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APRIL 18, 2014

NR # 3440B

Creation of the Metro Bataan Development Authority sought

A lawmaker has filed a bill seeking the creation of an implementing arm that will integrate and coordinate the delivery of certain basic services as well as enforcement of laws, rules and regulations between and among the cities and municipalities in the Province of Bataan. Rep. Enrique arcia, !r. "#nd $istrict, Bataan% filed &ouse Bill '(#) to create the *etro Bataan $evelopment Authority "*B$A% under the +ffice of the overnor, which shall perform planning and implementation of policies approved by the *etro Bataan $evelopment ,ouncil. arcia said the bill is consonant with the declared policy of the -tate to encourage its city and municipalities to group themselves and coordinate their efforts, services and resources, which are commonly beneficial to them. According to arcia, the *B$A shall be in.charge of the monitoring and coordinative functions, and in the process e/ercise regulatory and supervisory authority over the delivery of province.wide services in the Province of Bataan based on the *emorandum of Agreement e/ecuted among the member local government units "0 1s%. arcia said the coverage of the *B$A are services which have province.wide impact and transcend legal political boundaries or entail huge e/penditures that would not be viable for said services to be provided by the individual 0 1s in Bataan. 2he *B$A shall be headed by a eneral *anager, who will have the rank and privileges of head of a department of the Provincial overnment of Bataan to be appointed by the overnor. 1nder the bill to be known as the 3*etro Bataan $evelopment Authority Act of #(4',5 the *B$A is directed to undertake and manage its own approved plans and pro6ects for the delivery of specific services under its 6urisdiction. 7t shall set the policies concerning traffic in the Province, coordinate and regulate the implementation of all approved programs and pro6ects concerning traffic management specifically pertaining to enforcement, engineering and education. *B$A personnel are mandated to enforce, impose and collect fines and penalties for all kinds of violations of traffic laws, ordinances, rules and regulations, whether moving or non.moving in nature and confiscate and suspend or revoke driver8s licenses in the enforcement of such traffic laws and regulations.

2he measure also provides that the *B$A shall have an approved master plan that shall serve as the framework for the local development plans of the component 0 1s. 2he implementation of the *B$A8s plans, programs and pro6ect shall be undertaken by the 0 1s, the concerned national government agencies, the accredited people8s organi9ations "P+s%, non.government organi9ations ": +s% and the private sector and *B$A itself where appropriate. 2he *B$A is likewise empowered to levy fines and impose fees and charges for various services rendered. 7t shall require all its member cities and municipalities to contribute a portion of its annual revenue for its operation and implementation of pro6ects. ";(% lvc