Programme Guide for the Use and Implementation of ICTs

National Goals
1. Integration of ICT to give effect to the New Zealand Curriculum/Te Marautanga o Aotearoa;

Cluster goals
Implement learning programmes that develop the intent of the New Zealand Curriculum

Ideas For Success
A cluster conference to support pedagogical understanding and the need for change using outside experts. Appropriate workshops organised to support teachers needs and goals. Pedagogy that supports the development of the elearning continues. Staff Meetings to share the Teaching and Learning Rubric based on ACOT research.

Success Indicators
Key Competencies are integrated across all learning opportunities. There is evidence of a growing use of elearning in classrooms, resulting in increased student engagement and achievement. eLearning is explicitly planned for in teaching and assessment. Teachers have an individual elearning professional goal as part of their appraisal

Appraisal to reflect the importance of elearning as a professional learning goal .

Meetings to establish expectations by the end of the contract and complete an elearning focus goal sheet. Teachers reflect and set Goals towards making effective changes to classroom practice. Teachers are active participants in a variety of elearning sharing opportunities.

2. Increased capability of teachers and principals to improve students’ learning and achievement through e -learning;

Teachers to inquire into the impact of the teaching and students’ learning in their classrooms, with emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy. To share expertise across the school cluster and beyond. To develop strategies that enhance formative assessment practice across the cluster

Teachers are embedding the new learning from conferences, workshops and other professional development into their teaching practice.

1 to 1 PD with teachers on inquiry as a process for learning and provide assistance with planning for this. Evidence of teachers and students making informed (Working with schools to create their own pathways if this choices about using ICT across the curriculum. is still a requirement). Teaching as inquiry is evident in teaching practice. 1 to 1 PD / Staff meeting ideas for enhancing literacy and numeracy eg) Using a webcam to record reading, ways Teachers display clear learning intentions, co-construct to create and revisit shared books, software, Web 2 links, and reflect on success criteria. use of Voice Thread as a way of sharing ideas, and also to record students understanding (Maths problem Formative assessment practice in schools utilise solving), writing on a daily blog, connecting with other elearning strategies. classes to share learning, using thinking hats and graphic organizers to enhance critical thinking, using Students will increasingly be able to reflect on the Solo Taxonomy or rubrics to share expectations and learning process and articulate the goals for their stages of learning with students. learning. Critical Thinking and thinking tool workshops (possible session with Eric Frangeheim) Use of portals to record student progress. Relevant resources and ongoing updated resources are available on the cluster wiki.

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