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Questions for Family Briefings on 21st April by MH370 Families: Did INMARSAT plot all arcs from all the other handshakes? Is there a reason the focus is only on the last handshake? Shouldn't plotting all arcs associated with each handshakes show if the plane was flying on a flight path that should match the expected position on each arc? Is INMARSAT confident enough to disclose all the data for peer review? The NOKs have access to technical experts who are prepared to review this data. We want Malaysia to share the complete data with a closed independent review. Please bear in mind we are not challenging INMARSATs calculation. We merely want it corroborated independently to dispel notions there is a conspiracy or the search is being conducted in the wrong place. What are the levels and speeds of the plane that were used in the calculation to derived into the final position(The SAR position)? The Jogjakarta Air Defence Radar would have picked up any targets on the 40 degree arc when it passed Indonesia or close to its borders. Did Indonesia share this or any other data? The BEA, the French agency responsible for aviation accident investigation, is able to provide a detail interim report in one month time after the incident of Air France 447. Can Malaysia government provide such report if not similar. We would like to know if there are already actions taken and what are the results for our requests on the investigation into the claims that MH370 is in Kandahar and the involvement of WHOI? If there is nothing suspicious with the cargo manifest, can you release the information to us? Just like the cockpit transcript? Can we know what is the role of the NOK Committee that is lead by Datuk Hamzah Zainuddin? Can Malaysia Government specify the rights of NOKs, especially the right to know the facts of the case or the details of an incident? Is Malaysia/MAS following the provisions contained in ICAO Doc9998/Doc9973 in relation to assistance to NOKs? To show sincerity/transparency, can MAS/Ministry of Transport tabulate the provisions versus what has been done for NOKs to date? After 6 successful dives of the Bluefin 21, there has been no mention of the impact of any silt on the search. Would the presence of silt mask possible debris from being identified by Bluefin 21? Or is the speculation on silt inaccurate? Are there any plans to fit a camera on one of the trips just to have visual sighting of the actual conditions on the search area? Can MAS/Ministry of Transport give written transcripts of family briefings? It is very necessary for NOKs unable to attend to briefing to get updates on the situation. Have the US representative been given full security clearance to see all available datas in order to be a fully involved in the investigation? What about other countries with expertise in this area? Did Malaysia share raw data from Military Radar with US/UK and other partners. Rumor has it that they were only shown a recording of a recording of the original replay. How was investigation conducted in relation to the reported additional targets detected momentarily in the vicinity of the suspected MH370? Did any other country scramble jets, and has this information been shared? Is there any reason MAS does not give written invitation to family briefings and inform only via phone calls? What is the statistical probability of the INMARSAT calculations being accurate? What are the probabilities of the Aircraft having flown on the Northern Arc as opposed to the Southern Arc Does Malaysia have the capability to extract and analyse the blackbox information? If not, who has been identified for this task? Did Malaysia Airline have scheduled regular maintains checks for ELT? What is the range between the maximum and minimum recommended time interval for maintenance? When was latest check for MH370 ‘s ELT done? We request MAS/DCA to give a copy of these records. Is it possible for the ELT to malfunction due to impact on water? What other possible reasons can be attributed to the absence of ELT signals being picked up by the CospasSarsat? Is the ELT within a protected compartment within the fuselage? Can it be removed before the flight? Will its absence trigger an alarm in the cockpit during pre-startup checks? Is the cable and blade antenna 9G certified? How much impact is needed to activated ELT? Was the ELT actived in Asiana and AF447 incidents? We would like to request for the serial number and manufacturer of the black box on MH370. We need an explanation as to why disclosure of the serial number can impact the investigation? The reluctance to disclose such mundane information will simply weight to speculated conspiracy theories. During the Press Conference yesterday, 19th April by Datuk Seri Hisshamuddin at Royale Chulan Hotel, he mentioned that there is an independent team to investigate the incident with credible team member. Can you elaborate more on this team. Who are they consisted of and what are their roles?

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