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1he mlsslon sLaLemenL of 8oanoke
8aplds Craded School ulsLrlcL ls
Lvery SLudenL Wlll Learn and
Comlng lnLo 8oanoke 8aplds Plgh
School, l nouced when looklng aL
our Case 21 8enchmark and LCC
daLa LhaL our greaLesL area of
concern was our MaLh l sLudenLs.
1he admlnlsLrauon Leam aL 88PS
declded Lo focus on Lhls area of
concern by oerlng our sLruggllng
MaLh l sLudenLs exLra supporL
Lhrough an Aer School rogram
LhaL focused on small group
lnsLrucuon Lo:

! lmprove baslc maLh skllls needed
for MaLh l

! lncrease sLudenL proclency
solvlng mulu-sLep equauons

! lncrease sLudenL engagemenL

! lncrease Leacher eecuveness
when worklng wlLh sLruggllng
Cur ulumaLe goal ls Lo lncrease LCC
and Case 21 8enchmark scores for
paruclpaung sLudenLs.
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K-".:L MCN),EF):L "29 +#*"#)31):
uurlng Lhe rsL semesLer, sLudenLs were
ldenued by Lhelr classroom Leachers Lo
auend Lhe aer school program. 1he program
was held on 1uesday and 1hursday from 3:30
unul 4:13.
uurlng Lhe aer school sesslons, our maLh
Leachers worked wlLh a small groups of 8-12
sLudenLs on baslc MaLh l skllls and equauon
skllls. 1he skllls changed from week Lo week
as Lhe Leachers ldenued areas of sLrengLhs
and weaknesses:

! racuce solvlng one sLep equauons
! racuce solvlng mulu-sLep equauons
! racuce uslng dlsLrlbuuve properLy and
comblnlng llke Lerms
! racuce readlng and breaklng down word
! 8ulld upon vocabulary skllls Lo undersLand
whaL Lhe problem ls asklng
! Pow many parenLs supporL Lhe
aer school program?

! 1o whaL exLenL dld Lhe parenLs
nd Lhe program useful for Lhelr

! 1o whaL exLenL dld Leachers use
new lnsLrucuonal sLraLegles?

! Pow many sLudenLs auended Lhe
program each day?

! 1o whaL exLenL dld Lhe sLudenLs
nd small group lnsLrucuon

! We ldenued 33 sLudenLs for Lhe program and
conLacLed all of Lhe parenLs. 40 ouL of Lhe 33
sLudenLs auended Lhe program (72)

! We conducLed phone lnLervlews and parenL
surveys aL Lhe end of Lhe semesLer. We recelved
a response from 28 of Lhe 40 parenLs (70). CuL
of Lhe 28 responses, 18 found Lhe program useful.

! 1hrough observauon noLes and walkLhrough
forms, we observed 30 of MaLh l Leachers uslng
new lnsLrucuonal sLraLegles LhaL were dlscussed
ln Lhe LC meeungs.

! We had a LoLal of 40 sLudenLs slgn up for Lhe
program and 100 of Lhe sLudenLs auended Lhe
program aL leasL once. We had an average of 18
sLudenLs auend Lhe program each day.

! We surveyed all 40 sLudenLs and 23 found Lhe
small group lnsLrucuon Lo be useful. (37.3)
! arenL educauon Lhrough parenL

! rovlde no more Lhan 2 new lnsLrucuonal
sLraLegles durlng Lhe professlonal
developmenL sesslons. narrow Lhe focus.

! rovlde more collaborauon ume among
MaLh l Leachers

! SLudenL conLracL - requlre sLudenLs Lo slgn a
conLracL commlmng Lhemselves Lo Lhe

! rovlde Lhe sLudenLs wlLh lncenuves Lo
lncrease auendance. (aLhleuc passes, dance
uckeLs, weekly drawlngs for prlzes)

A)::-2: A)"*2)9
! Communlcauon Lo all sLakeholders
(Leachers, parenLs and sLudenLs) ls
essenual when sLarung a new

! CuallLy of lnsLrucuon ls beuer Lhan
quanuLy for an aer school

! Collaborauon among sLa ls an
essenual elemenL Lo Lhe success of
a program.

! Aer school programs should be fun
and engaglng Lo maxlmlze sLudenL
learnlng and performance.