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Brainwave Entrainment 7.

83 Hz Schumann Resonance
The Schumann Resonance It is the frequency at which the earth's magnetosphere resonates (7.83 hertz). It is therefore fundamental to the nature of this planet. Many elie!e that entraining the rain at 7.83"z helps to align your energy with the earth's energy. #he effect is !ery refreshing$ In terms of rainwa!e %%& frequencies' 7.83"z is in the high theta range. #heta is the le!el (ust a o!e delta which is deep' dreamless sleep. #he )chumann *esonance is named after the &erman scientist who disco!ered it in +,-.' /.0. )chumann. Brainwave Entrainment #here are a num er of ways to entrain your rainwa!es. )ome tri al cultures use the regular eating of drums' sometimes incorporating a rhythmic dance to induce an altered state of consciousness. 1sing modern technology' scientists ha!e found that using inaural eats in sound can e rapidly effecti!e' relati!ely spea2ing' at increasing the presence of specific frequencies in the rain' as measured y a an %%&. A word of caution... never listen to sounds designed to produce brainwave entrainment while driving a car, operating machinery, or doing any activity which requires you to be alert mentally or physically. Binaural Beats /hen listening to a sound with stereo headphones' if the left channel and right channel differ in frequency (ust a little it' it ma2es it sound li2e there is one sound whirling around you. #he speed of that rotation is the inaural eat frequency. #he frequency is actually produced y your rain' and since it comes from your rain' your rain tends to me much more sensiti!e to its effects. 3or e4ample' if you ha!e a sine wa!e (a sine wa!e is a pure frequency) of 556 "z playing in the left ear' and a sine wa!e of 5-. "z playing in the right ear' then either one alone is (ust a pure frequency. 7oth together with stereo headphones produces a inaural eat of +. hertz (the difference etween 556 and 5-.). 8lic2 play to hear what this sounds li2e (use stereo headphones)9 How To Use Binaural Beats It is est to get into a comforta le position' one where you can comforta ly remain still without mo!ing a muscle' and rela4. If that sounds o!erwhelming to you' fear not. It's etter to rela4' e yourself' than to try to force something that isn't you. In !ery little time you'll find it gets easier. Many find it helpful to ta2e a few minutes efore turning on the inaural sounds to (ust rela4 and mo!e around as you feel necessary... until you find that you ha!en't had to mo!e in a while. #hen press play and egin. 8lose your eyes' and listen to the inaural sounds in stereo headphones. "eadphones are important ecause if you listen with spea2ers' the effect will e distorted and greatly

diminished. #hat happens ecause the sounds from each spea2er will clash in the air' producing a pseudo: inaural: eat sound' ut one that is more monaural and isn't anywhere near as effecti!e at altering your rainwa!es. 1nless you're trying to fall asleep' 7.83 "z is most effecti!e if you're rela4ed and awa2e. 3or this reason' many prefer sitting up straight in a comforta le chair to lying down on a ed. )ome don't e4perience the effects of the rainwa!e entrainment the first few times they use them. #hat's not uncommon. In our o!erly fast:paced society' many people ha!e forgotten what it means to truly rela4 and meditate. If you struggle with that as many do' then this program is especially eneficial for you. Our Binaural Beat Sounds Many organizations that create inaural eat tapes and 8;s tend to use sine wa!es or relati!ely simple sounds as carriers to encode the inaural eat frequencies upon. #he e4ample you listened to a o!e used sine wa!es. Most authors will mi4 in sounds of nature and such to ma2e the whole sound en!ironment more pleasant and soothing. "owe!er these added mi4tures are usually not encoded with the inaural frequency information' and therefore they tend to dilute the inaural frequencies. #hin2 of each carrier used as a channel into the rain. /hile using (ust one or few channels' li2e sine wa!es or simple harmonic sounds' can e effecti!e in altering rainwa!es' this effect can hugely amplified the more channels you use. #hat's why' instead of using sine wa!es or simple harmonic sounds as carriers' we use rown noise. 7rown noise is li2e the sound that ocean ma2es. <ot dissimilar' are the after:rum lings of thunder or the lowing of the wind. 7rown noise is what nature produces. It is !ery soothing' and since it is spread across the entire audio spectrum it has an infinite num er of carriers to ma4imize the rainwa!e entrainment effect. What ou !re !"out To En#o$ #his !ery popular trac2 is a!aila le for immediate download as a high quality 37M7 .mp3. It is encoded at .-=2 ps )tereo Mode so as to preser!e the full naturalness of the rown noise while maintaining the full integrity of the inaural eat sounds. #his trac2 is e4actly .6 minutes long and can e used for daily .6:minute sessions. 3or e4tended sessions (56 or =6 minutes)' we also pro!ide .pls and .m3u playlist files' so you can clic2 whiche!er file you want to listen for whiche!er duration you choose. >ou'll e en(oying soothing rown noise encoded with a 7.83 hertz inaural eat. #his really is amazing$ ?eople ha!e different e4periences with different frequencies. 3or instance' with this 7.83"z trac2 has een 2nown to induce !i rations within (ust a couple of minutes in some' the 2ind of !i rations that signal an out:of: ody e4perience is a out to happen.

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