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TOP 1 Motorcycle Lubricants are Race Proven!

Rocky Robinson Nationality: USA

‘77-79. Rocky competed in the Camel Pro Series campaigning the national trail as a ranked class “C” expert.
1980 -89. Rocky made the transformation from the longer dirt track ovals to the tighter, more aggressive riding style
utilized in the sport of Speedway racing. Rocky was a natural at this form of racing and won the Napa Wine Cup
Championship in 1989 as well as the overall Northern California Speedway Championship that same year.
1994-95 Rocky competed in both amateur and national caliber competition. He was the 1994 Amateur Champion and
finished as high as 3 rd in the popular Schreiber Cup Nationals.
1995. Rocky became involved in Land Speed Racing and was offered the ride in Tenacious II. At the famed Bonneville
Salt Flats Rocky was able to motor to a top speed of 291 mph under perfect conditions.

Casey McCoy Nationality: USA Jonah Street Nationality: USA

Casey McCoy began riding motorcycles in 1977, at Jonah Street was a ‘revelation’ in the 2006 Dakar. In his
the age of 11, and has competed in motocross, grand first Dakar Rally, he competed with and beat some of
prix, enduro, desert races and rallies. After a brief the big factory teams. He placed in the top 5 in three
stint in motocross, he focused on desert riding where different stages, and announced his presence to the TOP 1 Oil Products Company
world rally community. He has been racing for years,
he had top finishes in many disciplines including the
1995 Nevada Rally, whereby he placed 5th in a highly with many race wins and championships in the SCORE High-Quality Lubricants
and Best in the Desert series. He is now looking forward
competitive Open Class. In 1997, he won the Best in the to heading back to Africa! 2006 Dakar Rally overall finish
Desert Series 450cc four-stroke class, with wins in the 17th / Stage 11, 3rd / Stage 12, 5th/ Stage 13, 2nd
Tonopah 300 and prestigious Vegas to Reno race. Results:
From 2000 to 2002 he has had solid top 5 finishes 2001 SCORE Series 1st
in the Australian Safari Rally. In 2003 he again had a 2001 Best in the Desert Series 1st
top 3 performance though day 6 when an unfortunate 2001 SCORE Baja 1000 2nd / SCORE Baja 500 1st
mechanical failure surfaced. In 2004 he returned from a 2001 BITD Tonopah 300 1st
broken leg suffered in Tunisia just 8 months prior to ride 2001 BITD Terrible Town 250 2nd
for Yamaha Motors Australia.
2004 Australian Safari Rally 6th
2000 SCORE Baja 500 1st
2000 BITD Nevada 2000 2 stage wins
1999 SCORE Baja 500 1st / SCORE Baja 1000 2nd
2003 Baja 1000 11th 1999 24 Hour Off Road Endurance World Championship 1st Product Brochure
2003 Australian Safari Rally 22nd (mechanical)
2002 Australian Safari Rally 5th
2002 FIM World Cup Rally Series 17th
2001 Australian Safari Rally 4th
2001 FIM World Cup Rally Series 17th
2000 Australian Safari Rally 2nd
1997 Best in the Desert Series 1st (450 4-stroke)
1997 BITD Vegas to Reno 1st (450 4-stroke)
1997 BITD Tonopah 300 1st (450 4-stroke)
1996 Best in the Desert Series 2nd (4-stroke)
TOP 1 Oil Products Company 851 Burlway Road, Suite 600, Burlingame, CA 94010 U.S.A.
Tel. 650-347-3691, Toll free within U.S.: 1-866-TOP1OIL, Email.
TOP 1: The world’s most comprehensive line of synthetic lubricants.  Motorcycle Motor Oil (MCMO) TOP 1 Motorcycle Lubricants are Race Proven!
Evolution Pro Racing 4 TOP 1 motorcycle lubricants are formulated to excel even under the most demanding race conditions and deliver the extra
performance edge demanded by the world’s top motorcycle riders.
TOP 1 Evolution Synthetic Motor Oil for Motorcycle Engines is a full synthetic TOP 1 Pro Racing 4-Stroke Synthetic Motor Oil for Motorcycle Engines provides
motor oil designed to outperform all 4 Stroke (4T) motorcycle oils available on the maximum protection against thermal and viscosity breakdown, cylinder scuffing, TOP 1 motorcycle lubricants have been race tested for maximum performance in the most extreme conditions imaginable
market today. Evolution has a strong lubricating film that significantly reduces and high temperature deposit formation. Pro Racing 4 Stroke Synthetic motorcycle and by some of the world’s top racers, including MotoGP racer Casey Stoner, Rocky Robinson breaking the land speed
friction, thereby increasing horsepower. Unique anti-wear additives reduce valve oil is engineered to provide even greater multi-functional benefits for the special record (342.8 MPH) in the Top 1 Ack Attack Motorcycle streamliner, and Jonah Street and Casey McCoy competing in the
train wear, piston and ring scuffing and bearing wear. Outstanding oxidation, requirements of motorcycle applications, especially with the severe demands of ultimate endurance test, The Dakar.
shear and temperature stability ensure a high level of performance at extreme motorcycle racing. Meets API SG and JASO MA2 service categories.
temperatures. Meets API SG and JASO MA2 service categories. Many lubricants can perform well in a controlled laboratory setting. That’s why we at TOP 1 go the extra step to prove our
products in the most extreme and uncontrolled environments.
SAE 12 x 1 Ltr 24 x 1 qt. 12/800cc 24 x 800cc SAE 12 x 1 Ltr 24 x 1 qt. 12/800cc 24 x 800cc
15W50 10700MC 20W50 10789 TOP 1 motorcycle lubricants … proven to be the ultimate product for

SMO 7000 Pro Racing 2 TOP Riders use TOP 1

TOP 1 SMO 7000 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil for Motorcycle Engines has Pro Racing 2-Stroke Synthetic Motorcycle Oil delivers protection and
exceptional heat dissipation ability which lowers engines operating temperatures performance not available from conventional two-stroke lubricants; all the while
while preventing clutch slippage. TOP 1 SMO7000 is ideal for motorcycles with reducing harmful exhaust fumes.
catalytic converters, gives outstanding protection against thermal breakdown and
is an excellent rust inhibitor. TOP 1 SMO 7000’s proprietary additives reduce pre-
ignition and imparts consistent lubrication and higher film strength for longer engine
life. Meets API SG and JASO MA2 service categories.

SAE 12 x 1 Ltr 24 x 1 qt. 12/800cc 24 x 800cc SAE 12 x 1 Ltr 24 x 1 qt. 12/800cc 24 x 800cc
10W40 10789-2 10779
Casey Stoner Nationality: Australian
1991—1999. Between the ages of 6 and 14 Casey won 41 Australian dirt and long track titles and over 70 State titles.
SMO-MC Synthetic 2T 2000. Casey wins the English 125cc Aprilia Championship in his first year of road racing.

TOP 1 Synthetic Motor Oil for Motorcycle Engines (SMO-MC) is a premium TOP 1 Pro Racing 2-Stroke Synthetic Motor Oil for Motorcycle Engines is a 2002. Straight onto a 250cc machine in his rookie MotoGP year. His best result for the year was a 5th at Brno as well as
performance, shear-stable, multi-grade gasoline engine oil specifically intended for high performance, “low smoke”, synthetic motorcycle oil which is formulated with several 6th place finishes.
use in four-stroke motorcycles requiring API SG, JASO MA-2 lubricants, including a special low ash additive system. Pro Racing 2-Stroke synthetic motorcycle oil 2003. Casey went on to ride for Luccio and Safilo Oxydo LCR in the 125cc MotoGP series and took four podium finishes
high output engines operating in severe service. SMO-MC is recommended for use delivers protection and performance not available from conventional two-stroke and his first race win, in Valencia.
in all motorcycle engines, including BMW, Honda, Vespa, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, lubricants; all the while reducing harmful exhaust fumes. Pro Racing 2-Stroke
2004. At 18 years of age, Casey moved to KTM for a season. That year he made it to the podium six times and took
Suzuki, and Yamaha. Meets API SG and JASO MA2 service categories. Synthetic motorcycle oil is formulated for engines requiring JASO FC performance
KTM’s first ever win in a MotoGP class.
lubricants, including high output machines operating in severe service.
2005. Casey once again come back under the welcoming umbrella of Lucio Cecchinello’s team, this time riding an official
SAE 12 x 1 Ltr 24 x 1 qt. 12/800cc 24 x 800cc SAE 12 x 1 Ltr 24 x 1 qt. 12/800cc 24 x 800cc 250cc Aprilia for Carrera LCR. He spent 2005 battling it out with Dani Pedrosa for the championship, visiting the podium
20W50 10780 10782 10770 10771 ten times in the process and taking wins at Portugal, Shanghi, Qatar, Sepang, and Istanbul.
2006. At twenty years of age, Casey has accomplished his long held ambition of racing in the GP1 MotoGP class, the
fastest and most prestigious of the MotoGP classes.

Super MC Goal
TOP 1 Super Synthetic Blend Motor Oil for Motorcycle Engines is a tropicalized TOP 1 Goal Motor Oil for Motorcycle Engines is a premium performance, shear-
multi-grade formula that provides easy starts and excellent protection at start-up. stable, multigrade motor oil which is formulated for use in four-stroke motorcycles
Super MC’s formulation prevent thermal and viscosity breakdown, cylinder scuffing and portable power equipment requiring API SG, JASO MA lubricants. TOP 1 Goal
and high temperature deposit formation.” Meets API SG and JASO MA2 service is designed to provide maximum protection against oxidation, cylinder scuffing,
and deposit formation. Its’ tropicalized multigrade formula provides easy starts and
prolongs engine life by providing excellent protection of vital engine parts at startup.
Meets API SG and JASO MA2 service categories. Meets API SG and JASO MA2
service categories.
SAE 12 x 1 Ltr 24 x 1 qt. 12/800cc 24 x 800cc SAE 12 x 1 Ltr 24 x 1 qt. 12/800cc 24 x 800cc
20W50 10787 20W50 90782