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Kyndra Irvine Benchmark 3 Final Exhibit: Chemistry test, Biology Test Benchmark: Academic Skills: C.

two pieces of cience In the fo!r years of high school yo! have to take three re"!ired science classes. Freshman year yo! have to take #hysical cience A and B. ophomore year yo! have to take Biology A and B. $astly, %!nior year yo! have to take Chemistry A and B. &ach science class was a two trimester class and they were all re"!ired 'efore yo! grad!ated. The teachers that ta!ght me the classes were awesome teachers. I love science to this day 'eca!se of their help in ed!cating me. (r. )reen ta!ght #hysical cience* (r. Ba!mgartner ta!ght 'iology* and (r. (arshall ta!ght Chemistry. If yo! needed help with something, they wo!ld 'e more than willing to stay after school to make s!re yo! !nderstand what yo! are doing. In #hysical cience yo! learn a'o!t elements, ig Figs, molec!les, atoms, and scientific notation. In Biology yo! learn a'o!t the variety of life. And in chemistry yo! learn a'o!t meas!rements and calc!lations, '!ilding 'locks of matter, chemical 'onding, chemical form!las and compo!nds, and lastly chemical e"!ations and reactions. cience is s!ch an interesting s!'%ect 'eca!se there are so many different parts of it. +o! learn a'o!t animal life and how it is similar and different from !s, chemical 'onding and e"!ations and even something as simple as the matter of atoms. I love science, chemistry, and 'iology 'eca!se of all the interesting things I,ve learned. I chose my chapter eight chemistry test 'eca!se it was one of my 'est tests. I,m not awesome at math and this test had a lot of math in it. I am very pro!d of this piece of

Kyndra Irvine Benchmark 3 Final work 'eca!se I got a -./ on it. This was the chapter a'o!t chemical e"!ations and reactions. 0e told !s that for most st!dents, this wo!ld 'e one of the hardest chapters yo!,ll do 'eca!se of all the math that is involved. $ike I said 'efore, I am not too awesome at math and I tho!ght I wo!ld str!ggle '!t I ended !p doing great. I also chose my chapter twelve 'iology test that I took my sophomore year. This test was a'o!t )enetics* (r. Ba!mgartner said it may or may not 'e to!gh. If yo! didn,t !nderstand it in the 'eginning, then yo! wo!ld need a lot of help 'eca!se it only added on. I ended !p getting a 122/ on it. I !nderstand 'iology more than anything. I don,t know why, '!t apparently my mind is good at p!tting it all together and reflecting it onto a test. I am very pro!d that I got s!ch a high grade on it 'eca!se he said a lot of st!dents may not get it, '!t I definitely learned it well. In my ad!lt life, I will need to know a lot of science. I am planning to go into the (edical Field and this wo!ld re"!ire a lot of science classes. I will need to take an Anatomy class, Biology, Chemistry, and may'e even a health science class. This will incl!de la's and e3ams more fre"!ently. The classes are very to!gh in college and I am glad I had (r. )reen, (r. (arshall, and (r. Ba!mgartner to p!sh me thro!gh high school. I now know a lot of science and I will only add onto it in college. In each of these classes in high school, they gave !s ta'les, charts, and note'ooks* I am hoping to keep all of them %!st in case I need to look 'ack into it when I am in college.