APPENDIX 3 PNLD (the brand name for the Police National Legal Database) is a commercial business which is wholly

owned by the est !or"shire Police and #rime #ommissioner$ %ince its establishment within the est !or"shire Police &raining %chool o'er () years ago* PNLD has e+,anded its resource base and widened its sco,e of deli'ery$ Its customers for the legal database - the core of its business which contains legislation* (with notes)** National %tandard /ffence ordings and codes with associated ,oints to ,ro'e . on the ,olice national networ"* include all ,olice forces in England and ales and national law enforcement and criminal 0ustice agencies eg #P%* N#A$ /ther users of the online ,roduct use the world wide web at www$,nld$co$u"* and include* regulatory authorities* educational establishments and other subscribers both in the 12 and abroad$ /ther ,roducts and ser'ices include3. • • • As" the Police website - a free to use database ,ro'iding o'er 45) fre6uently as"ed 6uestions and answers - with the added ad'antage of forces ,roducing local ,ers,ecti'es or local 6uestions and answers$ As" the Police %cotland website - built and used on the same basis as the England and ales 'ersion$ As the Police and #rime #ommissioner - originally created and used for the elections and immediate ,eriod thereafter to ,ro'ide a uniform ban" of 6uestions and answers ,articularly around the legislation and its inter,retation$ All the four web.sites ,ro'ide a facility to 7as" a 6uestion - and recei'e an answer from PNLD staff$ /,erational 8andboo"s and aide memoires written for enforcement officers An annual conference for the benefit of those on the ,olicing frontline$

• • •

9ollowing the a,,ointment of the Police and #rime #ommissioner in est !or"shire in ():(* and the ,ublication of his com,laints ,olicy 7Putting &hings ;ight*< PNLD de'elo,ed a com,laints triage ser'ice which enabled com,laints of a com,le+ nature to be referred for a more rigorous legal e+amination* which assisted with the /ffice of the Police and #rime #ommissioner=s (/P##) decision ma"ing$ &his sa'ed resources* time and effort for the /P##$ As a result of its local success* there is a ,ro,osal for PNLD to ,re,are a business case for the launch of a national #om,laints &riage* to ,ro'ide the same ser'ice to other Police and #rime #ommissioners$ If sufficient 6uestions and answers relating to #om,laint and #onduct matters were created these could be added to the As" the Police site from both national and local ,ers,ecti'es$ Any 6uestions that were as"ed could be answered by PNLD staff who would in essence ,ro'ide a filter before their ,otential onward transmission$ %ub0ect to sufficient su,,ort and demand* resources and funding would be re6uired for the e+tra wor" in'ol'ed in establishing and maintaining these additional ser'ices$