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Question 03)

Edirisinghe Trust Pvt (Ltd)

Appointment Letter
Edirisinghe (Pvt) Ltd,

NO:50/1,Hawlock Road, Colombo 03.

Date: 20/05/2014 Name of Successful Applicant and Address:.. Dear Sir/Madam, Appointment As(post):. We are Pleased to Offer You Employment in the position of., if it effect from 10/04/2014 This Appointment is subject to the following terms and conditions: 1. Basic Salary is 50000 including Transport facilities ,Medical experiences 2. Duties and responsibilities Working Closely With General Manager and Companys Headquarters on the Business Development and Growth. Act as the Contact Person Towards all local Authorities and partners 3. Working Hours: Monday To Friday 9 am to5 pm

4. Annual Leaves: Only 14 Days can get as leaves. Employees are not paid who exceed this limit. 5. Allownces offered by the company Experiences are paid for family members including you, after recommended by the Doctor . House allowances limited to 3000 per month. 6. EPF (8%) from employee basic salary and company (12%) . The company contributed 3% on your basic salary for ETF.

If you find that the terms are favorable, please indicate your acceptance within 2weeks from the date of this letter. Thank You. Youre sincerely, For and on the behalf Edirisinghe (Pvt) Ltd.

. Sameera Edirisinghe Head of Human Resource

Question04) Applicant Rejection Letter

Date Name of Applicant Applicant's Address Dear (Applicant Name):

We received many applications for the position of Accountant and One position of IT Manager. We reviewed your application and decided not to invite you in for an interview with the hiring team. We appreciate the time and energy that go into submitting a resume, cover letter, and application. Thank you for investing the time to apply to Clark Services. Please apply for open positions, for which you qualify, in our company in the future. We wish you success in your job search and in your future endeavors. We appreciate your interest in our organization. Regards, Sameera Edirisinghe.

Question05) Edrisinghe (pvt) Ltd Performance Evaluation Sheet

Interviewer Date Candidate Name.. Position..

Candidate evaluation forms are to be completed by the interviewer to rank the candidates Overall qualifications for the position to which they have applied Company Rates Employees as follows. E - Exceptional D - Above Average C- Average B- Satisfactory A Unsatisfactory

Educational Qualifications - Does the candidate have the appropriate educational Qualifications or training for this position? Rating @Comments:

Previous Work Experience - Has the candidate acquired similar skills or competencies from previous Rating @ Comments:

Candidate interest- How much interest did the candidate show in the position ?

Rating @ comments

Time Management Did the employee is talented @ Time Management. Rating @ comments.

Overall Impression and Recommendation - Final comments and recommendations about the candidate. Rating @comments.

Head of Human Resource