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Certain types of meat have a high cholesterol and saturated fat content, such as beef and pork. This doesn't mean all meat should be avoided. Lean cuts of beef and pork, along with naturally lean poultry, venison and bison, offer a variety of nutrients. Integrate these healthier options into your diet to improve your health.
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Complete Proteins
Amino acids are the compounds that make up protein. They consist of nine that are essential and 11 that are nonessential. All forms of meat contain the essential amino acids, so they are called complete proteins. An incomplete protein lacks at least one essential amino acid. Obtaining complete proteins in your diet is important for cell regrowth, hormone production, immune function and muscle gain. The recommended daily intake of protein for the average person is .8 grams per kilogram of body weight. Athletes who perform high-intensity training need more protein to prevent muscle breakdown. An intake of 1.5 to 2 grams per kilogram of body weight is optimal.

Improved Functional Ability

Myoglobin is a protein that stores oxygen in muscles, while hemoglobin transports oxygen throughout the body by way of red blood cells. Iron is needed for the production of these two substances. Iron deficiency is characterized by weakness, lethargy and a compromised ability to concentrate. Children, women and individuals who have experienced blood loss are most in need of iron in the diet. All forms of meat contain iron, but some are higher than others. Organ meats, such as liver and giblets, contain the highest amount. A 3-ounce serving contains between 5.2 and 9.9 milligrams. The recommended daily intake is 8 milligrams for men and 18 milligrams for women. Whenever you eat high-iron meat, pair it with food that contains vitamin C, as this helps with absorption. Broccoli, citrus fruit, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, strawberries and red peppers are examples.

Boosted Immunity
Free radicals destroy healthy cells and increase the risk for chronic diseases. Antioxidants are powerful substances that soak up free radicals. Zinc has antioxidant properties, making it beneficial in the prevention of disease. Bison, which is one of the leanest types of meat, contains a high amount of zinc. A 3-ounce serving has over 4.5 milligrams. The recommended daily intake of zinc is 8 milligrams for women and 11 milligrams for men. Zinc also helps with thyroid function, reproduction, insulin regulation and blood clotting. Choose a bison steak in place of a porterhouse or T-bone which have highsaturated fat contents. Bison also comes in ground form, so it can be used to make patties.


When you consume macronutrients, which consist of protein, carbs and fat, they are broken down by B vitamins to be used for energy. Meat contains high amounts of five B vitamins, including B12, niacin, thiamin, biotin and pantothenic acid. These B vitamins also help with red blood cell formation, nervous system function and hormone formation. Pair a serving of meat with beans and whole grains in a meal to obtain the B vitamins you need.

Kandungan Gizi Daging Sapi dan Manfaatnya

1. Zat Besi Zat besi adalah salah satu kebutuhan penting bagi tubuh kita. Kita bisa mendapatkan zat besi dari daging sapi karena daging sapi mengandung zat besi yang sangat tinggi. Kekurangan zat besi akan menyebabkan anemia sehingga tubuh menjadi lesu. Zat besi pada daging sapi bermanfaat untuk meningkatkan metabolisme dalam tubuh, mempengaruhi semangat belajar anak dan juga sebagai benteng bagi tubuh kita karena zat besi bisa meningkatkan kekebalan tubuh. 2. Protein Daging sapi juga mengandung kandungan gizi yang tidak kalah pentingnya dari zat besi, yaitu proetin. Protein sangat penting karena bisa membantu perkembangan otak pada anak. Selain itu protein juga bisa membantu tubuh Anda untuk membentuk jaringan baru pada otot-otot Anda. 3. Selenium Kandungan gizi lainnnya pada daging sapi adalah selenium. Selenium sangat dibutuhkan untuk membentuk zat antioksidan dan meningkatkan imunitas anak. 4. Seng atau Zinc Zat seng juga terdapat pada daging sapi. Zat ini memiliki fungsi untuk meningkatkan metabolisme dan fungsi kekebalan tubuh. Kekurangan zat seng bisa menyebabkan gangguan pada pengembangan fungsi reproduksi laki-laki dan pembentukan sperma serta mengganggu fungsi kekebalan tubuh. 5. Vitamin B Kompleks Konsentrasi dan daya ingat bisa menjadi masalah tersendiri bagi kita. Vitamin B kompleks pada daging sapi membantu kerja sistem saraf otak sehingga mampu membantu menjaga konsentrasi dan meningkatkan daya ingat. 6. Omega 3 Kandungan gizi daging sapi yang terakhir adalah omega 3. Omega 3 membantu fungsi jantung, sistem saraf pusat dan hati. Dalam 150 gram daging sapi, terkandung sekitar 30 gram asam lemak Omega 3.

Itulah 6 kandungan gizi pada daging sapi yang bisa membantu Anda untuk menjaga tubuh Anda tetap sehat. Jika Anda membutuhkan daging sapi segera hubungi kami sebagai supplier daging sapi yang bisa menjadi partner Anda dalam menjaga kesehatan tubuh.

Meat has always stayed as a rich source of food in terms of taste, nutrients and also medicinally at times. The advantages of having meat are helpful to younger people in the process of growth and they reach the elder ones as well. The invaluable source of food, the meat (the tissues under animals' skin) has been serving the people from times immemorial. The alarming sources of the health, nutrients etc can find answers in meat eating. Out of a large number of health benefits of eating meat, its contribution as a fabulous source of high quality proteins is remarkable and it is to be noted. This cannot be given or substituted by even a single vegetarian food. Meat holds all the required amino acids that the body needs to maintain a balance. For growing children, small amounts of meat are absolutely important for the growth purposes. The children when they turn to adolescence by attaining puberty, the essential amounts of albumin are needed for the overall physical growth, which will help them in the future (probably for better PRODUCTIVE reasons). The child can be enriched with meat for his/her building up of albuminous tissues and thereby growing better. The adults also suffer from the loss of albumin, which can be provided by meat. Apart from being the richest sources of iron, meat also supplies phosphorous which can be easily digested. This is less available in any of the vegetarian diets and cereals and legumes. The meat also serves as a rich source of nuclein, which is the important component of albuminous diet. The intestinal activities if impaired can be rectified with albumin and nuclein, which comes abundantly from meat. Boer goats serve as a biggest source of goat meat and the goat supply essentially means supply of nutrients and taste of rich culinary usage. By eating meat, the action of certain duct-less glands like the thyroid, is stimulated, and the increased activity of this gland has a protective influence against infectious diseases, as tuberculosis. Meat is medicinally important too, and this forms the foundation for goat sales and goat supply in a higher pace. Meet the nutrient requirements with meat. Asai is a copywriter of He had written various articles in different topics on Goat sales. Contact him at Article Source:

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Daging adalah sumber protein hewani yang bermutu tinggi dan perlu dikonsumsi oleh anak-anak dan orang dewasa agar cerdas, sehat, tumbuh secara normal, lebih produktif dan bergairah. Daging yang akan kita konsumsi, haruslah daging yang baik adan sehat. Tanda-tanda daging yang sehat adalah :

Bersih/terang lapisan luar kering. Berasal dari rumah potong hewan Ada cap pemeriksaan dari pemerintah setempat. Daging yang sudah ditiriskan tidak berdarah. Aroma bau tidak amis dan tidak bau asam Daging masih elastis dan tidak kaku

Asam-asam amino yang menyusun daging adalah lengkap dan seimbang. Disamping itu juga kaya akan vitamin dan mineral yang diperlukan oleh tubuh. Pemilihan daging untuk macam-macam daging hewan antara lain : - Daging sapi Daging sapi yang baik warnanya merah segar, seratnya halus, lemaknya berwarna kuning, dagingnya keras (elastis) Daging kerbau Daging kerbau yang baik warnanya merah tua, seratnya kasar, lemaknya keras dan berwarna kuning Daging kambing Daging kambing yang baik warnanya merah jambu, seratnya halus, lemaknya keras dan berwarna putih, sedangkan dagingnya berbau lebih keras daripada daging sapi. Daging ayam broiler kandungan kolesterolnya rendah dan kaya vitamin B dan mineral sehingga sangat diperlukan untuk kesehatan sistim syaraf dan pertumbuhan. Pada daging ayam, kandungan lemaknya lebih tinggi daripada telur tetapi komposisinya sebagian besar terdiri dari asam lemak tak jenuh ganda yang penting bagi penyakit jantung koroner. Kandungan zat- zat dalam berbagai komoditi daging (%) No Komoditi . 1 Daging sapi 2 Daging kerbau 3 Daging kambing 4 Daging domba 5 Daging ayam Kal Protein Lemak ori 207 18,8 14 85 18,7 0,5 154 16,6 206 17,1 302 18,2 9,2 14,8 25

6 Daging itik 326 16,0 28,6 Sumber : Karyadi dan Muhilal, Kecukupan yang dianjurkan, 1992

Health Benefits of Eating Meat

There are innumerable health benefits of eating meat, to say, for example, it serves as a fabulfous source of high quality proteins, which a single vegetarian food is not able to provide. It contains all the essential amino acids that the body requires. The red meat contains very high quantities of iron, when compared with plant origin foods. 100 grams of Liver contains 6000 mcgm of iron as against 325 mcgm in 100-gram carrots. Read further to explore information about the advafgfntages of eating meat The phosphorus content present in meat gets much more easily absorbed than that present in cereals and legumes. This is owing to the fact that cereals and legumes contain phosphorus, usually in the form of phytic acid that must be hydrolyzed before absorption. Meat also serves as the main source for the intake of vitamin B12. Though meat is rich in nutrients, but, there are certain things that meat lacks in. It doesn't contain any kind of fiber, which helps to keep your digestive system in order. Also it is very high in saturated fats, thus it is recommfended to eat meat, but in moderate quantities. Preserved meats like ham, bacon, salami etc should be avoided, as they are very high in terms of fats, salts, nitrites and nitrates that are often held responfsible for causing cancer. It is recommended to eat not more than 60-75 grams of meat per day and not more than thrice a week

3 Benefits of Eating Meat

By Staff Reporter | Nov 19, 2010 10:43 AM EDT

While the current trend is all about going vegan, the idea of eating meat (thanks to the horror stories about red meat) is rapidly diminishing. Most people consider vegetables and fruits to suffice when it comes their daily nutritional needs while also thinking that plant protein is better (and safer) than animal protein. As this is not true, here is a list of thehealth benefits of eating meat that all contribute to carrying out vital metabolic functions but also giving one a lot of energy as well: Benefit 1Since meat contains a large amount of protein, this could be beneficial to the body as the need for protein is an important one for the body. Since protein is said to improve the overall health and well-being of ones body, there are other benefits such as the repair and building of body tissues as well as the production of antibodies that will protect the body from infections, thus strengthening the immune system as well. Most importantly, since meat contains all the essential amino acids, it definitely ranks as one of the best sources of protein. Benefit 2Of the many nutrients that meat contains, it is rich in iron, zinc and selenium. While iron helps in forming hemoglobin that transports oxygen to different parts of your body, zinc helps in tissue formation and metabolism as well as selenium breaks down the fat and chemicals in the body. Benefit 3Vitamins are also a big part of the ones diet, and Vitamin A, B and D are commonly found in meat as well. Not only do these vitamins promote good vision, stronger teeth and bones but it also support the central nervous system thus promoting mental health as well. Another big benefit of eating meat is the maintenance of your skins health.