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UNIT: The Reign of Sultan Hashim (1885- SUB-TOPIC: Further Losses of Territories and The Treaty of
1906) Protection 1888
OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson students would be able to:
1. Differentiate and understand the loss of territories during the reign of S.O.A.S. II, Sultan Abdul Momin
and Sultan Hashim.
2. Identify the reasons for the signing of the Treaty of Protection 1888.
3. Comparing the Amanat and the Treaty of Protection.
4. Sequencing the Treaty of Protection.


3 mins
1. Show Coloured coding territories that were lost 1. Maps (showing Territories loss during 3 Brunei’s
throughout 3 generation of Brunei’s Sultans. Sultans).
2. Teacher clearly shows Brunei Territories- S.O.A.S II British North Borneo Company – shaded in grey
-S.A..M S.O.A.S II - yellow
- S. Hashim S.A.M - green
S. Hashim - red

Prior Knowledge 3 mins

5. As a lead-in, teacher recap on the Amanat –
which eventually led to the signing of Treaty of
Protection 1888. 3. Mind-Map on 4’Ws: (Powerpoint)
Lesson Development I (5 mins) a. Who were the representatives for Brunei and
6. Teacher starts by telling students that Brunei British government respectively?
needed a new protection from one of the b. Why was the Treaty of Protection signed?
European Country (British). c. When was it signed?
7. Teacher starts explain the 5’W of the Treaty of d. What were the terms of the treaty?
the Protection

Lesson Development II Activity (15 mins)

8. Students are ask to form their groups consists 2. Board – Advantages / Disadvantages
of 4- 5 students. British/ Brunei
9. Teacher ask students to gather information 3. internet access- Sir Hugh Low
about the advantages and disadvantages for
both sides: Brunei and British Vocabulary:
10. Hold a class discussion. • Territories
11. State who benefited the most from the treaty of • Kingdom
protection and why. • Agreement
• Cede
Conclusion: • Appealed
• Partitiion
12. Teacher summarizes the Treaty of Protection
• Prevent
and ask students “If the Treaty of Protection
was effective in preventing further loss of • Representative
territory. (to be continued as lead-in for the next • Captured
lesson) • Negotiate
• Status
• Sovereign
• Intervention

1. H/w assignment online research on Charles

Brooke and Seizure of Limbang.

Theme 4 : Threats and Responses – The Reign of Sultan Hashim

Group 27: Hj Fadihillah Bin Hj Ismail
Siti Rozayimah binti Haji Buntar
Joan Hiew

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