Terms of Reference Context: 'Ensuring integrity' in West Yorks ire Po!ice "er#ice is $ #ision set out in t e Po!ice $n% Crime P!$n &'1()1* $n% t is in%e+en%ent re#ie, fu!fi!s $n im+ort$nt commitment m$%e -y t e Po!ice $n% Crime Commissioner .$rk /urns)Wi!!i$mson to t e +eo+!e of West Yorks ire0 It is su++orte% $n% ,e!come% -y t e C ief Const$-!e of West Yorks ire Po!ice .$rk 1i!more0 Pur+ose: To con%uct $ str$tegic re#ie, of t e $rr$ngements for $n% t e $++ro$c to t e ,$y in , ic com+!$ints $n% con%uct m$tters $re $n%!e% -y t e West Yorks ire Po!ice to ensure integrity $n% to restore +u-!ic trust $n% confi%ence in +o!icing $cross West Yorks ire0 In +$rticu!$r2 t e re#ie, ,i!!: 10 &0 Consi%er t e $++ro$c $n% t e $rr$ngements $%o+te% -y West Yorks ire Po!ice 3WYP4 for %e$!ing ,it con%uct m$tters $n% com+!$ints5 Consi%er t e extent to , ic t ese $rr$ngements $re consistent ,it 2 $n% com+!iment$ry to2 t e Po!ice $n% Crime Commissioners6 3PCC's4 P!$n $n% t e C ief Const$-!e6s 3CC's4 "t$tement of Pur+ose $n% 7$!ues m$king sure t $t t e concerns of $!! +eo+!e $cross West Yorks ire $re +ut first5 Re#ie, t e $ccount$-i!ity mec $nisms -y , ic t e PCC %isc $rges is res+onsi-i!ities for monitoring com+!$ints $n% con%uct m$tters $cross WYP $n% for o!%ing t e CC to $ccount5 Ex$mine o, WYP $n% t e PCC res+on% to $n% +rocess com+!$ints or re9uests from +eo+!e , o $#e ex $uste% $!! t e form$! +rocesses -ut $re sti!! %iss$tisfie% ,it t e outcome5 Ex$mine t e ,$y in , ic -ot WYP $n% t e PCC res+on% to com+!$ints t $t $re +rim$ f$cie #ex$tious5 Consu!t ,it st$ff $cross WYP $n% t e PCC $n% ot er st$ke o!%ers to un%erst$n% , $t cou!% -e %one -etter $n% , $t su++ort t ey nee% in e!+ing t e PCC $n% t e CC ensure +u-!ic trust $n% confi%ence5 Consi%er -est +r$ctice in ot er $re$s $n% ex+!ore t e +otenti$! for =oine% u+ ,orking ,it +$rtners2 inc!u%ing ot er forces2 ,it $ #ie, to m$king t e $rr$ngements more effecti#e $n% efficient $n% +ro#i%ing -est #$!ue for +eo+!e $cross West Yorks ire $n% e!se, ere5 Consi%er t e res+ecti#e !eg$! res+onsi-i!ities of t e PCC $n% CC $s t e A++ro+ri$te Aut ority for com+!$ints $n% con%uct m$tters2 $n% t e In%e+en%ent Po!ice Com+!$ints Commission 3IPCC4 $s t e st$tutory $ut ority t$ske% ,it m$int$ining +u-!ic confi%ence in t e com+!$ints system $n% t e extent to , ic t ese $rr$ngements contri-ute to t e community outcomes of t e PCC0



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.$ke recommen%$tions for $ ne, $++ro$c $n% ne, $rr$ngements $s $++ro+ri$te0

It s ou!% -e c$refu!!y note% t $t t is is not $ re#ie, of istoric$!?ext$nt c$ses or $ re) in#estig$tion of $ny com+!$ints $n% con%uct m$tters0 Anyt ing $rising ,it in t e course of t is re#ie, t $t in%ic$tes +otenti$! con%uct m$tters in#o!#ing officers $n%?or st$ff of t e West Yorks ire Po!ice $n%?or t e Po!ice $n% Crime Commissioner for West Yorks ire ,i!! -e %e$!t ,it $ccor%ing to t e re!e#$nt !egis!$tion $n% t e $++!ic$-!e +o!icies in +!$ce $t t e time0