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Consumer Insight: What is it?

All marketing efforts are successful only to the extent that they
connect with a real, live human being - a consumer.
It means seeing the world through the consumer’s eyes.
It entails putting yourself in his shoes.
It demands that you go beyond knowing who your customers are to
something deeper:
understanding, respect and empathy.

…will enable you to “read” consumers and respect them for what they
…will allow you to speak to consumers with genuine understanding of
who they are:
what they need, what they feel, what they think, what they believe.
…will teach you how to turn consumer insights into creative ideas that
sell brands.

Every sale is a personal sale.

The 5th ‘P’ of Marketing is Personalization.
The classic 4P’s of Marketing (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) are
only effective to the extent that they make a personal connection
with the consumer.
Our success as marketers and advertising people comes only when we
bring a customer an idea, product or solution that makes things
better for him personally.

The Sweet Spot: In sports, it is that one special place on a baseball

bat, golf club or tennis racket…
…that drives the ball farther, faster and with less effort than when it’s
hit anywhere else.
Consumers have Sweet Spots, too.
And when your marketing or advertising idea hits it, your sales will

Sweet Spot: the place in the consumer’s mind where you make a
connection between a consumer insight and a brand insight.
Consumer Insight + Brand Insight = Sweet Spot

The Marlboro Cowboy hit a Sweet Spot in all of us - the one that yearns
for freedom and independence, for wide open spaces and a far
horizon to live out our dreams.

Pretty Woman” played out our fantasy…

if we’re in the right place at the right time…
someone rich, handsome and sophisticated will see us for who we
really are and carry us off in his white limousine.

Integrated Marketing Communications - the concept of designing

marketing communications programs that coordinate all promotional
personal selling,
sales promotion,
public relations,
direct marketing –
to provide a consistent, unified message and image across all

Today’s Marketing Reality:

increasing fragmentation of markets,
exploding product and media choices,
increasing competition.

How do you deal with these?

Spend more on bigger ad campaigns?
Fancier promotions?
More new products?

The better way: Use Consumer Insight to...

invent new products
design better marketing programs
build stronger sales plans
create great advertising

Marketing and advertising success stories are made possible through

Consumer Insight. Example: Surf Bar’s “Lumen” campaign.

What consumer insights could have led to the creation and success of
the “Lumen” campaign?
The family’s approval and esteem mean a lot to the typical Filipino
housewife. That’s why she will not sacrifice the cleanness and
whiteness of her family’s clothes just to save on a cheaper bar.
She also doesn’t want to be perceived as “cheap” which she feels will
happen if she buys inferior, cheap products.
However, she is now really feeling the pinch of the economic crisis.
She is looking for “value for money” - products that cost less but
deliver good quality.
Surf used this consumer insight to create a marketing mix focusing on
the message that the product is “singgaling, pero ‘di
To negate the perception that buying a cheaper bar makes you
“cheap,” Surf played up the idea that buying Surf makes you
“wais” - making target consumers feel really good and proud of
Housewives can relate and personally connect with the ad’s leading
character, Lumen, who’s adored by her husband and kids, and even
admired by her critical mother-in-law.
What’s happening to Lumen is what they would want for themselves.

BARRY FEIG: “Our wants are great motivators.”


1. The Desire for Control

having control means having power over one’s destiny or the destiny
of loved ones - mobile phones, mini offices in the home.

2. Revaluing
baby boomers, in their 40s and 50s, are taking stock of their lives -
products that are familiar and comforting but with a new twist (e.g.
Nescafe Frothe); that enhance their perception of a better lifestyle,
such as healthier foods.

3. The Excitement of Discovery

uncovering the unexpected; “discover” points can be a simple as
giving a product a new benefit the competitor hasn’t thought of yet or
adding an extra unit of the product. For instance, Avon’s Skin So Soft
was found to be effective at repelling bugs.

4. I’m Better than You

prestige or status seeking is a dynamic part of our lives - e.g., gold
credit cards, expensive luxury cars.

5. Family Values
one of the strongest consumer motivations; a Gallup poll asked, “If you
were offered a slice of cake to share with anyone in the world, who
would you choose?” The answer most given was “my husband/wife.”

6. Need for Belonging

we want to be among people who are like ourselves; many people, for
instance, play team sports for the camaraderie of the sport and the
desire to belong.

7. Fun, Novelty, Stimulation

enhances the buyer’s perception of pleasure and satisfies her need to
be stimulated - e.g., a toilet bowl cleaner that’s shaped like a duck.

8. Time
Saving time is one of the biggest motivators of men and women, aged
25-45 - e.g., Ready Crisp Fully Cooked Bacon that’s cooked up in a
microwave for about 5 seconds

9. The Desire to Get the Best that Can Be Got

in every category there is an “est” factor, the brightest, fanciest,
fastest product in a given category - e.g., Harley Davidson is the
quintessential motorcycle, even if the Japanese knock-offs are just as

10. The Desire to Be the Best You Can Be

self-achievement is a major goal for most people - e.g., a cake mix that
offers a new texture or flavor, a new craft or hobby, or a new software
program that promises to enhance a job.

11. Sex Appeal

attraction for the Opposite Sex – e.g., with Close Up, you will always
get the “crush ng bayan.”

12. The Nurturing Response

the desire to give care is strong, probably even stronger than the
desire to get care - e.g., Vicks Vaporub is “haplos ng pagmamahal”

13. A Chance to Start Over with a Clean Slate

a chance for people to reinvent themselves - e.g., beauty products that
remove wrinkles or blemishes for a “new you”.

14. Reason and Intelligence

many people want to think they’re smart - e.g., Consumers equated
pork with fatty bacon and greasy spareribs, so the Pork Council
positioned pork as a light meal with a great deal of protein. Sales went

15. Self-Nurturance and the Ability to Stay Ageless and Immortal

older people are more willing to spend money on things that make
them feel good about themselves - e.g., products that offer physical,
mental or biological paths to make aging easier, like Enervon Prime.