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UNWTODaily Thursday, October 8, 2009

Дневник ЮНВТО
ЮНВТО – на службе туризма и Целей развития тысячелетия

Committed to Tourism, Travel and the Millennium Development Goals The 18th Session of the UNWTO General Assembly will
bring together tourism ministers and senior officials
THE DAILY OF THE 18th SESSION OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY - Дневник Генеральной Ассамблеи from national tourism organizations, as well as public,
private and academic Affiliate Members
Astana, Kazakhstan, 5 – 8 October 2009

Preparing the way Affiliate Members enter SMOOTHING THE WAY

for t20 era of reform ALONG THE SILK ROAD South Korea to host next
New Knowledge Exchange Regional Reactions
General Assembly
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South Korea has been chosen as the venue for the 19th session of
the UNWTO General Assembly in 2011.

“We consider this a chance for South Korea to prove itself as a country
of top tourism policies," the South Korean Culture Ministry said in a

Korean authorities expect the event to generate some 15 billion-won

(13 million US$) worth of revenue, the Ministry added.

Южная Корея станет местом проведения

следующей Генеральной Ассамблеи.

Южная Корея была выбрана местом проведения 19 сессии Генеральной

Ассамблеи ЮНВТО на 2011 год.

Мы считаем, что это отличный шанс для Южной Кореи утвердить себя
как страну с высшей политикой туризма, - отметил Министр Культуры
Южной Кореи во время своего выступления.

Министр также добавил, что власти Кореи ожидают от предстоящего

события около 15 биллионов вон (13 миллионов долларов) дохода.

World Tourism Organization

Calle Capitan Haya 42
28020 Madrid (Spain)
+34915678100 - Fax: +34915713733

Astana marks a changing point in UNWTO history with the election of a new Secretary-General Taleb Rifai - pictured above with Kazakhstan’s
Minister of Tourism and Sport Temirkhan Dosmukhambetov - and the introduction of his new plans for the Organization

Astana Assembly sets the Scene for New Direction

Against the impressive backdrop of Astana, the understanding that it is the Country Members that supported the call from UNWTO to ensure that Mr Rifai is also calling for greater transparency
state of the art capital of Kazakhstan, the 18th are at the heart of UNWTO. the industry’s responses are coherent with climate and accountability, and for the Organization to
session of the UNWTO General Assembly has change response and poverty alleviation efforts. become more results oriented, as reflected in the
The generosity and efficiency of the Kazakhstan
made significant steps forward to better prepare hosts has ensured a smooth and productive Management Strategy document he presented to
The third highlight of the General Assembly was
the organization for current and future challenges. gathering of world tourism leaders, including the Assembly.
the endorsement of Secretary-General ad interim
The world is changing and both leaders and both the four-day General Assembly and previous Taleb Rifai and his promise to launch a new era in He sees the modernization of the UNWTO
society have to adapt to the rapidly changing meetings held in Astana. the history of UNWTO. Secretariat and a more programme-based
conditions, be they technological and cultural The relevance of holding the event in Astana at structure as being in line with the changes in the
His election to the post of Secretary-General for the
shifts or natural or man-made crises. this particular time has been underscored by the world the organization is facing up to.
term starting 2010, and the previous endorsement by
By the same token, UNWTO will now be undergoing context of the economic crisis which has had a big the Executive Council of his management strategy, “Impending reforms pose a challenge to the Orga­
effect on the travel and tourism sector.
key changes to keep fulfilling its twofold mission, both pave the way to align the operations of UNWTO nization and its Secretariat”, said Mr. Rifai. “Postpo­
providing leadership to the tourism sector and While the Roadmap for Recovery represents the with principles ranging from Members’ ‘ownership’ of ning or failing to address them would only increase
supporting and servicing its members – in the framework for future action, Members have also the Organization to UN integration. the need for deeper reform at a later stage.”
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India Tourism Frankfurt
News UNWTO Daily - General Assembly 2009 . 3

Preparing the way for T20 –

a UNWTO member-driven initiative
Travel and tourism should be given more mainstreaming time our sector can be an important component in the Australia agreed that the message of tourism’s role
in global economic decision-making – this is at the centre transformation to the Green Economy”, said South needs to be more heavily promoted and that now is the
of the initiative led by South Africa which is looking for African Tourism Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk. right time to do it. They also want to make sure tourism
direct support from the G20 countries. remains on the agenda once the crisis is over.
He added that “this initiative is not only South African but
Fifteen of these twenty Tourism Ministerial representatives Assistant Secretary-General and Spokesperson Geoffrey
of Members as a whole. We are pleased to have received
met for a working breakfast on Wednesday to discuss the Lipman said the idea of T20 is a natural evolution and
the support from other G20 members”.
valuable contribution travel and tourism can make to the comes at an appropriate moment, once the emergency
economic stimuli required for the recovery of the global financial issues have been tackled.
economy. South Africa has offered to host the first meeting of
the so called T20 (Tourism Ministers of the G20) from First meeting scheduled for February
The message that emerged from the meeting is that 22 to 24 February 2010, from which it is envisaged a
the industry represents an important pillar of efforts to Communique will be transmitted to the following G20 The first T20 meeting is scheduled to precede a UNWTO-
enhance economic growth, infrastructure development, Summit in Canada. South Africa Summit on Tourism, Sport and Mega Events
trade promotion, poverty eradication and job creation. scheduled for 24 to 26 February 2010 in Sandton,
UNWTO Secretary-General ad interim Taleb Rifai said Johannesburg, and the annual Meetings Africa business
The informal meeting expressed a need to further the Secretariat supported the initiative as the G20 is fast exhibition hosted by SA Tourism.
explore the synergies between strengthened economic becoming the mechanism for world decision making and
cooperation in the G20 on one hand, and the tourism The International Summit on Tourism, Sport and Mega
stimulus packages still need to recognize fully just what
sector’s efforts to build up resilience, stimulate new Events will provide a forum that considers the economic,
tourism means and what it can do.
growth and support the shift to a greener economy on social and environmental impacts of such events from a
the other. tourism perspective.
Korea said the group had to look at how to link the G20
“As a member of the G20, South Africa believes that travel with developing countries. They said they would like to It comes at an appropriate moment as South Africa
and tourism must play an important role in economic play a role in this process, but that it was also important prepares to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Register at
recovery and find a place in stimulus packages. Over to seek US support for the T20 initiative.

General Assembly makes the news

The Assembly has received coverage in the international press, including both mainstream
media and the travel trade press. The appointment of Taleb Rifai as UNWTO Secretary-
General for the period from 2010 to 2013 has been the most widely covered topic, followed
by the UNWTO Roadmap for Recovery, the current state of tourism worldwide, and the
impact that the 2016 Olympic Games is likely to have on Brazil’s tourism economy.

Генеральная Ассамблея в новостях

Ассамблея получила освещение в международной прессе, включая как общие СМИ, так и
прессу, специализирующуюся на туризме. Наибольшее освещение получила тема назначения
Талеб Рифай Генеральным Секретарем ЮНВТО на период с 2010 до 2013. Также, освещение
получили «Дорожная карта к восстановлению» ЮНВТО, текущее состояние туризма в мире и
возможное влияние Олимпийских игр 2016 года на экономику туризма в Бразилии.
4 . UNWTO Daily - General Assembly 2009
P oster Competition

...and The
winners are
... и победители

The winners of the Poster

Competition held traditionally
during the General Assembly, were
the Bahamas, Bhutan, Ghana,
Malaysia, South Africa, and Turkey.
Four of them are pictured here.
Affiliates UNWTO Daily - General Assembly 2009 . 5

Affiliate Members enter era of reform Для стран участниц

началась эра реформ

«Частным, как и государственным

присоединившимся членам ЮНВТО
рекомендуется более активно адапти-
ровать свою структуру», - подчеркнул
Генеральный секретарь ЮНВТО на
встрече во вторник.

Г-н Рифай указал на необходимость

реформирования для достижения
поставленных целей и продвижения
вперед с «новым и свежим подходом».
Это включает оценку трех существу-
ющих аспектов: бизнес, направления
и образование. Эти три аспекта так-
же будут способствовать укреплению

Он также предложил присоединив-

шимся членам сосредоточиться на
региональном присутствии, что будет
способствовать увеличению числа
участников и большей интеграции их
деятельности в Программе работы.

«Нам необходимо не упустить момент

и реализовать все необходимые планы
относительно продвижения в правиль-
ном направлении в предстоящие два
года, до следующей встречи Генераль-
ной Ассамблеи», - сказал он.

Детальная стратегия присоединив-

шихся членов будет обсуждаться на
следующей встрече «Мирового рынка
путешествий», которая состоится в
Лондоне в ноябре этого года, а также
на выставке «Фитур» в Мадриде, в ян-
варе 2010 года.
Taleb, Rifai, EUlogio Bordas and Javier Blanco (from left to right) Используя растущее число участни-
ков как индикатор, можно говорить об
The UNWTO private, public and academic as a means to further expand the membership Measured by the clear increase in their пропорционально увеличивающемся
Affiliate Members must integrate their structure number but also increasingly integrating their membership, the relevance of the Affiliate количестве присоединившихся членов
в соответствии с требованиям рынка.
“in a more and more meaningful way”, said activities in the Programme of Work of the Members of UNWTO seems to be growing. Генеральная ассамблея утвердило
UNWTO Secretary-General a.i. at the opening organization. This General Assembly witnessed the approval членство 89 новых участников, что
of their meeting on Tuesday. of 88 new members. The total number now позволило общему числу достичь ре-
“We need to ensure not to lose the momentum surpasses 400, a historical high. кордной цифры – 409 участников.
Mr. Rifai expressed the need to reform and
and to implement over the next two years, until Г-н Юлоджио Бордас, представитель
to move forward with a “fresh and new Mr. Eulogio Bordas, of THR International
the next General Assembly, the necessary plans THR, консультанты по международно-
approach” in order to achieve objectives such му туризму (Барселона, Испания), был
to move into the right direction”, he said. Tourism Consultants (Barcelona, Spain), was
as assessing how the existing three councils утвержден президентом присоединив-
confirmed as Affiliate Members President for
around business, destinations and education шихся членов на следующие два года.
A concrete strategy should be discussed at the the next two-year-term and will be responsible
can better work together and with UNWTO. Он будет ответственен за реализацию
upcoming Affiliate Member meetings during to implement the changes expected by the новых планов в ЮНВТО вместе с Ис-
He also suggested that the Affiliate Members World Travel Market (London, UK, November UNWTO alongside Affiliate Member Executive полнительным директором присоеди-
should focus more on their regional presence 2009) and Fitur (Madrid, Spain, January 2010). Director, Javier Blanco. нившихся членов - Хавьером Бланко.

Learning about new knowledge exchange platform

Details of UNWTO’s new technological platform The platform will help create a virtual tourism PLATMA will respond to the Affiliates’ demand UNWTO publications, and provide a guide to
for the exchange and distribution of knowledge community, focusing on and contrasting for more online communication and distribution Affiliates working in similar areas.
produced by Affiliate Members were presented knowledge from major universities, commercial of market intelligence; facilitate knowledge
enterprises and destinations. transfer between UNWTO and the Affiliates The book will respond to Affiliates’ demand
at the AM General Meeting on Tuesday.
and between the Affiliates themselves; and for examples of best practices in tourism
The Online Technological Platform for Tourism Information generated by its members, work encourage participation and creativity from all management, for a clear guide to the
groups and specialized forums will also Affiliates while reducing costs for both sides, Organization’s doctrine and activities, and
Intelligence and Innovation (PLATMA) was
benefit The International Network on Regional he said. help reinforce UNWTO’s position as a global
launched in July when a Memorandum of
Economics, Mobility and Tourism (InRoute), reference point in tourism development for
Understanding was signed between UNWTO Mr Blanco also presented details of a new
a project launched the same month led public and private sectors and the general
and the Spanish State Company for Tourism publication ‘The Best of UNWTO’ which will
by the UNWTO Department for Statistics public, he said.
Technology and Innovation Management in conjunction with the Affiliate Members look at the main themes addressed by the
(SEGITTUR). Secretariat. Organization over the past 35 years.

“The aim is to contribute towards improving With contributions from leading

In his presentation Mr Blanco pointed out that
competitiveness and quality in the tourism international experts, it will include
history had shown companies which continue
worldwide best practices, a quick
sector at international level,” said Affiliates’ to invest in innovation in tough times are those
reference guide to other specific
Executive Director Javier Blanco. that fare the best when growth returns.

Agenda & Timetable for ONLINE:

Press programme 8 October 2009 Social Events

Thursday 8 Thursday 8
9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Resilience Committee 7.00 p.m Official reception hosted by the Mayor of the
2 p.m. – 5 p.m. 7th session:item 24 + Adoption of draft resolutions City of Astana.
5.30 p.m. – 7.30 p.m. Silk Road Meeting Bagration Restaurant.
Buses will run from the Palace of Independence
6 . UNWTO Daily - General Assembly 2009
Assembly News


THE SILK ROAD Шелкового Пути
Delegates will be looking to give new impetus held successfully while a fifth one has
to the Silk Road project at a meeting being been scheduled for Rizhao City in China’s местные власти в развитие и оптимизацию
Шелкового Пути.
held today (Thursday). Shandong Province in January 2010, at
which the scheme for a new UN Silk Road Четыре подобных Форума были уже
Fifteen years after the initiative was launched успешно проведены. В январе 2010 года
Award will be finalised.
in neighbouring Uzbekistan, the aim will be планируется провести пятый Форум в г. Рижао,
to take stock of what has been done so far, According to Dr. Harsh Varma, UNWTO’s в Шаньдунской Области Китая, во время
but more importantly to look at how to further Director of Development Assistance, the которого будет завершен новый проект ООН
optimise the potential of this historic trade Awards scheme has been introduced to not «Вознаграждение Шелкового Пути».
route that links Europe and Asia. only reward cities which are good examples
Делегаты планируют возобновить работу По мнению Д-ра Хэрш Вармы, Директора
of sustainable development but also to Поддержки развития ЮНВТО проект
High on the agenda will be ways to improve по проекту «Шелковый Путь» на встрече в
motivate them to improve their natural and четверг (8 Октября). Вознаграждений был введен не только для
tourism infrastructure and accessibility cultural environments and standards of поощрения городов, которые являются
and cross-border connections between tourist services and facilities. Пятнадцать лет назад Узбекистан проявил хорошими примерами устойчивого развития.
countries. инициативу, и сегодня цель состоит в изучении Проект нацелен и на мотивирование городов
In collaboration with UNDP and UNCTAD, a уже полученных результатов. Однако более улучшать свою культурную и окружающую
UNWTO sees regional cooperation as Silk Road Initiative (SRI) has been launched важно, рассмотреть пути дальнейшей среду, ну и, конечно, сервис туристических
оптимизации исторического торгового пути,
being essential to the future expansion of which focuses on trade, investment and услуг.
который связывает Европу и Азию.
the project, with countries needing to work tourism. UNWTO is responsible for the
«Инициатива Шелкого пути» (ИШП),
together on marketing and promotion to implementation of the tourism component Главными вопросами повестки дня будут
способы улучшения инфраструктуры, нацеленная на торговлю, инвестиции и туризм
create a ‘single product’ to attract tourists which includes seeking more investments for доступность туризма, а также международные была проявлена в сотрудничестве с ПРООН
rather than trying to do things alone. tourism-related projects and marketing and связи между странами. и ЮНКТАД. В рамках ИШП, ЮНВТО является
promotion. ответственным за компонент туризма, который
Reports will be presented to the meeting on ЮНВТО считает региональное сотрудничество включает поиск инвестиций для связанных с
current impediments facing foreign travellers The meeting is expected to involve two довольно важным для будущего развития туризмом проектов, маркетинга и продвижения.
working groups, one looking specifically проекта. Вместе со странами, которым
and further initiatives that have been необходима поддержка можно сотрудничать Встреча предусматривает две рабочие группы:
introduced to help promote tourism such as at easing frontier formalities and the other
в сфере маркетинга и продвижения и создать первая - для облегчения пограничных
the Silk Road Mayors’ Forum. geared to attracting financing and developing «общий продукт» для привлечения туристов. формальностей, вторая - для поисков
joint marketing programmes. финансирования и развития совместных
The concept of the Mayors’ Forum has been В докладах текущей встречи будут рассмотрены
The General Assembly will also be asked маркетинговых программ.
различные трудности, возникающие у туристов.
introduced to involve local authorities in the
to give its backing to a Silk Road Astana Кроме того, будут представлены дальнейшие Генеральную Ассамблею также попросят
overall development and promotion of the инициативы по продвижению туризма, такие как
Declaration that will call for greater co- дать поддержку «Декларации Астаны по
Silk Road since cities are major points of «Форум Акимов по вопросам Шелкового пути».
ordination between Members and highlight Шелковому Пути», которая призовет к большей
entry for foreign tourists. Города - это главные пункты посещения координации Членов и выдвинет на первый
UNWTO’s central role in expanding the
иностранных туристов. Таким образом, понятие план центральную роль ЮНВТО в развитии
Four of these forums have already been project.
«Форум Акимов » было введено, чтобы вовлечь проекта.

Reactions from around the regions

Eduardo Fayos-Solá and Cordula Wohlmuther Xu Jing, Regional Representative for Asia (left) and Ousmane Carlos Vogeler and Alejandro Varela, Regional
(Regional Representation for Europe) Ndiaye, Regional Representative for Africa (right) Representation for the Americas

UNWTO Regional Representatives have given “It’s very good news in that Members firmly Following the election of Lebanon for Chairman consumers’ outgoing market to Africa and
their views on what their regions have most believe it will have a definite knock-on effect,” and Syria and Saudi Arabia as Vice-Chairmen another on different sources for raising money.
been talking about at this year’s General he says. “Brazil itself is interested in working for the Middle East Commission, it was agreed
with the other countries,” as they pointed out Another session at the forum will be aimed
Assembly. that a comprehensive proposal should be
in their presentation for the Games. submitted for enhancing the role of these at bringing together potential investors from
The general mood in Asia and the Pacific Spain and African partners.
remains very much upbeat despite the crisis The general feeling in the Americas is that
says Regional Representative Xu Jing. .“In they are “resisting the crisis quite well”. The Commission wants them to play a greater Regional Representative for Europe, Eduardo
quite a few niche markets, such as cruises, it Central America has shown particular part in identifying priority policy issues, defining Fayos-Sola said that nearly all the 44 country
has been business as usual.” resilience, although there are fears the specific objectives, setting co-operation Members had participated in the Regional
situation in Honduras could have an effect agendas, shaping initiatives and partnership Commission meeting with Slovenia being
Domestic holidaymakers have helped to “patch on its neighbours as they market themselves elected as Chairman.
arrangements and monitoring and evaluating
over” overall losses in international arrivals , together. their results, he said.
and although long-haul traffic has been hit To meet the twin objectives of giving more
short haul and intra-regional traffic have largely Mexico has been praised for the professional The Africa region has been looking at two service to the Members and at the same time
been maintained. way it has dealt with the flu crisis since it began major upcoming events, says Regional getting them to participate more, the recent
there. “They suffered early in the year but there Representative Ousmane Ndiaye, the first restructuring into four sub regions will help
The countries that have been the “real winners” has been some excellent recovery work.” In a meeting to discuss work on the regional to prioritize those countries that need more
are those making “timely readjustments,” like the past two months tourism to the country project for promoting ecotourism in national attention.
Malaysia. Traditionally dependent on European had been “almost back to normal”. parks and protected areas and the second an
and a few Asian markets, it has now opened Work is scheduled to start immediately on the
With the Middle East region generally being investment forum.
up new markets in the Middle East. new Programme of Work that involves three
heavily affected by the economic downturn, The action plan for ecotourism development is
Another big boost to the region has been the Members are very appreciative of UNWTO’s main channels.
to be discussed in Madrid in November
continuing growth of the Chinese outbound Roadmap for Recovery initiative at this time These are consolidating the framework
market, he adds. says Regional Representative Amr Abdel- The Spanish capital will also be the venue for of tourism policy: and how to implement
Ghaffar. the investment forum on 21 January which will tourism policy (governance); while paying
The Americas Regional Representative Carlos
tie in with leading Spanish travel fair FITUR.
Vogeler emphasized the euphoria surrounding They also support the changes within the special attention to the particular needs of
Brazil’s successful bid to stage the 2016 Organization being proposed by the Secretary- The main subjects to be discussed there the four sub-regions, with a special focus on
Olympic Games. General ad interim. will include a new study on the Spanish competitiveness and sustainability.
World Tourism Day UNWTO Daily - General Assembly 2009 . 7

Themes and
hosts picked
for next two

The themes and hosts for the next

two World Tourism Days (WTD)
have been approved by the General

In keeping with the United Nations

Year of Biodiversity, WTD 2010 will
celebrate Tourism and Biodiversity
and be hosted by China.

And the UN’s Rapprochement of

Cultures in 2011 will be matched
by UNWTO with Tourism –linking
cultures, to be hosted by Yemen.
8 . UNWTO Daily - General Assembly 2009
Staff Photos


Some of these faces you may

know well, others not all. But
all of them are UNWTO staff or
consultants who have helped
in putting together and running
this 18th session of the UNWTO
General Assembly.
We hope you have enjoyed your
stay in Astana, wish you a safe
trip home, and look forward to
seeing you again in Korea in two
years’ time.
10 . UNWTO Daily - General Assembly 2009

Assembly Spotlight
Astana 2009
PhotoGallery UNWTO Daily - General Assembly 2009 . 11

Astana 2009