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Theme : 4

Duration : 4 period
Topic : Threats and Responses: 4.1. The loss of Brunei Territories
Sub Topic :
• Anglo-Brunei Treaty of Friendship and commerce 1847
• US-Brunei Treaty of Friendship and commerce 1850
Objectives: Presentation:
By the end of the lesson students should Activity 1
be able; • Set up a group of three presenting as the Sultan of
 To see and know how Brunei, the British and the American.
important the topic they studied • Provided them with a script for each group.
 Student should be able to • Students will start acting according to the script given.
understand the reason of the signing • The acting will be: discuss on the reasons and terms of
the treaty and signing of the treaty.
the treaty.
 Know the different terms
Activity 2
under each treaty.
Before the Game
 Know the importance / • Prepare plenty of content related questions for use in
significance of these treaties to the game.
Brunei. • Use chalk or masking tape to mark two baseball
 review skills by playing this diamonds on the classroom floor; or if you want to play
fun game. outdoors use chalk to mark a diamond on a paved
playground area. The baseball diamonds need not be large.
 exhibit good sportsmanship
as they make a team effort. Playing the Game
Lesson Content:
 Anglo-Brunei Treaty of Friendship • Arrange students into two teams of equal size.
and commerce 1847 • Have each team choose a captain; each captain will choose a
player to be the team's dice roller, and
 US-Brunei Treaty of Friendship • Arrange a "batting order" for the team.
and commerce 1850 • Assign each team to one of the "baseball diamonds" lined on
 Activity playing surface. The players will line up in their established
1. Reacting of the signing of the "batting order."
treaty • Flip a coin to determine which team goes first.
• The teacher "pitches" a question to the first player on the first
2. Two Diamond Baseball
References: • If the player gives the correct response to the question, the
• Secondary History for Brunei team's dice roller will toss the dice and call out the number
Darussalam Sharing Our Past result.
Secondary. The second batter on the first team comes up to bat.
• Internet.
Teaching Aids and materials: • Play continues in this way, until the first team records three
outs. The number of runs in the inning is recorded; and the
 Whiteboard second team is up to bat. They bat until they record three
 Textbook outs.
 PowerPoint slide
Material for activity
Desks & chairs
• Question cards
• Two dice

• Masking tape or chalk

By the end of the lesson, teacher will check students understanding by asking individually. Did students
have fun? Did they learn as they practiced?