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Air Defense Array
When taking a Shoot action while readied, all weapons count as having the AA trait. Any weapon that already has the AA trait will roll to hit the enemy using a Target score of 5+, regardless of the enemys usual Target score or flight speed.

Leading the Assault

May be attached to any Arachnid unit at the start of the battle. The attached Arachnid unit may then use the Tunnel special movement of this unit while underground.

Accurate weapons receive a damage bonus equal to the Size characteristic of the target model they are aimed at. The Accurate trait is ignored if the weapon is fired in Artillery fire mode.

Lock and Load

Models can fire two weapons in a Shoot action.


Air (Loiter)
A highly maneuverable flight state where the Air unit is being kept aloft primarily by its motive power source rather than its lift surfaces (wings). Helicopters (and hopper bugs) regularly fly at Loiter speed. Min 10, Max 20, Turn 90, Target 6+, Crash D10.

Can never go on Alert Status.

Units firing with any Auto weapons can hit models up to 6 away from their nominated target model instead of 3.

(Movement Type)/X
Some models can perform special moves like hovering, jumping or tunneling as denoted in the trait. This shows both the special movement type and distance, such as Jump/12. If a special movement type is indicated the model must use a Ready action before performing the special Move action.

Fire Arc: X
Weapons with a reduced arc of fire will have that limitation noted as a trait. Generally this is a trait only applied to mechanized or extremely slow models.

Air (V/STOL)
V/STOL (Vertical/Short Take Off Landing) is only available to helicopters and other aircraft capable of staying aloft without horizontal movement. Min 0, Max 10, Turn 180, Target 5+, Crash D6.

Flame weapons engulf their targets with a torrent of fire. They ignore any cover bonus the target may have and no dodge save is possible against their effects.

No Flinch
This model never flinches, even if the rules demand it. Even if the controlling player wishes the model to flinch, it cannot do so.

Killshot weapons count any damage roll that equals or beats the models Target characteristic as a Kill instead.

All weapons (other than One-Shot!) mounted on a Marauder suit count as Infinite weapons.


The armor save roll of models struck by the models Close Combat dice is reduced by the Piercing value.

LZ (X)
LZ is short for Lethal Zone. When firing at targets in line of sight, this weapon may use either the Artillery fire rules or the direct fire rules. When firing at targets not in line of sight, this weapon must use the Artillery fire rules. The weapons Lethal Zone has a radius of X, as indicated in parentheses next to the trait. A Ready action must be performed before firing a Lethal Zone weapon in Artillery mode.

Big, Fat, Smart Bug

May take command of any out of command Arachnid within their command range.

Plasma Strikes
Must use Direct fire against Air Units and Artillery fire against ground units.

Brain Suck
Roll a D6 for every casualty of the remaining Brain bug. A roll of 6 means the casualty is a prisoner and +10 bonus mission points per prisoner.

Poor Balance
Models cannot fire any weapons when using their Jump movement mode.

Colony Mind
If a Brain bug is removed due to casualty, until the end of the Arachnids players turn, no Arachnids are considered on Alert Status and all units may perform only one action instead of two.

If a model has the Retaliate trait it must use the following rules if it becomes a casualty due to a Kill result (being taken out of play for failing to successfully save against a hit or hits will not cause retaliation). Retaliate affects all models within point blank range of the retaliating model. Make separate damage rolls against all models within that range using the retaliating models Close Combat dice. When rolling damage dice for model retaliation, the Piercing/X trait is still applicable.

LOS is short for Line of Sight. The LOS trait is only ever possessed by LZ weapons. This weapon may not use Artillery fire to shoot at targets not in line of sight. This trait is possessed by weapons incapable of arcing their fire over intervening terrain.

All members of the Fleet are commissioned officers with some command authority. A Fleet Landing Party is unaffected by the loss of officers in the Mobile Infantry.

LZ (Stream)
When fired at targets in line of sight it may use either the Stream rules or the direct fire. These special Stream rules supersede the usual direct and Artillery fire rules for Lethal Zone weapons. Direct Fire: When using direct fire mode, Stream weapons roll a number of dice equal to their damage dice multiplied by their damage bonus. For example, a Stream weapon with D10+2 damage would roll 2xD10 when used for direct fire. Stream Fire: When using Stream fire mode, roll the damage dice indicated against all models within the Lethal Zone. The weapons damage bonus applies to every model struck.

Gains one extra Action per turn for any Arachnid unit. Once wounded or removed, it goes away.

Even though it lacks the Tunnel movement, the unit may use them while underground. They must enter and exit through an existing entrance. They cannot create one.

Deathwish Circuit
May voluntarily self-destruct with a Ready action. This removes the model from the game and inflicts Retaliate damage upon all models within point blank range.

Weapons take a long time to reload or chew their available ammo really quickly, so they need someone to help keep them fed. As such, they count as Squad weapons if an additional friendly model is within point blank range to assist the firing model and does not use its own weapon in the same action. An additional model can assist only one weapon at a time. If no model is present to assist, a Crew weapon counts as a Pack weapon.

Entourage Flinch

Every hit taken affects the Characteristics as follows. -1 Move (minimum of 1), -1 Close Combat (minimum of D6+0). Even though its a Hits/X model, it does not ignore the flinching rules.

Multihit weapons that equal or exceed the Target characteristic of a multihit model score two hits instead of one. Multihit weapons that equal or exceed the Kill characteristic of a multihit model score four hits instead of two.

A model bearing a Parry weapon can force a single enemy model within point blank range to re-roll one of its close combat damage dice during an enemy Charge action. A model may only Parry something up to twice its own Size. Parry 2 or Parry 3 weapons allow the user to parry two or three Close Combat dice respectively against any opposing models within point blank range.

Focused Fire

May only react against Air units within 36 while on Alert Status and may only be a Shoot reaction.

Infinite weapons ignore all ammo rules and may always fire during Shoot actions and reactions.

Git the Hell Out!

May re-roll any failed dodge saves. Each save may only be rerolled once.

Internal and Pack

Weapons can fire only once per turn and may not fire during Shoot reactions.

Go Career
May buy heroic traits up to a certain value.

Weapons can fire only once per game.

Persistent weapons continue to roll for damage against multihit models and any models that make successful armor saves against their damage. Roll the Persistent weapons damage dice against each affected model at the start of each subsequent player turn, until the affected model either becomes a casualty or the effect wears off. Any damage bonuses the weapon normally has are not applied to damage dice rolls for Persistent effects following the initial attack. Persistent effects will die off over time, so every time a Persistent damage die rolls a natural 1 or 2 it is lost from the overall Persistent effect.


Models with this trait are often referred to as multihit models. Each time a model with multiple hits fails its saving throw it loses one hit. If a multihit model suffers a Kill result it takes two hits instead of one. A model with multiple hits is seriously affected by damage if it drops to a single hit, making it wounded. A wounded model is limited to taking just one action per turn for the rest of the battle. Models with the Hits/X trait never flinch, even if the rules demand it. Even if the controlling player wishes the model to flinch, it cannot do so.

Squad weapons may always fire unless they are Out of Ammo.

This is an anti-aircraft weapon. Only weapons with this trait are capable of affecting Air units moving at Loiter speed or faster; all others are too slow moving or too limited in their ability to target such rapid enemies.

The armor save roll of models struck by the weapon is reduced by the Piercing value.

They can act independently of all other units, join in with another units actions or even form a unit of t heir own if the conditions are right.


A Ready weapon can only be fired by a unit whose preceding action was a Ready action.

Assassinate (+50 Points)

Requires a Ready action. Pick one model in the opposing army. If any Arachnid makes a close combat attack against this model, the opposing player will not be allowed to swap it for another in the same unit. This lasts until the start of the next Arachnid turn.

Warning (+40 Points)

Add +1 to any saves (armor or dodge) that are made by the model. Enhanced (+10 points): The model may apply this bonus to any friendly models within his command range if desired. Every time the model uses this option he must roll a D6. On a roll of a 4 or more, the psychic model takes a hit.

A Remote weapon is placed at the location of the model carrying it by using a Ready action. It can then be triggered with any subsequent Ready action taken by the model that placed it.

Block Psychic Talent (+50 Points)

This power may be used as a reaction whenever an enemy model within 24 uses a Talent. Both players roll a D10. If the player rolls higher than his opponent, then the Talent is completely nullified and has no effect. Enhanced (+25 Points): Re-roll the players D10.

Armourer (+25 Points)
Dull hours spent learning about weapons, ammunition and how they function mean that the model and his unit ignore the ammo rules when on Alert Status.

If a weapon has the Retaliate trait it must use the following rules if the model carrying it becomes a casualty due to a Kill result. Retaliate affects all models within point blank range of the model bearing the retaliating weapon. Make separate damage rolls against all models within that range using the retaliating weapons damage dice.

Conceal (+30 Points)

The model and the unit he is within only trigger Alert Status reactions if they complete an action within 8 of an enemy model instead of 10.

Artillery Corps (+30 Points)

The model and any models from the unit he is with can re-roll one of the deviations D6 for scatter when using Artillery fire.

Weapon can be fired in lieu of the main weapon it is attached to. A model unable to fire due to failing an ammo roll may not use either its main weapon or its Underslung weapon.

Confuse (+30 Points)

As a Ready action, the Mobile Infantry nominates a tunnel entrance anywhere on the board. The tunnel entrance in question has the maximum number and size of models that may exit the tunnel halved (rounding down) until the Mobile Infantrys next turn.

Close Combat Expert (+15 Points)

He may re-roll his Close Combat damage dice when he takes a Charge action.

Daredevil (+20 Points)
When creating a fire zone, this model may ignore any friendly model for the purpose of allocating damage diceno dice at all are placed on friendly models as the daredevils shots just whistle straight past. This trait may not be used with atomic weapons.

Engineer* (+25 Points)

By taking a Ready action, a model with Engineer Training can repair one hit of damage on a Multihit model within his point blank range on a D6 roll of 4+.

Distract (+50 Points)

Requires a Ready action. Choose any enemy unit within 36. Until the next Arachnid turn, the unit must deduct two dice from all shooting attacks it makes. The opposing player may choose which dice. A unit can only be affected by this Talent once per turn.

Demolitions* (+20 Points)

A model with Demolitions Training who plants a Remote weapon may reroll any damage dice rolled when it is triggered.

Dirty Fighter (+15 Points)

The model gains the Parry trait.

Ego War (+50 Points)

Must use a Shoot action. Ego War is treated as a Artillery attack that does not require a Ready action first it does no damage but all models within the LZ are rendered incapable of making actions or reactions for the rest of the current players turn. Range: 36, Damage: Special, Internal, LZ (4)

Fleet Liaison (+20 Points)

During the Air phase, if there is a hero with Fleet Liaison Training on the tabletop, he can assist Air units. Instead of rolling off to determine who selects a unit to use first at the beginning of the Air phase, you can always choose to go first or second. If both players have this trait, roll a die every turnthe highest roller chooses whether to go first or second.

Fast Mover (+15 Points)

The hero gains +1 to his Move characteristic and any special movement mode he is capable of.

Fire King* (+100 Points)

Any member of the models unit (including the model) within command range can re-roll their damage dice during a Shoot action.

ID Sending (+20 Points)

Must use a Shoot action. The ID Sending is treated as a ranged attack that does not require LOS. Range: 36, Damage D6, Infinite, Accurate

K9 Corp* (+15 Points, +30 Points Neodog)

The model gains a K9 Neodog model as a companion or, at a higher cost, one of the recently introduced Neodog Mk II specimens. Pathfinders taking this trait pay +20 points automatically get the Pathfinder Neodog detailed in their army book.

Heroic Surge!* (+30 Points)

Once per game, the model can take one extra action in its players turn (for a total of three actions). Other models do not join him in taking this extra action.

Rupture (+50 Points)

The model initiates a battle of wills against a single enemy anywhere on the table. Requires a Ready action. Both players roll a D10. The difference between the two rolls is deducted from the Hits of the model who scored the lowest. Saving throws and the Shield! Talent has no effect on this Talent and will provide no protection. Enhanced (+25 Points): Re-roll your D10 if desired.

Medic* (+20 Points)

Jumpball Player!* (+20 Points)

Once per game the model can add +2 to any dodge saves he has to make for the duration of any turn. If a dodge save is made successfully, the model can be immediately moved in any direction up to 6. This free movement may only be performed once in a turn.

Sense Presence (+40 Points)

The model can react on Alert Status if an enemy unit completes an action within 10+D6 of him. Make a roll for the models sensing distance each time a reaction could be triggered. If the model can react, any friendly models within its command range can react too. Enhanced (+20 points): Re-roll the D6 if desired.

Protagonist (+20 Points)

Once per game, the model can make any action or reaction as if he had taken a ready action, allowing special move modes or ready weapons to be used, for example.

If a friendly model within the medics command range is about to be removed as a casualty for failing a save, you may move the medic into contact with the downed model immediately to keep it in play. Models about to be removed for other reasons (such as having their Kill score beaten by an attack) may not be rescued in this way. The medic and his patient may not move or take actions. Roll a D6 at the beginning of each subsequent player turn. 1 - Despite the medics best efforts, the model is removed as a casualty. 2-3 - The patient needs more care and may not take actions. 4-6 - The medic stabilizes the patient to the point where he can function fully (for game purposes anyway). Both models can take actions again.

Rallying Cry (+10 Points)

All models within his command range may choose to ignore flinch results, at the controlling players option.

Shield! (+50 Points)

As a Ready action, the model raises a psychic barrier to protect itself and those 6 around the model. The shield absorbs the first 4 hits before collapsing. The shield absorbs hits before any saves are made against hits. If collapsed, the model must make a armor save or take an automatic hit. Once raised it remains up for the rest of the game and cannot be raised again. Enhanced (+20 Points): Increase the shields strength to six hits.

Stay Frosty (+25 Points)

The hero can react on Alert Status if an enemy unit completes an action within 12 of him rather than the usual 10.

Standard Bearer (+25 Points)

The standard bearer functions as a mobile Retrieval Point allowing out of command models to take Move actions towards it.

True Grit* (+50 Points)

Increase the models Target and Kill values by one.

Suggestion (+40 Points)

Can implant a psychic suggestion in one enemy unit requiring a Ready action and may not be a reaction. Roll a D6 for the attempt taking a -1 penalty if the target is not in LOS. A roll of 5-6 is success and enemy unit takes one Action immediately. Enhanced (+20 points): Re-roll the D6.

Sniper (+20 Points)

The model may re-roll any one of his damage dice in a Shoot action unless he is using Artillery fire).

Veteran Trooper (+10 Points)

When out of command due to the death of a unit leader, a unit containing this model may still take one action of its choice per turn as the experienced member guides his nervous squad mates.

SICON Military Intelligence (+50 Points)

The lieutenant is a fully trained Mobile Infantryman but is also an expert in another area considered vital to SICON strategy: Military Intelligence. Count the force the Military Intelligence officer accompanies as one Priority Level higher than it really is for choosing Army List options. The force still counts as its original Priority Level for all other purposes. The presence of a Military Intelligence officer fulfills the Atomic Protocols requirement for choosing Atomic munitions.

Suicidal Stimulation (+25 Points)

Alertness (+20 Points)
Nominate one friendly unit within command range after the model has completed any actions. That unit may react to enemies completing actions within 12, rather than the normal 10 until the Mobile Infantrys next turn.

Requires a Ready action. Select any friendly model. Until the end of this turn, it gains double the normal close combat attacks. At the end of the turn, the target model takes D10+4 Multihit as it becomes seriously exhausted. Enhanced (+25 Points): Up to D6 models in the same unit will be affected.

Tremor (+40 Points)

Requires a Ready action. Any model within 6 must flinch away from the model. Any models represented by Tunnel Markers within 12 suffer D6 damage. Enhanced (+20 points): Re-roll one or more D6 if desired.

* - may not be taken by Marauder suites ! - may only be used once per battle