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Passenger Car MOtor Oil (PCMO)

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TOP 1 Oil Products Company 851 Burlway Road, Suite 600, Burlingame, CA 94010 U.S.A.
Tel. 650-347-3691, Toll free within U.S.: 1-866-TOP1OIL, Email.
TOP 1: The world’s most comprehensive line of synthetic lubricants.  Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO)
Evolution Fully Synthetic SAE 12x1 Ltr 6/4 Ltr 1x18.95 Ltr 1x200 Ltr
10W60 10700R
TOP 1 EVOLUTION Fully Synthetic Motor Oils are engineered to
5W40 10700D 10700-D3 10700-D5 10700-D7
provide the highest degree of performance under any driving conditions.
0W40 10700-X3 10700-X5 10700-X7
TOP 1 EVOLUTION Series motor oils are formulated to provide ultimate
protection as dictated by OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers). 5W50 10700E 10700-SL
TOP 1 EVOLUTION Series motor oils represent the very best lubricant API : SM
technology available from TOP 1
OEM APPROVALS: V W 502 00 & 505, BMW 20350, DAIMLER CHRYSLER IME 115198

SMO 8000 Fully Synthetic SAE 12x1 Ltr 6/4 Ltr 1x18.95 Ltr 1x200 Ltr
5W50 10701-1 10705 10701-5 10701-7
TOP 1 SMO-8000 Series are fully synthetic multi-viscosity motor oils engineered
to provide maximum protection for all engines over a wide range of operating 15W50 10702-1 10706 10702-5 10702-7
conditions. TOP SMO-8000 Series resists thermal breakdown in extreme driving API : SL
conditions. It stays intact under severe engine stress, providing excellent low-
temperature fluidity and superb resistance against high temperature oxidation
and oil thickening. TOP 1 8000 FULLY SYNTHETIC motor oils exceed the latest
car makers service requirements for gasoline powered engines, as well
as the requirements of API service category SM.

Zenzation SAE 12x1 Ltr 6/4 Ltr 1x18.95 Ltr 1x200 Ltr
10W40 10820 10824 10820-5 10820-7
TOP 1 ZENZATION Series Motor Oil are high quality synthetic motor oils
5W50 10825
designed to provide the highest protection, cleanliness and superior drain
intervals with the lowest friction for your gasoline engine. The improved API : SM
volatilty and stability imparts reduced oil consumption, faster engines
starting, and extremely fast lubrication of all moving parts compared to
conventional oils.

SMO HP SAE 12x1 Ltr 12x1 qt. 24x1 qt. 24/1 Ltr 6/4 Ltr 1x18.95 Ltr 1x200 Ltr
20W50 10711-1 10711 10710 10710-1 10714 10710-5 10710-7
TOP 1 SYNTHETIC Motor Oil “HP” are synthetic-based motor oils
15W50 10718
blended with a state-of-the-art additive package engineered to provide
10W40 10720
better protection than conventional petroleum-based motor oils available
on the worldwide market. TOP 1 SMO HP’s excellent thermal stability and
oxidation resistance will provide easy starting in extremely cold weather SMO HP PLUS
as well as fuel economy and reduced oil consumption in hot weather and 10W40 10719
represent the most cost effective solutions to your lubricant needs. API : SL

Super Synthetic Blend SAE 12x1 Ltr 12x1 qt. 24x1 qt. 6/4 Ltr 1x18.95 Ltr 1x200 Ltr
5W30 10700-2 10700-25 10700-27
TOP 1 SUPER SYNTHETIC BLEND Series are specifically formulated to meet the
demands of the small displacement high RPM fuel efficient engines found in today’s 10W30 10700-3 10700-35 10700-37
domestic and foreign automobiles. These engines experience higher operating 10W40 10741-1 10712 10700-4 10700-5 10700-7
temperatures and require a motor oil which offers maximum protection against both API : SM & SL
viscosity and thermal breakdown. TOP 1 SUPER SYNTHETIC BLEND motor oils
exceed the latest car maker’s service requirements for gasoline powered engines. ALSO AVAILABLE!
In addition to exceeding the requirements of API category SM, both the SAE 5W30 HIGH PERFORMANCE MINERAL OIL
and 10W30 grades exceed the API Energy Conserving standard for enhanced fuel 20W50 10211-1 10213-1
economy and meet the ILSAC GF-4 specification.