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Activities, Interests, Opinions (AIOs)

Lifestyle characteristics analyzed by market researchers to create a

psychographic profile of a market segment. When combined with
demographic characteristics, AIOs give an in-depth look into the buying
behavior of the segment.

Lifestyle & Psychographic Segmentation measures AIOs:

Activities - how people spend their time engaging in activities

Interests - what is of most interest or importance to them in their immediate
Opinions - their opinions and views about themselves and the world around

In AIO research, the subject is asked if he or she agrees or disagrees with

certain statements designed to explore his or her attitudes, motives, needs,
and perceptions. Typical AIO statements:
• I like gardening.
• I do not get enough sleep.
• I enjoy going to concerts.
• A news magazine is more interesting than a showbiz magazine
• There should be a gun in every home.
• There is a lot of love in our family.
• Instant coffee is more economical than ground coffee.

Armed with 3 sets of data (AIOs, demographics & product usage), the
marketer constructs user profiles. The analysis reveals relating levels of
agreement on all AIO items with the levels of usage of a product and with
demographic characteristics.

Typically, a pattern emerges in which AIO statements cluster together, i.e.,

similar respondents are grouped together from a lifestyle perspective.

Generally, this segmentation takes 2 steps:

---a determination is made of which lifestyle segments will produce the
greatest number of profitable customers
---defining and describing the selected target customers in more depth to
understand how they may be attracted and communicated with more
efficiently and relevantly.