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Lesson Planning Form for Accessible Instruction Calvin College Education Program

Teacher Alysha Flietstra Subject/ Topic/ Theme Date Stargirl Chapters 16 & 17 Gra e !th/"th

I. Objectives How does t is lesson connect to t e unit !lan"

#ear$ers %ill a$s%ers &uestio$s %ritte$ o$ the boar so ' ca$ assess i( they i their assig$e rea i$g) #ear$ers %ill lea a class iscussio$ about the assig$e rea i$g) #ear$ers %ill sel(* isco+er* te,t to sel( #ear$ers %ill o a simulatio$ a$ e,perie$ce peer pressure)

Learners will be able to#

Demo$strate comprehe$sio$ o( pre+ious assig$e rea i$g) -elate %ith the characters 1te,t*sel(2) Apply simulatio$ to real*li(e situatio$s A$aly3e situatio$s o( peer*pressure

cog$iti+e* - . Ap A$ / C0

physical e+elopme$t

socio* emotio$al

Ap A$ Ap A$

4 4

Common Core standards $or %LCEs if not available in Common Core& addressed#
CCSS)/#A*#iteracy)-')")1 5uote accurately (rom a te,t %he$ e,plai$i$g %hat the te,t says e,plicitly a$ %he$ ra%i$g i$(ere$ces (rom the te,t) CCSS)/#A*#iteracy)-')")6 Determi$e t%o or more mai$ i eas o( a te,t a$ e,plai$ ho% they are supporte by 7ey etails8 summari3e the te,t) CCSS)/#A*#iteracy)-#)")" /,plai$ ho% a series o( chapters9 sce$es9 or sta$3as (its together to pro+i e the o+erall structure o( a particular story9 rama9 or poem) CCSS)/#A*#iteracy):)");) .se co$crete %or s a$ phrases a$ se$sory etails to co$+ey e,perie$ces a$ e+e$ts precisely) CCSS)/#A*#iteracy)S#)")1 /$gage e((ecti+ely i$ a ra$ge o( collaborati+e iscussio$s 1o$e*o$*o$e9 i$ groups9 a$ teacher*le 2 %ith i+erse part$ers o$ gra e " topics a$ te,ts9 buil i$g o$ others< i eas a$ e,pressi$g their o%$ clearly)
1=ote# :rite as ma$y as $ee e ) '$ icate ta,o$omy le+els a$ co$$ectio$s to applicable $atio$al or state sta$ ar s) '( a$ objecti+e applies to particular lear$ers %rite the $ame1s2 o( the lear$er1s2 to %hom it applies)2 0remember9 u$ ersta$ 9 apply9 a$aly3e9 e+aluate9 create

II. 'efore (ou start Identif( !rere)uisite *nowledge and s*ills.

*Assig$e rea i$g must be rea be(oreha$ ) *Te,t*Sel( term Pre-assessment (for learning): Students must answer questions written on board. Formative (for learning): Discussion on assigned reading with relating themes/what the students thin . Formative (as learning): !atching for student"s reactions/#artici#ation in simulation Summative (of learning2> $eviewing of student"s %ournal and discussion of e&ercise done in class

Outline assessment activities 1applicable to this lesso$2

+ at barriers mig t t is lesson !resent" + at will it ta*e , neurodevelo!mentall(e.!erientiall(- emotionall(- etc.for (our students to do t is lesson"

Provide /ulti!le /eans of 0e!resentation ?ro+i e optio$s (or perceptio$* ma ing information #erce#tible Peer pressure exercise

Provide /ulti!le /eans of Action and E.!ression ?ro+i e optio$s (or physical actio$* increase o#tions for interaction Students will be standing/sitting and participating in simulation

Provide /ulti!le /eans of Engagement ?ro+i e optio$s (or recruiti$g i$terest* choice' relevance' value' authenticit(' minimi)e threats Value of student discussion, Relevance of text-self ?ro+i e optio$s (or sustai$i$g e((ort a$ persiste$ce* o#timi)e challenge' collaboration' master(-oriented feedbac This lesson is heav in discussion and should be student led!

?ro+i e optio$s (or la$guage9 mathematical e,pressio$s9 a$ symbols* clarif( * connect language

?ro+i e optio$s (or e,pressio$ a$ commu$icatio$* increase medium of e&#ression Simulation, journal writings


?ro+i e optio$s (or comprehe$sio$* activate' a##l( * highlight Simulation and journal writings

?ro+i e optio$s (or e,ecuti+e (u$ctio$s* coordinate short * long term goals' monitor #rogress' and modif( strategies "onitor progress simulation! #lass discussion following exercise

?ro+i e optio$s (or sel(*regulatio$* e&#ectations' #ersonal s ills and strategies' self-assessment * reflection Reflection on themes, self-text, reflection of simulation

/aterials1w at materials $boo*sandouts- etc& do (ou need for t is lesson and are t e( read( to use"

How will (our classroom be set u! for t is lesson"

* AStargirlB boo7 * ?e$cil * -ea i$g jour$als * C&CBs/Smarties 1ca$ y2 * Acti+ity car s * /,ercise irectio$s * ?o%erpoi$t prese$tatio$ * * -egular classroom set*up (or (irst part o( class * ' %ill be sta$ i$g i$ (ro$t o( %hiteboar * ' %ill sit o$ stool i$ (ro$t o( room * ' %ill be %al7i$g arou$ the classroom at +arious times For simulatio$> * :e %ill be goi$g to the %orship room) * Stu e$ts %ill be sitti$g o$ the (loor i$ groups scattere arou$ room i$ 6 large groups) ' %ill %al7 arou$ to assist)

III. 2 e Plan 2ime 8minutes Com!onents /otivation 1ope$i$g/ i$tro uctio$/ e$gageme$t2 3escribe teacher activities A43 student activities For eac com!onent of t e lesson. Include im!ortant ig er order t in*ing )uestions and5or !rom!ts.
%I6E I420O37C2IO4# Goo Cor$i$gD :e ha+e a lot to accomplish to ay a$ a really (u$ e,ercise to o i$ a couple o( mi$utes so letBs begi$D E#etBs (irst thi$7 bac7 to Thurs ay o$ the acti+ity ' %a$te you to o)F G :hat types o( emotio$s %ere you (eeli$g be(ore9 uri$g9 a$ a(ter you i you beha+iorH G :hat types o( reactio$s %ere you e,pecti$g to recei+e (rom the people arou$ youH G :hat reactio$s i you actually recei+eH G :hat other types o( beha+iors coul you e,perime$t %ith that Stargirl per(orms i$ the $o+elH :hy o you thi$7 ' ha you o this acti+ityH =e,t9 letBs re+ie% Chapters 16 a$ 17) ?lease ta7e out your %riti$g bi$ ers) Teacher %ill %rite chapter re+ie% &uestio$s o$ %hite boar 9 gi+i$g a $e% &uestio$ e+ery 1*6 mi$utes) Chapter 16 :hat ha the cheerlea ers o$e to StargirlH Iic7e her o(( the s&ua p) 77 :hatBs the $ic7$ame the girls ga+e #eoH Starboy / Cr) Stargirl p) 7J :he$ #eo %e$t to StargirlBs house9 %here i he hi e %he$ she came outsi eH Kehi$ a car p) 7@ Chapter 17 :here %as StargirlBs e$cha$te place loo7 li7eH The esert p) @L At her e$cha$te place9 %hat i Stargirl a$ #eo (eelH ?) @1/ @! Stu e$ts shoul get their materials out a$ be rea y to start the lesso$) Stu e$ts %ill be +ie%i$g the %hite boar %hile ha+i$g their %riti$g jour$als ope$e to the &uestio$/a$s%er page) Stu e$ts shoul %rite each &uestio$ out a$ be a$s%eri$g each &uestio$ %ith a complete se$te$ce)

9 mins


3evelo!ment 1the largest compo$e$t or mai$ bo y o( 1*1@*1;

E=e,t9 %e are goi$g to &uietly %al7 o+er to the %orship room) ?lease bri$g your jour$als a$ a pe$cil %ith youDF

5uietly %al7 o+er to %orship room)

the lesso$2

Ma+e po%erpoi$t o$ scree$) Stu e$ts shoul be liste$i$g to irectio$s Simulatio$> Cou$t o(( stu e$ts %ith $umbers 1*6) Ma+e each group sit/sta$ i$ a circle) ?ass out o$e role car to each stu e$t) 2eac er *nowledge> N$e member o( the group %ill ha+e a bag o( ca$ y9 a$ his/her job %ill be to co$+i$ce the others to eat the ca$ y) The other members %ill each ha+e speci(ic i$structio$s about ho% to react to this situatio$) The stu e$ts shoul o$ly 7$o% %hat their o%$ job is8 they must =NT 7$o% the roles gi+e$ to the other members) Ke(ore begi$$i$g9 ma7e sure that the stu e$ts u$ ersta$ their tas7 a$ that they must to o e,actly %hat the car tells them to o as playi$g their particular roles is i$tegral to the success o( the game) They also must u$ ersta$ that they are $ot allo%e to tell the others %hat is %ritte$ o$ their car ) The$9 gi+e the stu e$t %ith car O! the bag o( ca$ y a$ ha+e each group begi$) Co+e bet%ee$ groups a$ help (acilitate %he$ $ecessary) /ach stu e$t %ill ha+e their o%$ role car ) 1; stu e$ts2 -ole 1> Someo$e playi$g this game has ca$ y9 a$ %ill try to get you to eat some) Pou imme iately agree to eat the ca$ y a$ try to get others to eat it too) Nbjecti+e> ?ersua e others to eat the ca$ y) Q)) 16 stu e$ts2 -ole 6> Someo$e has ca$ y9 a$ %ill try to get you to eat some) Do$Bt eat a$y ca$ y at (irst) Gi+e reaso$s %hy you o$Bt %a$t a$y) Fi$ally9 gi+e i$ a$ start eati$g) Try to get others to eat the ca$ y too) Nbjecti+e> ?ersua e others to eat the ca$ y) Q)) 1! stu e$ts2 -ole ;> Someo$e i$ your group has ca$ y a$ %ill try to get you to eat some) Do$Bt eat the ca$ y9 $o matter %hat a$yo$e says to you) '( you o $ot eat a$y9 you %ill get your o%$ a(ter the game) Nbjecti+e> Do$Bt eat a$y ca$ y) QQQ 1N$e stu e$t2 -ole !> Pou ha+e a bag o( ca$ y) Get e+erybo y i$ your group to eat o$e ca$ y) Slo%ly eat the ca$ y %hile you persua e the others to eat some9 too) Nbjecti+e> Get e+eryo$e to eat o$e ca$ y) Q)) + ole Class 3iscussion ;uestions# $Power!oint& :hat happe$e i$ your groupH :ho ha the most i((icult jobH :hyH Mo% i it (eel to be pressure by the group to eat the ca$ yH :as it i((icult to thi$7 o( reaso$s %hy you i $Bt %a$t the ca$ yH :as it more i((icult to re(use %he$ you %ere the o$ly o$e %ho %oul $Bt eat the ca$ yH Mo% i it (eel to pressure othersH Mo% i you (eel a(ter you ga+e i$ a$ bega$ eati$g the ca$ yH :hat real li(e situatio$ i this acti+ity illustrateH 1'$tro uce the term> peer pressure)2 :hat i this acti+ity simulateH :hat happe$s %he$ (rie$ s pressure each other to

$89 mins for entire simulation e.!lanation and e.ercise&

?articipati$g i$ simulatio$

?articipate i$ %hole class iscussio$

9 minutes < minutes 1*1@*1;

=our reflection about t e lessonincluding evidence$s& of student learning and engagementas well as ideas for im!rovement for ne.t time. 1:rite this a(ter teachi$g the lesso$9 i( you ha a cha$ce to teach it) '( you i $ot teach this lesso$9 (ocus o$ the process o( prepari$g the lesso$)2 Closure 1co$clusio$9 culmi$atio$9 %rap*up2

o somethi$g) Ca$ you thi$7 o( a time %he$ your (rie$ s put the same 7i$ o( pressure o$ youH :hy o you thi$7 %e i this acti+ity to ayH Di you lear$ a$ythi$g (rom oi$g thisH

Ma+e stu e$ts %rite a jour$al respo$se o( participati$g i$ the e,ercise) Assig$ rea i$g (or $e,t classBs sessio$) 1Chapters 1J&1@2

:rite re(lectio$ i$ their jour$als Stu e$ts %ill %rite i$ their pla$$ers the assig$e rea i$g (or $e,t literature class)