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Chicago Events and Attractions

Shine at RSNA 2009
ROM ITS world-class museums and bustling theater scene to its delectable dining
and family-friendly activities, Chicago offers a stellar lineup of attractions sure to
please everyone attending RSNA 2009. In keeping with our economy-conscious
times, be sure to check out our Insider’s Guide to Chicago’s Best Deals.
RSNA Tours & Events
RSNA is sponsoring a series of tours and events during RSNA 2009. The RSNA Tours
& Events brochure is available at Click Tours & City Events in
the left-hand column.
Please look for the R S N A T O U R icon next to event listings in this article, signify-
ing that a pre-arranged RSNA package is available. Enroll for tours and events online
when registering for the annual meeting or while adding courses.

Art Institute of Chicago

cago, the first Arts and Crafts exhibition at the

T HE Art Institute’s world-renowned permanent
collection includes a noteworthy exhibition of
surrealistic paintings and Impressionist art now
museum in more than 30 years. It includes designs
from the movement’s notables such as Frank
Gothic, 1930,
by Grant Wood,
showcased in the stunning Modern Wing, R S N A T O U R 2 0 Lloyd Wright, William Morris and Gustav
is part of the which opened in 2009. The 264,000 square foot Stickley. Another special exhibition this winter is
permanent col- addition elevates the Art Institute of Chicago to Playing with Pictures: The Art of Victorian Photo
lection at the
Art Institute of the position of second largest U.S. art museum Collage.
Chicago. and allows the museum to exhibit a larger portion ■ 111 S. Michigan Ave.
of its vast collection. Tickets: 1-312-930-4040
In November, visitors can explore Apostles
of Beauty: Arts and Crafts from Britain to Chi-

Field Museum
RS NA T OUR 13 While visiting The Field Museum, The recently opened Ernst & Young 3-D The-
say hello to Sue, the largest, most complete and best ater, Chicago’s only completely digital 3-D theater,
preserved Tyrannosaurus rex fossil ever discovered. helps bring favorite museum topics to life. Movie
Sue is only one of the many tickets are $5 per person plus
noteworthy specimens in the basic museum admission.
Field’s permanent collection. The Nature of Diamonds
The Evolving Planet exhibit examines the uniqueness of the
explores four billion years of gem as it journeys from diamond
evolution, allowing visitors to touch a real dino- mine to dealer. The exhibit includes noteworthy
saur bone and the teeth of a mastodon and a wooly pieces by Fulco di Vedura, Cartier and Boucheron
mammoth. Families may be interested in the new and works from Tiffany & Co. designed by Frank
Crown Family Play Lab for children, which fea- Gehry and Elsa Peretti.
tures interactive exhibits exploring science, anthro- ■ 1400 S. Lake Shore Dr.
pology, technology, nature, art and music, complete 1-312-922-9410
with a soundproof drum room.


Museum of Contemporary Art Smith Museum of Stained
Glass Windows

T HE MCA’s permanent collection represents

trends in art after 1945, with a special empha-
sis on Surrealism (1940s and 1950s), Minimalism
Located on the east end of
Navy Pier, this free museum
houses the nation’s largest
(1960s), conceptual art and photography (1960s permanent collection of Tiffany

to the present), installation art and art by local stained glass windows. The
museum has more than 150
artists. The collection includes paintings, sculp-
stained glass works—some
ture, photography, video, film and installations. dating back to the 1890s—by
This winter, MCA will host the most signifi- artists including John LaFarge,
cant American exhibition of British artist Liam Louis Sullivan, Louis Comfort
Gillick’s work. The various media and formats Tiffany, Frank Lloyd Wright,
consider how art and architecture influence Franz Mayer and F.X. Zettler.
interpersonal communication and vice versa. A Admission is free and public
Michelangelo Pistoletto, Le trombe del giudizio, 1968.
complementary exhibit, curated by Liam Gillick Collezione Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto Collection, Biella.
tours are offered at no extra
charge most Thursdays at 2 p.m.
himself, provides context for the artist’s work. work holds a place in many hearts with his col- ■ 600 E. Grand Ave.
Italics: Italian Art Between Tradition and orful mobiles and stabiles. Alexander Calder in 1-312-595-5024
Revolution explores Italian art and expression Focus is a small exhibit of his works from 1927 Peggy Notebaert Nature
from the late 1960s to the present and demon- to 1968. Museum
strates how these 75 Italian artists have forged ■ 220 E. Chicago Ave. Perched on the edge of a
new identities from their country’s history. 1-312-280-2660 Lincoln Park lagoon, this
Twentieth century artist Alexander Calder’s museum welcomes children of
all ages to explore nature in
unusual and innovative ways.
Shedd Aquarium Permanent exhibits include the
THE AQUARIUM is home to aquatic and seals. Penguin petting is a Look-in Animal Lab, Extreme
life from around the world, with must. Watch a diver hand feed a Green House, Mysteries of the
a special emphasis on crowd variety of species in the Caribbean Marsh and the Butterfly Haven.
■ 2430 N. Cannon Dr.
favorites such as sharks—The Reef, a 360-degree tour of a 90,000
Wild Reef offers one of the most gallon underwater reef community.
diverse displays of sharks in North The Shedd, a principal part of the
Chicago History Museum
America. See Chicago’s treasured Museum Campus, is a tasteful
Beluga whales, dolphins and penguins in Fanta- blend of contemporary and 1930s architecture The Chicago Historical Society
has created an urban museum,
sea, located in the newly renovated Oceanarium. situated on the shore of Lake Michigan.
which presents the fascinating
A 15-foot, walk-in yellow submarine has been ■ 1200 S. Lake Shore Dr. multicultural R SN A TO U R 33
added to the greatly enhanced under water view- 1-312-939-2438
heritage of the region in cre-
ing level. Visitors can also enjoy seahorses, otters
ative, up-to-date exhibits. The
museum’s collection includes
over 22 million artifacts and
Adler Planetarium documents. Check the Web site
for neighborhood tours, lec-
P LANETARIUM visitors now can view the newly
restored Gemini 12 spacecraft in the Shoot for
the Moon exhibit, where cutting-edge technology
tures, performances and events.
■ 1601 N. Clark St.
helps tell the story of America’s part in the space
race. Planetarium shows play continuously through-
out the day in two theaters. The StarRider Theater Lincoln Park Conservatory
provides a virtual reality experience, while the Sky A tropical oasis features green-
ery from around the world.
Theater depicts stars and other nighttime wonders
The Adler Planetarium is located on a scenic Seasonal features include a
projected on Adler’s distinctive dome. Telescopes: Christmas show in December.
section of the Museum Campus jutting into Lake
Through the Looking Glass, is a special exhibit cel- ■ 2391 N. Stockton Dr.
ebrating the 400th birthday of the telescope. Learn 1-312-742-7736
■ 1300 S. Lake Shore Dr.
how these amazing instruments have changed our
concepts of the universe and our place in it. index.cfm



Museum of Science and Industry Photo Credit: JB Spector, Museum of Science and Industry

T HEMuseum of Science and Industry is one of the most popular tour-

ist destinations in Chicago and is the only remaining building from
the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. RSNA TOUR 30
Permanent exhibits include the U-505 World War II submarine, the
fascinating Coal Mine and Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle. The recently
redesigned Henry Crown Space Center features the Apollo 8 Command
Module. The newest exhibit, You! The Experience provides interactive
opportunities to inspire us all to optimize our personal health and well
being. In Smart Home: Green + Wired, ecofriendly living is demon-
strated in a three-story, sustainable “green” home that has been erected
on the museum’s property.
The special exhibit Art + Science = Architecture features unbeliev-
able likenesses of many of the world’s most famous buildings that are
completely fabricated with oversized LEGO blocks. Annual seasonal exhibits include the Christmas Earth Revealed is one of
the permanent exhibits at
Around the World and Holidays of Light. the Museum of Science
The museum’s Omnimax theater is a five-story, domed, wraparound theatre. Check the Web site and Industry.
for current showings.
■ 57th St. and Lake Shore Dr.

The Insider’s Guide to Chicago’s Best Deals

Take advantage of the many great deals and free activities available at many of the city’s most popular destinations. Here is a rundown of the best
free attractions in town along with their “free” days and times.
• Chicago History Museum, Always free: McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade
1601 N. Clark St. (Monday) • Chicago ArchiCenter, Santa Claus, Ronald McDonald, and many other characters and person-
• Museum of Contemporary Art, 224 S. Michigan Ave. alities will march down State Street on Thanksgiving Day for the annual
220 E. Chicago (Tuesday) • Chicago Cultural Center, parade from 8:30–11 a.m.
• Charnley-Persky House Museum, 78 E. Washington St.
1365 N. Astor St. (Wednesday) Macy’s Holiday Windows
• City Gallery at the Historic
• Clarke House Museum, 1827 S. Water Tower, 806 N. Michigan A winter favorite for many is to take the
Indiana Ave. (Wednesday) Ave. family to view the animated window
• Glessner House Museum, • Lincoln Park Conservatory, displays installed for the holidays at the
1800 S. Prairie Ave. (Wednesday) 2391 N. Stockton Dr. Macy’s store at 111 N. State Street.
• Art Institute of Chicago, • Lincoln Park Zoo, 2200 N.
11 S. Michigan Ave. (Thursday Cannon Dr.
evenings, 5–9 p.m.) • Millennium Park Welcome
• Notebaert Nature Museum, Christkindlmarket Chicago and
Center, 201 E. Randolph St.
2430 N. Cannon Dr. (Thursday) the Santa House
• Museum of Contemporary
• Chicago Children’s Museum at Photography, 600 S. Michigan Opening November 26, Christkindl-
Navy Pier, 700 E. Grand Ave. Ave. market Chicago is the largest and
(Sunday, Dec. 6, admission is free • Navy Pier, 600 E. Grand Ave. most renowned German winter
for those 15 and under) • Smith Museum of Stained holiday market in the U.S. attracting
• Field Museum, 1400 S. Lake Shore Glass Windows, 600 E. Grand visitors from the city and around the
Dr. (Dec. 2) Ave. world. Christkindlmarket is located
• Shedd Aquarium, 1200 S. Lake on Daley Plaza between Washington
Shore Dr. (Nov. 30) and Dearborn Streets.

Save Money, Avoid Ticket Lines with CityPass

A CityPass ticket booklet containing admission tickets to the Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, Field Museum and
Museum of Science and Industry, as well as the Hancock Observatory, is available for $69.00 and can save you up to
40 percent on all admissions and allow you to skip ticket lines at each venue. Once you start using the CityPass, you
have nine days to visit all of the included attractions. Visit


American Girl Place
RSNA TO UR 27 The Second City Family Performances Shoppers at American Girl Place
The Addams Family The Main Stage of Chicago’s favorite may choose among the beautiful
comedy venue features well-
A Christmas Carol dolls. Call to make a reservation
Enjoy the family dynamics of this
famous monster family, which may established actors and skits and a This production of the famous for lunch, tea or dinner.
resemble yours. smaller ETC stage features up-and- Dickens tale makes even ■ Water Tower Place

■ Ford Center for the Performing Arts coming Chicago comics. Scrooge seem magical. 835 N. Michigan Ave.
■ Goodman Theatre 1-877-247-5223

Family Activities
Oriental Theatre ■ Main Stage and ETC stage
24 W. Randolph St. 1616 N. Wells St. 170 N. Dearborn St.
1-312-902-1400 1-312-337-3992 1-312-443-3800
Chicago Children’s Museum
More than 12 interactive exhibits
American Buffalo Rewired and new programs offer hours of
Tension and humor ripple through by Blue Man Group creative play. Hands-on exhibits
playwright David Mamet’s simple Performance art and comedy are creatively focused on science,
dialogue. meet music. Certainly not con- literacy, humanities and the arts.
■ Steppenwolf Theatre ventional theater, the perfor-
1650 N. Halsted Ave. mance is furiously paced and
1-312-335-1650 loud. Blue Man has a well-
The Snow Queen earned position as one of the
Hans Christian Andersen’s popular most popular performances in
Cirque du Soleil winter tale will be performed for a the city.
Vaudeville and Cirque du Soleil come fourth holiday season. ■ Briar Street Theatre
together in Chicago for this one-of-a- ■ Victory Gardens Mainstage 3133 N. Halsted
kind performance. at the Biograph 1-773-348-4000
■ The Chicago Theatre 2433 N. Lincoln Ave.
175 N. State St. 1-773-871-3000 “Snow Much Fun” offers a winter
1-312-902-1500 wonderland of fun including an “ice rink” where children can
Young Frankenstein – The New
Mel Brooks Musical skate in their stocking feet to fes-
Late Nite Catechism This live-on-stage comedy is as tive, wintry music.
This witty performance examining the hilarious and scary as the film ver- ■ 700 E. Grand Ave. (on Navy Pier)

Baby Boomer parochial school experi- sion but with singing and dancing. 1-312-527-1000
ence is a longtime favorite among Winner of the 2008 Outer Critics
those taught by nuns and also serves Circle Award and the Navy Pier IMAX Theatre
as a wry introduction to Catholicism. Audience Award for Best Musical. The Navy Pier IMAX theatre will
■ Royal George Theatre ■ Cadillac Palace Theatre
announce its complete holiday
1641 N. Halsted St. 151 W. Randolph St. film schedule in late autumn.
1-312-902-1400 1-312-902-1400 Included will be “A Christmas Carol” in 3D.
■ 700 E. Grand Ave.
Symphony and Opera 1-312-595-5629
Photo credit: Lauri Eriksson.

Lyric Opera of Chicago Chicago Symphony Lincoln Park Zoo

RSNA TO UR 28 The world renowned Lyric Orchestra The Lincoln Park Zoo is the old-
Opera of Chicago performs in one of North December 3 R S N A T O U R 4 0 est zoological garden in the coun-
America’s most beautiful opera houses, the Conductor: Markus Stenz try, as well as one of the most
Civic Opera House, which opened in 1929. modern. Casting a festive glow
Program: Mendelssohn: Violin
Tickets go on sale in August. on the zoo grounds, the Zoo-
Concerto, Mahler: Symphony No. 4
Lights Festival is a popular night-
Katya Kabanova Karita Mattila sings December 4 time activity. This event is open
December 1 and 4 the title role of
Conductor: Markus Stenz Friday through Sunday evenings.
A poignant story of a young Russian wom- Katya Kabanova Mahler: Symphony No. 4 ■ 2200 N. Cannon Dr.
an’s decision to pursue love at all costs. ■ 220 S. Michigan Ave. 1-312-742-2000
By Leoš Janáček; Conductor: Markus Stenz with Karita 1-312-294-3000
Mattila, Judith Forst and Brandon Jovanovich
■ 20 N. Wacker Dr., 1-312-332-2244 x5600