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Abstract: India is becoming increasingly urbanized in which the dynamics of population growth, coupled with the current trends of urbanization are highly debilitating. over one billion population has been facing serious difficulty of urban congestion and traffic jams since long time in major cities. Public transport system in Mumbai has been overworking three times its capacity. Public transport system in Delhi, olcutta and hennai is also under over strain. underground !rains posses risks of fires and also they are more economical and more difficult to construct foundations of rail tracks in underground in ities. India re"uires a public transportation solution that would not disturb city plan and still be more effective. In order to solve this problem the concepts of the #ky bus Metro and the Intelligent $rouping !ransportation, integrated with pedestrian walkway systems could be options to support overworked surface railway and city bus system in Indian cities. !he #ky train is the main public transport mode of the city, suspended from the sky tracks while top of the sky track is used for operating light #%&'sport utility vehicle) sized ta(i) buses which are *dual mode vehicles+ capable of running on road as well as rails. !hese ta(i)buses provide for an on)demand, fle(ible shared transport mode, based on the concept of Intelligent $rouping !ransportation.!he technology of sky bus with integrated metro would not only be able to transform whole public transportation system in urban India but also would reduce pollution levels, consume area and reduce traffic problems in the metropolitian cities. Drop off and pick up from sky stations is also an added advantage. !his arrangement provides for a point to point transit anywhere in the city limits, without the need for a change in mode. #ince the ta(i)buses use the top of the sky track, it can bypass the city traffic and provide a faster transit. ,n other roads, these dual mode vehicles will run on the road like any other car. !his system while working as a feeder for the sky train will also encourage a shift from private to public transport. -or powering these transport systems)both the sky train and the ta(i)buses plying above, natural gravity power is used, using the principle of the Gravity Pow r Tow rs! !his paper e(plains in a historical perspective, how India has been trying to transform her urban transportation system. K ywor"s: #ky bus technology, $ravity Power towers, Dual mode &ehicles, #%&,metro. R # r $c s:, http.// http.// http.// T a% M %b rs: #. #adik basha, 7. $owtham, P. :aveen;umar, ontact no. 1213232413 ontact no. 1213138984 ontact no. 2<24<4=1=9 5)mail. 5)mail. 5)mail. p.naveen<

&$iv rsity D tai's: >ajiv $andhi %niversity of ;nowledge !echnologies, ?.P.III!, >.;.&alley, kadapa'Dist@, ?ndhra Pradesh.