wh" Dee's 9ournals are #lassified as B5no#hianB literature!+> A e sa"s*
The <ord appeared unto 5no#h, and was mer#iful unto him, opened his e"es, that he might see and 9udge the earth, whi#h was unknown unto his Darents, b" reason of their fall!++ For the <ord said, <et us shew unto 5no#h, the use of the earth! And lo, 5no#h was wise, and full of the spirit of wisdom! And he said unto the <ord, <et there be remembran#e of th" mer#", and let those that lo e thee taste of this after me! . let not th" mer#" be forgotten! And the <ord was pleased! And after )> da"s 5no#h had written, and this was the Title of his books, Let Those That Fear God, and are Worthy, Read!' But behold, the people are wa?ed wi#ked, and be#ame unrighteous, and the 0pirit of the <ord was far off, and gone awa" from them! 0o that those that were unworth" began to read! And the :ings of the earth said thus against the <ord, %hat is it that we #annot do& .r who is he, that #an resist us& And the <ord was e?ed, and he sent in amongst them an hundred and fift" <ions, and spirits of wi#kedness, error, and de#eit! And the" appeared unto them, for the <ord had put them between those that are wi#ked, and his good Angels! And the" began to #ounterfeit the doings of /od and his power, for the" had power gi en them so to do, so that the memor" of 5no#h washed awa"! And the spirits of error began to tea#h them Do#trine, whi#h from time to time unto this age, and unto this da", hath spread abroad into all parts of the world, and is the skill and #unning of the wi#ked! Hereb" the" speak with De ils! Got be#ause the" ha e power o er the De ils, but be#ause the" are 9oined unto them in the league and Dis#ipline of their own Do#trine! For behold, in the knowledge of the m"sti#al figures, and the use of their presen#e is the gift of /od deli ered unto 5no#h, and b" 5no#h his re=uest to the faithful, that thereb" the" might ha e the true use of /ods #reatures, and of the earth whereon the" dwell! (Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! +34!-

This legend suggests that the wi#kedness of mankind (presumabl" before the /reat Deluge) was the result of gi ing too mu#h knowledge into the hands of those who were not read"! (BThose who were unworth" began to read!B) After this, the wisdom #ontained in the Tablets of 5no#h was obs#ured among humanit"! A e then #ontinues*
Gow hath it pleased /od to deli er this Do#trine again out of darkness, and to fulfill His promise

4 with thee (for the Books of 5no#h), to whom he sa"eth as he said unto 5no#h,! $<et those that are worth" understand this, b" thee, that it ma" be one witness of m" promise toward thee!' 8ome therefore, . thou 8loud, and wret#hed darkness, #ome forth I sa" out of this Table* for the <ord again hath opened the earth* and she shall be#ome known to the worth"! (Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! +34!-

Therefore, the Angels' plan was to deli er the 8elestial BBook of 5no#hB to Dee and :elle"! (%e shall e?plore their moti es for this re elation below!) In fa#t, b" the time Dee re#orded the abo e words from A e, he had alread" re#ei ed the entire te?t of a BHol" BookB written in the angeli# <anguage! Howe er, it was not dire#tl" referred to as the BBook of 5no#hB until A e does so later in the 9ournals*
@" brother, I see thou dost not understand the m"ster" of this Book, or work, thou hast in hand! But I told thee, it was the knowledge that /od deli ered unto 5no#h! (! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! +EC-

And so, let us take an in,depth look at this Do#trine, deli ered again out of darkness*

The Holy Book of Loagaeth (Speech from God)

Dee and :elle" had alread" been at work with the Angels for some time, re#ei ing the parti#ulars of the angeli# skr"ing tools and the "e#tarchic$% s"stem! (This #omprises the bulk of books .ne through Four of Dee's Five Books of the Mysteries& 0loane @0 7+66!)+7 Book Fi e, then, is where we find the first des#riptions of a new BHol" Book!B The ne?t manus#ript in the 0loane #olle#tion, @0 7+6E, #ontains the Hol" Book itself! This is te#hni#all" #lassified as the Si'th and "oly Book of the Mysteries, and is also #alled the Book of Enoch, and the Book of Loagaeth (0pee#h From /od)!+4 The Hol" Book was formall" introdu#ed to Dee and :elle", b" the Ar#hangel 1aphael, with these words*
BeholdH Behold, "ea, let hea en and earth behold* For with this, the" were #reated! And it is the oi#e and spee#h of Him, whi#h pro#eeded from the First, and is the First, whose glorious Game be e?alted in his own horn of honor! <o, this it is! And it is truthA whose truth shall endure fore er! (,Five Books of Mystery, p! 2C6-

The #on#ept of BHe who pro#eeded from the First, and is the FirstB #omes from an#ient /nosti#ism! In /nosti# m"tholog", the (hristos (or Logos, %ord) was born dire#tl" and entirel" from the Di ine 0our#e itself! Therefore, the Logos was both /od and the 0on of /od, two fa#ets of the same /em! 0ee the Book of John, 8h! +* BIn the beginning was the %ord, and the %ord was with /od, and the %ord was /od!B Gote, also, that 1aphael #laims this Book #ontains the B oi#e and spee#hB of the (hristos, and that both hea en and earth were #reated therewith! (Dee notes in the margin* BThe Book, the first language of /od,8hrist!B) This is another an#ient /nosti# #on#ept related dire#tl" to the (hristos! To the /nosti#s, the Highest /od was far remo ed from the imperfe#t ph"si#al realm! Howe er, the (hristos was an a#ti e and #reati e aspe#t of Di init"! All things in the uni erse were #reated after patterns established b" the (hristos! .n#e again, see the Book of John, 8h! +* BAll things were made b" him, and without him was nothing made!!! In him was life, and the life was the light of mankind!B Therefore, we ha e in this Hol" Book the er" words that the /od,8hrist used to #reate the uni erse! (0ee /enesis 8h! +, where ea#h phase of #reation is initiated with the words B/od said!!!B 8onsider that Dee's Hol" Book will e entuall" be entitled Loagaeth, the 0pee#h From /od!)

Three T"pes of :nowledge

The Bibli#al 8reation is not the whole of what is #ontained within the Book! <ater in the 9ournals (in the Appendi? to the Five Books), Dee re#ords a #on ersation with the Angel Illemese+) that e?pands our understanding of the nature of the Hol" Book*
It onl" #onsisteth in the mer#" of /od, and the 8hara#ters of these books! For, behold, as there is nothing that #ometh or springeth from /od, but it is as /od, and hath se#ret @a9esti#al and ine?pli#able .peration in it* 0o e er" letter here bringeth forth the Games of /od! But, indeed, the" are but one GameA but a##ording to the lo#al and former being, do #omprehend the uni ersal generation #orruptible and in#orruptible of e er" thing! It followeth, then, it must needs #omprehend the end of all things! Thus mu#h, hitherto! (,Five Books of Mystery, p! 762-

This is the first time we are told that the Book is asso#iated not onl" with 8reation, but also #omprehends Bthe end of all things!B 1emember m" statement at the beginning of this #hapter, that both /enesis and the 1e elation of 0t! John pla" prominent roles in this

s"stem! <ater in the Appendi? to the Five Books, Dee and :elle" make #onta#t with the Ar#hangel Iriel! This entit", too, has something to sa" #on#erning the #ontents of the Hol" Book*
This book, and hol" ke", whi#h unlo#keth the se#rets of /od His determination, as #on#erning the beginning, present being, and end of this world, is so re erent and hol", that I wonder (I speak in "our sense) wh" it is deli ered to those that shall de#a"! 0o e?#ellent and great are the @"steries therein #ontained, abo e the #apa#it" of man! (,Five Books of Mystery, p! 7E7-

0o, the m"sti#al te?t #omprehends (en#ompasses) the beginning, present, and end of the Ini erse! In other words, all things in 8reation and Time are represented in the Hol" Book! (Just like the 8elestial Tablets, Se#her Ra)iel and Book of Thoth des#ribed in #hapter one!) Iriel later returns to this sub9e#t, re ealing the three t"pes of knowledge #ontained in the te?t*
For it is said before that the Book #ontaineth three t"pes of knowledge* +! The knowledge of /od, trul"! 2! The number and doing of His Angels, perfe#tl"! 7! The beginning and ending of Gature, substantiall"! And this hath answered a great doubt! (,Five Books of Mystery, p! 7EE-

<ater in the 9ournals, after Dee and :elle" ha e re#ei ed all but the last page of the Book, a female entit" named /al ah, apparentl" the @other of Angels, as we shall see later, takes o er the sessions! 0he speaks further about the nature and #ontents of the Hol" Book*
For herein is the #reation of Adam with his transgression! The Dignit" and wisdom he had! The error and horror wherein he was drowned, "ea herein is the power spread of the highest working in all #reatures! (!!!The life of all things is here known* The reward of death for those who are rewarded for life! (!!!%hatsoe er hath been from the beginning (sin#e it was said in Di ine Determination, Be it done) is here en#losed! (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation... p! +6-

0till later in Dee's 9ournals, an Angel b" the name of Gal age offers his own des#ription

of the Book*
These Tables are to be written, not b" man, but b" the finger of her whi#h is mother of Jirtue!+C %herein the whole %orld, (to flesh in#redible) all 8reatures, and in all kinds, are numbered, in being, and multitude! The measure and proportion of that substan#e, whi#h is Transitor", and shall wa? old! These things and m"steries are "our parts, and portions sealed, as well b" "our own knowledge, as the fruit of "our Inter#ession! The knowledge of /ods 8reatures! (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation, p! C4-

I note that Gal age abo e refers to a $substan#e' that is transitor" (that is to sa", mortal) and will grow old! This substan#e is likel" the $material essen#e', or ph"si#al matter of the uni erse, des#ribed b" Dlato! (Dlato des#ribed three essen#es, whi#h were also adopted b" the /nosti#s* The first is the 0piritual 5ssen#e, whi#h is pure and immortal! The se#ond is the @aterial 5ssen#e, whi#h is mortal and will e entuall" die! The third is the Animate 5ssen#e, whi#h is a mi?ture of the pre ious two! Human beings are #omposed of the Animate 5ssen#e!)

The <ast Drophes" of the %orld

The Angels also had a few things to sa" about the Hol" Book and its relation to the 8hristian #on#ept of the 5nd Times! (:eep in mind that Dee was a de out 8hristian in +Cth 8entur" 5urope! He would ha e taken the sub9e#t of the 5nd Times er" seriousl", and would ha e firml" belie ed the" were near!) During one of their sessions with Iriel, the Ar#hangel told the two men that the testimon" of the Hol" Book heralds the 0e#ond 8oming (of 8hrist), and will not be reser ed for a single Gation or Deople*
The se#ond of the greatest prophes", is this, . "e mortal menH For the first was of Himself, that He should #ome!+3 And this, is from Him, in respe#t that He will #ome!+6 Geither are "ou to speak the words of this Testimon" in one pla#e, or in one people, but that the Gations of the whole world ma" know that there is a /.D whi#h forgetteth not the truth of His promise, nor the safeguard of His #hosen, for the greatness of His glor"! (,Five Books of Mystery, p 7E4-

In this same session, Iriel warns the two men (at length) to prepare, for the Anti#hrist is alread" born and the 5nd Times are at hand! In fa#t, Iriel asso#iates the re#eption of Loagaeth b" Dee and :ell" with the initiation of the Tribulation!+E

For wh"& The <ord hath sent His angels alread" to isit the earth, and to gather the sins thereof together, that the" ma" be weighed before him in the balan#e of Justi#e! And then is the time that the promise of /od shall be fulfilled! Doubt not, for we are good Angels! (,The Five Books of Mystery, p! 7E4-

<ater, the Ar#hangel /abriel elaborates upon the Tribulation, highlighting the ad ent of the Hol" Book (the $last Drophe#" of the %orld') and the in ol ement of Dee and :elle" in the 5nd Times*
But in "ou two is figured the time to #ome! For man" shall #lea e unto the <ord, e en at the first #all!2> (!!!And these are the latter da"s! And this is the last Drophes" of the %orld!2+ GowH Gow, shall one :ing rise up against another, and there shall be bloodshed throughout all the %orld! Fighting between the De il his :ingdom, and the :ingdom of <ight! As for "ou, thus sa"eth the <ord* I !!! ha e deli ered unto "ou the Testimon" of m" 0pirit to 8ome! For, m" Barn hath been long without Threshers! And I ha e kept m" flails for a long time hid in unknown pla#es! %hi#h flail is the Do#trine that I deli er unto "ou! %hi#h is the Instrument of thrashing, wherewith "ou shall beat the sheafs, that the 8orn whi#h is s#attered, and the rest ma" be all one! (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! +C+-

The last lines of /abriel;s abo e spee#h in okes the image of threshing wheat in a barn as an analog" to the Tribulation and the threshing of the $wheat from the #haff' among human souls! @ost important for us here, we see that the do#trine of Loagaeth is des#ribed as the flail that shall be the $instrument of thrashing!' 1eturning to Iriel;s abo e sermon about the 5nd Times, we find the Ar#hangel re eals what ma" be the most profound words "et in relation to the Hol" Book*
.ut of this shall be restored the hol" books, whi#h ha e perished e en from the beginning, and from the first that li ed!22 And herein shall be de#iphered perfe#t truth from imperfe#t falsehood, True religion from false and damnable errors with all Arts, whi#h are proper to the use of man, the first and san#tified perfe#tion! %hi#h when it hath spread a while, TH5G 8.@5TH TH5 5GD! (,Five Books of Mystery, p 7E)-

Thus, a##ording to Iriel, the Angels were seeding this BTestimon"B into the world through :elle" and Dee! The influen#e of the Book was to spread among humanit" for a

time, and then would #ome the end of the world of man and the establishment of /od's kingdom! (0ee the final #hapter of the 1e elation of 0t! John!) %hat is so profound here is Iriel's suggestion that this Book will Brestore the hol" booksB and Bde#ipher !!! true religion!B Dee and :elle" en#ountered se eral Angels who referred to the Hol" Book as a new BTestimon"B or BDo#trineB, Iriel in#luded*
Behold, Behold, @ark ., and Behold! 5a#h line hath stret#hed himself e en to his end, and the @idst is glorious to the good, and dishonor to the wi#ked! Hea en and earth must de#a"! 0o, shall not the words of this Testimon"! (,Five Books of Mystery, p! 726-

The Angel Gal age also refers to a Do#trine when gi ing his own e?planation of the irtues of the Hol" Book*
In our Do#trine there is nothing taught but the state of the world, here, and to #ome! The prophe#ies of time, and the knitting up of /od his m"steries, opened from time to time, to those that are his san#tified* as testimonies in the 8reation and .peration of his 8reaturesA whereof this do#trine is a part! The Drophets in their times were not ignorant b" re elation of the good will of their 8reator! The Apostles, in 8hrist his :ingdom, were made partakers of the m"steries to #ome!!! 0o that this do#trine is the m"steries of the word of /od, sealed from the beginning, now deli ered unto man, for that 1eformation whi#h must be in .ne unit" established unto the end! (!!!- The fruit of our do#trine is that /od should be praised! (!!!- The er" ke" and entran#e into the se#ret m"steries of /od, (in respe#t of His determination on earth) bringing with it reward in the end of eternal glor", whi#h is the greatest Treasure! (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation... p! C4-

8onsidering the time and pla#e in whi#h Dee li ed, Gal age is treading on some dangerous religious ground in his abo e spee#h! He points out that re elations were gi en to the Drophets of old, from when#e we get the .ld Testament of the Bible! Then, re elations were opened to the Apostles of 8hrist, whereb" we deri ed the Gew Testament of the Bible! Therefore, Gal age is here suggesting that new prophesies will be re ealed through Dee's Hol" Book, whi#h would logi#all" result in an entirel" new Testament! 0e eral weeks later, Gal age returns to the sub9e#t of this new Do#trine*
And lo, He #alled "ou, and "ou be#ame drunken, and foolish with the spirit of /od* And it was said Des#end, for he #alleth, and hath #alled! And 1aphael that brought up the pra"ers des#ended* and he was full with the power, and spirit of /od*27 and it be#ame a Do#trine, su#h was ne er from the beginning! (!!!-

10 This selfsame Art is it, whi#h is deli ered unto "ou as an infallible Do#trine, #ontaining in it the waters whi#h run through man" /ates* e en abo e the /ate of Inno#en#e, wherein "ou are taught to find out the Dignit" and 8orruption of nature! Also, ("ou will be-24 made partakers of the se#ret 9udgments of the Almight" to be made manifest, and to be put into e?e#ution! (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation... p! 33-

<ater in the 9ournals, Gal age and (his superior) the Ar#hangel /abriel are speaking in unison about this same Do#trine*
These things, that is to sa", this Do#trine, deli ered b" us, is of /odA and of his mer#ies granted unto "ou, whi#h #annot be in ain! And therefore to be performed, for the se#ret determinations of /od are unknown unto us! (! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! E2-

The idea of a brand new Do#trine or Testament was =uite alarming to 8hristians of Dee's time, espe#iall" as the 8hur#h was alread" segmenting into 8atholi# and Drotestant se#ts! For instan#e, @eri#! 8asaubon, who published man" of Dee's 9ournals in ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation... in +C)E, had this to sa" of the Hol" Book*
This Book (had things su##eeded) should ha e been instead of a BibleA as the !l *oran,2) (and mu#h of the same sub9e#t), is among the Islami# peoples!2C (!!!- A er" effe#tual wa" to draw people, under #olor of a Gew <aw, new lights, and do#trines !!! from Hea en! (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., JI p! +>!-

This des#ription from 8asaubon ma" be a bit unfair! %hile the Hol" Book is #ertainl" des#ribed b" the Angels as a Do#trine deli ered from /od to mankind, the" ne er indi#ated to Dee and :elle" that it would re#lace an" e?isting 0#ripture! Instead, it would BrestoreB all of the world's hol" books! (I!e!, remo ing errors from them that ha e #rept in o er generations!) This would be mu#h more in line with Dee's Hermeti# thinking , as he would ha e re#ogniKed all religions and their s#riptures as #ontaining some amount of Truth and some amount of error! He would ha e been looking for a Ini ersal 1eligion (akin to /nosti#ism) that underla" all e?isting religions! The last entit" to appear for Dee and :elle", during the re#eption of the Hol" Book, was the @other of Angels, /al ah! Before deli ering the final page of the Book, /al ah gi es the following important information*

11 Tou#hing the Book, it shall be #alled <ogah* whi#h in "our language signifieth 0pee#h from /od! %rite after this sort < . A / A 5 T H*23 it is to be sounded <ogah! This word is of great signifi#ation, I mean in respe#t of the profoundness thereof! (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation... p! +E-

Gote that /al ah has 9ust named the Hol" Book BLoagaethB (pronoun#ed Bloh,gahB), whi#h signifies B0pee#h from /od!B 5 en though all but the final page of the Book had been transmitted pre iousl", it was ne er referred to as Loagaeth until /al ah does so abo e! (As we shall see later in this #hapter, the Hol" Book bears angeli# words other than Loagaeth on its #o er! Howe er, these words are not ne#essaril" the proper Title of the Book itself!) In the same session, /al ah also adds*
Happ" are the", whi#h are #o ered with the Dearls of 1ighteousness, and on whose head there is a /arland of gladness* For unto those belongeth to taste of the Fountain of true wisdom! Is it not written of this book, that it tea#heth nature in all degrees& The 9udgment hereof is Intelle#tual! (!!!How thou art /od knoweth* But #omfort "oursel es in thisA that neither this Testimon" #an perish, neither unto "ou #an remain an" sla er"! (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation... p! 2>!-

As might be e?pe#ted, onl" those who Bare #o ered with the Dearls of 1ighteousnessB #an gain benefit from the Hol" Book of Loagaeth! Iriel made a similar statement (shown pre iousl" in this se#tion) when he said that the te?t of the Hol" Book was Bglorious to the good, and dishonor to the wi#ked!B This would ha e been a gi en to 8hristians like Dee and :elle", #onsidering the Book's relationship with the 5nd Times and the 1e elation of 0t! John! The Book of Loagaeth, a##ording to this world iew, represents the fountain of /od's %isdom from whi#h onl" the 8hosen are to partake!26

Let Those That Fear God, And Are Worthy, Read :elle"'s First Jision of the Hol" Book
.n @ar#h 24th, +)67, the Ar#hangel 1aphael granted :elle" his first ision of the Hol" Book of Loagaeth!2E It appeared as a book with 46 leafs of gold! (A BleafB is a sheet of paper, in this #ase, gold, bound into a book! 5a#h leaf in a book has a front and


a ba#k, so there are two pages printed upon it!) The writing within this Hol" Book appeared wet, as if written with fresh blood! (A##ording to 8hristian Tradition, the 8elestial Book of Life is written in the Blood of the sa#rifi#ed <amb, or 8hrist! 0ee the 1e elation of 0t! John, 8h! ) for the Book and the <amb!) The letters and words themsel es were not 5nglish, but written in some kind of hierogl"phi# or magi#kal alphabet that neither Dee nor :elle" had e er seen! .n#e :elle" had #ounted 46 leafs in the Book, 1aphael replied*
It is finished! .ne is one (that-7> neither is, was or shall be known! And "et there are 9ust so man"! These ha e so man" names, of the so man" m"steries that went before! (,Five Books of Mystery, p! 2C7-

1aphael's abo e statement is #ertainl" obs#ure! It is onl" thanks to information gi en b" the Angels in later sessions that it makes an" sense at all! Dut simpl", 1aphael is #onfirming the 46 leafs reported b" :elle", but also hinting that there is another leaf that B!!!neither is, was, or shall be known!B (Therefore, the true number of leafs is 4E!) Got onl" this, but this Be?traB leaf is, in fa#t, #onsidered number .ne of the 4E! <ater, the te?t of the First BunknownB leaf is re ealed to :elle" and re#orded b" Dee (#omplete with a##enting and a few pronun#iation notes)! Howe er, e en then, 1aphael reminds the men that the m"steries of the First leaf must remain #losed for now*
It is not to be spoken, but in the time of His own time! (,Five Books of Mystery, p! 2E+-

0in#e the te?t of Loagaeth is #omposed of the %ords of /od, I assume it is the message #ontained in the First leaf that is Bnot to be spokenB until the time Bof His own time!B Be#ause we alread" know of the Hol" Book's relationship to the Book of 1e elation, we #an assume that BHis own timeB represents the promised 0e#ond 8oming of 8hrist and establishment of the :ingdom of /od! %e will learn more about the First leaf of Loagaeth later in this #hapter!

:elle"'s 0e#ond Jision of the Hol" Book

.n @ar#h 2Cth, +)67, :elle" re#ei ed his se#ond ision of the Hol" Book!7+ It appeared e?a#tl" as it had pre iousl", but this time with a bit more detail! This time,


:elle" #ould see that ea#h page was a huge 4E ? 4E Table (4E #olumns and 4E rows)! This made for a total of 24>+ #ells in ea#h Table, whi#h :elle" des#ribed as filled with letters, B!!!some more than other!B72 The fa#t that :elle" saw some of the #ells with Bmore (letters- than otherB #ells indi#ates that he was alread" seeing the 4E,leaf ersion of Loagaeth! As re#orded later in the 9ournals, the First (BhiddenB) leaf of the Book #ontains an entire word in ea#h #ell, while most of the remaining 46 had onl" a single #hara#ter in ea#h #ell! Therefore, :elle" was likel" seeing the First <eaf when he des#ribed some #ells with $more letters' (i!e!, entire words) than the others! The fa#t that there are reall" 4E leafs in Loagaeth (rather than the 46 originall" reported) is #onfirmed later in the 9ournals! For instan#e, se eral da"s after :elle"'s se#ond ision of the Hol" Book, 1aphael dis#usses its $4E parts'*
As I ha e said* the 4E parts of this Book , 4E oi#es, whereunto the so man" powers, with their inferiors and sub9e#ts, ha e been, are, and shall be obedient!77 (L- 5 er" 5lement hath 4E manner of understandings! Therein is #omprehended so man" languages! The" are all spoken at on#e, and se erall", b" themsel es, b" distin#tion ma" be spoken! Intil thou #ome to the 8it", thou #anst not behold the beaut" thereof! (,Five Books of Mystery, p 2EC,2E3-

B" B4E oi#esB, 1aphael likel" means 4E voicings, or 0pee#hes, of /od! From these 4E 0pee#hes of the /od,8hrist, #an be drawn forty&nine interpretations!74 There are e en fort",nine languages #ontained in the te?t, though the" are all interwo en and spoken at on#e!7) .b iousl", the number 4E (or 3? 3) pla"s a ital role to the Loagaeth s"stem! As the Angel Gal age e?plains (after Dee and :elle" had re#orded the te?t of all 4E leafs of the Hol" Book)*
Mou ha e 4E Tables* In those Tables are #ontained the m"sti#al and hol" oi#es of the Angels, dignified! (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation, p! C4-

1emember that there are t+o pages for e er" leaf of a book! Thus, there are te#hni#all" ninety&eight Tables (ea#h one 4E rows b" 4E #olumns) found upon the pages of Loagaeth! Howe er, in the abo e =uote, Gal age tea#hes that these are #ounted as onl" 4E! 5a#h Table, then, has both a front and a ba#k, thereb" o##up"ing ,oth sides of a single leaf in


the Book! It is =uite interesting to #ompare Dee's 4E Tables of Loagaeth with the 7C Tables of Soyga (see #hapter one)! Both of them are #omposed of magi#kal s=uares based upon s=uare,root numbers! (A number multiplied b" itself!) The Tables of Soyga (7C b" 7C #ells) are based upon C ? C N 7C!7C @eanwhile, Dee's Tables of Loagaeth (4E b" 4E) are simpl" the ne?t step in the s=uare,root pattern, based upon 3 ? 3 N 4E!73 The hol" number se en pla"s a ma9or role in the an#ient Merkavah traditions of the Judai# people, as well as =uite a few of the #lassi#al grimoiri# te?ts to whi#h Dee and :elle" had a##ess!76 The "e#tarchic m"steries are also based upon this se en,fold design, in#luding the 0eal of Truth, Hol" Table, the se en 5nsigns of 8reation and the 4E /ood Angels!7E As we shall see later in this #hapter, the m"steries of Loagaeth are intimatel" #onne#ted with the "e#tarchic s"stem through this se en,fold relationship! /i en what the Angels ha e said about the #ontents of the Hol" Book (the beginning, #ontents and end of Time), it is reasonable, as with the "e#tarchia, to asso#iate the 4E Tables with the 0e en Da"s of 8reation! (Te#hni#all", the 0e en Da"s, along with a h"potheti#al B5ighth Da"B asso#iated with the 5nd Times, en#ompass the entire span of the Ini erse from beginning to end! %e are #urrentl" li ing in the 0e enth Da" of 1est!) 0upporting this, the @other /al ah makes the following #r"pti# statement 9ust after deli ering the te?t of the 4Eth <eaf of Loagaeth*
These are those se en! (,! Tr e !nd Faithf l Relation..., p! +E-

<ater in the 9ournals, the Angel Gal age makes an e=uall" #r"pti# statement 9ust after deli ering the :e" to the m"steries of the 0e#ond <eaf*4>
This is therefore the ke" of the first se en, a##ording to the proportion of the first 8reation! (,! Tr e !nd Faithf l Relation..., p! 66-

These two statements asso#iate both the 0e#ond4+ and Final <eafs of the Hol" Book with a m"sterious Bse en!B (BA##ording to the proportion of the first 8reation!B) I suspe#t the" are indi#ations that Loagaeth, from the 0e#ond to the Fort",Ginth Tables, en#ompasses the 0e en Da"s of 8reation as depi#ted in /enesis + (plus the dreaded


$5ighth Da"' of the Tribulation)!

:elle"'s Third Jision of the Hol" Book

.n April Cth, +)67, :elle" re#ei ed what I #all the Bthird ision of the Hol" Book!B42 .f #ourse, :elle" had seen the Book man" times b" this point, as this o##urs after he had re#orded 46 lines of the First <eaf (side A)! Howe er, this is the third time :elle" saw something new about the appearan#e and #onstru#tion of the Book itself! Just after the transmission of the 46th line, the #o er of the Book was suddenl" displa"ed to :elle"! It was blue in #olor, and made from a thin, light silk!47 .n this #o er were the words !-)es naghe)es "ardeh! (Gote that this is some weeks before /al ah entitles the Book Loagaeth!) :elle" reported that these words signif" BThe Ini ersal Game of Him that #reated uni ersall" be praised and e?tolled fore er!B Howe er, later in the 9ournals, an Angel named A e suggests that 5no#h's Book was entitled B<et Those that Fear /od, and are %orth", 1ead!B44 Dee notes at this point, BThe title of 5no#h's Books e?pounded into 5nglish!B Therefore, it is possible that A e's ersion is the more literal translation of the title !-)es naghe)es "ardeh!

From the 1ight,hand to the <eft!!! as in the Hebrew Bible

Another important, and uni=ue, feature of Loagaeth, is that it is written entirel" from right to left! That is, it is uni=ue among Western m"sti#al te?ts! @eanwhile, it shares this feature with all books written in Hebrew, a 0emiti# language that also runs from right to left! .n#e 1aphael showed :elle" his se#ond ision of the Hol" Book (where we first see the 4E ? 4E tables full of letters), the Ar#hangel's ne?t a#tion was to draw a series of 2+ hierogl"phi# #hara#ters from the pages!4) The #hara#ters, as re#orded in Dee's 9ournal, are the letters of the Angeli#al Alphabet! (I will #o er this Alphabet in depth in #hapter fi e!) Howe er, more important now, this Hol" Alphabet is re#orded as running from right (the first letter, .a) to left (the last letter, Gisg)! This is the first indi#ation in the 9ournals that the <anguage is written in the leftward 0emiti# fashion! The ne?t indi#ation is found 9ust after 1aphael transmitted the first word of the First leaf* / resch, a word of se en letters!4C Dee then drew a 3 ? 3 table showing the numbers +,3 (relating to the se en letters of / resch) running Bba#kwardB, that is, from right to left! (I think perhaps Dee, after hearing the first word was e?a#tl" se en letters,


drew the 3 ? 3 table in #ase he was about to re#ei e another magi#kal s=uare! Howe er, no s=uare was re ealed, and Dee left the table blank e?#ept for the numbers +,3 in the top row!) I should point out that Dee re#orded / resch, and all of the words transmitted b" 1aphael, both in 5nglish letters and the usual %estern rightward,st"le of writing! Apparentl", it is onl" when the te?t is written in Angeli#al #hara#ters that it must be written leftward! (The same #on ention is followed with Hebrew!) .f #ourse, if a book's te?t is written leftward, it follows that the pages of the book must do likewise! For instan#e, take an" book written in 5nglish,43 and la" it fa#e,down so the book's spine is toward "our right hand! (Mou'll be looking at the ba#k #o er!) Gow, open the ba#k #o er so "ou are looking at the last leaf of the book! If the same book were written in Hebrew, what "ou 9ust saw as the ba#k #o er would ha e a#tuall" been the front #o er! And the leaf "ou saw after opening the #o er would #ontain the first #age in the book! The te?t would begin in the upper right,hand #orner of the paper and run toward the left margin! Dee's 9ournals highlight this differen#e in page ordering se eral times! In one instan#e, Dee outright states that Angeli#al reads leftward*
!!!in m" mind it seemeth re=uisite46 that as all the writing and reading of that hol" language is from the right hand to the left, so the beginning of the book must be (as it were, in respe#t of our most usual manner of books, in all languages of <atin, /reek, 5nglish, et#!) at the end of the book! And the end, at the beginning, as in the Hebrew Bible! (,Five Books of Mystery, p! 4++-

Iriel #onfirmed Dee's obser ation (on the ne?t page of the 9ournal) b" suggesting that Dee's 9udgment was dire#ted b" /od abo e, BHe that sa"eth, BDo this,B dire#teth th" 9udgment!B After :elle" had re#orded most of the Hol" Book in the usual rightward fashion (and in 5nglish #hara#ters),4E the @other /al ah arri ed to instru#t Dee on writing a Bperfe#ted #op"!B)> In part, this meant the te?t had to be re,written in the leftward fashion, so the last page of the book would fall upon what we %esterners #onsider the Bfirst leafB*
The first leaf (as "ou #all it) is the last of the book!)+ (!!!- %rite the book (after "our order) ba#kward, but alter not the form of the letters, I speak in respe#t of the pla#es! (,! Tr e and

17 Faithf l Relation, p! +E-

I assume that b" $pla#es', /al ah meant the proper ordering of letters had to be preser ed for the words when written leftward as when written rightward! In Angeli#al, the te?t would be a mirror,image of the te?t in 5nglish, but both te?ts would sound the same when read aloud! (This is different from Soyga, whi#h a#tuall" spelled words ba#kward to form new, but still rightward,reading, words! 0u#h as $Soyga$ whi#h is a re ersal of the /reek word !gyos!))2

The Reception of the 49 Ta les

The re#eption of the Tables of Loagaeth began on /ood Frida", @ar#h 2Eth, +)67!)7 %hen :elle" re#ei ed the te?t of the 4E <eafs, he did so b" first entering a kind of tran#e! As he sat gaKing into the #r"stal, Dee re#ords, a Bsword of flameB #ame from the shewstone and thrust into :elle"'s head! The skr"er des#ribed $a thing immediatel" #reeping within his head, and in that pang be#ame all in a sweat!' He greatl" disliked this feeling, whi#h #ontinued for about +) minutes before it subsided (or $#ame to rest') somewhat!)4 This pro#ess took pla#e ea#h time :elle" sat down to trans#ribe the language in the Hol" Book! It appears to be a form of shamani# e#stas", and seems to parallel the 8hristian m"ster" of the in o#ation of the Hol" 0pirit, often asso#iated with speaking in tongues!)) :elle", while in his tran#e, #ould read the language within the Book fluentl"! After ea#h session, the fire would withdraw from his head ba#k into the shewstone, after whi#h he no longer understood the language! The Ar#hangel 1aphael deli ered the initial lines of the First leaf of Loagaeth in a er" meti#ulous fashion! %ith a rod of gold, 1aphael pointed to the first #ell on the Table in the Hol" Book, indi#ating the word written there in fresh blood! He then spelled the word letter b" letter, whi#h :elle" repeated for Dee to re#ord! Dre iousl", I used this first word, / resch, as an e?ample of the Hol" Book;s leftward st"le of writing! 0in#e it happens to be the er" first word of Loagaeth, we #an #ontinue to use it as an e?ample here! %hat 1aphael a#tuall" transmitted to the two men was not the #ompleted word, but a string of angeli# letter,names* (e#h (O), 0an (I), 1on (1), Gra#h (5), Fa- (0), 0eh (8), 2a (H)!)C B" working in this manner, there would


be a er" low error,rate in the transmission, and words #ould be =ui#kl" and easil" re iewed and #orre#ted later on! Howe er, with thousands of words to re#ei e, Dee was #on#erned the pro9e#t would soon be#ome o erwhelming! The first two lines alone had #onsisted of ninet", eight words transmitted letter,b",letter, and there were "et fort",se en lines to go on 9ust 0ide A of that TableH)3 Therefore, Dee asked 1aphael if some kind of abridgment of this letter,b",letter method might be used instead!)6 Apparentl", this angered 1aphael, as the ision of the Hol" Book suddenl" anished from :elle"'s sight! After a pra"er from Dee, the ision appears to :elle" on#e more, and 1aphael returns to le#ture the two men! Apparentl" be#ause of Dee's BinappropriateB re=uest, the Ar#hangel states that he will not appear in the #r"stal again until Loagaeth has been transmitted entirel"! Howe er, before lea ing, 1aphael assures them that his office will remain present! Indeed, the remainder of the Tables (the last e?#luded, see below) are deli ered to the men b" Ba Joi#eB #oupled with a ision of the Hol" Book in the stone! This Joi#e, then, #an safel" be #onsidered the oi#e of 1aphael! Ge ertheless, Dee was granted his re=uest for an abridgment to the transmission pro#ess! Beginning with line three, the te?t of the First Table of Loagaeth is deli ered word b" word, rather than letter b" letter! %hile this took a huge work,load off of Dee and :elle", it did #reate something of a problem for us toda"! %ith the first two lines, we ha e no doubt e?a#tl" how the words are to be spelled in Angeli#al #hara#ters, be#ause ea#h letter was named indi iduall"! Howe er, with the rest of the First Table, we ha e onl" words that :elle" spoke aloud and Dee re#orded phoneti#all"! @" own anal"sis of the te?t)E suggests that se eral words are spelled phoneti#all", depending on how Dee heard ea#h word at the time! Therefore, the same word might appear in different lines of the te?t spelled in slightl" different wa"s! Met, in other #ases, the spellings do seem to be e?a#t, and Dee e en makes notes here and there help us with proper Angeli#al spelling or pronun#iation! (An" su#h notes will, of #ourse, be in#luded with words found in the Le'icon!)

In 4> Da"s @ust the Book be Derfe#ted

The o erall re#eption of the Hol" Book was marked as a magi#kal operation in its own right! Gote that it began on /ood Frida" (@ar#h 2Eth), as this was not #oin#idental!


5?a#tl" eight da"s into the re#eption of the te?t, the Ar#hangel Iriel appeared to inform the men that there was a time,limit on their work*
Behold (sa"eth the <ord) I will breathe upon men, and the" shall ha e the spirit of Inderstanding! In 4> da"s must the Book of the 0e#rets, and :e" of this %orld, be written! (!!!- To the end he ma" see and perform the time of /od his Abridgment! (,Five Books of Mystery, p! 723-

This is the first of two referen#es to a 4>,da" period in relation to the re#eption of the Hol" Book! This would seem to make sense! The .ld Testament of the Bible re#ords fort" da"s and nights in the /reat Deluge, and the same amount of time for @oses' spiritual retreat on @t! 0inai! Dlus, in the Gew Testament, Jesus is depi#ted as fasting for fort" da"s and nights during his own spiritual retreat in the wilderness! Howe er, there ma" "et be a deeper m"ster" to the fort",da" time period asso#iated with Loagaeth! Goti#e that Iriel does not mention this 4>,da" BdeadlineB until eight da"s into the pro#ess! That means that the total time,period of the re#eption would #ome to 46 da"s, e?a#tl" the number of Tables in Loagaeth whose m"steries the Angels ha e promised to open! (And, as we shall see in a following #hapter, the same number as the Angeli#al :e"s used to open those m"steries!) Fort",eight da"s from /ood Frida" (@ar#h 2Eth) puts the deadline at @a" 6th! Just three da"s before that time (on @a" )th), Iriel appears in the shewstone on#e again to establish another fort",da" period! This time it is for re,#op"ing the Hol" Book from :elle"'s 5nglish,lettered originals into a Bperfe#tedB #op"*
In 4> da"s more must this book be perfe#ted in his own manner, to the intent that "ou also be perfe#ted in the workmanship of Him, whi#h hath sealed it!C> (,Five Books of Mystery, p! 7E)-

If this Bperfe#ted #op"B of the Book were #ompleted 4> da"s after the original @a" 6th deadline, then Dee would ha e had to #omplete the pro9e#t b" June +3th! Howe er, this does not appear to be the #ase in Dee's 9ournals! As we shall see below, Dee is later told to begin writing the perfe#ted #op" on June +6th! If Dee begins the pro9e#t on that da", 4> da"s will take him to the er" beginning of August! The perfe#ted #op" of Loagaeth must also be written in Angeli#al #hara#ters, as Dee notes after the abo e sessions in his 9ournal*

20 I re=uired the perfe#t form of the 2+ letters, that I might imitate the same!!! in the Hol" Book writing, et#! (,Five Books of Mystery, p! 7E6-

And here, in a later #on ersation Dee had with the Angel Gal age*
Mou mean the m"sti#al <etters, wherein the hol" book is promised to be written! (Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! 36-

Dlus, as we know, the Book must be written in the 0emiti# leftward fashion! This perfe#ted ersion would ha e to be #ompleted before the Book #ould be put to pra#ti#al use! Dee had man" further =uestions regarding the #onstru#tion of the perfe#ted Hol" Book! Howe er, the Angels were un#on#erned with minor details*
Dee: I was desirous to know whether the book were to be written in paper or par#hmentA in what #olor the lines were to be ruled (green or blue, et#) and of di erse other doubts, ne#essar" to be dissol ed, I was #areful to ha e some ad isement! (,Five Books of Mystery, p! 4>C!riel: Fulfill those things that are #ommanded! Form and write th" book after thine own 9udgment! /od His determination is 9ust! Therefore, put,to "our hands! @ore than hath been said, and more plainl", #annot be uttered! (,Five Books of Mystery, p! 4>6-

Also, of interest is Dee's e entual obser ation about the First Table of Loagaeth!C+ Be#ause it #ontained an entire word, rather than a single letter, in ea#h #ell, Dee knew the te?t would ne er fit into two 4E ? 4E Tables on a single leaf! 0o, he asked Iriel for permission to write the te?t without a Table, o er se eral pages! The Ar#hangel a##epts this ne#essar" #on ention! The remaining 46 pages, howe er, do #ontain Tables!

Begin to Dra#ti#e in August

The 4> da" periods are onl" one e?ample of the shamani# st"le of magi#kal timing utiliKed b" the Angels! From the Ar#hangel Iriel, the two men learned that a BtimeB has been established for the pra#ti#al use of the (perfe#ted) Hol" Book! It is onl" at this set time, and not before, that the @"steries #ontained within the Tables of Loagaeth will be re ealed*

21 Mou are #hosen b" /od His mer#" to an end and purpose! %hi#h end shall be made manifest b" the first beginning in the knowledge in these @"steries! /od shall make #lear when it pleaseth Him, and open all the se#rets of wisdom when He unlo#keth! Therefore seek not to know the m"steries of this book, till the er" hour that He shall #all thee! For then shall His power be so full amongst "ou, that the flesh shall not be per#ei ed, in respe#t of His great glor"! (,Five Books of Mystery, p! 7) is not to be lightened, but all!C2 !!!for until the 4> da"s be ended, shalt thou ha e no(t- one more shew of us! (,Five Books of Mystery, p! 7)2-

Iriel's referen#e to Bthe 4> da"sB should indi#ate the period that fell roughl" between June +6th and August +st, that is, the period during whi#h Dee was to #reate the perfe#ted #op" of the Hol" Book! Therefore, we #an assume that the m"steries of the Tables of Loagaeth will be re ealed onl" after the perfe#ted #op" of the Book has been written! Then, the m"steries of the Tables would be re ealed all at on#e (or in a single e?tended magi#kal operation)! Dee and :elle" had heard a hint of this Bappointed timeB pre iousl", from the Ar#hangel 1aphael (while the first Table of Loagaeth was in transmission)! Apparentl", the men were not to repeat the words of the book aloud while writing it, be#ause to speak the words was to in oke the magi#k! This, 1aphael assures the men, would not be desirable*
If "ou use double repetitionC7 in the things that follow, "ou shall both write and work, and all at on#e, whi#h man's nature #an not perform! The troubles were so great that might ensue thereof, that "our strength were nothing to pre ail against them! %hen it is written, read it no more with oi#e, till it be in pra#ti#e!C4 All wants shall be opened unto "ou! (Five Books of Mystery, p! 7++-

Apparentl", it is dangerous to read the te?t aloud while writing it! %hat #on#erns us here, howe er, is the fa#t that 1aphael promises there will be a time for the a#tual pra#ti#e of Loagaeth, when all BwantsB (that is, all =uestions) will be answered! 0oon after Iriel instru#ted the men to Bseek not to know the m"steries of this BookB, Dee and :elle" made #onta#t with the Angel Illemese, who pro ided spe#ifi# information about the Bappointed timeB in l"ri#al form*
Illemese: I will sing a short song*

22 Mour doings are of /od, "our #alling great! /o down and seek the Treasure, and "ou shall obtain it! Take no #are, for this Book shall be done in 4> da"s! Begin to pra#ti#e in August!C) 0er e /od before! Mou shall know all things, with a stroke of the e"e!CC And so, praise, glor" and eternal singing with in#essant humilit" be unto thee, 8reator that hath framed, made and 8reated all things, for e er and e er! Gow sa" "ou (if "ou will) Amen! Dee: Amen Amen Amen! Ilemese* After the end of 4> da"s, go down for the Treasure! %hen those 4> da"s are done, then this book shall be finished! The rest of the time until August, is for rest, labor and pra"er! (Five Books of Mystery, p! 7)3,7)6-

It is on#e again Iriel who appears, later in the 9ournals, to re eal more information about the Bappointed timeB for the pra#ti#al use of the Loagaeth s"stem*
This book (I sa") shall, tomorrow, be finishedAC3 one thing e?#epted, whi#h is the use thereof! Into the whi#h the <ord hath appointed a da"! But (be#ause I will speak to "ou, after the manner of men) see that all things be in readiness against the first da" of August ne?t! (,The Five Books of Mystery, p! 7E4-

Thus we learn, for #ertain, that August +st was the target date for the pra#ti#e of Loagaeth! As stated pre iousl", that would be roughl" 4> da"s after Iriel instru#ted Dee to begin writing the perfe#ted #op" of the Hol" Book! Interestingl", all of this together represents three distin#t periods of 4> da"s! During the first period (whi#h began eight da"s after /ood Frida"), :elle" re#ei ed the te?t of the 46 Tables! The se#ond period was one of rest, during whi#h Dee re#ei ed some answers and #larifi#ations from the Angels! Then, the third period should ha e #onsisted of the #reation of the perfe#ted Hol" Book, ending on August +st and the re elation of the @"steries!

Begin the Book Ge?t Tuesda" , the @other /al ah


B" June +4th (9ust four da"s before Dee was to begin work on the perfe#ted Hol" Book), the men had not "et re#ei ed the te?t of the final, 4Eth, Table! This was withheld, apparentl", be#ause it was spe#ifi#all" under the 9urisdi#tion of a female 0piritual 8reature who (on June +4th) appeared and took o er the transmission pro#ess! Dee first re#ords the appearan#e of Ba @aiden!BC6 0he tells the two men that 0he is far from home, on a 9ourne" that will end si? or se en weeks in the future! Dee points out (as he had noted pre iousl" in the 9ournals) that Angels are unaffe#ted b" ph"si#al distan#es! Therefore, it is the time of the @aiden's 9ourne", and not an" distan#e, that establishes its length! If we #ount forward on the #alendar about se en weeks from June +4th, we find oursel es in the #lose i#init" of August +st! Therefore, this is our first eiled #lue that this @aiden is asso#iated in some wa" with the m"steries of the Hol" Book of Loagaeth! The @aiden, in :elle"'s ision, #ontinues on Her 9ourne" and en#ounters se eral people along the wa"! At this point in the 9ournals, the identit" of this @aiden is hidden! Howe er, as we shall see later, this ision of the @aiden's 9ourne" is dire#tl" related to Her true identit"! Dee e entuall" asks the @aiden for Her name! 0he replies that Her BnameB is not from the human tongue, likel" meaning that it is Angeli#al*
@" name is /al a'h, in "our language I am #alled Finis! (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation, p +2To Trithemius I sa", BI am Finis, I am a beam of that %isdom whi#h is the end of man's e?#ellen#"!BCE (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation, p +7-

Finis is <atin for $The 5nd!' Howe er, later during the same session, 0he adds that the name Galvah is not the general angeli# word for B5ndB,3> but is instead used here in a er" parti#ular (spe#ifi#) sense*
Inderstand m" name parti#ularl", and not generall"! I speak it to a oid error! Derse ere to the end! (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation, p +4-

In other words, Galvah is not the true name of this @aiden! It is, instead, a title, relating in some wa" to Her fun#tion or offi#e in these transmissions! As we saw pre iousl", /a lah has appeared to guide Dee and :elle" to August +st, whi#h is the end of the


Loagaeth operation! (BDerse ere to the end!B) Dlus, as we shall see below, it will be Her 9ob to re eal the final <eaf of the Hol" Book to the two men! .n the first da" 0he appeared (June +4th), /al ah took #ontrol of the skr"ing sessions and be#ame Dee's prin#ipal instru#tor on the Hol" Book*
Gal"ah: Begin the Book ne?t Tuesda"! @"self will be the dire#torA and as m" name is, so I will lead unto the end! All other things use, a##ording to th" 9udgment and proportion of his 0pirit that guideth "ou! I m"self will be the finger to dire#t thee! (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p +7-

Gote that /al ah tells Dee to begin the Book Bne?t Tuesda"B, whi#h would be June +6th! .f #ourse, :elle" had alread" re#ei ed fort" eight of the Tables b" this point, all trans#ribed b" :elle" from the shewstone in 5nglish letters, and written in the %estern rightward fashion! Therefore, /al ah must be telling Dee to begin the #erfected co#y of the Hol" Book! This appears to be what Dee assumes as well, and he asks /al ah if 0he will answer his =uestions regarding its writing*
Dee: At the beginning to write the Book, shall I re=uire "our instru#tions& Gal"ah: Do so! (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p +7-

An e?ample of /al ah's dire#tion regarding the writing of the Hol" Book #an be found a few pages later, on June 2>th, two da"s after the pro9e#t began! Here, Dee is gi en se eral er" 0olomoni# instru#tions to follow while he works on the Book, although 0olomoni# or other traditional magi#kal timing are not used! Instead, the work is to be done when /al ah inspires Dee to work*
Gal"ah: <abour in the writing of the Book diligentl"! 0ee thou #leanse th"self on both sides! Be alone while it is done* that is to sa", while thou art in doing it! (!!!- In a pure a#tion all things ought to be pure! Dee: @a" I be writing e er" da", and at an" time, when it shall #ome in m" mind& Gal"ah: 5 er as thou shalt feel me mo e thee! I will stir up th" desire! Dee: How shall I do for the letters& 0hall I simpl" translate the letters as I find them&

25 Gal"ah: A"e! Dee: The titles of the sides, are the" to be written onl" in the hol" 8hara#ters&3+ Gal"ah: As thou sa"est!!! (! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! 27-

Dee goes on to ask se eral te#hni#al =uestions about his #op" of the Hol" Book! Howe er, /al ah promises all further =uestions will be answered during the last se en (of the 4>) da"s before August first! @ore than likel", Dee was e?pe#ted to ha e the perfe#ted Hol" Book nearl" written b" that time! Here, /al ah onl" assures Dee, BThou shalt want no dire#tion!B ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The true identit" of /al ah is a puKKle that pla"s out slowl" in the 9ournals! During their first session together, when /al ah instru#ted Dee to begin work on the Hol" Book, 0he also ga e him a er" #r"pti# hint to her identit"*
The finger of /od stret#heth o er man" mountains! His 0pirit #omforteth the weakness of man" pla#es! Go sense is unfurnished where His light remaineth! For understand what I am, and it is a suffi#ient answer! (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! +7-

Dee had, earlier in this session, mentioned that /al ah did not appear to be one of the Daughters of <ight, or their Daughters, the onl" famil" of female Angels the two men had met at that point! Just before her short spee#h abo e, /al ah #onfirms that 0he is not one of those Angels, but that all of the Daughters (and their Daughters) of <ight are #omprehended32 within Her*

These also that are #alled Daughters and Daughters of Daughters are all #omprehended in me, and do attend upon True %isdom! %hi#h if Trithemius mark, he shall per#ei e that true %isdom is alwa"s painted with a woman's garment! For, (other-37 than the pureness of a Jirgin, nothing is more #ommendable! (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation, p +7-


A few sessions later,34 one of the Daughters of the Daughters, named @adimi, appeared in the stone! (Dee and :elle" had met her earlier in their angeli# skr"ings!) During their #on ersation, @adimi brought her @other to the shewstone to speak with Dee! @adimi's @other, of #ourse, is /al ah! Met, 0he introdu#es Herself to Dee in this instan#e b" the name I A@!3) (%e will return to this en#ounter between Dee and @adimi later in this #hapter!) It would seem that the solution to the puKKle is found on page +4 of ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation... Here, /al ah appears, in a ision, to be #ompletel" entrapped b" a surrounding hedge! The Angel Illemese appears briefl" and has an e?#hange with Her*
Gal"ah: Here is no wa" out! Illemese: 8ome, I will do somewhat for "ou! It is a strange thing that %isdom #annot find a wa" through a hedge!3C (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation, p +4-

Illemese kno#ks down part of the hedge and departs the ision! /al ah, then, #ontinues with the allegori#al ision, in whi#h 0he (now re ealed as %isdom) ainl" attempts to find lodging amongst #orrupt mankind!33 This ision is likel" a #ontinuation of the er" first ision /al ah showed :elle", #on#erning Her 9ourne" toward August +st!36 In that ision, %isdom also 9ourne"ed along Her wa", en#ountering humans who either embra#ed Her or #ould not tolerate Her, and those who made good use of Her guidan#e along with those who did not! Through all of this we learn that B/al ahB is, in fa#t, %isdom Herself! Throughout %estern histor", %isdom has been depi#ted as a female figure, Her s"mbolism dating ba#k to images of the /oddesses Inanna (in @esopotamia) and Isis (in 5g"pt)!3E The /nosti#s worshiped Her dire#tl" as So#hia (%isdom), and Judaism adopted So#hia as its own Sheckinah (the Dresen#e of /od)! From these, the later Hermeti#ists de eloped their #on#ept of the 0oul of the %orld! This is the Al#hemi#al Bride of /od! It is m" impression that the name B/al ahB is intended to represent the Bibli#al 3-ega (The 5nd), as we see it in the first and last #hapters of 1e elation, BI Am the !l#ha, and the 3-ega! The First, and the <ast!B Therefore, So#hia, as /al ahP3-ega,


represents the Dassi e and Feminine aspe#t of 8reation! Her Bridegroom, the (hristos4!l#ha, represents the A#ti e and @as#uline aspe#t! (In /nosti#ism, the union of So#hia and the (hristos represents the Hol" 0pirit, s"mboliKed b" the %hite Do e!)

5 er" @onda" is the 0e enth , the B5no#hian 0abbathB&

.ne of the more ine?pli#able e?amples of magi#kal timing in Dee's re#ords #on#erns the Angels' strange obser ation of @onda"s! .thers ha e #lassified this as some kind of B5no#hian 0abbathB, #omparable to the 8hristian 0abbath on 0unda", or the Jewish 0abbath on 0aturda"!6> In both of these latter #ases, the 0abbath is established a##ording to the BDa" of 1estB obser ed b" /od on the 0e enth Da" of 8reation! (0ee /enesis +!) The Jewish #ustom was to begin the week with 0unda", meaning that 0aturda" was the last da" of the week, and therefore the 0e enth Da" of 1est! (In fa#t, this is wh" we refer to the Da" of 1est as the B0abbathB, be#ause the root of this word is the Hebrew name for 0aturnP0aturda", Sha,,athai!) For the 8hristian, the week began on @onda", so that 0unda" was the 0e enth Da" and the 0abbath! (A #ustom our se#ular #ulture follows to this er" da"!) I find it hard to 9udge whether or not the Angels intended @onda"s to be a 0abbath in this sense! Go spe#ial #onsideration of this da" appears in relation to the "e#tarchia, whi#h pre#edes the Loagaeth s"stem in Dee's 9ournals! Howe er, the ordering of Dlanetar" For#es re ealed to Dee in the "e#tarchic s"stem does happen to end with <una, the Dlanet of @onda"! (The list runs* Jenus, 0ol, @ars, Jupiter, @er#ur", 0aturn and <una!6+ The Angels did asso#iate this ordering dire#tl" with the 0e en Da"s of 8reation!62) @onda"s are first mentioned in the 9ournals when /al ah instru#ts Dee to begin writing the perfe#ted #op" of the Hol" Book*
Gal"ah: That is to sa", while thou art in doing it, hen#eforth and till the time #ome67 use spee#h with us no moreA e er" se enth da" a##epted! Dee: How shall those da"s be a##ounted& Gal"ah: From Tuesda" last* Tuesda" being the first of the se en,64 and the ne?t @onda", the se enth, and so forth e er" @onda" is the se enth! (! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! 27-


Therefore, Dee was to work on the Hol" Book on e er" da" of the week from Tuesda" to 0unda"! The se enth da", @onda", was one of rest from that work, whereupon Dee might en9o" #on ersation with the Angels! .ddl" enough, Dee does not seem to ha e followed this obser ation of @onda"s at this point, as the ne?t 9ournal entries are on arious da"s other than @onda"! @onda"s are ne?t mentioned in the 9ournals during the period when Dee and :elle" re#ei ed the 46 Angeli#al :e"s! During one session, whi#h took pla#e on a @onda", the Ar#hangel /abriel deli ered the following message from /od*
Ga riel: <isten unto m" words, for the" are a 8ommandment from abo e! Behold (saith He) I ha e des#ended to iew the 5arth, where I will dwell for se en da"s, and twi#e se en da"s! Therefore, let them be da"s of rest to "ou! But e er" se enth da", I will isit "ou, as Gow I do! Dee: I understand that this rest is, that e er" @onda", for three @onda"s else ne?t after other, we shall await our lessons, as now we re#ei e, and that we ma" all the rest follow our affairs of stud" or household matters! Ga riel: It is so, for one da" shall be as a week! But those da"s "ou must abstain from all things that li e upon the 5arth! Dee: Mou mean these three @onda"s ensuing ne?t! (April 7>th +)64! ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! ++4-

The 9ournals indi#ate that Dee followed the instru#tion this time, as the ne?t three sessions with the Angels take pla#e on @onda"s!6) (Though, we are not told if he or :elle" abstained from $all things that li e upon the earth' on these 0abbath da"s!) This, unfortunatel", is all the 9ournals of Dr! Dee ha e to sa" about @onda"s!

The 49 Ta les of Loagaeth: #hat #e $now6C

In this se#tion, we are going to e?plore the parti#ulars, as re#orded b" Dee, of some of the 4E <eafs (or Tables) of the Hol" Book of Loagaeth! Dee made a few #omments in his 9ournals that suggest, to me, that he had more information about the #ontents of the Tables than has sur i ed to the present da"! It is entirel" possible that he re#orded this information in another 9ournal that has been lost! Therefore, we will ha e to


gather what we #an from the Five Books... and ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation... Infortunatel", this means we onl" know a few details about a few of the Tables* ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Titles of the Tables63

Almost all of the Tables of Loagaeth are headed with titles, one for 0ide A and another for 0ide B of ea#h <eaf! Those Tables that do not ha e spe#ifi# titles are instead $entitled' with the first words that appear on the page! %e ha e pre#ious little in the wa" of translations for these titles! In the Le'icon, I ha e referen#ed an" of these words that appear similar to known Angeli#al words! Following are the titles themsel es*

Ta le %& (Kures#h od adaph mal KeK geno au marlan oh muKpaTa le %' (.?ar armol pan sampas os al pans orne" andsuTa le (& alla opna" = iemmah! Ta le (' K rebth aho dan lanfal #ramKa Ta le )& pandobna o? adroh aKim#holdru?! Ta le )' dlod Alged K rem! (Bdlod allged K ramBTa le 4& O bla o? arnogan Algers a#lo! Ta le 4' Danfal gest A?amph a#rosta! Ta le *& /onKahoh al#h arge oho Adan#h! Ta le *' O #hastors plohodma? argednon a#ho Ta le +& 0an#gonfal alde?, A e goh adat= an, Ta le +' p r#ha ges ma?gem adroth a?o? ahQ Ta le ,& Dam lethgath onKar a o?algeth Ta le ,' #h ma?#habere?mapha

Ta le -& algebadreth Ta le -' ."lKongs Ta le 9& pagesgem Ta le 9' A alla#a? Ta le %.& /or emgemps Ta le %.' Ba#ap <affos Ta le %%& .Kimba londorh Ta le %%' "l#h KKapg Ta le %(& Gopham Ta le %(' 0igneh ga? Ta le %)& t,lallaah gethnoh Ta le %)' Iaialgh ler#ol Kinro? Ta le %4& Din#al e?lan Ta le %4' Dhin potagar giron Ta le %*& 0e ger p#opalph Ta le %*' .roh O n!#omp ?oh


Ta le %+& Dada ar gedrong Ta le %+' arahhatragla? pligeo

Ta le (9& Famfa? lep a?a?! Ta le (9' OirKa#h b maKon! Ta le ).& Tar, in gaba? orho! Ta le ).' /lonK alnoptd! Ta le )%& /emnar H n#ol! Ta le )%' 1"nh Ki#hKor #halan! Ta le )(& "a"ger balpaoeh! Ta le )(' 8ar anal geldons! Ta le ))& Jio nilg onpho! Ta le ))' To?hen#ol "lnoro? Kiborh! Ta le )4& Bal omph #hiphan! Ta le )4' Jingelg la?ih par#an! Ta le )*& O da ig pan#ar! Ta le )*' De? lng #hiron" ga ! Ta le )+& SnabaKeb il p dar! Ta le )+' Tanpa phaphingeth! Ta le ),& 1onlo? bap abap orh! Ta le ),' 8albahhah genro?! Ta le )-& Doh nam gethgol a?ah! Ta le )-' Janta ong narga?! Ta le )9& D lgaao ner gis#h! Ta le )9' Ar#hi septh loro?! Ta le 4.& Damponpha ne?o gel! Ta le 4.' De?ph geld on#hen! Ta le 4%& 5lla?or Gatoglan Ta le 4%' Fam filgis#h lar ou#h

Ta le %,& Hidrahah glaKip agel Ta le %,' 5ngide?olA neol#hiph Ta le %-& Dola#a? # bagod Ta le %-' Oad, ron an#hal Ta le %9& /edmarg alpon Ta le %9' B Kalg long arnap Ta le (.& Oi#ha leKa#h! Ta le (.' Drem phingel o?ah oho Ta le (%& algonKib irbalo? Ta le (%' A riK ommaphil" geld Ta le ((& 8ehergol naoal Ta le ((' FRl me?i#amps rom Ta le ()& 8onar omfagal Ta le ()' To?ar?h nerhoh gel podnon Ta le (4& Oi#hidpha l Kiph Ta le (4' Ger ag pran#lan Ta le (*& DemphoK prang oho Ta le (*' Harodan lempri# dohoh Ta le (+& 8h" pled sagnaronph Ta le (+' Dra?ph inta"falg Ta le (,& Jlnen raKo il#omb Ta le (,' Jin#al leorna r h Ta le (-& Dababel gel KoKaah Ta le (-' <ar h gohonp babbabor


Ta le 4(& 8emgealg ralphos Ta le 4(' Oodagrap Kilpob Ta le 4)& Ge#prilga l p arn Ta le 4)' Depsah onge phialo? Ta le 44& GelKiar pol dolgon Ta le 44' Darni ol#hemph Ta le 4*& A# irKilg #hiparal Ta le 4*' Alged on #hiprR?al

Ta le 4+& 8larn nan#al Ta le 4+' <e?ro? pingh lardol Ta le 4,& O rK h gen o? Ta le 4,' 8hiromonph Kar#han olinorg Ta le 4-& 8algs sedph panglo? Ta le 4-' Bapporgel b rioldepna" Ta le 49 GPA (0ee below note)

Gote* Table 4E was not gi en its own title! 0ee later in this #hapter for a full e?planation of the re#eption and #ontents of the final <eaf of Loagaeth! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

First Table*66
(I@A/5* First,Table!9pg%e' e alread" dis#ussed a few points about the BhiddenB First leaf of Loagaeth! 1aphael ga e us the first #lue when he said, is one (that- neither is, was or shall be known!B The m"ster" of these #r"pti# words is not sol ed until after the appearan#e of the Angel Gal age, who deli ered the Angeli#al :e"s (or 8alls) to Dee and :elle"!6E Gal age sa"s of the Table on the First leaf*
I find the soul of man hath no portion in this first Table! It is the Image of the 0on of /od, in the bosom of his father, before all the worlds! It #omprehendeth his in#arnation, passion, and return to 9udgment* whi#h he himself, in flesh, knoweth not! (! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! 3E-

The image of the B0on of /od, in the bosom of his father, before all the worldsB brings to mind, on#e again, the first #hapter of the Book of John, where both /od and the Logos (%ord) e?isted together, as .ne, before all of 8reation! %e alread" know that the entire Hol" Book is supposed to #ontain the words of


the Logos 4 (hristos, who used the words to #reate the Ini erse, Time and all of the #ontents of both! Here, Gal age re eals that the First Table of Loagaeth is, espe#iall", reser ed for the (hristos Himself! It #ontains the ar#het"pal patterns upon whi#h the birth, life, and death of Jesus would later be based! (I further suspe#t that the pattern for the entire Book of Loagaeth is indi#ated here as well!) Therefore, the Loagaeth magi#kal s"stem has no method of opening the m"steries of the First Table! Howe er, there are se eral #lues to its nature re#orded in Dee's 9ournals, gi en b" :elle" as he re#ited the words from the Book! The re#eption of the entire First leaf is re#orded in Dee's Fifth Book of the Mysteries, and it is the onl" Table of the Hol" Book to #ontain entire words, rather than single #hara#ters, in its #ells! Be#ause :elle" #ould understand the language during these sessions, he would often make #omments on the definitions (or Bsignifi#ationsB) of the words! (1aphael e en tells :elle", on o##asion, to #ease e?plaining the definitions of the words as he spoke!E> After all, the m"steries of the First Table +ere supposed to remain #losedH) .f the nearl" 46>2 words in the first Table (24>+ #ells on the front, and the same number on the ba#k), we onl" ha e a few pre#ious definitions to work with! Met, these few words are fairl" telling about the #ontents of the te?t itself! For e?ample one of the words (Gasca-#ho) is defined as B%h" didst thou so& , as /od said to <u#ifer!B Another word (1onasdoga-atastos) indi#ates Bthe furious and perpetual fire en#losed for the punishment of them that are banished from /lor"B, while "et another (.adg)e) means BJusti#e from Di ine Dower without defe#t!B Therefore, one might assume that <u#ifer's 1ebellion in Hea en is des#ribed or referen#ed in this te?t, along with his senten#ing b" /od afterward! There are also other #lues to su#h pre,/enesis e ents in the te?t! .ne word, for e?ample, (!-ged#ha) translates as BI will begin anew!B (Sabalisti# Tradition holds that our Ini erse was not the first attempt at 8reation! .r, perhaps, this phrase indi#ates /od's rebuilding of his :ingdom after the %ar against <u#ifer! Met again, ma"be it is a word <u#ifer himself spoke after being #ast down&) There is also a word (Galsagen) that indi#ates the #reation of the Angel of the 0un b" /od! (This #ould be a referen#e to the Ar#hangel @i#hael,E+ who is #redited in 8hristian Tradition with the defeat and #asting, down of <u#ifer!) There also appear to be some elements of the Bibli#al /enesis in the te?t! .ne word (.ola) translates as BTwo TogetherB , whi#h ma" be a referen#e to Adam and 5 e


,efore their separation into two bodies, if it is not in referen#e to the %aters of the Ab"ss before their di ision! There is also a word (!#achana) that indi#ates the Bslim" things made of dustB, reminis#ent of the Fifth and 0i?th Da"s of 8reation, where /od brought forth B#reeping thingsB from the sea and earth!E2 Another word (Tohcoth) en#ompasses Ball the number of faeriesB (or spirits), who, a##ording to Jewish legend, were #reated on the twilight of the 0i?th Da" of 8reation! The onl" referen#e to 8hrist in this Table, that made it into Dee's re#ords, is a word (5 rehoh) that indi#ates B%hat 8hrist did in Hell!B This is a referen#e to an obs#ure 8hristian legend in whi#h 8hrist, during his three da"s in the Tomb, des#ended into Hell!E7 %hile there, he literall" stormed the pla#e, smashing open gates, kno#king down bridges and liberating a large number of souls who had been wrongl" imprisoned there!E4 This is a #ontro ersial legend, mentioned in passing in the Apostles' 8reed! There are also two words (Sa-ha-#ors and Se-haha-) that hint at some relationship between the Loagaeth s"stem and the Sabalisti# 32,Fold Game of /od, #alled in Hebrew She- haMe#horesh (the Game of 5?tension)! There are e en a #ouple of words that mention "e#tarchic Angels (who were likel" hea il" in ol ed in the 0e en Da"s of 8reation)! .ne Angel mentioned is the angeli# Drin#e of Tuesda" Befafes! In this Table of Loagaeth, the word Befas appears, whi#h Dee notes is the B o#ati eB form of Befafes' name! (This means that someone in the te?t is addressing Befafes dire#tl"!) Another "e#tarchic Angel, the :ing of 0unda" Bobogel, seems to figure into the word Bo,agel)od! (Dee does not re#ord if this is also a B o#ati e #ase!B) .f #ourse, all of the Angeli#al words mentioned abo e are in#luded later in this book, in the Angeli#al <e?i#on! Be"ond this, :elle" reported some interesting information #on#erning se eral lines of the te?t! After re#ording line twent",three of 0ide A of the First Table, Dee re#ords*
There are no points (in line 27-, neither in the last before (i!e!, line 22-! The" be par#els of In itations er" pleasant to good Angels! Before (i!e!, line 2+- was, as it were, a prefa#e of the #reation and distin#tion of Angels, et#!E) (,Five Books of Mystery, p! 7+2, Footnote!-

Therefore, we learn that lines 22 and 27 are parts of in itations to /ood Angels! The line


before these, number 2+, is the prefa#e to the #reation of Angels! Then, after the 2Cth line was transmitted, :elle" made note that all of these lines, 2+,2C, appertain to /ood Angels!EC This is all that is re#orded of the m"steries of the First Table of Loagaeth! After 1aphael deli ered the first line of this leaf, he told Dee and :elle"*
I tea#h! <et this lesson instru#t thee to read all that shall be gathered out of this book hereafter! (!!!- It shall be suffi#ient to instru#t thee! Farewell! (,Five Books of Mystery, p! 2E+-

I feel this applies e=uall" to the entire First Table (0ides A and B)! .rganiKing and anal"King the words pro ided there are likel" ke" to distinguishing the te?t of the other Tables! Be#ause the other Tables ha e a single letter in ea#h #ell, the words all run together without spa#es between them!E3 %e would ha e to re#ogniKe basi# words, and #ompounds, from Table .ne, in order to distinguish them in the later Tables!) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

0e#ond Table*
The Angel Gal age had a few words to sa" about the 0e#ond Table, 9ust after he deli ered the translation (or $5nglish sense') of the Angeli#al :e" needed to open it*
It is the sense in "our tongue of the hol" and m"sti#al 8all before deli ered* whi#h followeth in pra#ti#e for the mo ing of the se#ond Table, the :ings and @inisters of /o ernment! (LThis is therefore the ke" of the first se en, a##ording to the proportion of the first 8reation! (! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! 66-

Therefore we know that the 0e#ond Table of Loagaeth represents the $:ings and @inisters of /o ernment!' In this light, I would assume that the $first se en' indi#ates the se en $0pirits of /od', the se en Dlanetar" Ar#hangels who were the prin#ipal a#ti e for#es during the 0e en Da"s of 8reation!E6 It is probable, then, that the 0e#ond Table relates in some wa" to the Ar#hangels who go ern 8reation! This fits well with what we alread" know of Loagaeth! The first, unattainable, Table in#orporates e ents that took pla#e $before the worlds', from the blueprints of the 8hrist saga, to the #reation of the Angels, and e en the rebellion and fall of <u#ifer! The


0e#ond Table, then, would initiate the 8reation as seen in /enesis I! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Fourth Table*
The 9ournals re#ord nothing about the m"steries of the Fourth Table until the Angeli#al :e"s are re ealed! At that point, the Ar#hangel /abriel states that this Table (and its :e") is $the first of nature, and the beginning of "our being in bod"!'EE It is likel", then, that this Table relates to (or in#orporates) the #reation of Adam in /enesis 2! Howe er, be#ause this information was re ealed with the :e"s, I will sa e further dis#ussion on this point for #hapter three, when we dis#uss the :e" of this Table! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Ginth Table*
(I@A/5* Dagesgem Table!9pgTable E, 0ide A is the Table that appears in the front of ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., labeled as BA spe#imen of the Tables or Book of 5no#h, et#!B This Table is entitled B.agesge-B!+>> The .agesge- Table is spe#ial in man" respe#ts! It is, b" far, the most uni=ue and fas#inating Table in the entire Hol" Book, making it little wonder wh" 8asaubon #hose it as a sample for the front of his ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation...! @ost notabl", this Table possesses four 3 ? 3 number,s=uares in the four outer #orners of the grid! 0urrounding the #enter of the grid, in a large #lo#kwise #ir#le, are the numbers + through E repeating! %ithin the #ir#le are the numbers + through 3 written in tripli#ate (+++, 222, 777, et#!) in a #ounter,#lo#kwise pattern! The rest of the s=uares within the #ir#le are filled with #apital letters (I, B, A, /, A, F, and A repeating)! Furthermore, the er" #enter of the Table displa"s the name of the "e#tarchic Drin#e of the 0un and 0unda", Bornogo, in a star,pattern! (The name is written on#e erti#all", on#e horiKontall", and twi#e in opposing slants! All four share the #entral #ell,


the letter G, and therefore make an eight,pointed star!)


.utside of the #entral #ir#le and the four number s=uares in the #orners, the rest of the Table is filled with letters as usual! @ost uni=ue is the fa#t that this is the only Table in the Hol" Book to in#orporate numbers with the te?t! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Gineteenth (or 5ighteenth&) Table*

(I@A/5* /edmargAlponTable!9pg.n April +)th, +)67, :elle" was at work trans#ribing what Dee #alled the +6th <eaf of Loagaeth!+>+ Howe er, it is un#lear if Dee was #ounting the First BhiddenB <eaf in this #ase! He sometimes des#ribed the 0e#ond <eaf as the BfirstB, be#ause it represented the first a##essible /ate of %isdom! Therefore, there is some possibilit" that, on April +)th, :elle" was a#tuall" working on Table 2ineteen! Dee notes that this <eaf was Bof the spirits of the earth!B (Hinting that Dee ma" ha e had more information on the #ontents of ea#h <eaf of the Hol" Book than has sur i ed!) In this session, we a#tuall" get to meet these 5arth spirits! During his trans#ription work, :elle" made the mistake of reading some of the Angeli#al te?t aloud! Three or four spirits appeared*
!!!and thereupon suddenl" at his side appeared three or four spiritual #reatures like laboring men, ha ing spades+>2 in their hands and their hair hanging about their ears, and hastil" asked 5dward :elle" what he would ha e, and wherefore he #alled them!

:ell", of #ourse, insisted that he had not intended to #all them! Dee agreed, sa"ing that a


pra"er spoken onl" to get Bthe sense thereofB was not a true pra"er! At this, the anno"ed spirits atta#ked :elle", lea ing a red #ir#ular welt on his skin! During the #ommotion, Dee grabbed a wand and heroi#all" banished the spirits! I find it er" interesting that this Table should relate to the spirits of the 5arth! As I pointed out pre iousl", the entire Book of Loagaeth relates to the 0e en Bibli#al Da"s of 8reation!+>7 As we shall see below, the final thirt" Tables #olle#ti el" represent the 0e enth Da" of 1est! That means the first nineteen Tables should en#ompass the first 0i? Da"s of 8reation, beginning with the Di ine 0our#e in the First Table and ending with the #ompleted uni erse in the Gineteenth! Therefore, it is not surprising to find the spirits of the 5arth in the last Table asso#iated with the 0i? Da"s of a#ti e 8reation! This further indi#ates that the o##ult for#es represented b" the Tables of Loagaeth do indeed run from the highest di init" in the first <eaf to the lowest and most earthl" for#es in the final <eaf, in a fashion similar to both the Tables of Soyga and the Jewish )> /ates of Binah!+>4 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Tables Twent" U Fort",Gine*+>)

The last 7> Tables of the Book of Loagaeth are set somewhat apart from the pre ious nineteen! As a group, Tables 2> , 4E represent the /ates into the Thirt" Aeth"rs that e?tend from /od's Throne to 5arth!+>C B" BAeth"rsB, Dee means to indi#ate the arious le els of the Firmament, or the Hea ens! (This is the root of our modern word, ether, as used to des#ribe the Betheri# planeB or spiritual realm!) If we look at #hapter one of the Book of 5Kekiel, we see the plane of the Firmament (the sk" or hea ens) upheld b" the four :herubi# Ar#hangels! The same Firmament appears as a Bsea of glassB (a des#ription of the sk") in the fourth #hapter of the Book of the 1e elation of 0t! John! The Hea ens that e?tend between /od and 5arth are #ounted as se en b" Jewish @"sti#ism! This des#ends from 8haldean and Bab"lonian sour#es, who asso#iated the Hea ens with the orbital spheres of the se en an#ient Dlanets! (The lowest Hea en #orresponded with the BDlanetB #losest to 5arth, <una, and e?tended all the wa" to the furthest Dlanet, 0aturn! Be"ond 0aturn was a #osmi# Barrier between the Di ine and Gatural realms marked b" the band of Fi?ed 0tars!)


<ater Bibli#al traditions re,interpreted these 0e en Hea ens in arious wa"s! @ost signifi#antl", the an#ient /nosti#s (depending on se#t) des#ribed an"where from 7> to 7C) Hea ensH It was the 7>,Hea en /nosti# #osmolog" that apparentl" rea#hed Dee+>3 and found itself embedded in the Loagaeth s"stem! %e know that the First Table of the Book represents the Highest /od (the Logos), and that the 8reation of the Ini erse is outlined in the te?t of the +E Tables that follow! Table 2>, then, must address a #ompleted and working Ini erse, and therefore #orrespond to the 0e enth Da" of 8reation! The rest of the final thirt" Tables follow suit, although Table 4E stands out and will be dis#ussed further below! The Thirt" Aeth"rs #ontained within Tables 2> through 4E run in order from the highest most Di ine Hea en (#alled Lil b" Dee's Angels) to the lowest and most earthl" Hea en (#alled Te')!+>6 Howe er, this Bsta#kedB illustration of the Aeth"rs is merel" an intelle#tual model, based upon Jewish and /nosti# #on ention! In pra#ti#e, the 7> Aeth"rs des#ribed b" Dee's Angels are set o er arious geographi#al lo#ations, #alled BDarts of the 5arth!B Thus, these Hea ens a#tuall" permeate one another, rather than e?isting as Bhighest to lowestB in the sense of Gewtonian spa#e,time! Te#hni#all", this is also an aspe#t of Merkavah @"sti#ism, as #an be seen in the Book of Enoch the .ro#het ($Enoch), where the Datriar#h not onl" e?plores the 0e en Hea ens but also astrall" isits se eral geographi#al lo#ations!+>E The same is found throughout the Bibli#al Book of 5Kekiel!++> In Dee's #ase, ea#h of the Thirt" Aeth"rs #ontained three Darts of the 5arth (e?#ept for the lowest, Te', whi#h #ontained four+++)! angeli# go ernors set o er the nations in those Darts #ould be #onta#ted, and the people of those nations #ould be obser ed b" opening the /ate (Table) of the appropriate Aeth"r! I #onsider the Darts of the 5arth s"stem to be an e?ample of the kind of magi#k one #an work with the Book of Loagaeth! Howe er, our purpose here is to e?plore the Hol" Book itself! @agi#kal s"stems based #on it will follow in a later work! In this #hapter, I ha e onl" in#luded what is said abo e of the Aeth"rs and the Darts, plus I ha e added the names of the Aeth"rs to the Le'icon!++2 @eanwhile, for ease of referen#e, I will here offer a list of the 7> Aeth"rs and the Tables of Loagaeth with whi#h the" #orrespond*
>+! Lil & Table 2> >2! !rn & Table 2+

39 >7! /o- & >4! .a) & >)! Lit & >C! Ma) & >3! 1eo & >6! /id & >E! /i# & +>! /a' & ++! 5ch & +2! Loe & +7! /i- & +4! 6ta & +)! 3'o & +C! Lea & Table 22 Table 27 Table 24 Table 2) Table 2C Table 23 Table 26 Table 2E Table 7> Table 7+ Table 72 Table 77 Table 74 Table 7) +3! Tan & +6! /en & +E! .o# & 2>! (hr & 2+! !s# & 22! Lin & 27! Tor & 24! 2ia & 2)! 6ti & 2C! 1es & 23! /aa & 26! Bag & 2E! Rii & 7>! Te' & Table 7C Table 73 Table 76 Table 7E Table 4> Table 4+ Table 42 Table 47 Table 44 Table 4) Table 4C Table 43 Table 46 Table 4E


Fort",Ginth Table*
As mentioned pre iousl" in this #hapter, the @other /al ah appeared to Dee and :elle" in order to bring them to the end of the Loagaeth transmission! As su#h, it was within Her 9urisdi#tion alone to re eal the te?t of the 4Eth, or Final, <eaf to Dee and :elle"! <ike the First (BhiddenB) Table, the te?t of the 4Eth <eaf is also #omprised of whole words! Howe er, it is uni=ue in that it is not made of two 4E ? 4E Tables, but (as we shall see later) of fi e small Tables of 2+ letters a pie#e! Just after /al ah re eals the name of the Hol" Book as BLoagaethB, 0he turns to the sub9e#t of the 4Eth Table*
The first leaf (as "ou #all it) is the last of the book!++7 And as the first leaf is a hot#hpot#h without orderA so it signifieth a disorder of the world, and is the spee#h of that Disorder or Drophes"! (! Tr e and Faithf l Relation... p! +E-

This =uote has #aused some #onfusion among modern 5no#hian students! /al ah here suggests that the last leaf of the book would ha e been #alled the Bfirst leafB b" Dee! 1emember our pre ious dis#ussion of the BleftwardB dire#tion in whi#h the Hol" Book is written (like a Hebrew Torah)! Thus, if Dee opened up the Book to what he #onsidered the Bfirst leafB b" %estern standards, he would find himself looking at the last #age of the


Book, #ontaining Table 4E! This Bfirst leafB (reall" the lastH) is then des#ribed as Ba hot#hpot#h without orderB that signifies a Bdisorder of the world!B In the margin, Dee notes* $I understand not this unless it be the first leaf, being indeed the last, is of the wi#ked hellish one!' This is a referen#e to the Anti#hrist, who (a##ording to Dee's belief) would rule the world during the 5nd Times to #ome! This seems to be #onfirmed se eral pages later, when /al ah elaborates slightl" on this Bhot#hpot#hB*
Thou beginest in the world to look up to hea en* 0o was it begun in earth to look up to the doing abo e! The last life is Hot#hpot#h of the wi#ked in the %orld, and damned in Hell! (! Tr e and Faithf l Relation... p! 24-

0o, <eaf 4E of the Hol" Book represents the Blast lifeB, and a time when the wi#ked of the world and the damned in hell would #reate #haos! (i!e!, the Tribulation and following Armageddon!) The final leaf of Loagaeth, like the final book of the Bible, would ne#essaril" #omprehend the reign of Anti#hrist, along with his defeat and the establishment of the :ingdom of /od! (0ee the Book of 1e elation +7,22!) /al ah finall" transmits the te?t of <eaf 4E on June +6th, +)67!++4 First, 0he points out that Dee and :elle" ha e onl" re#ei ed fort",eight of the Tables so far! 0he then pro#eeds to deli er the te?t of Her Table*
%rite the 4E(th-! Mou ha e but 46 alread"! %rite first in a paper apart* <oagaeth feg lo i brtn# <arKed do? ner nagKilb adnor (Gow seas appear-++) don#ha <arb ors hirobra e?i r Kednip taiip #hinr ane #herma#h lendi? nor Kando?! (! Tr e and Faithf l Relation... p! +E-

During the transmission of the abo e te?t, :elle" also des#ribed the ision of /al ah he saw in the #r"stal! This ision has pro ided some #onfusion for 5no#hian s#holars o er the "ears, though what we ha e learned of /al ah pre iousl" in this #hapter ma" throw some light on the sub9e#t!++C As 0he spoke the abo e words, /al ah's head glowed so brightl" it #ould not be


looked upon, and the light would flash brighter ea#h time 0he spoke! This would be re#ogniKable to 8hristians and artists as a BhaloB, a Di ine /lor" said to surround the heads of Drophets, 0aints and Angels as often depi#ted in 8hristian I#onograph"! This is understood as the Dresen#e of /od, or the Hol" 0pirit! (0ee 5?odus 77*+4 and 74*2E,7>!) As we know /al ah is the Sheckinah (Di ine Dresen#e), it makes sense that 0he would manifest su#h a halo while speaking the powerful words of Her Table! There were also two further beams of <ight that entered /al ah during Her transmission, adding themsel es to the <ight of the halo! These three sour#es of <ight seem to be signifi#ant to the te?t itself! This is suggested as, later in the same session, /al ah re eals part of the m"steries of the words 0he has transmitted*
There are onl" the words of the first leaf!++3 (L- In them is the Di init" of the Trinit", the @"steries of our 8reation, the age of man" "ears, and the #on#lusion of the %orld! .f me the" are honored, but of me, not to be uttered* Geither did I dis#lose them m"self* For, the" are the beams of m" understanding, and the Fountain from when#e I water! (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! 2>-

/al ah's Bbeams of understandingB are likel" the three beams of <ight, or halos, from the ision! Here, we learn that the" are related to two three,fold #on#epts* on one hand, the Trinit" (who /al ah #redits for the words of Her Table), and on the other, the 8reation, Age and 8on#lusion of the %orld! Therefore, in some sense, <eaf 4E is a #ompendium of all that pre#edes it in the Hol" Book! Gote that it begins with the title of the Book, BLoagaethB, whi#h (as far as I am aware) is the onl" pla#e in the entire Book this word appears!++6 I also noti#e that there are onl" three #apitol letters in the te?t, and all of them are $<' , whi#h is Angeli#al for BThe First!B++E Therefore, we ha e three distin#t senten#es here, probabl" en#ompassing the Trinitarian m"ster" hinted at b" /al ah! Also notable in the ision, are the appearan#e of seas and all the beasts of the earth! As we #an see abo e, Dee re#orded the appearan#e of the seas in the middle of the te?t of <eaf 4E, between the words adnor and doncha! This, a##ording to Dee's notes, would be 9ust before the se#ond beam of <ight entered the @other! Then, 9ust after that se#ond beam, all the BBeasts and 8reatures of the %orldB appeared in the shewstone! I would assume the" arose from both the earth and the seas around /al ahA in a manner reminis#ent of the appearan#e of animals in the first #hapter


of /enesis!+2> These hoards of animals made threatening gestures toward :elle", as one might e?pe#t of an" wild beast! Howe er, the" would then turn toward /al ah and fawn upon Her! I belie e what we ha e in this ision is, in fa#t, an image of the 0oul of the %orld, the ersion of the Sheckinah or So#hia most familiar to Hermeti#ism! /al ah is @other Gature, and we see Her in that role in :elle"'s Jision! (I@A/5 >4* 0oul of the %orld! From 0e#rets!8onsider, also, that Table 4E embodies the lowest of the 7> Aeth"rs, #alled Te'! This is the one Aeth"r that #ontains four different Darts (rather than three), probabl" s"mboli# of the ph"si#al realm! Therefore, it is fitting that the Table asso#iated with Te' should embod" the 0oul of Gature and the ph"si#al world itself! (The end produ#t of the 0e en Da"s of 8reation!)+2+ Howe er, there was also a down side to this ision of /al ah! As 0he warned, the 4Eth Table is Ba hot#hpot without orderB that signifies Ba disorder of the world!B Derhaps be#ause of the in#lusion of the 5nd Times in the m"steries of this Table, the #reatures :elle" saw in the stone were predominated b" loathsome things like serpents, dragons, toads and Ball ugl" and hideous shapes of beasts!B This is #ommon in medie al magi#kal te?ts like the Goetia, where infernal spirits appear in hideous shapes, often #omposite forms made of serpents, toads, dragons and the like! These te?ts warn that the horrible #ountenan#es of these #reatures #an be stressful to the mind of the e?or#ist! :elle", a##ording to Dee's re#ord, seems to ha e e?perien#ed this during this aspe#t of /al ah's ision*
Gote, also, that the manner of the fier" brightness was su#h, and the grisl" #ountenan#es of the @onsters was so tedious and grie ous and displeasant to 5dward :elle" that partl" the er" grief of his mind and bod" L su#h grie ous sights ne#essar" to be e?hibited with the @"steries deli ering unto us, had in a manner for#ed him to lea e off all! But I again with reasonable e?horting of him, and partl" (thanks to-+22 the pro iden#e and de#ree Di ine, wrought some mitigating of this grief and dis=uieting! (,Dee! ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! +E-

The iew of su#h dark #haoti# (e en infernal) for#es as fundamental to the ph"si#al world is a er" /nosti# one! In fa#t, both /nosti#ism and the Sabalah tea#h that the ph"si#al


world (as we know it) #ame about onl" after Adam's fall from the 8elestial 5den! The ph"si#al world of suffering, in this iew, is an intermi?ing of Di ine <ight and the earthl" demoni# 0hells that attempt to obs#ure it! (A #on#ept illustrated rather well here in /al ah's ision of the 4Eth <eaf!) The #on#ept of the 5nd Times, of #ourse, is the re#tifi#ation of Adam's Fall, and the re,ele ation of the world ba#k to the 8elestial Daradise! Therefore, the entire pro#ess of 8reation #omes full #"#le here in <eaf 4E of the Hol" Book, the final produ#t of 3 ?3! Gature in all Her winding #haos is here, as well as the %orld of @an and its #on#lusion! <ater in the 9ournals, /al ah would pro ide a further #lue in this dire#tion*
.ne thing I will tea#h thee! The 5nd is greater than the Beginning, or the @idst! For the 5nd is witness of them both, but the" both #annot witness of the 5nd! (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! 23-

The 5nd is the final result, or produ#t, of the Beginning and @iddle! In this sense, the 5nd (or end result) alwa"s en#ompasses the whole of what led to it! (8onsider this in relation to the First Table, whi#h #ontains the blueprints, or potential, for all that will #ome after it!) This fits well with /al ah's pre ious des#ription of the words of the 4Eth <eaf* BIn them is the Di init" of the Trinit", the @"steries of our 8reation, the age of man" "ears, and the #on#lusion of the %orld!B ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, After /al ah had #ompleted her ision and the transmission of the 4Eth <eaf, Dee asked Her for details on how this te?t should be written in the perfe#ted #op" of the Hol" Book*
Dee: %hat shall I do with these 2+ words now re#ei ed& (!!!- I besee#h "ou, how shall I write these names in the first leaf&+27 Gal"ah: The" are to be written in ) tables, in e er" Table 2+ letters! (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! 2>-

There are a #ouple of problems with this e?#hange between Dee and /al ah! First, Dee


refers to Btwent",one words re#ei edB, while there appear to be twent",two words in the te?t /al ah transmitted! I suspe#t two possibilities in this #ase! The first is that Dee ma" ha e simpl" mis#ounted the number of words here, though I find that rather unlikel", as Dee had the te?t right in front of him at the time! The se#ond possibilit" suggests that Dee broke a word in half when he paused to write (Gow 0eas Appear- in the middle of the transmission! Therefore, what appears to be two words, adnor doncha, ma" a#tuall" be a singular (or #ompound) word, adnordoncha! @ore problemati#, howe er, is the response gi en b" /al ah, where Dee is told to write the te?t of <eaf 4E in fi e tables of 2+ letters ea#h! That makes a total of one hundred and fi e letters () ? 2+ N +>))! Met, the te?t, written in 5nglish letters, #ontains a total of ++7 #hara#ters! The solution is found b" trans#ribing the letters into Angeli#al #hara#ters! First, note there are four instan#es of the digraph $#h' in the te?t (doncha, chinrvane and cher-ach)! This digraph is usuall" intended to produ#e a throat" BkhB sound in the Angeli#al tongue, and it is possible this is represented b" a single #hara#ter (#alled 0eh, often transliterated as the 5nglish letter B:B)! If so, this redu#es the number of letters in this te?t b" four, from ++7 to +>E! Ge?t, I noti#e that two of the words #ontain the letters BKed!B Oed happens to be the #ommon name for the letter O outside of Ameri#a (sometimes also #alled BeKodB or BKodB)! There are se eral instan#es in Dee's 9ournals where he spells out the name of this letter (though usuall" #hoosing the BKodB form),+24 rather than using the O #hara#ter alone! If we repla#e the two instan#es of BKedB here on <eaf 4E (Lar)ed and )edni#) with the Angeli#al #hara#ter for O (#alled (e#h), it further redu#es the total of letters to +>)! Gow that we ha e arri ed at the ne#essar" +>) letters, we #an set them into the ) Tables of 2+ letters ea#h*





































Following the abo e e?#hange, Dee #ontinues asking /al ah =uestions about these fi e little Tables! Howe er, as usual, insignifi#ant details were left for Dee's dis#retion*
Dee: How shall I pla#e the fi e tables upon the two sides* three in the first and two in the se#ond, or one in the first and four in the se#ond, or how else& Gal"ah: As thou seest #ause! Dee: 0hall I write them in letters of gold& Gal"ah: The writing hath been referred to th" dis#retion with #olors, and su#h things as appertain to the writing thereof! Ipon the first side write three tables, and on the se#ond two! (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! 2>-

The ne?t da", Dee has set the words into the fi e Tables, and presents it to /al ah for appro al*
Dee: I ha e assa"ed di ers wa"s to pla#e the fi e tables, on the two sides on this first leaf! Is it to "our liking as I ha e done it, in the fi e little Triangles& Gal"ah: As #on#erning the setting down of the fi e tables, it is suffi#ient as it is done! (,! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! 2+-


It is un#lear wh" Dee #hose to make the fi e tables into triangles, e en though /al ah finds it Bsuffi#ient!B Dersonall", I would rather keep the fi e tables ea#h 3 ? 7 s=uares, as these two numbers ob iousl" pla" a signifi#ant role in <eaf 4E and the Hol" Book o erall!

'e It !nto Thee/ &s Tho0 Hast Done 1 The &nti1clima2 of the Loagaeth Sa3a4
The pro#ess of #reating a perfe#ted #op" of the Hol" Book, written in Angeli#al #hara#ters, and from the righthand to the lefthand, is an understandabl" monumental task! It onl" took Dee a matter of da"s to be#ome o erwhelmed with the pro9e#t, and b" June 2Eth, +)67 (he was working on Table 0e en) he was alread" asking the Angels for help! .n that da", it was the "e#tarchic Angel @adimi who appeared in the shewstone! Dee had a spe#ial relationship with this spiritual #reature, who appeared as a little girl,+2) and therefore felt #omfortable in asking her for inter ention! In response, @adimi brings her @other, who is introdu#ed to Dee and :elle" as I A@ (a Bibli#al name of the Highest Di init"), and who we also know as /al ah, or %isdom*
Dee: %hile I was about to write the Title of the se#ond side of the se enth leaf* and (5!:! sitting b" me), @adimi appeared as before like a "oung girl, and I saluted her in the Game of /od, as #oming from /od for good, and said to her, that I was wonderfull" oppressed with the %ork pres#ribed to me to perform before August ne?t, and desired her to help me to one to write the hol" Book as it ought to be written* seeing I did all I #ould, and it seemed almost impossible for me to finish it as it is re=uisite! @adimi promised to help me to one to write the BookA and thereupon appeared to her (but unseen to 5!:) her @other! (V5adimi: @other, I pra" "ou let him ha e one to write his Book! 5other: I am of the word, and b" the word!+2C I sa", 0eal up those things thou hast! And I m"self will take #harge of /al ah to the end!+23 Dee: Truth it is, it must grow to a great mislikeing grudge, that /od should seem to ha e laid burdens on our shoulders, greater than we are able to bear* and then if we fall and fail under them, he would find a #ause not to perform his promises made for #arr"ing of those burdens! 5other: %hatsoe er is th" part, the same will I perform! I will put th" "oke (in this one thing) upon m" shoulders!


Dee: %ill "ou then write it as I should ha e written it& 5other: I ha e said I will! Dee: %here shall I lea e the Book& 5other: <ea e it where "ou will* "our lo#ks are no hindran#e to us! 5 en when the time #ometh belie e and "ou shall find it written! Dee: Mou ha e eased m" heart of a thousand,pound weight! 5other: Be#ause "e shall not fall into error! Dost thou belie e& Dee: Mea, eril"! 5other: Then eril" will I do it! (VDee: I pra", tell me "our name! 5other: I A@A what will "ou more&+26 (! Tr e and Faithf l Relation!!!, p! 2C,3-

In m" opinion, this is one of the most unbelie able s#enes in the 9ournals! B" all appearan#es, Dee re#ei es a promise from the @other to write the perfe#ted Hol" Book for him! I simpl" find it hard to a##ept that Dee would ha e seriousl" e?pe#ted su#h a dire#t and astounding mira#le to take pla#e! I ha e to wonder if he wasn't merel" tr"ing to shift the responsibilit" of ha ing the pro9e#t #ompleted on time from his own shoulders onto the Angels'! If the @other had made su#h a promise, then what Angel #ould a##use Dee of failure& Apparentl", the pro9e#t was not #ompleted on time after all! First, the entire month of August is missing from the 9ournals!+2E The entries simpl" end with Jul" 4th and pi#k up again, without #omment, on 0eptember 2+st +)67! Almost three entire months are obs#ured from modern stud"! Then, b" April +2th of the following "ear (+)64), Dee mentions to Gal age that the Hol" Book Bis promised to be writtenB, suggesting that it is not #omplete, and Dee still belie es the @other and Her Angels are going to do it for him*


6al"a3e: How, therefore, shall I inform "ou, whi#h know them not& (L- The 8hara#ters, or <etters of the Tables! Dee: Mou mean the m"sti#al <etters, wherein the hol" book is promised to be written! And if the book be so written and laid open before us, and then "ou will from <etter to <etter point, and we to re#ord "our instru#tions! (! Tr e and Faithf l Relation!!!, p! 36-

This is a full eight months after the original August deadline, and Dee is still re#ei ing instru#tions for how to work with the Loagaeth Tables! In fa#t, the abo e dis#ussion takes pla#e 9ust before the 46 Angeli#al :e"s are transmitted! That means that the er" :e"s needed to open the /ates had not been deli ered to Dee on or before the August deadline! :elle"'s e?uberan#e also pro ides us with e iden#e that the original deadline was missed! As might be understandable, the men were not likel" happ" that the mu#h, anti#ipated da" of August +st resulted in no great 1e elations! The Angels had told them so often not to rush the time of /od's #hoosing, but to wait patientl" for August! Gearl" nine months later, on the date of April 2+st, the Angels /abriel and Gal age on#e again tell the men not to rush /od! :elle" has a sar#asti# response to that*
Ga riel 7 6al"a3e: He ne er heard of an" man that would ask, if /od would perform his promises! 8dward $elley9 , B" August ne?t& Ga riel 7 6al"a3e: %hat if it were a hundred Augusts& Mou ma" be wear" before August ne?t, as the 8hildren of Israel were of their @anna! (! Tr e and Faithf l Relation!!!, p! E2-

It is hard to appre#iate this e?#hange out of the #onte?t of the 9ournals! As I stated abo e, :elle"'s words here are likel" sar#asti# in nature! I read it as a kind of #hallenge, bringing up the fa#t that the Angels had alread" failed to deli er on one of /od's biggest BpromisesB, the re elation of the Loagaeth m"steries on August +st, +)67! :elle" likel" fi?ated on this fa#t, as he #onstantl" looked for e iden#e that the Angels were a#tuall" liars and de ils! (He apparentl" failed to #onsider that neither himself nor Dee had the Hol" Book written as the" had been instru#ted!)


:elle" was not alone in letting his frustration slip through into the re#ords! It was onl" a few da"s later, on April 23th, that Dee asks /abriel and Gal age for an update (or #onfirmation) on the @other's promise*
Dee: As #on#erning the book writing b" the Highest,+7> what shall I e?pe#t thereof& Ga riel and 6al"a3e: There is no point of faith! Dee: I belie e eril" that it shall be written b" the power of the Highest! Ga riel and 6al"a3e: The power of the Highest #onfirmeth me, but not m" power, the Highest! Dee: Be it as the will of /od is! (! Tr e and Faithf l Relation!!!, p! +>4-

%hen the Angels tell Dee that the @other's promise is Bno point of faithB, I tend to see that as an indi#ation that Dee had it wrong! Howe er, Dee #ertainl" didn't want to see it that wa", and therefore re,affirms that he belie es the Highest (I A@) will indeed write the Hol" Book for him! The Angels put the issue off on the Highest and that ends the issue for that session! In the end, Dee does appear to ha e produ#ed the Book on his own! At least, he #reated a #op" to the best of his abilit"! It was onl" two months later, on Jul" 3th, +)64, when A e #ame to re eal the Dra"er of 5no#h and the se#ret to Ge,ofal!+7+ Derhaps, A e appeared at that time with that information be#ause Dee had finally produ#ed the Book*
&"e: @" brother, I see thou doth not understand the m"ster" of this Book, or work, thou hast in hand! (!!!- Gotwithstanding, that th" labour be not frustrate, and oid of fruit, be it unto thee, as thou hast done! Dee (in mar3in): The Book #onfirmed! Dee: <ord I did the best that I #ould #on#ei e of it! (! Tr e and Faithf l Relation!!!, p! +EC-

Here we see that Dee does ha e the Book Bin hand!B He #laims it is the best he #ould do, and A e appears to sa" that it will be suffi#ient to result in so-e fruit for his labor! The marginal note indi#ates that Dee took this as a #onfirmation of his perfe#ted #op" of the Book of Loagaeth!


Howe er, the August date seems to ha e been put aside! Derhaps this is what A e means b" the phrase B!!!be it unto thee, as thou hast done!B %hen the long,awaited August +st finall" arri es, Dee and :elle" do not #ommen#e a ritual opening of the 46 /ates! Instead, at the #ommand of the Angels, the" pa#k up and head toward the #ourt of 5mperor 1udolph in Drague!+72 1e#ords of whether or not Dee or :elle" e er made use of Loagaeth do not e?ist! The" ha e either ne er e?isted, meaning the men ne er used this material, or the" ha e simpl" not sur i ed or been dis#o ered! @eanwhile, if we #onsider the lega#" that Dee left behind in Drague, it is likel" that the Angels finall" had their own agenda fulfilled after all! 5 en if neither of the men a#hie ed their personal goals with the magi#k, the histori#al mark left b" Dee in Drague #annot be denied!+77 As promised, the Angels did initiate a new #urrent into a new world, and the Age of 5nlightenment soon followed!

See John Dees Five Books of Mystery, and A True and Faithful Relation

2 Also see Dsalms CE*26, Daniel +2*+, <uke +>*2>, Dhilippians 4*7 and 1e elation 7*), +7*6, +3*6, 2>*+2, +)! 3 To further explore Dee's search for the oo! of "noch, the follo#$n% references ha&e 'een h$%hl( reco))ended* John Dee's Occultism, '( S+on($ ,p- 145.- oncordial Mundi! The areer and Thou"h of #uillaume $ostel, '( /- 0- ou#s)a ,p- 13, 36, 37.- John Dee's %atural $hiloso&hy! Bet'een (cience and Reli"ion, '( 1- 2lulee ,p 2083220, 297n25.4 <ights and Judgments N The 6ri- and Tha -i-, asso#iated with the Breast Dlate of the High Driest of Israel, were likel" skr"ing stones of some sort! (0ee 5?odus 26*7>) ) 0ee I 0amuel E for the stor" of 0aul's #onsultation with 0amuel, as well as the e?planation of the term B0eerB as applied to prophets! C Dee has* B#ould not be #ome b" at man's hand!B 3 Dee has* Bfrom thee (. /od) mediatel" or immediatel"B! Deterson suggests in his footnote that Bmediatel"B indi#ates Bthrough a medium!B Therefore Bimmediatel"B must indi#ate Bwithout a medium!B (Dee emplo"ed :elle" be#ause he personall" la#ked mediumisti# skills!) 8 5pistle of Jude +4,+)! Jude =uotes from $Enoch, but Dee seems to assume that Jude is =uoting the legendar" Book of 5no#h written in the angeli# <anguage! (0ee BThe Hol" BookB below!) 9 Found on p! +34 (June 2), +)64) and +EC (Jul" 3, +)64) of ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation... +> Had the" been legends of 0olomon, Dee's 9ournals would be #onsidered B0olomoni#!B ++ Adam and 5 e, who were the distant grandparents of 5no#h! 12 "e#tarchia means B0e en,fold Hierar#h"B or B0e en,fold 1ulership!B This s"stem of magi#k re ol ed spe#ifi#all" around the 0e en Ar#hangels who Bstand before the Throne of /od!B (1e ! 4*)!) 13 Dublished, with all <atin translated, as John 1ee7s Five Books of Mystery, edited b" Joseph Deterson! +4 To see the original manus#ripts of Dee's 9ournals, isit http*PPwww!themagi#kalre iew!orgPeno#hianPeno#hian!html!Also, for trans#riptions of Dee's work, see http*PPwww!esoteri#ar#hi es!#omP 15 An Angel from the "e#tarchic s"stem of magi#k! 16 I!e!,, the 8elestial Tablets (of 5no#h) are written b" the hand of So#hia (%isdom)! So#hia is the name of the an#ient /nosti# Bride of /od (or @other of the %orld)! +3 That is, the First /reat Drophes" was of the #oming of 8hrist! +6 That is, this Hol" Book #ontains the 0e#ond /reat Drophes", whi#h is the return of 8hrist! +E The Tribulation is a period of war and suffering that pre#edes the end of the world in 8hristian m"thos! 2> %e will see later that there are 8alls (or :e"s) asso#iated with the Hol" Book! Howe er, I suspe#t Dee saw the abo e as a referen#e to the first sounding of the Trumpet, an aspe#t of the 8hristian 1apture! 0ee 1e elation, #hapter 6 (and forward) for the Trumpets! 2+ 1eferring to the Hol" Book, whi#h has alread" been des#ribed as #ontaining the 0e#ond /reat Drophe#" of the 5nd Times! 22 The first that li ed N Adam! 27 It was 1aphael who deli ered the Hol" Book! 0ee #hapter fi e!

24 I ha e added this for #larifi#ation! ,Aaron 25 8asaubon has $!lcoran!' The :oran was a new $Testament' whi#h was deli ered to @uhammad b" the Ar#hangel /abriel, and whi#h founded the @uslim Faith! 2C 8asaubon has $@ahometans' , as in $@uhammad,ians!' 27 TFR does not show the first $A', lea ing $<ogaeth', but this is an error on the part of 8asaubon! 26 0ee the Book of the 1e elation of 0t! John, #hapter )! 29 0ee the Five Books of Mystery, p! 2C7! 7> I ha e added the bra#keted word to #larif" the spee#h! 31 0ee the Five Books of Mystery, p! 2C6,E! 72 The 9ournals do not mention it at this point, but there is also a title abo e ea#h Table of the Hol" Book! 77 Dee adds in the margin* (4E Dowers with their inferiors!!! 46 after a sort* and +!) Again, we see the isolation of one leaf of the Book from the others! 34 8ompare this to the 8a,alistic #on ention of attributing four manners of interpreting the Torah, one for ea#h of the Four Sabalisti# %orlds! 7) .ne of these appears to be the language we will see later in the 46 Angeli#al 8alls, or :e"s! 36 0i? is the number attributed to the 0un in works like Agrippa's Three Books... 73 0e en is the number attributed to Jenus! 38 For instan#e, see the material in the !r,atel! 39 All of these are asso#iated with the 0e en Ar#hangels who stand before the Throne of /od in 1e elation 8h! 4! These are the Ar#hangels (or Elohi-) dire#tl" in ol ed in the 0e en Da"s of 8reation, in /enesis +! 4> %e will return to the sub9e#t of the Angeli#al :e"s (or 8alls) in the following #hapters! 4+ That is, the first <eaf that is a##essible to the aspirant! 42 0ee pages 724,72) of the Five Books of Mystery! 47 Dee makes this marginal notation* BGote this #o ering to be made for the book!B 44 0ee ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation9 p! +34! 45 0ee the Five Books of Mystery, p! 2CE! 46 0ee the Five Books of Mystery, p! 266! 43 .r 0panish, <atin, et#! 46 1e=uisite N 1e=uired! 4E 0ee 0loane 7+6E for :elle";s 5nglish,lettered #op" of the Hol" Book! )> %e shall return to the sub9e#t of the perfe#ted Hol" Book later in this #hapter! 51 %e shall see later in this #hapter that /al ah #ontinues to refer to the 4Eth leaf of Loagaeth as Bthe first leafB , though it is in fa#t the last! )2 0ee #hapter one! 53 0ee the Five Books of Mystery, p! 26C,747! 1emember, onl" the First Table (0ides A and B) is found in the Five Books! The entire Hol" Book is preser ed in 0loane @0 7+6E!

54 0ee the Five Books of Mystery, p! 26C,3! 55 0ee <a"#o#k's Introdu#tion to The (o-#lete Enochian 1ictionary, p! 77,7)! )C I ha e added the 5nglish,letter e=ui alents in parentheses for #larifi#ation! )3 This would not be a #on#ern for the other 46 Tables, whi#h #ontained single letters in ea#h #ell! 58 0ee the Five Books of Mystery, p! 2EC! )E As of this writing, m" anal"sis of the te?t is una ailable to the publi#! Howe er, it ma" be a ailable on m" website b" the time this book is published! (0ee http*PPkheph333!tripod!#om ) 60 This is likel" a referen#e to the Book sealed with 3 seals in the 1e elation of 0t! John! 5 iden#e suggests that Loagaeth is intended, on some le el, to be this same Book! 61 0ee the Five Books of Mystery, p! 4++! C2 That is, all Tables will be e?plained at on#e, rather than one here and another there, et#! C7 B" Bdouble repetitionB I assume 1aphael means to both write and speak the te?t at on#e! C4 The Hol" Book! :elle" was reading the words aloud to Dee so he #ould re#ord them! Howe er, 1aphael here warns against speaking the words again Btill it be in pra#ti#e!B 65 Here is the first time August is mentioned as the time to put Loagaeth into pra#ti#e! CC I!e!, $at a glan#e' within the Book! C3 Though the transmission of the Tables does halt the ne?t da", I should point out that the final, 4Eth, Table was withheld for some time afterward! %e shall e?plore this below! 68 0ee ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! +>! CE 5arlier in this spee#h, /al ah had made referen#e to the negati e iew of women seen in Trithemius' work! 0he said, BIf Trithemius #an separate the dignit" of the 0oul of %oman from the e?#ellen#" of man!!!B Therefore, the abo e =uote is /al ah's (slightl" sar#asti#) response to Trithemius' take on women as the Bend of man's e?#ellen#"!B 70 0ee 6l (5nd) in the Le'icon! 71 5a#h Table of Loagaeth has a Title, one for the front Table and one for the ba#k Table on ea#h <eaf! 32 5n#ompassed! 37 I ha e added this word for #larifi#ation! ,Aaron 74 0ee ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation... p! 23! 75 0ee 5?odus 7*+7,+4, where /od gi es @oses the Hebrew Di ine Game Eheieh asher Eheieh (I Am that I Am)! The Sabalah assigns this Game to the Highest Di ine 0phere! 3C The hedge would ha e been s"mboli# of ignoran#e! 33 0ee Dro erbs +*2>,77! 78 0ee ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! +>,+2! 3E 1emember /ala ah sa"ing, $Ltrue %isdom is alwa"s painted with a woman;s garment!' (/arment N Bod"!) 80 0ee Enochian Magick for Beginners, b" Donald T"son! 6+ To date, this strange ordering of the Dlanets has not been e?plained!

82 This asso#iation is ia the 0e en 5nsigns of 8reation from the "e#tarchia! 83 BThe time to #omeB is August +st, and the re elation of Loagaeth's m"steries! 84 1emember pre iousl", /al ah instru#ted Dee to begin work on the perfe#ted Hol" Book on a Tuesda"! (0ee ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation9 p! +7) 85 ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation... has the first #ouple of these sessions mislabeled as 0aturda"s! The dates gi en indi#ate that ea#h should be a 0unda"! 6C In #hapter three, I ha e in#luded a similar se#tion on the Angeli#al :e"s that open the Tables! %hat we know of the :e"s further illuminates what we know of the Tables! 63 Thanks to Joseph Deterson's $5soteri# Ar#hi es' for these titles! 0ee* http*PPwww!esoteri#ar#hi es!#omPdeePsl7+6E!htm 88 0ee the Five Books of Mystery, p! 266,747! 89 %e will e?amine the :e"s in #hapter three! 90 0ee the Five Books... p! 7>C, footnote 226! Also p! 7+E, footnote 72+ ($Interpret not "et!') 91 Traditionall" the Ar#hangel of the 0un! 92 /enesis +*2>,2C! 93 8alled, in <atin* 1escens s !d 5nferos! 94 This was a #ommon pra#ti#e in tribal 0hamanism, where the 0haman would des#end to the underworld to retrie e the lost souls of the si#k and d"ing! 95 I ha e added the bra#keted line numbers for #larifi#ation! , Aaron 96 Five Books of Mystery, p! 7+2, footnote 233! 97 5?#ept for Table 4E, whi#h was also deli ered in full words, instead of letters! 0ee below! 98 1e elation 4*) 99 ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation... p! E6 100 8asaubon also put the title BBaca# LaffosB on this Table, as if it were the title of 0ide B! Howe er, it is a#tuall" the title of 0ide B of <eaf+>! 101 0ee p! 746 of the Five Books of Mystery! 102 0ho els! 103 0ee the se#tion entitled $:elle";s 0e#ond Jision of the Hol" Book!' 104 0ee #hapter one! 105 Table 4E also has it's own entr"! 0ee below! 106 0ee ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! +7E,)E, 2>+,>E! 107 Jia the Jalentinian /nosti#s! 108 This is "et another indi#ation that the 4E Tables of <oagaeth begin at the Highest and pro#eed to the lowest point, 9ust like the Jewish )> /ates of Binah! 109 0ee $Enoch, #hapters 2+,7C! 110 0ee 5Kekiel 4>*+,2 for one e?ample! 111 Drobabl" s"mboli# of the Four 5lements and Oodia#al Tripli#ities, the four #ardinal dire#tions, the four winds and other four,fold #on#epts asso#iated with the ph"si#al realm! 0ee Agrippa's Three Books of

3cc lt .hiloso#hy, Book II, 8hapter 3, B.f the Gumber Four, and the 0#ale Thereof!B 112 Also see #hapter three, where I dis#uss the Angeli#al :e"s that open the Aeth"rs! 113 1emember the first page in a %estern book would ne#essaril" be the last page if the book were written in the 0emiti# leftward fashion! 114 0ee p! +E of ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation... 115 This is a note made b" Dee! It is in relation to the ision :elle" is ha ing as these words are spoken! 0ee below! 116 The entire ision is found on page +E of ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation... 117 First leaf b" %estern standards, but it remains <eaf 4E! 118 It does not appear in the First Table! It ma" "et be hidden somewhere among the te?t of Tables 2 through 4E! 119 0ee the <e?i#on! L or El (The First)! This is a Game of /od in the angeli# tongue! 120 0ee /enesis +*+>, 2>,2)! 121 The Sabalah would refer to this as Malk th (the 5arthl" :ingdom)! 122 I ha e added this for #larifi#ation! ,Aaron 123 <eaf 4E! 124 It is possible that :elle" was the one who pronoun#ed the O;s as BKedB in this #ase! 125 Dee would later name his own daughter after @adimi! 126 The @other (!i-a Elohi-), or Bride of /od, is intimatel" #onne#ted with the %ord (Logos) or (hristos! Together, their marriage results in the Hol" 0pirit as understood b" the an#ient /nosti#s! 127 Though the @other appears to refer to /al ah in this statement, Dee a#tuall" re#ords the @other's name as /al ah later in this session! 0ee ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! 23 128 5?odus 7*+4, $0o /od said to @oses, WI A@ that I A@!;' 129 0ee ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation... p! 72,77! 130 1emember that I A@ (Eheieh) is the Highest Di ine Game in the Sabalah! 131 0ee 8hapter Four! 132 0ee ! Tr e and Faithf l Relation..., p! 2+2 133 0ee The Rosicr cian Enlighten-ent, b" Fran#is Mates! Dee's work (su#h as the "ierogly#hic Monad), and perhaps Dee personall", had an apparent influen#e on the unknown authors of the foundational 1osi#ru#ian do#uments! Also see m" own #ondensed and annotated ersion of Dee's 9ournals, where Dee's trip to Drague is outlined!